Bab’s Recipe for White Tea

As for your drink, focus your vision and at the beginning of each day take in your hands, by the might of God and His power, a portion of kundur (frankincense) and qarnaful (cloves) with an equal amount of pure sugar.  Drink a cup of water in which the white leaf from China has been boiled, for drinking it refines the (human) constitution, draws out moisture, and closes the paths of allusions.  The one who drinks it is revivified by meeting the people of reality and in it are benefits that cannot be recounted for those who openly bear witness to the path of the bayān.  If you want more than one cup, then drink another, for verily God loves singularity under all conditions.  If you like, drink it with milk if you are not cold.  That is God’s ruling regarding what you should drink an hour after the rising of the sun.  Do not drink more than what I have commanded you (to drink) or anything after it except delectable sweets, for they are permitted for you under all conditions.  Busy yourself as God has ordained.

The Bab, Sahifa bayn al-haramayn (Scripture between the Two Sanctuaries), Muharram 1261/ mid‑January 1845, during his pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina.

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36 Responses to Bab’s Recipe for White Tea

  1. Stephen Lambden says:

    Thanks Will for this news of a pristine beveridge. May your Kashkul always be full in thanks for such recondite materials….

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  4. Necati Alkan says:

    Hi Will! Thanks a lot for the precious translations!

  5. Sonia says:

    I am glad to read your article.
    Thanks for the posting.

  6. BillB says:

    Thanks for your comments on white tea. The benefits of teas are enormous. I lived in Japan for 2 years and drank
    "Ocha" or green tea….it was superb..every morning instead of coffee and we wonder why the Japanese don't have that many cardio issues or heart disease…hmmmm green tea and sashimi…. what a combo…
    Cha Verde Emagrece

  7. Nana says:

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  8. Frederik says:

    I prefer green tea though but thanks for the article.

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  10. Joshua says:

    I make the tea every morning and it is quite delicious.

    • dLyn says:

      Dear Joshua
      Could you please give me specific instructions…..
      via TEXT : 503.290.6993 … I hate email

      other than putting tea bag into boiling (off the stove) water;
      I have … Prince of Peace bags of white tea (as yet unopened);
      Plant Therapy Frankincense (liquid); & whole/or ground cloves.
      What portions per 1 cup?

  11. Melanie says:

    As for the 'paleo' comment above, please remember that the Guardian and the Master both stated that being vegetarian is preferable. If you need references, please ask me.

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  15. essay says:

    White tea is the most famous English drink!

  16. If you want more than one cup, then drink another, for verily God loves singularity under all conditions. If you like, drink it with milk if you are not cold. That is God’s ruling regarding what you should drink an hour after the rising of the sun – See more at:

  17. Starr says:

    I was looking at some of your blog posts on this website and I believe this web site is real instructive! Keep posting .

  18. Paul Hanley says:

    what are the frankincense and cloves and sugar for, and what do you do with them?

  19. Sarah says:

    What forms would these things have taken? Especially the frankincense? Would it have been a powder? Same goes for the cloves. Thanks for the post!

  20. Farhan Yazdani says:

    Paul and Sarah, I have been exploring the same questions. Frankincense is obtained as a resin from the tree. It can be bought as such on Amazon and ground with a pestle and mortar. The clove can be ground with it. You can also buy powdered frankincense in 400mg capsules. An equal amount of sugar is to be mixed or ground with this powder. Do we then take some of this as a powder? Do we mix it in the white tea? Usually it is advised not to boil the tea leaves but to put them in water at about 80 degrees Celsius so as to preserve the benefits, but here we are advised to boil the leaves.

  21. Samsung Kies says:

    really, very nice post

  22. George says:

    Wonderful. Now … where to find frankincense and pure sugar.

  23. Margaret Mangan says:

    Pure frankincense oil can be bought and one one drop in a pot of tea will be sufficient . I buy and use DoTerra brand as it is environmentally and ethically sourced. Add 1-2 whole cloves. Let the tea steep. Then add the sugar to your cup …

  24. Janine van Rooij says:

    ” ….for verily God loves singularity under all conditions.”
    This makes me ponder.

    An excess of sugar makes people sick, is what medicine of today tells us. Yet after the tea, if we feel like it , we can eat delectable sweets, according to the text, for they are permitted unto us under all conditions.
    I wonder what kinds of sweets the Bab had in mind, And how much of this text should be taken literally or allegorically, especially about the delectable sweets.

  25. Tanja says:

    I actually ordered edible frankincense and cloves and some nabat and the whole tea. I thought it would be a nice way to commemorate the Declaration of the Bab this year. I tried to figure out what it meant to take in your hand and decided it might be to mix it in your hand and then just eat it. NOT a pleasant experience which is probably why you need as many sweets as you like after it!!! But I did research about all of these ingredients and they are all powerfully anti cancer supposedly and we are facing cancer in our family. Eager to learn more from those who try to do this.

    • Linda says:

      This recipe was sent to me by a spiritual sister that I deeply trust. She got it recommended by a granddaughter of Mr Kadem’s. That’s a high recommendation! Although I’ve been a Baha’i for 50 yrs in Feb, I’d never heard of the Bab’s tea before. My friend also sent the Amazon links to each ingredient, which I bought except for the sugar. In the days of the Bab, I believe that there may have been “pure sugar”.. but what is pure sugar today? Besides, I do have a blood cancer and research shows that sugar feeds cancers. So I’m not sure what to about adding sugar. As far as “taking it in your hands”, I think that means to simply add to the “boiled” water with the white tea leaves in it. That’s why I didn’t buy powered ingredients, so I can ‘feel’ the frankincense and the whole cloves in my hands. One lady here posted she ate the powdered ingredients-“not a pleasant experience”- Surely the Bab didn’t mean for us to eat powdered out of our hands!

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