Bab’s Recipe for White Tea

As for your drink, focus your vision and at the beginning of each day take in your hands, by the might of God and His power, a portion of kundur (frankincense) and qarnaful (cloves) with an equal amount of pure sugar.  Drink a cup of water in which the white leaf from China has been boiled, for drinking it refines the (human) constitution, draws out moisture, and closes the paths of allusions.  The one who drinks it is revivified by meeting the people of reality and in it are benefits that cannot be recounted for those who openly bear witness to the path of the bayān.  If you want more than one cup, then drink another, for verily God loves singularity under all conditions.  If you like, drink it with milk if you are not cold.  That is God’s ruling regarding what you should drink an hour after the rising of the sun.  Do not drink more than what I have commanded you (to drink) or anything after it except delectable sweets, for they are permitted for you under all conditions.  Busy yourself as God has ordained.

The Bab, Sahifa bayn al-haramayn (Scripture between the Two Sanctuaries), Muharram 1261/ mid‑January 1845, during his pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina.

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