Bab’s First Laws Before the Bayan

In the name of God, the Exalted, the Great.  Exalted be His blessed mention.

The first command of the seven religious practices is to carry the blessed, protective circle.

The second of them is to abandon the water pipe.  Verily, it is the activity of the khan and the puffing of Satan.

The third of them is drinking the beloved leaves of China in the presence of the people of certitude.

The fourth is mentioning the concealed pillar in the call to prayer after the profession of loyalty to the caliphs of the Merciful.

The fifth of them is prostrating on the dust of Husayn (upon its master be thousands of praise and salutations) with the nose and the two eye-bones.

The sixth is reading the Ziyara Jami`a he [Imam Hadi], may God bless him, composed, with its blessed recitation in every Friday prayer, `id, and every delightful day and blissful night.

The seventh of them is to wear the signet ring of white carnelian on which is engraved, “There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God (peace be upon him), `Alī is the walī allāh (peace be upon him) 273.”

Peace be upon whomsoever follows these commands and walks with the light in the dark and gloomy night.

The Bab, al-Khasa’il al-sab`a (The Seven Qualifications), a.k.a. al-Sha`a’ir al-sab`a (The Seven Religious Practices), composed in Bushihr at the end of the Bab’s pilgrimage in the summer of 1845 (see Lambden).  The Bab instructed Quddus to go to Shiraz and deliver it to his uncle, Sayyid `Ali, to whom it was addressed, with the instructions that all of the Bab’s followers were to follow these laws when the time was right (Mazandarani, Zuhur, 2:71; Afnan, `Ahd, 83).  Quddus also delivered a copy to Mulla Sadiq, who was brutally punished for following the fourth law (Shuhada-yi amr, 1:63; Nabil, Dawnbreakers, 144).

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