Imams’ Words Keys to Understanding Shaykh Ahmad’s Allusions

If you want to know the truth, contemplate what I have said to you.  Do not turn to your rules or to the sciences of the people with which you are familiar; rather, contemplate my words with the gaze of the people of truth–your imams (upon them be peace) and God’s proofs to you and to all creation.  As for Sufis, philosophers, and theologians, they are neither God’s proofs to you nor to His creation, and they are not your imams.

Shaykh Ahmad al-Ahsa’i, Jawami` al-Kalam, 1:329.  Excerpted in Shams Hajar, 185-6.

I have frequently restated phrases and made repeated hints and allusions so that what I am trying to teach you will become clear.  It is possible that you have no familiarity with my intentions because your mind is familiar with the terminology of the people.  Most of their terminology differs in meaning from the path of the people of infallibility (upon them be peace) and the keys to understanding my intentions is their path (upon them be peace).

Shaykh Ahmad al-Ahsa’i, Sharh al-Masha`ir, 3.  Excerpted in Shams Hajar, 186.

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