When Husayn b. Sayyab al-Basha was the governor of al-Ahsa’, the Arabs plotted against him.  Muhammad Al `Uzayr came and (his men) surrounded the Basha, fighting the Ottomans. They seized al-Ahsa’ and Muhammad Al `Uzayr ruled it.

After he died, his son `Ali Al Muhammad ruled al-Ahsa’.  His brother Dujayn Abu `Ar`ar killed him.  The place where `Ali was killed is near `Ayn al-Hawar and he is buried there.

When I was around age five, if I passed his grave I would say to myself, “Where is your sovereignty?  Where is your power?  Where is your courage?”

When he was alive, according to what they say, he was the most courageous person of his time and the strongest physically.  When I recalled his circumstances, I wept intensely for the changing circumstances of the world and for their shifts and reversals.

Such was my state.  When I was with children, I played as they did.  When I was alone, I contemplated and reflected.

Shaykh Ahmad al-Ahsa’i, Sira Dhatiyya (Autobiography).  Excerpted in Shams Hajar, 39-40.

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