The Plight of Islam

I plead my grief and my sorrow to God, the Lord of mankind.  Things have been turned upside down and countries are in turmoil, which has weakened Islam.  Its enemies have closed in on it and it is surrounded.  It is incumbent on that community, therefore, to pray to God morning and eve and to beseech Him to lead the Muslims, one and all, to that which He loves and desires; to raise them up by His command and authority; to make them aware of that which will exalt their stations; and to exchange their humiliation for honor, their poverty for wealth, their ruin for prosperity, their turmoil for tranquility, and their fear for security and safety.  Verily, He is the Merciful, and there is no God but Him, the Compassionate, the All Bountiful.

Baha’u’llah, August 18, 1882 (3 Shawwal 1299 AH).  Excerpted in Mukhtarat min al-nusus al-baha’iyya fi bayan maqam Muhammad rasul Allah.

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