Peace Be upon Muhammad

Peace and blessings be upon the day-spring of His names, the dawning-place of His attributes, the well-spring of His knowledge, the source of His cause, and the manifestation of His laws and commandments.  By him, the law of monotheism was affirmed in the world and the secret of oneness was established among the nations.  By him, God opened the gate of hope for those in the heavens and earth.  By him, the light appeared and the secret of Sinai was divulged.   But for him who was named Muhammad in the kingdom of names, the eternal mysteries would not have been revealed and the station of the nations would not have been upraised.


I give peace and blessings to the first point that appeared from the Mother Book and the first utterance divulged from the will of our Lord, the Merciful.  In Malakut he was named Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and in Jabarut he was named Ahmad.  In Lahut he possesses all the beautiful names and exalted attributes because God made him a mirror of His names and attributes, His manifestation and revelation, and His will and desire.  Verily, he still calls to monotheism and proclaims the name of God in the world of sanctity.


Peace and blessings be upon him at whose revelation Batha (Mecca) rejoiced and by the scents of whose shirt all humanity was perfumed.  He it is who came to protect the servants from all that harms them in the world of creation.  Exalted, exalted is his station above the conception of Your creatures and the mention of all created things.  By him the canopy of order was upraised in the world and the banner of divine knowledge unfurled among the nations.


Peace and blessings be upon him by whom every monotheist discovered the scent of the Merciful in the world of being and by whom the banner of the knowledge of monotheism was raised amidst the religions.  He was called by the beautiful names in the kingdom of names and by Muhammad in the world of creation.


Peace and blessings be upon the lord of the world and the cause of the nations’ existence, by whom God revealed the Qur’an and distinguished between truth and falsehood until the day of resurrection.


Praise be to God Who made His remembrance and praise the feast table of His saints, and His love and good-pleasure their paradise.  He is the Incomparable, the One.  The atoms bore witness to His grandeur and sovereignty and all created things testified to His might and power.  Verily, He manifested His names and attributes in a temple, made him a mirror of His Own Self reflecting His knowledge and power, and named him Muhammad.  But for him, the eternal mysteries would not have been revealed and the fragrances of revelation would not have been diffused among the nations.  Through him, God manifested His cause and carried out His decree.  It behooves those immersed in the depths of mystic knowledge to glorify this most great remembrance, this manifestation of the Ancient of Days, and it behooves those who wield authority among the nations to sing his praise.  Upon him be the blessings that shine forth from the horizon of the loving-kindness of our Lord, the Merciful…

Baha’u’llah, from passages compiled in Mukhtarat min al-nusus al-baha’iyya fi bayan maqam Muhammad, #2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9.

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  1. Matt says:

    Peace be upon Him, indeed. And Peace be upon Baha'u'llah.

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