Prayer for Pregnancy

I beseech Thee, O Lord of all being and Possessor of things visible and invisible, to bestow on me a righteous child so it may remember Thee on Thine earth and glorify Thee throughout Thy realm.  If Thou makest me by this tablet independent of every trace, fruit, and mention, my prayer at that time would be that which Thy chosen ones have uttered: “Lord, leave me not alone, for Thou art the best of Heirs.”

Baha’u’llah, quoted in Amr wa Khalq, 4:69.  The quote is from Qur’an 21:89 in which Zechariah asks God to cure his wife’s infertility.

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  1. Sen says:

    There's another translation of this prayer in MacEoin, 'Rituals' 126:
    I ask of Thee, then, O God of all existence and King of the Seen and the Unseen, to bestow upon me a healthy child….

  2. Starr* Saffa says:

    Some children are born from the Kingdom – and often when barren couples pray – or even when in Aboriginal Women's Business they call the Spirit of child into manifestation it comes from Heaven to them.

    The following is from the Tablets of Abdu'l-baha page 647:
    Yea, certain persons shall in this divine dispensation produce heavenly children and such children shall promulgate the teachings of the Beauty of Abha and serve His great Cause. Through a heavenly power and spiritual confirmation they shall be enabled to promote 648 the Word of God and to diffuse the fragrances of God. These children are neither Oriental nor Occidental, neither Asiatic nor American, neither European nor African, but they are of the Kingdom; their native home is heaven and their resort is the Kingdom of Abha. This is but the truth and there is naught after truth save superstitions (or fancy).

  3. Emma says:

    This is a nice prayer and I imagine would be a great comfort to women who are asking themselves "why cant i get pregnant?" Thank you for sharing.

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  6. rOSY says:

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  7. Shuaa says:

    In Early Modern English verbs in the second person are conjugated with st on the end, such as "Thou lovest, thou makest, etc. The eth suffix is only used for the third person conjugated verbs. Thus, in accordance with this dialect, it should be, "If Thou makest me", not "If Thou maketh me".

  8. Yes it is a nice prayer and very interesting article also. Now all are doing new and effective prayers for pregnancy ones that women can relate to now. Getting pregnant is not always easy. When fertility problems arise, praise God and pray that it will be his will for a new baby to be conceived. Please god help my sister she is now 10 weeks pregnant and feeling anxiety everyday. He had a miscarriage before so she is very nervous. Please take away our fears and negativity and fill her heart with happiness and joy.

  9. John Smith says:

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  10. look says:

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  20. Hadley says:

    Even its a good things but most of the people have different belives regarding the prayer for pregnancy.So all of the people don't belive on that prayers.

  21. Anna says:

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  22. Dennis Ross says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing with us.

  23. Very good advice. Thank you i just hope i won't get stuck with a ugly fupa after pregnancy

  24. kannan says:

    This is the nice and valuable post for pregnancy

  25. Allie Celis says:

    Hi Will McCants,
    I am now 35weeks pregnant with my first baby (baby girl! and yes, almost there!). Which I am very much excited (but scared at the same time) about. However, I keep experiencing anxiety (or I think it is depression). There are days that I feel so down that no amount of praying, reading the bible, or thinking of happy thoughts can alter my mood.

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