Baha’u’llah in the Rose Garden of Ridvan

There are many flowers but this rose is another story. Truly, it is the sultan of flowers. It has a different fragrance.

Outside of Baghdad, there was a garden called the Garden of Khalafabad. It had been built recently and had many roses, which had just opened. The Blessed Beauty was overjoyed on that day. There was a very broad path between these flowers. Most of the time, he would walk that path until evening, making pronouncements.

What a blessed day it was! What a happy day! That day will never be forgotten and will always be remembered. Even the physical sensations of the Blessed Beauty were heightened. When the blessed heart was happy, indescribable joy was visible on the blessed face. Likewise, if the blessed heart was saddened, the traces of sadness would flow from the blessed countenance.

`Abdu’l-Baha, speaking at the Shrine of the Bab. Ma’idih-yi Asmani, 5:200.


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