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Life on Other Planets

Endless are the planets for each fixed star, and each of these planets is but one of the worlds of the Creator.  Who is able to number the hosts of your Lord on those planets or enumerate the crafts of … Continue reading

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Proofreading the Revelation, Pt. 2

Your letter reached the Most Great Being, and the servant in attendance, on behalf of the Countenance, responds to what you have asked about the divine verses: O Zayn!   The short answer to what you asked about the verses … Continue reading

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Proofreading the Revelation

As for the scribes and the differences between the manuscripts they prepared, this is what has shown forth from the horizon of elucidation in answer (to your question): O Zayn!  The verses of God were revealed in such manner that … Continue reading

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The Plight of Islam

I plead my grief and my sorrow to God, the Lord of mankind.  Things have been turned upside down and countries are in turmoil, which has weakened Islam.  Its enemies have closed in on it and it is surrounded.  It … Continue reading

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Sun Salutation

While facing the sun on Friday, say this verse so that you will attain the presence of the sun of reality on the day of resurrection: “Verily, the glory (al-baha’) of God be upon your rising, O rising sun!  Testify … Continue reading

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A Prayer For Gavin Welch

He is the Most Glorious! O Lord my God!  Thou knowest that this servant is aflame with the fire of Thy love, dazed in the wilderness of longing for Thee, drawn onwards by the wondrous lights of Thy beauty, and … Continue reading

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Changing Pronouns and Dropping “Say” in Prayers

In some of the revealed prayers and supplications it is written, “and make him.”  Is it considered interpolation if one recites, in a passage of entreaty, “and make me,” which is an addition by the speaker?  He replies that this … Continue reading

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Hidden Substance That Can Destroy the World

No soul has or will ever comprehend the essence of divine wisdom.  In reality, the rational mind is a most great sign in humans and blessed are those who realize (its potential).  But despite its high station and lofty rank, … Continue reading

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Baha’u’llah’s Innate Nature

Among the people is he who opposes God publicly.  If the verses of God are recited to him, his face grows dark and he returns to his people as one despised.  And among them is he who claimed that they … Continue reading

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Fool’s Gold

One day in the outer part of the Blessed House (in Baghdad), one of the travelers from Tehran respectfully asked the Presence (Baha’u’llah), “How large of a stipend and expenditure does the Sadr A`zam (chancellor) allot you every month such … Continue reading

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