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Fasting and God’s Throne

The All-Glorious, the Most Great Praise be to Him Who sent down the commandment as He willed.  Verily, He ordains whatsoever He desires.  O My loved ones!  Observe that which you have been commanded in the Book.  Fasting has been … Continue reading

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Sun Salutation

While facing the sun on Friday, say this verse so that you will attain the presence of the sun of reality on the day of resurrection: “Verily, the glory (al-baha’) of God be upon your rising, O rising sun!  Testify … Continue reading

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Bab’s First Laws Before the Bayan

In the name of God, the Exalted, the Great.  Exalted be His blessed mention. The first command of the seven religious practices is to carry the blessed, protective circle. The second of them is to abandon the water pipe.  Verily, … Continue reading

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Bab’s Recipe for White Tea

As for your drink, focus your vision and at the beginning of each day take in your hands, by the might of God and His power, a portion of kundur (frankincense) and qarnaful (cloves) with an equal amount of pure … Continue reading

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