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منتخبات آيات از آثار حضرت نقطۀ اولیSelections from the Writings of the BábBab - Selections
مستخرجاتى از خطب وتوقيعات مبارکهTablets and AddressesBab - Selections
(blank)A Tablet Addressed to “Him Who Will Be Made Manifest”Bab - Selections
انّ هذا كتاب من عبد الذّليل الى ربّ الجليل وهو من يظهر من قبل ومن بعد وانّه لهو الظهّار القيدورThis is an epistle from this lowly servant to the All-Glorious Lord—He Who hath been aforetime and will be hereafter made manifest. Verily He is the Most Manifest, the Almighty.Bab - Selections
هو(blank)Bab - Selections
بسم الله الملاّك المقتدرIn the name of the Sovereign Lord, the Lord of Power.Bab - Selections
سبحان الّذي يسجد له من في السّموات والأرض وكلّ له قانتون هو الّذي بيده لاهوت عزّ كلّ شيء وكلّ اليه يرجعون هو الّذي ينزّل ما يشاء بامره كن فيكونGlorified is He before Whom all the dwellers of earth and heaven bow down in adoration and unto Whom all men turn in supplication. He is the One Who holdeth in His grasp the mighty kingdom of all created things and unto Him shall all return. He is the One Who revealeth whatsoever He willeth and by His injunction “Be Thou” all things have come into being.Bab - Selections
وانّ هذا كتابٌ ‏من‏ عند‏ الثّآء ‏الی ‏الّذي ‏يظهر بالحقّ ‏انّه ‏هو ‏العزيز ‏المحبوب ‏لأشهدنّك ‏وكلّ شيء من ‏قبل ‏ومن ‏بعد لا ‏اله الاّ ‏انت المهيمن القيّوم وانّك ‏انت الله لا اله الاّ انت كلّ اليك ليبعثونThis is an epistle from the letter Thá unto Him Who will be made manifest through the power of Truth—He Who is the All-Glorious, the Best-Beloved—to affirm that all created things as well as myself bear witness for all time that there is none other God but Thee, the Omnipotent, the Self-Subsisting; that Thou art God, there is no God besides Thee and that all men shall be raised up to life through Thee.Bab - Selections
وسبحانك اللّهمّ يا الهيLauded and glorified be Thy name, O Lord, my God!Bab - Selections
قد عرفتك بك لا بغيرك من قبل ومن بعد وانت المعيلم العلوم ولاستغفرك من عرفاني من قبل ومن بعد لا اله الاّ انت العزيز العزوزFrom all eternity I have indeed recognized Thee and unto all eternity will ever do so through Thine Own Self and not through anyone else besides Thee. Verily Thou art the Source of all knowledge, the Omniscient. From everlasting I have besought and unto everlasting will beseech forgiveness for my limited understanding of Thee, aware as I am that there is no God but Thee, the All-Glorious, the Almighty.Bab - Selections
ولتغفرني ‏يا‏ محبوبي ‏و‏للّذين ‏يريدون ‏ان ‏يصلحوا ‏امرك‏ انّك ‏لكنت ‏غفّار ‏العالمين ‏ولاشهدنّك ‏فی‏ حول ‏الثّاني ‏‏من ‏ظهوري ‏بأمرك ‏بانّك ‏انت ‏الظهّار المقتدر الدّيموم فلا يعجزنّك من شيء ‏في من في السّموات‏ والأرض وانت العلاّم المعتظّم العظّومI beg of Thee, O my Best-Beloved, to pardon me and those who earnestly seek to promote Thy Cause; Thou art indeed the One Who forgiveth the sins of all mankind. And in this second year of my Revelation—a Revelation which took place at Thy behest—I bear witness that Thou art the Most Manifest, the Omnipotent, the Ever-Abiding; that of all things that exist on earth and in the heavens nothing whatsoever can frustrate Thy purpose and that Thou art the Knower of all things and the Lord of might and majesty.Bab - Selections
وانّا آمنّا بك وبآياتك قبل ظهورك وانّا كلّ بك موقنون وانّا آمنّا بك وبآياتك بعد ظهورك وانّا كنّا ‏بك مؤمنون وانّا آمنّا بك ‏حين ظهورك ‏بامرك كن فيكونVerily, we have believed in Thee and in Thy signs ere the dawn of Thy Manifestation, and in Thee are we all well assured. Verily, we have believed in Thee and in Thy signs after the fulfillment of Thy Manifestation, and in Thee do we all believe. Verily, we have believed in Thee and in Thy signs at the hour of Thy Manifestation and bear witness that through Thine injunction “Be Thou” all things have been created.Bab - Selections
فما ‏من ‏ظهور‏ الاّ انت وانّا كنّا فيه وانّا كلّ لك ‏ساجدون ولتشهدني يا محبوبي من قبل ومن‏ بعد ‏انت القدّار المعتمد ‏القدورEvery Manifestation is but a revelation of Thine Own Self, with each of Whom we have truly appeared and we bow down in adoration before Thee. Thou hast been, O my Best-Beloved, and shalt ever be my witness throughout bygone times and in the days to come. Verily, Thou art the All-Powerful, the Ever-Faithful, the Omnipotent.Bab - Selections
وبك وحّدتك في السّموات والارض بانّك انت انت‏ العزيز المحبوب وبك عرفتك في السّموات والارض بانّك ‏انت انت المتعزّز الموصوف وبك وصفتك في السّموات والارض بانّك انت انت المتقدر المعروف وبك قدّستك في ‏السّموات ‏والارض بانّك انت انت المتقدّس القيدوس وبك نزّهتك في السّموات والارض بانّك انت النزّاه المتنزّه السّبوح وبك عظمتك في السّموات والارض ‏بانّك انت انت العظّام المقتدم القدومI have testified to Thy oneness through Thine Own Self before the dwellers of the heavens and the earth, bearing witness that, verily, Thou art the All-Glorious, the Best-Beloved. I have attained the recognition of Thee through Thine Own Self before the dwellers of the heavens and the earth, bearing witness that Thou art in truth the Almighty, the All-Praised. I have glorified Thy Name through Thine Own Self before the dwellers of the heavens and the earth, bearing witness that Thou art indeed the Lord of power, He Who is the Most Manifest. I have exalted Thy holiness through Thine Own Self before the dwellers of the heavens and the earth, bearing witness that in truth Thou art the Most Sanctified, the Most Holy. I have praised Thy sanctity through Thine Own Self before the dwellers of the heavens and the earth, bearing witness that Thou art indeed the Indescribable, the Inaccessible, the Immeasurably Glorified. I have extolled Thine overpowering majesty through Thine Own Self before the dwellers of the heavens and the earth, bearing witness that, verily, Thou and Thou alone art the Lord of might, the Eternal One, the Ancient of Days.Bab - Selections
فتباركت ان لا اله الاّ انت انّا كلّ اليك لمنقلبونHallowed and glorified art Thou; there is none other God but Thee and in truth unto Thee do we all return.Bab - Selections
وسيعلم الّذين قتلوا آل عليٍّ ايّ منعدمٍ ينعدمونAs to those who have put the kindred of ‘Alí to death, erelong they shall realize to what depths of perdition they have descended.Bab - Selections
(blank)A Second Tablet Addressed to “Him Who Will Be Made Manifest”Bab - Selections
در مكتب خانه من يظهره الله منوّر فرمايندMay the glances of Him Whom God shall make manifest illumine this letter at the primary school.Bab - Selections
هُو الابهیHe is the Most Glorious.Bab - Selections
الله لا اله الاّ هو العزيز المحبُوب له ما ‏في ‏السّموات ‏وما ‏في ‏الارض ‏وما ‏بينهما‏ وهو ‏المهيمن ‏القيّومHe is God, no God is there but Him, the Almighty, the Best-Beloved. All that are in the heavens and on the earth and whatever lieth between them are His. Verily He is the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.Bab - Selections
و‏انّه ‏لكتاب ‏من ‏الله المهيمن ‏القيّوم ‏الى ‏الله‏ العزيز المحبوب ‏على ‏انّ ‏البيان ‏و من‏ فيه هدية منّي ‏اليك موقنًا على ان لا اله الاّ انت وانّ الامر والخلق لك وما لاحدٍ من شيء الاّ بك وأَن من تظهرنّه عبدك وحجّتك لاخاطبنّه باذنك واقول لو تعزلنّ في القيمه الاخرى من في البيان حين الّذي تشرب اللّبن من ثدي امّك باشارةٍ من يدك لكنت محمودًا فی‏اشارتك ولو انّه لا ريب فيه لتصبرنّ تسعة عشر سنةً لتجزي من دان به فضلاً من‏عندك انّك ‏كنت ‏ذا فضلٍ عظيما ‏وانّك ‏تكفي ‏كلّ ‏شيء ‏عن كلّ شيء ‏و‏لا يكفي عنك من ‏شيء لا في ‏السّموات ‏ولا ‏في الارض ولا ‏ما بينهماThis is a letter from God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting, unto God, the Almighty, the Best-Beloved, to affirm that the Bayán and such as bear allegiance to it are but a present from me unto Thee and to express my undoubting faith that there is no God but Thee, that the kingdoms of Creation and Revelation are Thine, that no one can attain anything save by Thy power and that He Whom Thou hast raised up is but Thy servant and Thy Testimony. I, indeed, beg to address Him Whom God shall make manifest, by Thy leave in these words: “Shouldst Thou dismiss the entire company of the followers of the Bayán in the Day of the Latter Resurrection by a mere sign of Thy finger even while still a suckling babe, Thou wouldst indeed be praised in Thy indication. And though no doubt is there about it, do Thou grant a respite of nineteen years as a token of Thy favor so that those who have embraced this Cause may be graciously rewarded by Thee. Thou art verily the Lord of grace abounding. Thou dost indeed suffice every created thing and causest it to be independent of all things, while nothing in the heavens or on the earth or that which lieth between them can ever suffice Thee.”Bab - Selections
وانّك ‏انت كنت‏ كافيًا ‏عليما وانّك كنت على كلّ شيء قديرا...Verily Thou art the Self-Sufficient, the All-Knowing; Thou art indeed potent over all things.Bab - Selections
(blank)Tablet to the First Letter of the LivingBab - Selections
هذا ما نزّلنا الى اوّل من آمن بمن يظهره الله تنذيرًا من عندنا للعالمينThis is that which We have revealed for the First Believer in Him Whom God shall make manifest, that it may serve as an admonition from Our presence unto all mankind.Bab - Selections
هو(blank)Bab - Selections
بسـم الله العزيز المحبوبIn the Name of the Almighty, the Best-Beloved.Bab - Selections
سبحان الّذي له ملك السّموات والارض وما بينهما قل كلّ اليه راجعون هو الّذي يهدي من يشاء بامره قل كلّ من فضله سائلون قل هو القاهر فوق كلّ شيء وهو المعتزز العزيز المحبوبLauded and glorified is He Who is the sovereign Lord of the kingdoms of heaven and earth and whatever is between them. Say, verily unto Him shall all return, and He is the One Who guideth at His Own behest whomsoever He pleaseth. Say, all men beseech His blessings and He is supreme over all created things. He is indeed the All-Glorious, the Mighty, the Well-Beloved.Bab - Selections
وانّ هذا كتاب من عند الثّاء الى اوّل من آمن ان اشهد انّه انا المليك القدور هو الّذي يحيي ويميت وكلّ اليه يقلبون فما من الهٍ الاّ هو قلّ كلّ له ساجدون وانّ الله ربّك يجزي الكلّ بأمره اقرب من ان يقول له كن فيكونThis is an epistle from the letter Thá unto him who is the First Believer. Bear thou witness that verily He is I, Myself, the Sovereign, the Omnipotent. He is the One Who ordaineth life and death and unto Him shall all return. Indeed there is none other God but Him and all men bow down in adoration before Him. Verily Thy Lord, God, shall presently recompense every one as He ordaineth, even swifter than uttering the words “Be thou, and it is.”Bab - Selections
ولقد شهد الله في الكتاب وملائكته ورسله واولوا العلم من عنده بانّك آمنت بالله وآياته وكلّ بهُداك يهتدون هذا كلّ الفضل اليك من قبل ومن بعد من عند الله الحيّ القيّوم وانّك لمّا آمنت بالله قبل الخلق قد جعلك الله كلّ ظهوره امرًا من لدنه لا اله الاّ هو المهيمن السبّوحGod hath in truth testified in His Book and so also have testified the company of His angels, His Messengers and those endued with divine knowledge, that thou hast believed in God and in His signs and that everyone is guided aright by virtue of thy guidance. This is indeed a boundless grace which God, the Ever-Living, the Self-Subsisting, hath graciously conferred upon thee aforetime and will confer hereafter. And since thou didst believe in God before the creation, He hath in truth, at His own behest, raised thee up in every Revelation. There is no God but Him, the Sovereign Protector, the All-Glorious.Bab - Selections
فليبلغنّ امر الله ربّك الى كلّ شيء جودًا من عنده لا اله الاّ هو ‏المجتود القيهورIt behooveth you to proclaim the Cause of God unto all created things as a token of grace from His presence; no God is there but Him, the Most Generous, the All-Compelling.Bab - Selections
قل كلّ الأمر يرجع بي في كتاب الله وانّني انا اوّل ‏من آمن بالله وآياته وانّني انا الظهّار الظيهور وانّ لي كلّ اسماء خيرٍ من عند الله العزيز العيزوز وانّني كنت في يوم بديع الاوّل ولاكوننّ في يوم بديع الآخر امرًا من عند‏‏ الله وفضلاً من لدنه لا اله الاّ هو كلّ هنالك ساجدونSay: All matters must be referred to the Book of God; I am indeed the First to believe in God and in His signs; I am the One Who divulgeth and proclaimeth the Truth and I have been invested with every excellent title of God, the Mighty, the Incomparable. Verily I have attained the Day of the First Manifestation and by the bidding of the Lord and as a token of His grace, I shall attain the Day of the Latter Manifestation. There is no God but Him and at the appointed hour everyone shall bow down unto Him in adoration.Bab - Selections
وانّني انّا لمّا جعلني الله مظهر امره من قبل ومن بعد لاشكره واحمده لا ‏اله اّلا‏ هو الحمّاد الشّكار الصّيمود ‏وله ما في ‏السّموات‏ والارض ‏وانّا ‏كلّ به مهتدونI render thanks and yield praise unto God for having been chosen by Him as the Exponent of His Cause in bygone days and in the days to come; there is none other God save Him, the Glorified, the All-Praised, the Ever-Abiding. Whatever is in the heavens and on the earth is His and through Him are we guided aright.Bab - Selections
و‏انّ هداه يرجع لي في الكتاب ان يا اهل البيان وكلّ شيء بهدى الله بين يديّ يهتدونO people of the Bayán! Those who embrace the Truth must turn unto Me, as ordained in the Book and divine guidance will be vouchsafed to whosoever attaineth My presence.Bab - Selections
از توقيع مبارك حضرت اعلى بمحمّد شاهExtracts from an Epistle to Muhammad SháhBab - Selections
انّ هذا كتابٌ من لدن امام حق مبين فيه حكم كلّ شيء لمن اراد ان يتذكر او يكون من ‏المهتدين فيه‏ حكم كلّ ‏شيء لمن شهد ‏بامر ربّك في ‏قسطاس ‏مبين ولقد فصّل ‏من قبل احكام كلّ شيء بلسان عربيّ قويم ولقد آمن الّذين خلقت افئدتهم من نور ربّك وهم كانوا من الّذينهم يتّبعون الحقّ وهم يوقنون...This is an Epistle from Him Who is the true, the undoubted Leader. Herein is revealed the law of all things for those who fain would heed His Call or wish to be reckoned among them that are guided aright. Herein is enshrined the law of all things for such as would bear witness to the Revelation of thy Lord in accordance with this clear balance. Verily the ordinances of God concerning all things were formerly set forth in eloquent Arabic. Indeed those whose souls have been created through the splendor of the light of thy Lord recognize the Truth and are numbered with such as faithfully obey the One True God and are well assured.…Bab - Selections
ان يا محمّد ولقد قضى حكم ربّك من قبل باربع سنين وانّ من يوم الّذي جاء امر ربّك انّي اخبرتك ان اتّق الله ولا تكن من الجاهلين ولقد ارسلت اليك الرّسول مع لوح حقّ مبين وانّ حزب الشّيطان قد استكبروا عليه وحالوا بينه وبينك قد اخرجوه من ارض الّتي انت عليها بسلطان مبين ولقد فات عنك خير الآخرة والاولى ان تسترجع الى حكم ربّك واردت ان تكون من المهتدينO Muhammad! The Decree of thy Lord was fulfilled four years ago; and ever since the inception of the Cause of thy Lord I have warned thee to fear God and not to be of the ignorant. I dispatched a messenger unto thee with a truly resplendent Tablet, but the followers of the devil turned him away disdainfully and interposed themselves between him and thee. They expelled him from the land whereof thou art the undisputed sovereign. Thus hath the good of this world and of the next escaped thee, unless thou submit to the commandment ordained by God and be of them that are rightly guided.Bab - Selections
وانّ بعد الرّجع عن البيت الحرام قد نبأتك لمثل ما حدثتك من قبل بل اعظم من هذا والله خير وليّ وشهيد قد ارسلت اليك الرّسول مع الكتب الّتي نزّلتها اليك لتتّبع حكم ربّك ولا تكوننّ من المعرضين ولقد فعل الظّالم بما لا يفعل احد مثله لا من شقيٍّ ولا جبّارٍ عنيد...On My return from the sacred House of God I sent thee a Message similar to, nay even greater than the one I had previously sent unto thee. Indeed God is the best protector and witness. I dispatched a messenger unto thee with epistles revealed by Me, that thou mightest obey the command of God and not be of them that have repudiated the Truth. The oppressor, however, committed a thing the like of which no one would commit, not even any of the wicked, nor anyone among the vile wrong-doers.…Bab - Selections
ولقد قضی‏عليّ‏ على ‏تلك الارض ‏بما لم يقض ‏احد ‏من قبل وانّ ‏الى ‏الله‏ يرجع الامر وانّه هو خير وليّ وخبير وانّ من يوم الاوّل الى ذلك الحين قد قضى عليّ من حزبك ما هو من فعل شيطان مريد وان من يوم الّذي ظهر امر ربّك لن يقبل منك شيء وانّك انت في ضلال مبين وكلّ ما رأيت كانّك انت قد فعلته في سبيل ربّك وانّ لك يوم قريب تسئل عن كلّ ذلك وما كان الله بغافل عمّا يعمل الظّالمونThe tribulations which I have suffered in this land, no one of old hath suffered. Verily unto God shall revert the whole affair, and He in truth is the best protector and is cognizant of all. The things which have, from the first day till now, befallen Me at the hand of thy people are but the work of Satan. Ever since the Cause of thy Lord hath appeared none of thy deeds hath been acceptable, and thou hast been lost in palpable error while all thou couldst see appeared to thee as deeds performed for the sake of thy Lord. In truth thy day is nigh at hand and thou shalt be questioned concerning all this, and assuredly God is not heedless of the deeds of the wicked.Bab - Selections
ولو لم تكن انت لم يستطيع احد من اوليائك ان يستكبروا عليّ وما هم الا اضلّ من كلّ بغلٍ وحميرHad it not been for thee, thy supporters would not have disdainfully rejected Me, though they have gone more widely astray than the foolish.Bab - Selections
وانّ الّذي انت جعلته وليّ ملكك وظننت انّه خير مرشد وظهير كلاّ وربّك يفتننّك بما يلقي الشّيطان اليه وانّه هو شيطان مريد لا يعلم حرفًا من كتاب الله وانّه من خوف ما اكتسبت يديه اراد ان يطفأ نور ربّك ألاّ يبيّن ما هو مكنون في سرّه من كفر قديم ولولا انت قد جعلته وليّ نفسك ما يلتفت اليه احد وما هو عند النّاس الاّ ظلام مبين...Dost thou imagine him whom thou hast appointed Chancellor in thy kingdom to be the best leader and the best supporter? Nay, I swear by thy Lord. He will bring thee into grievous trouble by reason of that which Satan instilleth in his heart, and verily, he himself is Satan. He comprehendeth not a single letter from the Book of God and is seized with fear by reason of that which his hands have wrought. Fain would he extinguish the light which thy Lord hath kindled, so that the old impiety which is concealed in his inner being may not be revealed. Hadst thou not appointed him as thy Chancellor no one would have paid him the slightest attention. Indeed in the estimation of the people he is naught but manifest darkness.…Bab - Selections
ان اتّق الله ان لا تعذب نفسك اكثر ممّا عذّبتها فانّك لتموت من قريب ثمّ لتبرّء من شيطان الّذي جعلته وليّ نفسك وتقول يا ليتني ما اتخذت الشّيطان وليًّا وما جعلت الباطل مرشدًا مهديّاFear thou God and suffer not thy soul to be chastised beyond that with which it hath already been tormented; for erelong thou shalt pass away and shalt declare thyself clear of the devil whom thou hast appointed as thy Chancellor, saying: “O would that I had not taken the devil as my Chancellor, nor appointed an impostor as my guide and adviser.”Bab - Selections
فكيف تجعل نفسك ادنى ممّا فعل فرعون وانّك لتقول انّني من المسلمين فكيف انت قرأت آيات القران واذًا لتكوننّ من الظّالمين لن ترضى اليهود ولا النّصارى ولا احد من طوائف الّذين كفروا ان يظلموا على ابن بنت نبيّهم فويلٌ لك من عذاب يوم قريب كيف لا تخشى من سخط الله ربّك ربّ السّموات ربّ العالمين تلك آيات بيّنات حجّة بالغة لمن اراد ان يكون من المهتدينWhy dost thou burden thy soul with that which is far more abject than the deeds of Pharaoh, and still callest thyself one of the faithful? How dost thou peruse the verses of the Qur’án, while thou art of the unjust? Never would the Jews, nor the Christians nor any such people as have rejected the truth consent to inflict wrongs upon the son of their Prophet’s daughter. Woe betide thee, for the day of chastisement is approaching. Dost thou not dread the wrath of thy Lord, the Almighty, the Lord of the heavens, the Lord of all worlds? Indeed these manifest verses are conclusive testimony for those who seek true guidance.Bab - Selections
ما اريد ان اءخذ منك قدر خردل ولا استقرّ على مقعدك فَإِن لم تتّبعني لك ما ملكت ولي ارض امنٍ مبين وان لم تتّبع كيف تستكبر وتريد ان تظلم وانّ هذا مقعدي جبل عظيم لا يسكن فيه احد فويلٌ للّذين يظلمون على النّاس بغير حقّ ويأخذون اموال الّذين آمنوا بالباطل بغير حق ولا كتاب مبين وانّني انا سلطان حق من عند الّذي هو امام حقّ مبين على من على الارض ان لا أخذ منهم قدر خردل ولا اظلم عليهم ولاكون بينهم احدا مثلهم وكنت عليهم شهيداI have no desire to seize thy property, even to the extent of a grain of mustard, nor do I wish to occupy thy position. If thou followest Me not, then unto thee be the things thou dost possess, and unto Me the land of unfailing security. If thou obeyest Me not, wherefore dost thou look disdainfully upon Me and seek to treat Me with sore injustice? Verily, behold My habitation—a lofty mountain wherein no one dwelleth. Woe betide them that wrongfully do injustice to people, and unjustly and deceitfully usurp the property of the believers in violation of His lucid Book; whereas I, Who, in very truth, am the rightful Sovereign of all men, designated by the true, the undeniable Leader, would never infringe on the integrity of the substance of the people, were it to the extent of a grain of mustard, nor would I treat them unjustly. Rather would I consort with them even as one of themselves, and I would be their witness.Bab - Selections
وما عليّ الاّ ذكر من كتاب ربّك ثمّ هذا بلاغ مبين ان شئت ان تدخل ابواب النّعيم هذه مفتحة عليك وما لاحدٍ عليّ من سبيل وكلّ ما كتبت اليك من قبل والى الّذي جعلته وليّ امرك ما كان الاّ رحمةً منّي عليكما لعلّكما تخافان من يوم قريب والاّ من يوم الّذي انتما کنتما من المستکبرين ما کان حکمکما في کتاب الله الاّ انّکما کفرتما بربّکما وانّکما لمن الخاسرين...هذا آخر ذكري في الكتاب عليكما وما اذكركما بعد ذلك ولا اقول الاّ انّكما لمن الكافرينThat which devolveth upon Me is but to mention the Book of thy Lord and to deliver this clear Message. If thou wishest to enter the gates of Paradise, lo, they are open before thy face and no harm can reach Me from anyone. Every missive which up till now I have directed unto thee and unto the custodian of thy affairs hath been but a token of My bounty to you both, that perchance ye may grow anxious about the day which is nigh at hand. Nevertheless from the moment ye waxed disdainful, divine judgment was passed upon you in the Book of God, for in truth ye both have denied your Lord and are numbered with them that will perish.… This is indeed My last reminder unto you, and I shall make no mention of you hereafter, nor shall I make any remark other than affirming you as infidels.Bab - Selections
وإِلى الله افوّض امري وامركما وانّه لهو خير الفاصلين ان ترجعا فعليكما ما تريدان من ملك الدّنيا ونعيم الاخرة وترثان ما لايخطر على قلبكما في الحيوة الدّنيا من سلطان عزّ عظيم وان لم ترجعان فعليكما ذنبكماUnto God do I commit Mine affair and yours, and He verily is the best Judge. Were ye to return, however, ye would be granted whatever ye desire of earthly possessions and of the ineffable delights of the life to come, and ye would inherit such glorious might and majesty as your minds can scarce conceive in this mortal life. But if ye fail to return then upon ye shall be your transgressions.Bab - Selections
انتما لا تقدران ان تغيّرا ما كتب الله لی ولن يصيبني الاّ ما قد قضى الله ربّي عليه توكلت وعليه فليتوّكل المؤمنونYe cannot alter the things which the Almighty hath prescribed unto Me. Naught shall touch Me besides that which God, My Lord, hath preordained for Me. In Him have I placed My whole trust and upon Him do the faithful place their complete reliance.Bab - Selections
ربّ اشهد عليّ بانّي قد تلوت عليهما آياتك وتمّمت حجّتك عليهما بعد هذا كتاب مبين ورضيت بان اقتل في سبيلك وارجع اليك في يوم قريب لك الحمد في السّموات والارض فالقهما بما انت قضيت فانّك انت خير وليّ ونصيرBear Thou witness unto Me, O Lord. By sending forth this resplendent Epistle I shall have proclaimed Thy Verses unto both of them and shall have fulfilled Thy Testimony for them. I am well pleased to lay down My life in Thy path and erelong to return to Thy presence. Unto Thee be praise in the heavens and on the earth. Deal with them according to Thy decree. In truth Thou art the best protector and helper.Bab - Selections
ربّ اصلح ما يفسد النّاس واظهر كلمتك على الارض حتّى لا يكون احد من المشركينSet right, O Lord, such disorders as people stir up, and cause Thy Word to shine resplendent throughout the earth, so that no trace of the ungodly may remain.Bab - Selections
ربّ انّي استغفرك مما قلت في كتابك واتوب اليك وما انا الاّ عبد من الذّاكرين وسبحانك لا اله الاّ انت توكلت عليك استغفرك من ان اكون من السّائلينI beg forgiveness of Thee, O My Lord, for that which I have uttered in Thy Epistle, and I repent unto Thee. I am but one of Thy servants who give praise to Thee. Glorified art Thou; no God is there but Thee. In Thee have I placed My whole trust and of Thee do I beg pardon for being a suppliant at Thy door.Bab - Selections
وسبحان الله ربّك ربّ العرش العظيم عمّا يصف النّاس بغير حقّ ولا كتاب مبين وسلام على الّذين يستغفرون الله ربّك ثمّ يقولون ان الحمد لله ربّ العالمينSanctified is God thy Lord, the Lord of the Mighty Throne, from that which the people wrongfully and without the guidance of His lucid Book, affirm of Him. Peace be upon them that beseech forgiveness from God thy Lord, saying: “Verily, praise be unto God, the Lord of the worlds.”Bab - Selections
قسمتى از توقيع مبارك حضرت اعلى خطاب بمحمّد شاه كه در چهريق نازل گشته(blank)Bab - Selections
سبحان الّذي يعلم ما في السّموات وما في الارض وانّه لا اله الاّ هو الملك القهّار العظيمGlory be unto Him Who knoweth all that is in the heavens and in the earth. Verily there is no God but Him, the sovereign Ruler, the Almighty, the Great.Bab - Selections
هو الّذي يقضي يوم الفصل بالحقّ وانّه لا اله الاّ هو الفرد الجبّار المنيع وهو الّذي بيده ملكوت كلّ ‏شيء لا اله الاّ‏ هو الوتر الاحد الصّمد العليّ الكبيرHe is the One Who on the Day of Severing shall pass judgment through the power of Truth; indeed no God is there besides Him, the Peerless, the All-Compelling, the Exalted. He is the One Who holdeth within His grasp the kingdom of all created things; there is none other God but Him, the Single, the Incomparable, the Ever-Abiding, the Inaccessible, the Most Great.Bab - Selections
(blank)Extracts from Another Epistle to Muhammad SháhBab - Selections
اشهد لله حينئذٍ بما قد شهد الله علی ‏نفسه من ‏قبل ان ‏يخلق شيئًا انّه لا ‏اله الاّ هو العزيز الحكيم واشهد على كلّ ما ابدع وما يبدع بمثل ما قد شهد عليه في سلطان عزّته انّه لا اله الاّ هو الفرد القائم البديعAt this moment I testify unto God, even as He testified unto Himself before the creation of all things: Verily there is no God save Him, the All-Glorious, the All-Wise. And I bear witness unto whatsoever He hath fashioned or will fashion, even as He Himself, in the majesty of His glory, hath borne witness: No God is there but Him, the Peerless, the Self-Subsisting, the Most Wondrous.Bab - Selections
توكّلت على الله ربّ كلّشيء لا اله الاّ هو الفرد الرّفيع والى الله القى نفسي واليه افوّض امري لا اله الاّ هو الملك ‏الحقّ ‏المبين ‏و‏انّه ‏هو‏ حسبي يكفي ‏من كلّشيء ولا يكفي ‏منه شيء في ‏السّموات ‏ولا ‏في الارض وانّه لهو القائم الشّديدIn God, Who is the Lord of all created things, have I placed My whole trust. There is no God but Him, the Peerless, the Most Exalted. Unto Him have I resigned Myself and into His hands have I committed all My affairs. No God is there besides Him, the supreme Ruler, the resplendent Truth. Indeed all-sufficient is He for Me; independently of all things doth He suffice, while nothing in the heavens or in the earth but Him sufficeth. He, in very truth, is the Self-Subsisting, the Most Severe.Bab - Selections
سبحان الّذي يرى مقصدي حينئذٍ في سجن بعيد وهو الّذي يشهد عليّ في كلّ حين وقبل ان يبدع بعد حينPraise be unto Him Who at this very moment perceiveth in this remote prison the goal of My desire. He is the One Who beareth witness unto Me at all times and beholdeth Me ere the inception of “after Hín.”Bab - Selections
وانّك انت كيف قد قدّرت بلا ذكر حكيم وانّك انت كيف صبرت على النّار وانّ الله ربّك لهو العزيز الشّديدWhy didst thou pronounce judgment without remembering God, the All-Wise? How canst thou endure in the fire? Indeed, mighty and most severe is thy God.Bab - Selections
ان انت قد عزّزت بما عندك فانّ هذا لا يلتفت اليه احد ممّن آمن بالله وآياته وكان من الزّاهدين وانّ مثَل حيوة الدّنيا كمثل ‏كلبٍ ‏ميّت لا يجتمع في ‏حوله ولا يأكل منه الاّ ‏الّذينهم كانوا بالآخرة هم كافرين وانّك انت فرض عليك بان تؤمن بالله الغنيّ العظيم وتكفر بالّذي يدعوك الى عذاب سعيرThou pridest thyself in the things thou dost possess, yet no believer in God and in His signs, nor any righteous man would ever deign to regard them. This mortal life is like unto the carcass of a dog, around which none would gather, nor would any partake thereof, except those who gainsay the life hereafter. Verily it is incumbent upon thee to become a true believer in God, the All-Possessing, the Almighty, and to turn away from the one who guideth thee into the torment of hellfire.Bab - Selections
ولقد صبرت في ايّام معدودة لعلّك تتذكّر وتكوننّ من المهتدين وانّك انت كيف تجيب الله في يوم قريب يوم تقوم الاشهاد عند ربّك ربّ العالمينI have been waiting awhile that perchance thou wouldst take heed and be rightly guided. How canst thou answer God on the day which is near at hand—the day whereon witnesses will stand forth to testify in the presence of thy Lord, the Lord of all the worlds?Bab - Selections
فوالّذي خلقك وانّك انت اليه ستعود وان تموت وانت على جحدٍ بآيات ربّك فتدخل في ابواب الجحيم ولا ينفعك ما قدّمت يداك وما لك يومئذٍ من وليّ ولا شفيع ان اتّق الله ولا تغرّ بما عندك فانّ ما عند الله خيرٌ للمتقينBy the righteousness of Him Who hath called thee into being and unto Whom erelong thou shalt return, if thou remainest, at the moment of death, a disbeliever in the signs of thy Lord thou shalt surely enter the gates of hell, and none of the deeds thy hands have wrought will profit thee, nor shalt thou find a patron nor anyone to plead for thee. Fear thou God and pride not thyself on thine earthly possessions, inasmuch as what God doth possess is better for them that tread the path of righteousness.Bab - Selections
وانّ من على الارض يومئذٍ كلّهم اجمعون عباد الله فمن آمن وكان من الّذينهم بآيات الله موقنين فاولئك عسى الله ان يغفر لهم ما قدّمت ايديهم ويدخلهم في ‏رحمته ‏انّه هو الغفور الرّحيم وانّ ‏الّذين استكبروا عليّ وجحدوا ما اكرمني الله بفضله من آيات بيّنات وكتاب مبين فاولئك حقّت عليهم كلمة العذاب وما لهم يوم الفصل من ولّي ولا نصيرVerily in this Day all that dwell on earth are the servants of God. As to those who truly believe in God and are well assured in the signs revealed by Him, perchance He will graciously forgive them the things their hands have committed, and will grant them admission into the precincts of His mercy. He, in truth, is the Ever-Forgiving, the Compassionate. But the verdict of divine chastisement is pronounced against those who have turned away disdainfully from Me and have repudiated the conclusive proofs and the unerring Book with which God hath invested Me, and on the Day of Severing they shall find no protector or helper.Bab - Selections
فوالّذي يبدع الخلق ثمّ كلّ اليه يرجعون ما من نفسٍ تموت على بغضي او تجحد ما جئت به من آيات بيّنات الاّ ويدخل في عذاب اليم ولا تقبل يومئذٍ فدية ولا لاحدٍ اذن ان يشفع الاّ ان يشاء الله انّه هو الجبّار العزيز وانّه لا اله الاّ هو الملك القهّار الشّديدI swear by Him Who createth all beings and unto Whom all shall return, if anyone at the hour of death beareth hatred towards Me or disputeth the clear tokens wherewith I have been invested, then naught but afflictive torment shall be his lot. On that day no ransom will be accepted, nor will any intercession be permitted, unless God so please. Verily He is the All-Compelling, the All-Glorious; and no God is there other than Him, the sovereign Ruler, the Almighty, the Most Severe.Bab - Selections
ان انت فرحت بما تسجنني فويلٌ لك من عذاب يوم قريب لم يحّل الله لاحد ان يحكم بغير حق وان انت اردت فستعلم من قريبIf thou rejoicest in My imprisonment, woe then unto thee for the grievous torment which will soon overtake thee. Indeed God hath permitted no one to pass unfair judgment, and if thou wouldst fain do so, then soon shalt thou learn.Bab - Selections
وان من اوّل يوم الّذي اخبرتك بان لا تستكبر على الله الى يومئذٍ قد قضت اربع سنين ما رأيت منك ولا من جندك الاّ ظلمًا واستكبارًا شديدًا كانّك انت زعمت اننّي انا قد اردت متاعًا قليلاً لا وربّي ما كان ملك الدّنيا وما فيها عند الّذينهم الى الرّحمن ينظرون الاّ اقلّ من عين ميّته بل اقلّ من هذا سبحان الله عمّا يشركون...وما صبري الاّ على الله وانّه هو خير وليّ ونصير وما كهفي الاّ ايّاه وانّه هو خير وكيل وظهير...From the first day that I cautioned thee not to wax proud before God until the present time, four years have elapsed, and during this space naught have I witnessed, either from thee or from thy soldiers, except dire oppression and disdainful arrogance. Methinks thou dost imagine that I wish to gain some paltry substance from this earthly life. Nay, by the righteousness of My Lord! In the estimation of them that have fixed their eyes upon the merciful Lord, the riches of the world and its trappings are worth as much as the eye of a dead body, nay even less. Far from His glory be what they associate with Him!… I seek patience only in God. Verily He is the best protector and the best helper. No refuge do I seek save God. Verily He is the guardian and the best supporter.…Bab - Selections
فسبحان الله ربّي العلّي العظيم انّه ليظهرنّ امر الّذي قدّر وما للظّالمين‏ من نصير ان كان لك كيد فاظهر وما الامر ‏الاّ من ‏عند الله عليه توكلّت واليه انيب‏I swear by the glory of God, My Lord, the Most Exalted, the Most Great, He assuredly, as is divinely ordained, will make His Cause shine resplendent, while there will be no helper for the unjust. If thou hast any scheme, produce thy scheme. Indeed every revelation of authority proceedeth from God. In Him do I trust and unto Him do I turn.Bab - Selections
هل‏ سمعت ‏من احد من قبل حكمًا بمثل ‏ما انت صنعت من قبل وترضى من بعد فويل للظّالمين مقصدك دليلٌ على كفرك بالله وحكمك على النّاس لك عند الله عذاب شديد وانّ صبري على الله ومقصدي هذا يشهد على اننّي انا على حقٍّ يقينHast thou heard anyone of old passing a judgment similar to the one thou didst contrive or like unto that whereto thou didst give thine assent? Woe then unto the oppressors! Both thine intentions and the manner in which thou dealest with the people clearly demonstrate thine infidelity towards God, hence He hath ordained a severe chastisement for thee. Verily I seek patience only in God, and Him do I regard as the goal of My desire. This signifieth that I have the undoubted Truth on My side.Bab - Selections
ان لم تخف من ان یظهر الحقّ و یبطل عمل المشرکین فکیف لم تحضر علماء الارض ثمّ لم تحضرنی لاجعلنّهم مثل الّذی بهتوا من قبل وکانوا من الجاحدین تلک حجّتی علیک و علیهم ان هم بالحقّ ینطقون فاحضر کلّهم ان هم بمثل هذا یتکلّمون فاعلم انهم علی امر لا وربّی انّهم لا یستعطیعون و لا یتفکرون آمنوا من قبل ولا یشعرون وکفوا من بعد ولا یعلقونIf thou art not apprehensive that the truth might be revealed and the works of the ungodly be brought to naught, why summonest thou not the divines of the land, and then summon Me, so that I may confound them forthwith, even as those disbelievers whom I have previously confounded? This is My sure testimony unto thee and unto them, if they speak the truth. Summon thou all of them. Should they then be able to utter words like unto this, thou wouldst know that their cause is worthy of attention. Nay, by the righteousness of My Lord! They are bereft of power, nor are they endued with perception. They professed faith in the past without understanding its significance, then later they repudiated the Truth; for they are devoid of discernment.Bab - Selections
وان انت اردت ان تسفك دمي فكيف تصبر وانّك اليوم لقويّ مكين تلك كرامة من عند الله عليّ ونقمة من عنده عليك وعلى الّذين يفعلونIf thou hast decided to shed My blood, wherefore dost thou delay? Thou art now endowed with power and authority. For Me it will prove an infinite bounty conferred by God, while for thee and for them that would commit such an act it will amount to a chastisement meted out by Him.Bab - Selections
فطوبى ‏لي ‏ان احكمت مثل ذلك ثمّ طوبى ‏لي ان ‏رضيت ‏مثل ذلك امر الّذي قدّر الله للمقرّبين فأذن ولا تصبر فان الله ربّك لعزيز ذو انتقامHow great the blessedness that would await Me, wert thou to pass a verdict such as this; and what immense joy would be Mine, shouldst thou agree to do this! This is a bounty which God hath reserved for them that enjoy near access to His court. Give then thy leave and wait no longer. In truth, mighty is thy Lord, the Avenger.Bab - Selections
ولا تستحيي عند الله وترضى بان يكون حجّته على ‏الكلّ بان ‏يصبر في ‏سورٍ على ايدي المشركين‏ فويل لك‏ وويلٌ للّذينهم‏ يومئذ‏ يرضون‏ بمثل‏ هذا الذّلّ المبين...Art thou not ashamed in the presence of God for consenting to the consignment to a fortress of Him Who is the Testimony of God, and His being made captive in the hands of the faithless? Woe betide thee and them who rejoice at this moment in inflicting so dire a humiliation upon Me.…Bab - Selections
فو الّذي بدع خلقي ما شهدت على نفسي من ذنب وما اتّبعت الاّ الحقّ وكفى بالله عليّ شهيدا فافٍّ على الدّنيا واهلها والّذينهم يفرحون بمتاعها وهم عن الآخرة هم غافلونI swear by Him Who hath called Me into being, I can discover no trace of sinfulness in Myself, nor have I followed aught but the Truth; and unto Me God is sufficient witness. Fie upon the world and its people and upon those who take delight in earthly riches, while oblivious of the life to come.Bab - Selections
ولو يكشف الغطاء عن بصرك لتمشي اليّ بصدرك ولو تمشي على الثّلج خوفًا من عذاب الله انّه لسريع قريب فوالّذي خلقك لو تعلم ما قضى في ايّام سلطنتك لرضيت ان لا نزلت من ظَهر ابيك وكنت من المنسيّين ولكن الآن قد قضى ما قضى الله ربّك فويلٌ يومئذٍ للظّالمينWere the veil to be removed from thine eye thou wouldst crawl unto Me on thy breast, even through the snow, from fear of the chastisement of God which is swift and near at hand. By the righteousness of Him Who hath created thee, wert thou to be acquainted with that which hath transpired during thy reign, thou wouldst wish not to have issued from thy father’s loins, but rather to have passed into oblivion. However, that which God, thy Lord, had ordained hath presently come to pass, and woe betide the oppressors in this day.Bab - Selections
كانّك ما قرئت انت كتابًا مبينا وان كنت على امرٍ وانّك انت لا تتّبع فعليّ امري ولك ما عندك ان لم تنصرني فكيف تخذلني وانّ الى الله المشتكى واليه منتهى الامر في الاخرة والاولىMethinks thou hast not perused the unerring Book. If thou art satisfied with thine own way and dost not wish to follow the Truth, then to Me be My way and to thee thine. If thou aidest Me not, why dost thou seek to abase Me? Verily, God is the hearer of the suppliant, and in Him all things find their highest consummation, both in this world and in the world to come.Bab - Selections
وسبحان الله ربّ السّموات والارض ربّ العالمين من كلّ ما يذكره كلّ العالمين الاّ الّذينهم كانوا بامره عاملين وسلام من عنده على المخلصيFar from the glory of God, the Lord of heaven and earth, the Lord of creation, be that which is affirmed of Him by the peoples of the world, except by such as faithfully observe His precepts. May the peace of God rest upon the sincere among His servants.Bab - Selections
والحمد لله ربّ العالمينAll praise be to God, the Lord of all the worlds.Bab - Selections
قسمتى از توقيع مبارك حضرت اعلى بافتخار محمّد شاه قاجار كه در قلعه ماكو نازل گشتهExtracts from a Further Epistle to Muhammad SháhBab - Selections
خلقني الله من طينةٍ لم يشارك فيها احدٌ واعطاني ما لايدركه البالغون ولا يقدر ان يعرفه الموحّدون...أَلا اننّي انا ركنٌ من كلمةِ الاولى الّتي من عرفها عرف كلّ حقٍّ ويدخل في كلّ خيرٍ ومن جهلها جهل كلّ حقّ ويدخل في كلّ شرٍThe substance wherewith God hath created Me is not the clay out of which others have been formed. He hath conferred upon Me that which the worldly-wise can never comprehend, nor the faithful discover.… I am one of the sustaining pillars of the Primal Word of God. Whosoever hath recognized Me hath known all that is true and right and hath attained all that is good and seemly, and whosoever hath failed to recognize Me hath turned away from all that is true and right and hath succumbed to everything evil and unseemly.Bab - Selections
فوربّك ربّ كلّ شيءٍ ربّ العالمين من عمّر كلّ ما يمكن في الامكان ويعبد الله بكلّ عمل خيرٍ احاط به علم الله ويلقى الله وكان في قلبه اقلّ ممّا يُحصى علم الله بغضي فيحبط كلّ عمله ولا ينظر الله اليه ويسخطه وكان من الهالكين لانّ الله قد‏ جعل‏ كلّ خيرٍ احاط به علمه في ‏طاعتي وكلّ ‏نار يحصيها كتابه في ‏معصيتي ‏وانّ ‏اليوم كانّي اشاهد في مقامي هذا كلّ اهل محبّتي وطاعتي في غرفات الرّضوان واهل عداوتي في دركات النّيرانI swear by the righteousness of Thy Lord, the Lord of all created things, the Lord of all the worlds! Were a man to rear in this world as many edifices as possible and worship God through every virtuous deed which God’s knowledge embraceth, and attain the presence of the Lord, and were he, even to a measure less than that which is accountable before God, to bear in his heart a trace of malice towards Me, all his deeds would be reduced to naught and he would be deprived of the glances of God’s favor, become the object of His wrath and assuredly perish. For God hath ordained that all the good things which lie in the treasury of His knowledge shall be attained through obedience unto Me, and every fire recorded in His Book, through disobedience unto Me. Methinks in this day and from this station I behold all those who cherish My love and follow My behest abiding within the mansions of Paradise, and the entire company of Mine adversaries consigned to the lowest depths of hellfire.Bab - Selections
ولعمري لولا الواجب من قبول امر حُجة الله...ما اخبرتك بذلك...قد ‏جعل ‏الله كلّ مفاتيح الرّضوان في يميني وكلّ مفاتيح النّيران في شمالي...By My life! But for the obligation to acknowledge the Cause of Him Who is the Testimony of God … I would not have announced this unto thee.… All the keys of heaven God hath chosen to place on My right hand, and all the keys of hell on My left.…Bab - Selections
انا النّقطة الّتي ذوّت بها من ذوّت وانّني انا وجه الله الّذي لا يموت ونوره الّذي لا يفوت من عرفني ورائه اليقين وكلّ خيرٍ ومن جهلني ورائه السّجين وكلّ شرًّ...I am the Primal Point from which have been generated all created things. I am the Countenance of God Whose splendor can never be obscured, the Light of God Whose radiance can never fade. Whoso recognizeth Me, assurance and all good are in store for him, and whoso faileth to recognize Me, infernal fire and all evil await him.…Bab - Selections
قسم بحقّ فرد احد كه بمن عطا نفرموده حجّت خداوند آيات وعلامات ظاهره را الاّ آنكه كلّ اطاعت نمايند امر او را...I swear by God, the Peerless, the Incomparable, the True One: for no other reason hath He—the supreme Testimony of God—invested Me with clear signs and tokens than that all men may be enabled to submit to His Cause.Bab - Selections
قسم ‏بحقّ ‏مطلق‏ كه اگر كشف غطا شود مشاهده مينمائى ‏كلّ را در همين ‏دنيا در نار سخط ‏خداوند كه اشدّ واكبر است از نار جهنّم الاّ من استظلّ في ظلّ شجرة محبّتي فانّهم هم الفائزون...By the righteousness of Him Who is the Absolute Truth, were the veil to be lifted, thou wouldst witness on this earthly plane all men sorely afflicted with the fire of the wrath of God, a fire fiercer and greater than the fire of hell, with the exception of those who have sought shelter beneath the shade of the tree of My love. For they in very truth are the blissful.…Bab - Selections
خداوند شاهد است ‏كه مرا علمى نبود زيرا‏ كه در تجارت پرورش ‏نمودم در سنه ستيّن قلب مرا مملوّ از آيات محكمه وعلوم متقنه حضرت حجّة الله عليه السّلام فرمود تا آنكه ظاهر كردم در آن سنه امر مستور را وركن مخزون را بشأنی‏ كه از براى احدى حجّتى باقى نماند ليهلك من هلك عن بيّنةٍ ويحيی‏ من حيّ عن بيّنةٍGod beareth Me witness, I was not a man of learning, for I was trained as a merchant. In the year sixty God graciously infused my soul with the conclusive evidences and weighty knowledge which characterize Him Who is the Testimony of God—may peace be upon Him—until finally in that year I proclaimed God’s hidden Cause and unveiled its well-guarded Pillar, in such wise that no one could refute it. “That he who should perish might perish with a clear proof before him and he who should live might live by clear proof.”Bab - Selections
ودر همان سنه رسول وكتاب بحضور آن حضرت فرستادم كه آنچه لايق بساط سلطنت است در امر حجّت حقّ اقدام شود واز آنجائيكه مشيّت الله بر ظهور فتنهٔ صمّاء دهماء عمياء طحياء قرار گرفته ‏بود ‏بحضور‏ نرسانيده‌اند ومانع ‏شده‌اند اشخاصى ‏كه ‏خود ‏را ‏دولت خواه دانسته‌اند تا الى الآن كه قريب چهار سال است كما هو حقّه احدى بحضور معروض نداشته الآن چون اجل قريب است وامر دين است نه دنيا رشحهٔ بحضور معروض داشته شدIn that same year [year 60] I dispatched a messenger and a book unto thee, that thou mightest act towards the Cause of Him Who is the Testimony of God as befitteth the station of thy sovereignty. But inasmuch as dark, dreadful and dire calamity had been irrevocably ordained by the Will of God, the book was not submitted to thy presence, through the intervention of such as regard themselves the well-wishers of the government. Up to the present, when nearly four years have passed, they have not duly presented it to Your Majesty. However, now that the fateful hour is drawing nigh, and because it is a matter of faith, not a worldly concern, therefore I have given thee a glimpse of what hath transpired.Bab - Selections
قسم بخداوند كه اگر بدانى در عرض اين چهار سال چه ها بر من گذشته است از حزب وجند حضرتت نَفس را بنَفَس ‏نميرسانى از خشية الله الاّ ‏وآنكه ‏در مقام اطاعت امر‏ حجّة ‏الله بر‏آئى وجبر كسر آنچه واقع شده فرمائىI swear by God! Shouldst thou know the things which in the space of these four years have befallen Me at the hands of thy people and thine army, thou wouldst hold thy breath from fear of God, unless thou wouldst rise to obey the Cause of Him Who is the Testimony of God and make amends for thy shortcomings and failure.Bab - Selections
در شيراز بودم از خبيث شقيّ حاكمش ‏ظلمها ديدم كه اگر بعضى ‏از آنرا مطّلع شوى هر آينه بعدل انتقام كشى زيرا كه بساط سلطنت را بظلم صرف إِلى يوم القيمة مورد سخط الله نمود واز كثرت طغيان شرب خمرش كه هيچ حكمى را از روى شعور نميكرد خائفًا مضطرًّا بيرون آمده بعزم حضور‏ كثير النّور‏ آن بساط ‏جلالت تا آنكه مرحوم معتمد الدّوله بر حقيقت ‏امر مطّلع شده وآنچه لازمهٔ عبوديّت وخلوص بالنّسبة الى اولياء الله بود بجاى آورده بعضى از جهّال بلدش چون در مقام فساد‏ بر آمدند ‏مدّتى ‏در عمارت صدر مستورًا اقامه ‏بحقّ الله نمود ‏تا ‏آنكه ‏با ‏رضاء الله بمحلّ‏ فردوس خود متّصل گشت جزاه الله خيرًا...While I was in Shíráz the indignities which befell Me at the hands of its wicked and depraved Governor waxed so grievous that if thou wert acquainted with but a tithe thereof, thou wouldst deal him retributive justice. For as a result of his unmitigated oppression, thy royal court hath become, until the Day of Resurrection, the object of the wrath of God. Moreover, his indulgence in alcohol had grown so excessive that he was never sober enough to make a sound judgment. Therefore, disquieted, I was obliged to set out from Shíráz with the aim of attaining the enlightened and exalted court of Your Majesty. The Mu‘tamidu’d-Dawlih then became aware of the truth of the Cause and manifested exemplary servitude and devotion to His chosen ones. When some of the ignorant people in his city arose to stir up sedition, he defended the divine Truth by affording Me protection for a while in the privacy of the Governor’s residence. At length, having attained the good-pleasure of God, he repaired to his habitation in the all-highest Paradise. May God reward him graciously.…Bab - Selections
وبعد از صعود آن بعالم بقا گرگين شقى با پنج نفر هفت شب بلا اسباب سفر بتزوير وقسم‌هاى دروغ وجبر صرف حركت داده فآهٍ آه عمّا قضى عليّ تا آنكه از‏ جانب ‏آن حضرت حكم بسفر ‏ماكو آمد...Following his ascension to the eternal Kingdom, the vicious Gurgín, resorting to all manner of treachery, false oaths and coercion, sent Me away from Isfahán with an escort of five guards on a journey which lasted seven days, without providing the barest necessities for My travel (Alas! Alas! for the things which have touched Me!), until eventually Your Majesty’s order came, instructing Me to proceed to Máh-Kú.…Bab - Selections
قسم بسيّد ‏اكبر كه اگر بدانى ‏در چه ‏محل ساكن ‏هستم اوّل كسى كه ‏بر ‏من ‏رحم ‏خواهد ‏كرد‏ حضرتت ‏ميبود‏ در ‏وسط كوهى ‏قلعه ايست ‏در ‏آن قلعه ‏از مرحمت آنحضرت ساكن واهل ‏آن منحصر است ‏بدو نفر مستحفظ ‏و‏ چهار ‏سگ ‏حال ‏تصوّر ‏فرما ‏چه ‏ميگذرد ‏الحمد لله كما‏ هو اهله ومستحقّه قسم بحقّ الله ‏كه ‏آنكسى ‏كه ‏راضى ‏باين ‏نوع سلوك با من ‏شده ‏اگر بداند ‏با ‏چه كسى ‏است هرگز فرحناك نشود أَلا اخبرُك بسرِّ الامر كانّه احبس كلّ النّبيّين والصّديقين والوصيّين...I swear by the Most Great Lord! Wert thou to be told in what place I dwell, the first person to have mercy on Me would be thyself. In the heart of a mountain is a fortress [Máh-Kú] … the inmates of which are confined to two guards and four dogs. Picture, then, My plight.… I swear by the truth of God! Were he who hath been willing to treat Me in such a manner to know Who it is Whom he hath so treated, he, verily, would never in his life be happy. Nay—I, verily, acquaint thee with the truth of the matter—it is as if he hath imprisoned all the Prophets, and all the men of truth and all the chosen ones.…Bab - Selections
وحال آنكه بعد از آنكه مطّلع شدم باين حكم نوشته ئى بحضور مدبّر ملك فرستادم كه والله بقتل رسان وسر مرا بفرست هر جا كه ميخواهى زيرا كه زنده بودن وبلا جرم بمحلّ مذنبين رفتن سزاوار نيست از براى مثل من آخر جوابى نديدم اگر چه يقين است كه جناب حاجى بكما هِيَ امر عِلم نرسانيده والاّ قلوب مؤمنين ومؤمنات را بلا حق محزون نمودن اشدّ است از تخريب بيت اللهWhen this decree was made known unto Me, I wrote to him who administereth the affairs of the kingdom, saying: “Put Me to death, I adjure thee by God, and send My head wherever thou pleasest. For surely an innocent person such as I cannot reconcile himself to being consigned to a place reserved for criminals and let his life continue.” My plea remained unanswered. Evidently His Excellency the Hájí, is not fully aware of the truth of our Cause. It would be far more heinous a deed to sadden the hearts of the faithful, whether men or women, than to lay waste the sacred House of God.Bab - Selections
وقسم بحقّ كه امروز منم بيت الله واقعى وكلّ خير من احسن بي فكانّما احسن بالله وملائكته وكلّ احبّائه ومن اساء بي فكانّما اساء بالله واولياء الله بل انّ الله واحبّائه اجلّ مقامًا ‏من ان يصل‏ بفنائهم خير ‏احدٍ او شرّه ‏بل اليّ يَصل كلّ‏ ما يَصل‏ وما وصل اليّ فهو يصل اِلی نفس الواصل فوالّذى نفسى بيده انّه لم يسجن الاّ نفسه لانَّ ما‏ كتب ‏الله عليّ يقضى ولن يصيبنا الاّ ‏ما كتب ‏الله‏ علينا ‏فويلٌ ‏لمن يجري ‏الشّر من ‏يديه ‏وطوبى ‏لمن يجري الخير من يديه‏ وما ‏اشكوا ‏الى ‏‏احدٍ الاّ الى الله لانّه هو خير الفاصلين وليس لاحدٍ قبضٌ ولا بسط الاّ به وهو القوي العزيز...Verily, the One True God beareth Me witness that in this Day I am the true mystic Fane of God, and the Essence of all good. He who doeth good unto Me, it is as if he doeth good unto God, His angels and the entire company of His loved ones. He who doeth evil unto Me, it is as if he doeth evil unto God and His chosen ones. Nay, too exalted is the station of God and of His loved ones for any person’s good or evil deed to reach their holy threshold. Whatever reacheth Me is ordained to reach Me; and that which hath come unto Me, to him who giveth will it revert. By the One in Whose hand is My soul, he hath cast no one but himself into prison. For assuredly whatsoever God hath decreed for Me shall come to pass and naught else save that which God hath ordained for us shall ever touch us. Woe betide him from whose hands floweth evil, and blessed the man from whose hands floweth good. Unto no one do I take My plaint save to God; for He is the best of judges. Every state of adversity or bliss is from Him alone, and He is the All-Powerful, the Almighty.Bab - Selections
مجمل قول آنچه انسان تمنا دارد از خير دنيا وآخرت نزد من است واگر كشف حجب شود محبوب كلّ منم واحدى مرا منكر نخواهد شد ولى اين ذكر عجب نياورد حضرتت را بلكه مؤمن موحّد كه ناظر بخداوند است ما سوى را عدم بحت مى بيند وقسم بحقّ كه بقدر خردلى تمنّاى مال از آن حضرت ندارم ومالك شدن دنيا وآخرت را شرك محض ميدانم زيرا كه سزاوار نيست ‏كه موحّد ‏غير را نظر نمايد ‏چه‏ جاى ‏آنكه مالك شود او را وبيقين ميدانم‏ كه مالكم كلّ موجود ومفقود را بتمليك حيّ معبود...In brief, I hold within My grasp whatsoever any man might wish of the good of this world and of the next. Were I to remove the veil, all would recognize Me as their Best-Beloved, and no one would deny Me. Let not this assertion astound Your Majesty; inasmuch as a true believer in the unity of God who keepeth his eyes directed towards Him alone will regard aught else but Him as utter nothingness. I swear by God! I seek no earthly goods from thee, be it as much as a mustard seed. Indeed, to possess anything of this world or of the next would, in My estimation, be tantamount to open blasphemy. For it ill beseemeth the believer in the unity of God to turn his gaze to aught else, much less to hold it in his possession. I know of a certainty that since I have God, the Ever-Living, the Adored One, I am the possessor of all things, visible and invisible.…Bab - Selections
در اين جبل فرو مانده‌ام وبموقفى آمده‌ام كه احدى از اوّلين مبتلا نشده واحدى ‏هم از مذنبين متحمّل ‏نشده ‏فحمدًا له ثمّ ‏حمدًا لا‏حزن لي لانّي ‏فى ‏رضاء مولائي وربّي وكانّي في الفردوس متلذّذ بذكر الله الاكبر وانّ ذلك من فضل الله عليّ والله ذو الفوز الكبيرIn this mountain I have remained alone, and have come to such a pass that none of those gone before Me have suffered what I have suffered, nor any transgressor endured what I have endured! I render praise unto God and yet again praise Him. I find Myself free from sorrow, inasmuch as I abide within the good-pleasure of My Lord and Master. Methinks I am in the all-highest Paradise, rejoicing at My communion with God, the Most Great. Verily this is a bounty which God hath conferred upon Me; and He is the Lord of unbounded blessings.Bab - Selections
بحق خداوند كه اگر بدانى آنچه ميدانم كلّ سلطنت دنيا وآخرت را ميدهى بر اينكه مرا راضى نمائى در اطاعت حقّ...واگر قبول نفرمائى خداوند عالم كسى را مبعوث فرمايد لاقامة امره وكان وعد الله مفعولا...I swear by the truth of God! Wert thou to know that which I know, thou wouldst forgo the sovereignty of this world and of the next, that thou mightest attain My good-pleasure, through thine obedience unto the True One.… Wert thou to refuse, the Lord of the world would raise up one who would exalt His Cause, and the Command of God would, verily, be carried into effect.Bab - Selections
وهر گاه خواهم عجزى نداشته وندارم بفضل الله از امرى وعالم هستم بما اعطانی ‏الله من ‏جوده واگر خواهم ذكر نمايم كلّ ذكر ‏حضرتت را در هر‏ مقام ولكن ذكر نكرده ام ونميكنم ‏تا ‏آنكه‏ تميز ‏داده شود‏ حق از غيرش وظاهر شود صدق كلام باقر عليه السّلام لا بدّ لنا من آذربايجان لا يقوم لها شيءٌ فاذا كان كذلك فكونوا احلاس بيوتكم والبدوا ما البدنا فاذا تحرّك متحرّك فاسعوا اليه ولو حبوًا على الثّلجThrough the grace of God nothing can frustrate My purpose, and I am fully conscious of that which God hath bestowed upon Me as a token of His favor. If it were My will, I would disclose to Your Majesty all things; but I have not done this, nor will I do it, that the Truth may be distinguished from aught else beside it, and this prophecy uttered by the Imám Báqir—may peace rest upon Him—be fully realized: “What must needs befall us in Ádhirbáyján is inevitable and without parallel. When this happeneth, rest ye in your homes and remain patient as we have remained patient. As soon as the Mover moveth make ye haste to attain unto Him, even though ye have to crawl over the snow.”Bab - Selections
واستغفر الله من وجودي وما نسب اليّ واقول انّ الحمد لله ربّ العالمينI implore pardon of God for Myself and for all things related to Me and affirm, “Praise be to God, the Lord of all the worlds.”Bab - Selections
(blank)Extracts from a Tablet Containing Words Addressed to the Sherif of MeccaBab - Selections
أن يا شريف...قد عبدتنا في عمرك واذا عرفناك انفسنا ما قلت في حق ذكرنا انّه لعلى حقّ منيع كذلك ليمحصك الله ربّك يوم القيمة انّه علاّم حكيمO sherif!… All thy life thou hast accorded worship unto Us, but when We manifested Ourself unto thee, thou didst desist from bearing witness unto Our Remembrance, and from affirming that He is indeed the Most Exalted, the Sovereign Truth, the All-Glorious. Thus hath Thy Lord put thee to proof in the Day of Resurrection. Verily He is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.Bab - Selections
ولو قلت بلى حين ما نزّلنا عليك الكتاب لندخلنّك في عبادنا المؤمنين ولنمجدنّك في الكتابِ إِلى يوم كلّ علينا ليعرضون وانّ ذلك انفع عن كلّ ما قد عبدت الله ربّك في عمرك بل من اوّل الّذي لا اوّل له اذ هذا ما نفعك وهذا لينفعنّك وانّا كنّا على كلّ شيء شاهدين فاذًا بعد ما خلقناك للقائنا يوم القيمة قد احتجبت عنّا بغير حق ولا كتاب منير ولو كنت من الّذين اوتوا علم البيان حين ما تنظرنّ الى الكتاب لتشهدنّ على انّه لا اله الاّ هو المهيمن القيّوم ولتقولنّ ان الّذي قد نزّل الفرقان قد نزل هذا كلّ من عند الله لا ريب فيه انّا كلّ به مؤمنونFor hadst thou uttered “Here am I” at the time We sent thee the Book, We would have admitted thee to the company of such of Our servants as truly believe, and would have graciously praised thee in Our Book, until the Day when all men shall appear before Us for judgment. This is in truth far more advantageous unto thee than all the acts of worship thou hast performed for thy Lord during all thy life, nay, from the beginning that hath no beginning. Assuredly this is what would have served and will ever serve thy best interests. Verily We are cognizant of all things. Yet notwithstanding that We had called thee into being for the purpose of attaining Our presence in the Day of Resurrection, thou didst shut thyself out from Us without any reason or explicit Writ; whereas hadst thou been among such as are endowed with the knowledge of the Bayán, thou wouldst have, at the sight of the Book, testified forthwith that there is no God but Him, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting, and wouldst have affirmed that He Who hath revealed the Qur’án, hath likewise revealed this Book, that every word of it is from God, and unto it we all bear allegiance.Bab - Selections
ولكن قضى ما قد قضى وان ترجعنّ الينا ما كنّا آيات الله منزلين لنبدلنّ نارك بالنّور وانّا كنّا على كلّ شيء لمقتدرين وان انقطع الامر عنك فلا تهدين الى ذلك من سبيل الاّ وان تؤمننّ وتوصينّ بان يبلغنّ ذكر ايمانك الى من يظهره الله لينفعنّك وليبدلنّ نارك بالنّور هذا ما كنّا منزلين والاّ ما نزّلنا قد احكمت وفصّلت ولا تبديل لها من عند الله المهيمن القيّوم فاذًا قد نفيناك عدلاً من لدنّا انّا كنّا عادلينHowever, that which was preordained hath come to pass. Shouldst thou return unto Us while revelation still continueth through Us, We shall transform thy fire into light. Truly We are powerful over all things. But if thou failest in this task, thou shalt find no way open to thee other than to embrace the Cause of God and to implore that the matter of thine allegiance be brought to the attention of Him Whom God shall make manifest, that He may graciously enable thee to prosper and cause thy fire to be transformed into light. This is that which hath been sent down unto Us. Should this not come to pass, whatever We have set down shall remain binding and irrevocably decreed by God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting, and We shall therefore banish thee from Our presence as a token of justice on Our part. Verily we are equitable in Our judgment.Bab - Selections
(blank)Address to a Muslim DivineBab - Selections
ان يا عبد الصّاحب فاستشهد الله وكلّ شيء على انّه لا اله الاّ انا العزيز المحبوب...O ‘Abdu’s-Sáhib! Verily God and every created thing testify that there is none other God but Me, the Almighty, the Best-Beloved.…Bab - Selections
قد ‏احتجبت بانّ الوحى ‏قد انقطع بمحمّد ‏رسول ‏الله ‏وانّا ‏في الكتاب الاوّل كنّا شاهدين بلى انّ الذي قد ‏اوحى ‏الى ‏محمّد رسول الله قد اوحى إِلى عليٍّ قبل ‏محمّد ‏هل ‏من ‏الهٍ‏ غير الله يقدر ان‏ يوحى إِلى احدٍ بايات بيّنات يعجز عنها العالمون بما صدقت الوحي بمحمّد رسول الله لا سبيل لك الاّ بان تصدّقنّ للنّقطة الاولى كلّ من عند الله المهيمن القيّوم هل غير ما نزل الفرقان من عند الله وكلّ عنه عاجزون يثبت به ان هذا يوحى من عند الله ان كنت من المستبصرين فما منعك في البيان بان توقننّ هذا من عند الله الممتنع المتعالي المنيعThy vision is obscured by the belief that divine revelation ended with the coming of Muhammad, and unto this We have borne witness in Our first epistle. Indeed, He Who hath revealed verses unto Muhammad, the Apostle of God, hath likewise revealed verses unto ‘Alí-Muhammad. For who else but God can reveal to a man such clear and manifest verses as overpower all the learned? Since thou hast acknowledged the revelation of Muhammad, the Apostle of God, then there is no other way open before thee but to testify that whatever is revealed by the Primal Point hath also proceeded from God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. Is it not true that the Qur’án hath been sent down from God and that all men are powerless before its revelation? Likewise these words have also been revealed by God, if thou dost but perceive. What is there in the Bayán which keepeth thee back from recognizing these verses as being sent forth by God, the Inaccessible, the Most Exalted, the All-Glorious?Bab - Selections
وان جوهر الكلام لو يريدنّ ان نحسبنّك لا تملكنّ قدر شيء وانّا كنّا عالمين ان قلت بلى حین ما قد سمعت آيات الله كانّك قد عبدت الله من اوّل الّذي لا اوّل له الى حينئذٍ وما عصيت الله ربّك طرف عينٍ ولكن بعد ما اتّقتت في كلّ عمرك واجتهدت في سبيل الله ان لا يخطر بقلبك دون رضاء ‏الله‏ ما نفعك قدر خردل ‏بما احتجبت ‏عن الله ‏حين ظهوره بما‏ كنت ‏من الصّابرينThe essence of these words is this: Were We to bring thee to a reckoning, thou wouldst prove thyself empty-handed; We in truth know all things. Hadst thou uttered “yea” on hearing the Words of God, thou wouldst have been seen to have been worshipping God from the beginning that hath no beginning until the present day, never to have disobeyed Him, not even for the twinkling of an eye. Yet, neither the upright deeds thou hast wrought during all thy life, nor the exertions thou didst make to banish every thought from thy heart save that of the good-pleasure of God, none of these did in truth profit thee, not even to the extent of a grain of mustard seed, inasmuch as thou didst veil thyself from God and tarried behind at the time of His manifestation.Bab - Selections
وان علماء الّذين ‏هم‏ كانوا على ‏ارض‏ الكاف كلّ بمثلك ليسئلنّ الله عنهم كيف قد نزل عليكم رسول وكتاب وبعد ما شهدتم عجزكم ما اتّبعتم امر الله من عند الرّسول وما كنتم من المؤمنين فاذًا كلّ ما احتجبت على تلك الارض ناره لترجعنّ اليك بما كنت اكبرهم ان كنت من المتذكّرينVerily all the divines in the land of Káf [Kúfih] shall, even as thyself, be asked by God: “Is it not strange that a Messenger should have come to you with a Book, and ye, while confessing your powerlessness, refused to follow the Faith of God which He had brought, and ye persisted in your disbelief?” Therefore unto thee shall be assigned the fire which was meant for those who turned away from God in that land, inasmuch as thou art their leader; would that thou might be of them who heed.Bab - Selections
وان اتّبعت امر الله ليتّبعونك من على ارضك وكلّ ليدخلون انفسهم في الرّضوان وهم كانوا في رضاء الله خالدين واذا فلتتمنّينّ ان لا يخلقك اللهHadst thou faithfully obeyed the Decree of God, all the inhabitants of thy land would have followed thee, and would have themselves entered into the celestial Paradise, content with the good-pleasure of God forevermore. However, on that day thou shalt wish that God had not created thee.Bab - Selections
قد جعلت نفسك عالمًا في الاسلام لتنجي احدًا من المؤمنين وقد ادخلت الّذين اتّبعوك ‏في النّار بما احتجبت عن آيات الله حين ظهورها ‏و‏حسبت انّك انت من المتّقين ...‏‏‏‏ لا وعمر من يظهره الله ما جعل الله عندك ولا عند احدٍ من عباده شيئًا من الحجّة والله ظاهر فوق عباده ‏وقاهر على ‏كلّ ‏من في ‏ملكوت السّموات والاٌرض ‏وما بينهما ‏بامره وانّه‏ كان ‏على ‏كلّ ‏شيء مقتدراThou hast set thyself up as one of the learned in the Faith of Islám, that thou mightest save the believers, yet thou didst cause thy followers to descend into the fire, for when the verses of God were sent forth thou didst deprive thyself therefrom and yet reckoned thyself to be of the righteous.… Nay, by the life of Him Whom God shall make manifest! Neither thou nor anyone among His servants can produce the slightest proof, while God shineth resplendent above His creatures and through the power of His behest standeth supreme over all that dwell in the kingdoms of heaven and earth and in whatever lieth between them. Verily He is potent over all created things.Bab - Selections
قد سميّت نفسك عبد الصّاحب وقد اظهر الله صاحبك ورأيته وما عرفته بعد ما خلقك الله للقائه ان كنت بآية الثّالث ‏من سورة الرّعد لمن الموقنينThou hath named thyself ‘Abdu’s-Sáhib [servant of the Lord]. Yet, while God hath, in very truth, made thy Lord manifest, and thou didst set thine eyes upon Him, thou didst not recognize Him, even though thou hadst been called into being by God for the purpose of attaining His presence, didst thou but truly believe in the third verse of the chapter entitled “Thunder.”Bab - Selections
وان تقل كيف تعرفنّه بعد ما كنّا غير آيات بيّنات لمستعمين بلى بما قد شهدت وعرفت محمّدًا رسول الله في الفرقان كيف ما عرفت من نزل عليك الكتاب بعد ما قد سمّاك نفسك عبده وانّه لمهيمن بما نزل على العالمينThou contendest, “How can we recognize Him when we have heard naught but words which fall short of irrefutable proofs?” Yet since thou hast acknowledged and recognized Muhammad, the Apostle of God, through the Qur’án, how canst thou withhold recognition from Him Who sent thee the Book, despite thy calling thyself “His servant”? Verily He doth exercise undisputed authority over His revelations unto all mankind.Bab - Selections
ان ترجعنّ الينا حين ما ينزل الله الآيات علينا عسى الله ان يبدلنّ نارك بالنّور انّه كان غفّارًا كريما والاّ ما نزلت قد احكمت وفصّلت ولا تبديل لها من عند الله كلّ بها الى يوم القيمة ليوقنون...بلى وان قطعت الآيات ان تكتبنّ كتابًا الى من يظهره الله وتوصينّ بان يبلغنّه اليه وتستغفرنّ الله ربّك فيه ثمّ تتوبنّ اليه وكنت من المخلصين عسى الله في القيمة الاخرى ليبدلنّ نارك بالنّور انّه لو‏ليّ ممتنع ‏غفور له يسجد‏ من ‏في ‏السّموات ومن ‏في ‏الارض وما ‏بينهما ‏وانّ اليه كلّ ينقلبونWert thou to come unto Us while divine revelation is descending upon Us, haply God will change thy fire into light. Verily He is the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Generous. Otherwise that which hath been revealed is decisive and final and will be faithfully upheld by all until the Day of Resurrection.… If divine revelation ceaseth, thou shouldst write a petition to Him Whom God shall make manifest, imploring that it be delivered into His presence. Therein thou must beg pardon of thy Lord, turn unto Him in repentance and be of them that are wholly devoted to Him. Perchance God will transform thy fire into light at the next Resurrection. He, of a truth, is the Protector, the Most Exalted, the Ever-Forgiving. Unto Him bow down in worship all that are in the heavens and on the earth and whatever lieth between them; and unto Him shall all return.Bab - Selections
لنوصيّنك بان تنجينّ نفسك‏ عن ‏النّار ثمّ من ‏على ‏تلك ‏الارض ولتدخلنّ في رضوان بدع مرتفع رفيع ‏والاّ فسوف تموتنّ وتدخلنّ النّار ولا تجدنّ من عند الله من وليٍّ ولا نصير هذا ما قد رحمناك فضلاً من لدنّا بما قد نسب نفسك الينا وانّا كنّا بكلّ شيء عالمين لنعلمنّ تقويك ولكن لا ينفعك اذ كلّ التقوى لتعرفنّ الله ربّك وكنت بآيات الله من الموقنين فاذا احتجبت عن الله شبر عن آياته فما ينفعك تقويٰك ان كنت من المستبصرين هذا قد قطعناك بالعدلWe enjoin thee to save thyself and all the inhabitants of that land from the fire, then to enter the peerless and exalted Paradise of His good-pleasure. Otherwise the day is approaching when thou shalt perish and enter the fire, when thou shalt have neither patron nor helper from God. We have taken compassion on thee, as a sign of Our grace, inasmuch as thou hast related thyself unto Us. Verily We are aware of all things. We are cognizant of thy righteous deeds, though they shall avail thee nothing; for the whole object of such righteousness is but recognition of God, thy Lord, and undoubted faith in the Words revealed by Him.Bab - Selections
(blank)Address to Sulaymán, One of the Muslim Divines in the Land of MasqatBab - Selections
هذا كتاب من‏ عند الله المهيمن القيّوم الى سليمان على أرض المسقط ‏عن يمين البحر انّه لا ‏اله الاّ انا المهيمن القيوم...لو اجتمعنّ من في ملكوت السّموات والارض وما بينهما ان يأتينّ بمثل ذلك الكتاب ‏لن ‏يستطيعنّ ولن يقدرنّ ولو انّا جعلنا هم على الارض ‏فصحاء‏ بالغين بما قد استدللت في الفرقان ليستدلنّ الله بذلك الكتاب في البيان امرًا من عنده انّه كان علاّمًا قديراThis is an epistle from God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting, unto Sulaymán in the land of Masqat, to the right of the Sea. In truth there is none other God but Him, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.… Indeed, were all the inhabitants of heaven and earth and whatever existeth between them to assemble together, they would utterly fail and be powerless to produce such a book, even though We made them masters of eloquence and learning on earth. Since thou dost adduce proofs from the Qur’án, God shall, with proofs from that self-same Book, vindicate Himself in the Bayán. This is none other than a decree of God; He is truly the All-Knowing, the All-Powerful.Bab - Selections
ان كنت من المؤمنين‏ لا سبيل ‏لك الاّ وان تكوننّ به ‏لمن ‏المؤمنين ‏هذا‏ صراط ‏الله لمن ‏في ‏الملكوت السّموات والارض وما بينهما لا اله الاّ انا العزيز الممتنع المنيعIf thou art of them that truly believe, thou hast no other alternative than to bear allegiance unto it. This is the Way of God for all the inhabitants of earth and heaven and all that lieth betwixt them. No God is there but Me, the Almighty, the Inaccessible, the Most Exalted.Bab - Selections
ثمّ قد صعدنا الى البيت من تلك الأرض وكنّا حين ما رجعنا من البيت على تلك الارض منزلين ما شهدنا ان تذکّرت بما نزّلنا عليك او نكوننّ من المؤمنين بعد ما خلقناك للقاء انفسنا وكنّا عليك منزلين ما استدركت ما قد خلقت له بعد ما كنت في كلّ عمرك لله لمن العابدين واذًا لا ينفعك كلّ ما اكتسبت بما احتجبت عن لقائنا ثمّ عن كتابنا قضاء من لدنّا انّا كنّا عادلينFrom this land We then proceeded to the sacred House, and on Our return journey We landed once again at this spot, when We perceived that thou hadst heeded not that which We sent thee, nor art thou of them that truly believe. Although We had created thee to behold Our countenance, and We did actually alight in thy locality, yet thou didst fail to attain the object of thy creation, and this despite thy worshipping God all thy life. Wherefore vain shall be the deeds thou hast wrought, by reason of thy being shut out as by a veil from Our presence and from Our Writings. This is an irrevocable decree ordained by Us. Verily We are equitable in Our judgment.Bab - Selections
حين ما نزّلنا عليك الكتاب لو تتبعنّ ما فيه لكان خيرًا لك من ان عبدت الله ربّك من اوّل الّذي لا اوّل له...Hadst thou observed the contents of the Epistle We sent unto thee, it would have been far more profitable to thee than worshipping thy Lord from the beginning that hath no beginning until this day, and indeed more meritorious than proving thyself wholly devoted in thine acts of worship. And hadst thou attained the presence of thy Lord in this land, and been of them that truly believe that the Face of God is beheld in the person of the Primal Point, it would have been far more advantageous than prostrating thyself in adoration from the beginning that hath no beginning until the present time.…Bab - Selections
قد محّصناك فما وجدناك من المستشعرين فاذًا قد نفيناك عدلاً من لدنّا انّا كنّا عادلينIn truth We tested thee and found that thou wert not of them that are endowed with understanding, wherefore We passed upon thee the sentence of negation, as a token of justice from Our presence; and verily We are equitable.Bab - Selections
وان رجعت الينا لنبدلنّ نفيك بالاثبات وانّا كنّا فاضلين وان انقطع الامر عن نقطة الاولى فاذا قد احكمت آيات الله ولا تبديل لها وكلّ بها موقنونHowever, shouldst thou return unto Us, We would convert thy negation into affirmation. Verily We are the One Who is of immense bounteousness. But should the Primal Point cease to be with you, then the judgment given in the Words of God shall be final and unalterable and every one will assuredly uphold it.Bab - Selections
بلى ان تكتبنّ الى من يظهره الله من كتاب ولتوصينّ بان يبلغنّه اليه عسى الله ان يعفونّ عنك ويبدلنّ نفيك بالاثبات من عنده انّه كان فضّالاً فاضلاً فضيلا والاّ لا سبيل لك وما ينفعك شيء مما‏ اكتسبت بما احتجبت عن قول بلى قد ‏جعلناك وما عملت كيوم ما خلقناك وما كنت من العاملين ليعتبرنّ بك الّذين هم اوتوا البيان وليراقبنّ انفسهم‏ حين ‏ما ينزل ‏عليهم كتاب من يظهره الله لعلّهم يتدبّرون فيه ثمّ انفسهم لينجونWert thou to address a letter to Him Whom God shall make manifest, begging that it be delivered unto His presence, perchance He would graciously forgive thee and, at His behest, turn thy negation into affirmation. He is in truth the All-Bountiful, the Most Generous, He Whose grace is infinite. Otherwise, no way shalt thou find open unto thee and no benefit shalt thou gain from the deeds thou hast wrought, by reason of thy failure to respond “yea, here am I.” Verily We have reduced thee and thy works to naught, as though thou hadst never come into existence nor ever been of them that do good works, that this may serve as a lesson for those unto whom the Bayán is given, that they may take good heed when the sacred Writings of Him Whom God shall make manifest will reach them and perchance, by pondering upon them, may be enabled to save their own souls.Bab - Selections
وان ‏رحمتنا قد سبقت ‏على ‏من ‏في ‏ملكوت ‏الارض ‏والسّموات ‏وما ‏بينهما ‏ثمّ ‏على ‏من ‏في العالمين ولكنّ الّذين احتجبوا عن آيات الله اولئك هم انفسهم في رحمة الله لا يدخلون...Our grace assuredly pervadeth all that dwell in the kingdoms of earth and heaven and in whatever lieth between them, and beyond them all mankind. However, souls that have shut themselves out as by a veil can never partake of the outpourings of the grace of God.Bab - Selections
مستخرجاتى از قيّوم الاسماءExcerpts from the Qayyúmu’l-Asmá’Bab - Selections
(تفسير سورهٔ يوسف)(blank)Bab - Selections
بسم الله الرّحمن الرّحيم(blank)Bab - Selections
الحمد لله الّذي نزل الكتاب على عبده بالحقّ ليكون للعالمين سراجًا وهّاجًا...انّ هذا لهو الحقّ ‌صراط ‏الله في السّموات والارض فمن شاء اتّخذه الى الله بالحقّ سبيلاً انّ هذا لهو الدّين القيّم وكفى بالله ومن ‏عنده‏ علم الكتاب شهيدًا انّ هذا لهو الحقّ ‏بالحقّ على الكلمة الاكبر من الله القديم قد كان من حول النّار مبعوثا انّ هذا لهو السّر في السّموات والارض وعلى الأمر البديع بايدي الله العليّ قد كان بالحقّ في امّ الكتاب مكتوبًا...All praise be to God Who hath, through the power of Truth, sent down this Book unto His servant, that it may serve as a shining light for all mankind.… Verily this is none other than the sovereign Truth; it is the Path which God hath laid out for all that are in heaven and on earth. Let him then who will, take for himself the right path unto his Lord. Verily this is the true Faith of God, and sufficient witness are God and such as are endowed with the knowledge of the Book. This is indeed the eternal Truth which God, the Ancient of Days, hath revealed unto His omnipotent Word—He Who hath been raised up from the midst of the Burning Bush. This is the Mystery which hath been hidden from all that are in heaven and on earth, and in this wondrous Revelation it hath, in very truth, been set forth in the Mother Book by the hand of God, the Exalted.…Bab - Selections
يا معشر الملوك وابناء الملوك انصرفوا عن ملك الله جميعكم على الحقّ بالحقّ جميلا...O concourse of kings and of the sons of kings! Lay aside, one and all, your dominion which belongeth unto God.…Bab - Selections
يا ايّها الملك لا يغرنّك الملك فانّ لكلّ نفس ‏ذائقة الموت قد كان بالحقّ‏ على الحقّ من حكم الله مكتوبًا...Let not thy sovereignty deceive thee, O Sháh, for “every soul shall taste of death,” and this, in very truth, hath been written down as a decree of God. Chapter I.Bab - Selections
يا ملك المسلمين فانصر بعد الكتاب ذكرنا الاكبر بالحقّ فانّ الله قد قدّر لك وللحافّين من حولك في يوم القيمة على الصّراط موقفًا على الحقّ مسئولاً يا ايّها الملك تالله الحقّ لو تعادي مع الذّكر ليحكم الله في يوم القيمة عليك بين الملوك بالنّار ولن تجد اليوم من دون الله العليّ على الحقّ بالحقّ ظهيرًا يا ايّها الملك طهّر الارض المقدّسة من اهل الرّد لكتاب من قبل يوم جاء الذّكر فيها بغتة باذن الله العلّي على الامر القويّ شديدًا وانّ الله قد كتب عليك ان تسلّم الذّكر وامره وتسخّر البلاد بالحق باذنه فانّك في الدّنيا مرحوم على الملك وفي الآخرة من اهل جنّة الرّضوان حول القدس قد كنت مسكونًا يا ايّها الملك لا يغرنّك الملك فانّ لكلّ نفس ذائقة الموت قد كان بالحقّ على الحقّ من ‏حكم الله مكتوبًا...O King of Islám! Aid thou, with the truth, after having aided the Book, Him Who is Our Most Great Remembrance, for God hath, in very truth, destined for thee, and for such as circle round thee, on the Day of Judgment, a responsible position in His Path. I swear by God, O Sháh! If thou showest enmity unto Him Who is His Remembrance, God will, on the Day of Resurrection, condemn thee, before the kings, unto hellfire, and thou shalt not, in very truth, find on that Day any helper except God, the Exalted. Purge thou, O Sháh, the Sacred Land [Tihrán] from such as have repudiated the Book, ere the day whereon the Remembrance of God cometh, terribly and of a sudden, with His potent Cause, by the leave of God, the Most High. God, verily, hath prescribed to thee to submit unto Him Who is His Remembrance, and unto His Cause, and to subdue, with the truth and by His leave, the countries, for in this world thou hast been mercifully invested with sovereignty, and wilt, in the next, dwell, nigh unto the Seat of Holiness, with the inmates of the Paradise of His good-pleasure.…Bab - Selections
تالله ان احسنتم احسنتم لانفسكم وان تكفروا بالله وبآياته لكنّا بالله عن الخلق والملك على الحقّ غنيًّا...By God! If ye do well, to your own behoof will ye do well; and if ye deny God and His signs, We, in very truth, having God, can well dispense with all creatures and all earthly dominion. Chapter I.Bab - Selections
وارض بحكم الله الحقّ فانّ الملك على شأن الذّكر بايدي الله قد كان بالحقّ مسطورا...Be thou content with the commandment of God, the True One, inasmuch as sovereignty, as recorded in the Mother Book by the hand of God, is surely invested in Him Who is His Remembrance.…Bab - Selections
يا وزير الملك خف عن الله الّذي لا اله الاّ هو الحقّ العادل واعزل نفسك عن الملك فانّا نحن قد نرث الارض ومن عليها باذن الله الحكيم وانّه قد كان بالحقّ عليك وعلى الملك شهيدًا وانّا نحن قد ضمّنا باذن الله لانفسكم ان تطيعوا الذّكر بالصّدق الخالص بانّ لكم في القيمة في جنّة العدن ملكًا على الحقّ عظيماO Minister of the Sháh! Fear thou God, besides Whom there is none other God but Him, the Sovereign Truth, the Just, and lay aside thy dominion, for We, by the leave of God, the All-Wise, inherit the earth and all who are upon it, and He shall rightfully be a witness unto thee and unto the Sháh. Were ye to obey the Remembrance of God with absolute sincerity, We guarantee, by the leave of God, that on the Day of Resurrection, a vast dominion shall be yours in His eternal Paradise.Bab - Selections
وانّ ملككم هذه باطلة وقد جعل الله متاع الدّنيا للمشركين وانّ عند الله موليكم حسن المأب قد كان بالحقّ على الحقّ قديمًا...Vain indeed is your dominion, for God hath set aside earthly possessions for such as have denied Him; for unto Him Who is your Lord shall be the most excellent abode, He Who is, in truth, the Ancient of Days.…Bab - Selections
يا معشر الملوك بلّغوا آياتنا إِلى التّرك وارض الهند بالحقّ على الحقّ سريعًا وما ورآء ارضها من مشرق الارض وغربها بالحقّ على الحقّ قويّا ... واعلموا ان تنصروا الله ينصركم في يوم القيمة بالذّكر الاكبر على الصّراط نصرًا كريمًا...O concourse of kings! Deliver with truth and in all haste the verses sent down by Us to the peoples of Turkey and of India, and beyond them, with power and with truth, to lands in both the East and the West.… And know that if ye aid God, He will, on the Day of Resurrection, graciously aid you, upon the Bridge, through Him Who is His Most Great Remembrance.…Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض من اطاع ذكر الله وكتابه هذا فقد اطاع الله واوليائه بالحقّ وقد كان في الآخرة من اهل جنّة الرّضوان عند الله مكتوبا...O people of the earth! Whoso obeyeth the Remembrance of God and His Book hath in truth obeyed God and His chosen ones and he will, in the life to come, be reckoned in the presence of God among the inmates of the Paradise of His good-pleasure. Chapter I.Bab - Selections
وانّا نحن قد جعلنا الآيات حجّة لكلمتنا عليكم افتقدرون على حرفٍ بمثلها فأتوا برهانكم ان كنتم بالله الحقّ بصيرا تالله‏ لو ‏‏اجتمعت ‏الأ‌نس والجنّ ‏على ‏ان يأتوا بمثل سورةٍ من‏ هذا الكتاب ‏لن يستطيعوا ولو كان بعضهم لبعضٍ ‏على ‏الحقّ ‏ظهيرًاVerily We made the revelation of verses to be a testimony for Our message unto you. Can ye produce a single letter to match these verses? Bring forth, then, your proofs, if ye be of those who can discern the one true God. I solemnly affirm before God, should all men and spirits combine to compose the like of one chapter of this Book, they would surely fail, even though they were to assist one another.Bab - Selections
يا‏ معشر العلماء اتّقوا‏ الله في آرائكم‏ من ‏يومكم هذا فانّ الذّكر فيكم من عندنا قد كان بالحقّ حاكمًا وشهيدًا واعرضوا عمّا تأخذون من غير كتاب الله الحقّ فانّ لكم في القيمة على الصّراط‏ موقفًا‏ على الحقّ قد كان مسئولا‏...وانّا نحن ‏قد نزّلنا ‏عليكم‏ كتابًا هذا ‏على ‏الحقّ مشهودًا...O concourse of divines! Fear God from this day onwards in the views ye advance, for He Who is Our Remembrance in your midst, and Who cometh from Us, is, in very truth, the Judge and Witness. Turn away from that which ye lay hold of, and which the Book of God, the True One, hath not sanctioned, for on the Day of Resurrection ye shall, upon the Bridge, be, in very truth, held answerable for the position ye occupied.… And unto you We have sent down this Book which truly none can mistake.…Bab - Selections
يا ايّها الملأ من اهل الكتاب اتّقوا الله ولا تغترنّ بعلمكم واتّبعوا الكتاب من عند الذّكر بالذّكر بالحقّ ‏تالله‏ الحقّ ‏ما ‏من ‏نفس ‏قد اتّبعه الاّ فقد ‏اتّبع‏ كلّ ‏الصّحف المنزلة ‏‏من ‏السّماء من ‏عند الله الحقّ وكان الله بما تعملون خبيرا...وقالوا المسلمون بالحقّ ربّنا سمعنا نداء ذكر الله واطعناه فاغفر لنا فانّك الحقّ واليك المصير بالحقّ مآبًا...O concourse of the people of the Book! Fear ye God and pride not yourselves in your learning. Follow ye the Book which His Remembrance hath revealed in praise of God, the True One. He Who is the Eternal Truth beareth me witness, whoso followeth this Book hath indeed followed all the past Scriptures which have been sent down from heaven by God, the Sovereign Truth. Verily, He is well informed of what ye do.… Such as are the true followers of Islám would say: “O Lord our God! We have hearkened to the call of Thy Remembrance and obeyed Him. Forgive us our sins. Thou art, verily, the Eternal Truth, and unto Thee, our infallible Retreat, must we all return.” Chapter II.Bab - Selections
انّ الّذين يكفرون بباب الله الرّفيع انّا قد اعتدنا لهم بحكم الله الحقّ‏ عذابًا اليمًا وهو الله كان عزيزًا حكيمًاAs to those who deny Him Who is the Sublime Gate of God, for them We have prepared, as justly decreed by God, a sore torment. And He, God, is the Mighty, the Wise.Bab - Selections
انّا نحن قد نزّلنا على عبدنا هذا الكتاب من عند الله بالحقّ ... فاسئلوا الذّكر تأويله فانّه قد كان بفضل الله على آياته بحكم الكتاب عليمًا...We have, of a truth, sent down this divinely inspired Book unto Our Servant.… Ask ye then Him Who is Our Remembrance of its interpretation, inasmuch as He, as divinely ordained and through the grace of God, is invested with the knowledge of its verses.…Bab - Selections
يا ايّها النّاس ان كنتم تؤمنون بالله وحده فاتّبعوني في ذكر الله الاكبر من ربّكم ليغفر الله لكم خطاياكم وانّ الله قد كان بالمؤمنين غفّارًا رحيمًا وانّا نحن قد نصطفي الرّسل بكلمتنا ونفّضل ‏ذرّيتهم بذكر الله الكبير بعضهم على بعضٍ ‏بحكم ‏الكتاب ‏مستورًا...O children of men! If ye believe in the one True God, follow Me, this Most Great Remembrance of God sent forth by your Lord, that He may graciously forgive you your sins. Verily He is forgiving and compassionate toward the concourse of the faithful. We, of a truth, choose the Messengers through the potency of Our Word, and We exalt Their offspring, some over others, through the Great Remembrance of God as decreed in the Book and concealed therein.…Bab - Selections
اذ قالوا بعض من اهل المدينة نحن انصار الله فلّما جائهم الذّكر بغتةً اذا هم يعرضون عن نصرتنا وانّ الله ربّي وربّكم الحقّ فاعبدوه وهذا صراط عليّ عند ربّك مستقيمًا...Some of the people of the city have declared: “We are the helpers of God,” but when this Remembrance came suddenly upon them, they turned aside from helping Us. Verily God is My Lord and your true Lord, therefore worship Him, while this Path from ‘Alí [the Báb] is none but the straight Path in the estimation of your Lord. Chapter III.Bab - Selections
انّا نحن قد نزّلنا الكتاب على كلّ امّة بلسانهم ولقد نزّلنا هذا الكتاب بلسان الذّكر على الحقّ بالحقّ بديعًا وانّه هو الحقّ من عند الله وفي امّ الكتاب على حكم الكتاب قد كان من اعرب العرباء مكتوبًا وانّه هو الفصيح ‏من ابلغ ‏البلغاء وهو ‏الطّلسم ‏الاعظم ‏بالحقّ وانّه ‏قد ‏كان في ‏امّ ‏الكتاب ‏طلسميًّا‏ مرقومًا...Unto every people We have sent down the Book in their own language. This Book We have, verily, revealed in the language of Our Remembrance and it is in truth a wondrous language. He is, verily, the eternal Truth come from God, and according to the divine judgment given in the Mother Book, He is the most distinguished among the writers of Arabic and most eloquent in His utterance. He is in truth the Supreme Talisman and is endowed with supernatural powers, as set forth in the Mother Book.…Bab - Selections
يا اهل ‏المدينة انتم ‏المشركون ‏بربّكم ‏ان‏ كنتم ‏آمنتم ‏بمحمّد ‏رسول ‏الله ‏و‏ خاتم ‏النّبيّين و‏كتابه ‏الفرقان الّذي لا يأتيه الباطل ‏فانّا قد ‏نزّلنا ‏على عبدنا باذن الله هذا الكتاب ‏بمثله ان لم ‏تؤمنوا به فايمانكم ‏بمحمّد‏‏ و الكتاب من قبل على الحقّ قد كان كذبًا عند الله مشهودًا وان تكفروا به فكفركم بمحمّد وكتابه عند انفسكم قد كان باليقين على الحقّ بالحقّ معلومًا يا اهل المدينة ومن حولها من الاعراب ما لكم‏ كيف كفرتم بمحمّد بعد ‏وفاته ‏على غير الحقّ جهارًا ألَم يأخذ الله ونبيّه ‏عنكم عهدًا في وصاية وليّه في مواطن من الارض على الحقّ بالحقّ كثيرًا...O people of the city! Ye have disbelieved your Lord. If ye are truly faithful to Muhammad, the Apostle of God and the Seal of the Prophets, and if ye follow His Book, the Qur’án, which is free from error, then here is the like of it—this Book, which We have, in truth and by the leave of God, sent down unto Our Servant. If ye fail to believe in Him, then your faith in Muhammad and His Book which was revealed in the past will indeed be treated as false in the estimation of God. If ye deny Him, the fact of your having denied Muhammad and His Book will, in very truth and with absolute certainty, become evident unto yourselves. Chapter IV.Bab - Selections
اتّقوا الله ولا تقولوا في ذكر الله الاكبر بشيء من دون الله فانّا نحن قد اخذنا ميثاقه عن كلّ نبيّ وامّته بذكره وما نرسل المرسلين الاّ بذلك العهد ‏القيّم وما ‏نحكم بالحقّ بشيء الاّ بعد عهده في ذلك الباب الأعظم فسوف يكشف الله الغطاء عن بصائركم في الوقت المعلوم هنالك انتم لتنظرنّ إِلى ذكر الله العليّ شديدًا...Fear ye God and breathe not a word concerning His Most Great Remembrance other than what hath been ordained by God, inasmuch as We have established a separate covenant regarding Him with every Prophet and His followers. Indeed, We have not sent any Messenger without this binding covenant and We do not, of a truth, pass judgment upon anything except after the covenant of Him Who is the Supreme Gate hath been established. Erelong the veil shall be lifted from your eyes at the appointed time. Ye shall then behold the sublime Remembrance of God, unclouded and vivid. Chapter V.Bab - Selections
ايحسب النّاس انا كنّا عن الخلق بعيدا كلاّ يوم نكشف السّاق عن ساقيهم لينظرون النّاس إِلى الرّحمن وذكره في ارض المحشر قريبًا فيقولون يا ليتنا اتخذّنا مع الباب سبيلاً يا ليتنا لم نتّخذ دون الباب من الرّجال على غير الحقّ مآبا لقد جائنا الذّكر من بين ايدينا ومن خلفنا ومن شمائلنا وقد كنّا عنه محجوبًا...Do men imagine that We are far distant from the people of the world? Nay, the day We cause them to be assailed by the pangs of death they shall, upon the plain of Resurrection, behold how the Lord of Mercy and His Remembrance were near. Thereupon they shall exclaim: “Would that we had followed the path of the Báb! Would that we had sought refuge only with Him, and not with men of perversity and error! For verily the Remembrance of God appeared before us, behind us, and on all sides, yet we were, in very truth, shut out as by a veil from Him.” Chapter VII.Bab - Selections
ولا تقولوا‏ كيف يكلّم عن الله من كان في السّن على الحقّ بالحقّ خمسة وعشرونا اسمعوا فوربّ السّمآء والارض انّي عبد الله اتاني البيّنات من عند بقيّة الله المنتظر امامكم هذا كتابي قد‏ كان‏ عند ‏الله في امّ الكتاب بالحقّ ‏على الحقّ مسطورًا وقد جعلني الله مباركًا اينما كنت واوصاني بالصّلوة والصّبر ما دمت فيكم على الارض حيّا...Do not say, “How can He speak of God while in truth His age is no more than twenty-five?” Give ye ear unto Me. I swear by the Lord of the heavens and of the earth: I am verily a servant of God. I have been made the Bearer of irrefutable proofs from the presence of Him Who is the long-expected Remnant of God. Here is My Book before your eyes, as indeed inscribed in the presence of God in the Mother Book. God hath indeed made Me blessed, wheresoever I may be, and hath enjoined upon Me to observe prayer and fortitude so long as I shall live on earth amongst you. Chapter IX.Bab - Selections
تبارك الّذي لا اله الاّ هو بيده الأمر وهو الله كان على كلّ شيء قديرًا وانّا نحن قد قدّرنا على ‏كلّ‏ عمر على ‏الحقّ بالحقّ نكسًا ولكلّ عسرٍ مع ‏الحقّ بالحقّ يسرًا لعلّ‏ النّاس يعلمون ‏انّ باب الله هو الحقّ وهو الله كان بالمؤمنين شهيدًا...Glorified is He besides Whom there is none other God. In His grasp He holdeth the source of authority, and verily God is powerful over all things. We have decreed that every long life shall in truth suffer decline and that every hardship shall be followed by ease, that perchance men may recognize the Gate of God as He Who is the eternal Truth, and verily God shall stand as witness unto those that have believed. Chapter XIII.Bab - Selections
يا عباد الله ان تسئلوه من شيء ولا يجيبكم على الحقّ فلا تحزنوا فانّه قد كان بامر الله من عندنا على الحقّ بالحقّ ساكنًا محمودًا وانّا قد اريناك من الامر في منامك الحقّ ولو تطّلعهم بالغيب لتنازعوا على الأمر وانّ الله ربّك الحقّ قد كان بما في الصّدور عليمًا...O ye servants of God! Verily, be not grieved if a thing ye asked of Him remaineth unanswered, inasmuch as He hath been commanded by God to observe silence, a silence which is in truth praiseworthy. We have indeed enabled Thee to truly see in Thy dream a measure of Our Cause, but wert Thou to acquaint them with the hidden Mystery, they would dispute its truth among themselves. Verily Thy Lord, the God of truth, knoweth the very secrets of hearts. …Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض ما من شيء ‏قد انفقتم ‏في ‏سبيل ‏الله الحقّ الاّ ‏وقد وجدتموه على ايدي ‏الحفيظ ‏في ‏ذلك ‏الباب محفوظًا يا اهل الارض آمِنوا بالنّور الّذي قد انزل الله معي بالحقّ الخالص ولا تتّبعوا خطوات الشّيطان فانّه يأمركم بالشّرك بالله ربّكم وانّ الله لا يغفر ان يشرك به ويغفر دون ذلك لمن يشاء وهو الله كان بكلّ شيء عليمًا...O peoples of the world! Whatsoever ye have offered up in the way of the One True God, ye shall indeed find preserved by God, the Preserver, intact at God’s Holy Gate. O peoples of the earth! Bear ye allegiance unto this resplendent light wherewith God hath graciously invested Me through the power of infallible Truth, and walk not in the footsteps of the Evil One, inasmuch as he prompteth you to disbelieve in God, your Lord, and verily God will not forgive disbelief in Himself, though He will forgive other sins to whomsoever He pleaseth. Indeed His knowledge embraceth all things.… Chapter XVII.Bab - Selections
يا اهل المشرق والمغرب كونوا خائفين عن الله في امر يوسف الحقّ بان لا تشتروه بثمنٍ ‏بخس‏ من ‏انفسكم ولا بدراهم ‏معدودة ‏من ‏اموالكم ‏لتكونوا في ‏ذكره ‏من ‏الزّاهدين‏ علی ‏الحقّ بالحقّ في حول الباب محمودًا وانّ الله قد قطع رحمته عن قاتل جدّنا الحسين على ارض الطّف واحدًا فريدًا ولقد ‏اشترى يزيد بن ‏معوية ‏على ‏الباطل ‏رأس ‏‏يوسف الحقّ بثمن بخس‏ من نفسه ودراهم معدودة من ملكه على حزب الشّيطان فقد كفروا بالله كفرًا على ‏الباطل بالحقّ عظيمًا فسوف ينتقم الله منهم في رجعتنا وفي دار الاخرة قد اعدّ لهم عذابًا على الحقّ بالحقّ اليمًا يا عباد الرّحمن ان الله قد‏ كتب ‏لكم‏ عند ‏ذكر الحسين ‏بكاء ‏على ‏شبه ‏بكاء الثّكلى ‏وانّ ‏حكم الله‏ في ‏ثاره قد ‏كان ‏على ‏الحقّ ‏بالحقّ مقضيّا...O peoples of the East and the West! Be ye fearful of God concerning the Cause of the true Joseph and barter Him not for a paltry price established by yourselves, or for a trifle of your earthly possessions, that ye may, in very truth, be praised by Him as those who are reckoned among the pious who stand nigh unto this Gate. Verily God hath deprived of His grace him who martyred Husayn, Our forefather, lonely and forsaken as He was upon the land of Taff [Karbilá]. Yazíd, the son of Mu‘ávíyih, out of corrupt desire, bartered away the head of the true Joseph to the fiendish people for a trifling price and a petty sum from his property. Verily they repudiated God by committing a grievous error. Erelong will God wreak His vengeance upon them, at the time of Our Return, and He hath, in very truth, prepared for them, in the world to come, a severe torment. Chapter XXI.Bab - Selections
يا قرّة العين انّا قد شرحنا صدرك في الامر من كلّ شيء على الحقّ بالحقّ بديعًا وانّا نحن قد ارفعنا ذكرك في الباب ليعلم النّاس قدرتنا بانّ الله هو الاجلّ عن وصف العالمين وهو الله قد كان على العالمين غنيًّا...O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! We have, verily, dilated Thine heart in this Revelation, which stands truly unique from all created things, and have exalted Thy name through the manifestation of the Báb, so that men may become aware of Our transcendent power, and recognize that God is immeasurably sanctified above the praise of all men. He is verily independent of the whole of creation. Chapter XXIII.Bab - Selections
تنزّل الملائكة والرّوح في ذلك الباب باذن الله صفًّا على الصفّ كالخطّ الممدود حول القطب ممدودًا يا قرّة العين سلّم عليهم فانّ الفجر قد طلعت وقل للمؤمنين اليسَ الصّبح في امّ الكتاب قد كان بالحقّ قريبًا...The angels and the spirits, arrayed rank upon rank, descend, by the leave of God, upon this Gate and circle round this Focal Point in a far-stretching line. Greet them with salutations, O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn, for the dawn hath indeed broken; then proclaim unto the concourse of the faithful: “Is not the rising of the Morn, foreshadowed in the Mother Book, to be near at hand? …”Bab - Selections
يا قرّة العين فارغب الى الله في امرك فان النّاس قد قاموا على الكفر ولولا فضل الله عليهم ورحمتك ما يزکّي من احدٍ احدًا دائمًا ابدًا يا قرّة العين انّ دار الآخرة خير لك ولشيعتك من الدّنيا ونعيمها فانّها قد كانت في حكم النّزول مقضيّا...O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Turn Thou eagerly unto God in Thy Cause, for the peoples of the world have risen in iniquity, and but for the outpouring of the grace of God and Thy mercy unto them, no one could purge even a single soul forevermore. O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! The life to come is indeed far more advantageous unto Thee and unto such as follow Thy Cause than this earthly life and its pleasures. This is what hath been foreordained according to the dispensations of Providence.…Bab - Selections
فقل يا قرّة العين انّي باب الله بالحقّ قد اسقاكم باذن الله الحقّ من العين الطّهور ماء الظّهور على جهة الطّور وفي ذلك الباب فليتنافس المتنافسون لله الحقّ وهو الله قد كان على كلّ شيء قديرًا...O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Say: Verily I am the “Gate of God” and I give you to drink, by the leave of God, the sovereign Truth, of the crystal-pure waters of His Revelation which are gushing out from the incorruptible Fountain situate upon the Holy Mount. And those who earnestly strive after the One True God, let them then strive to attain this Gate. Verily God is potent over all things.…Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض اسمعوا نداء الله من هذا الغلام العربيّ الّذي قد اصطفاه لنفسه وهو الحقّ بالحقّ حول النّار قد كان مأمورًا يا قرّة العين قل ما شئت من سرّ الجليل فانّ البحر من لدى الله البديع قد كان مسجورًا...O peoples of the earth! Give ear unto God’s holy Voice proclaimed by this Arabian Youth Whom the Almighty hath graciously chosen for His Own Self. He is indeed none other than the True One, Whom God hath entrusted with this Mission from the midst of the Burning Bush. O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Unravel what Thou pleasest from the secrets of the All-Glorious, for the ocean is surging high at the behest of the incomparable Lord. Chapter XXIV.Bab - Selections
افتكيدنّ ذكر الله الاعظم بظنّ انفسكم كيدًا على غير الحقّ ثقيلاً تالله انّ من في السّماء والارض وما بينهما لديّ ‏كبيت ‏العنكبوت وانّ الله كان ‏على كلّ شيء شهيدًا فلا يكيدون الاّ لانفسهم وانّ الذّكر بالله عمنّ في الارض والسّمآء على الحقّ بالحقّ غنيًا...Are ye wickedly scheming, according to your selfish fancies, an evil plot against Him Who is the Most Great Remembrance of God? By the righteousness of God, all who are in the heaven and on earth and whatsoever lieth between them are regarded in My sight even as a spider’s web, and verily God beareth witness unto all things. Indeed they will not lay plots but against themselves. God hath caused this Remembrance to be, in very truth, independent of all the dwellers of earth and heaven. Chapter XXV.Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض انّي قد نزّلت عليكم الابواب في غيبتي ولا يتّبعونهم من المؤمنين الاّ قليلاً وقد ‏ارسلت ‏عليكم ‏في ‏الازمنة الماضية‏ احمد وفي ‏الازمنة ‏القريبة‏ كاظمًا فلم تتّبعونهما الاّ المخلصون منكم فما لكم يا اهل ‏الكتاب أَلاّ تخافون من الله الحقّ موليكم القديم...يا ايّها المؤمنون اقسمكم بالله الحقّ‏ فهل ‏وجدتم ‏من ‏هؤلاء الابواب حكمًا من دون حكم الله حكم‏ الكتاب ‏هذا أَفيغرّنكم العلم بكفركم فارتقبوا فانّ الله موليكم الحقّ معكم على الحقّ بالحقّ رقيبا...O ye peoples of the earth! During the time of My absence I sent down the Gates unto you. However the believers, except for a handful, obeyed them not. Formerly I sent forth unto you Ahmad and more recently Kázim, but apart from the pure in heart amongst you no one followed them. What hath befallen you, O people of the Book? Will ye not fear the One true God, He Who is your Lord, the Ancient of Days?… O ye who profess belief in God! I adjure you by Him Who is the Eternal Truth, have ye discerned among the precepts of these Gates anything inconsistent with the commandments of God as set forth in this Book? Hath your learning deluded you by reason of your impiety? Take ye heed then, for verily your God, the Lord of Eternal Truth, is with you and in very truth is watchful over you.… Chapter XXVII.Bab - Selections
يا ذا القرابة من الذّكر الاكبر هذه الشجرة المباركة المحمرّة بالدّهن العبودية قد انبت على نقطة النّار في اراضيكم وانتم لا تشعرون بشيء منها لا من صفاته القدسية المحضة ولا من احواله ‏الملكيّة الحقّة ولا ‏من ‏حركاته ‏المحكمة‏ المتقنة‏ وانتم ‏تحسبونه ‏بظنّ ‏انفسكم‏ على ‏غير ‏الحقّ الاكبر وهو عند الله نفس الحجّة بالحقّ الاكبر قد كان في امّ الكتاب على نقطة النّار مسئولاً...O ye kinsmen of the Most Great Remembrance! This Tree of Holiness, dyed crimson with the oil of servitude, hath verily sprung forth out of your own soil in the midst of the Burning Bush, yet ye comprehend nothing whatever thereof, neither of His true, heavenly attributes, nor of the actual circumstances of His earthly life, nor of the evidences of His powerful and unblemished behavior. Actuated by your own fancies, you consider Him to be alien to the sovereign Truth, while in the estimation of God He is none other than the Promised One Himself, invested with the power of the sovereign Truth, and verily He is, as decreed in the Mother Book, held answerable in the midst of the Burning Bush.…Bab - Selections
يا قرّة العين بلّغ الى نساء ذي قرابتك حكم الكلمة الاكبر وحذّرهنّ بالنّار الكبيرة وبشّرهنّ بعد العهد الاكبر بالجنّة الرّضوان خلدًا من الله حول القدس وانّ الله ربّ العالمين قد كان على كلّ شيء قديرًاO Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Deliver the summons of the most exalted Word unto the handmaids among Thy kindred, caution them against the Most Great Fire and announce unto them the joyful tidings that following this mighty covenant there shall be everlasting reunion with God in the Paradise of His good-pleasure, nigh unto the Seat of Holiness. Verily God, the Lord of creation, is potent over all things.Bab - Selections
يا امّ الذّكر انّ السّلام من الرّب عليك قد صبرت في نفس الله العلّي فاعرفي قدر ولدك كلمة الاكبر فانّه المسئول في قبرك ويوم حشرك وانت قد كنت امّ المؤمنين في اللّوح الحفيظ على ايدي الذّكر مكتوبًا...O Thou Mother of the Remembrance! May the peace and salutation of God rest upon thee. Indeed thou hast endured patiently in Him Who is the sublime Self of God. Recognize then the station of thy Son Who is none other than the mighty Word of God. He hath verily pledged Himself to be answerable for thee both in thy grave and on the Judgment Day, while thou hast, in the Preserved Tablet of God, been immortalized as the “Mother of the Faithful” by the Pen of His Remembrance. Chapter XXVIII.Bab - Selections
يا قرّة العين لا تجعل يدك مبسوطةً على الامر لانّ النّاس في سكران من السّر وانّ لك الكرّة بعد هذه الدّورة بالحقّ الاکبرO Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Stretch not Thy hands wide open in the Cause, inasmuch as the people would find themselves in a state of stupor by reason of the Mystery, and I swear by the true, Almighty God that there is yet for Thee another turn after this Dispensation.Bab - Selections
هنالك فاظهر من السّر سرًّا على قدر سمّ الابرة في الطّور الاكبر ليموتنّ الطّوريّون في السّيناء عند مطلع رشح من ذلك النّور المهيمن الحمرآء باذن الله الحكيم وهو الله قد كان عليك بالحقّ على الحقّ حفيظًا...And when the appointed hour hath struck, do Thou, by the leave of God, the All-Wise, reveal from the heights of the Most Lofty and Mystic Mount a faint, an infinitesimal glimmer of Thy impenetrable Mystery, that they who have recognized the radiance of the Sinaic Splendor may faint away and die as they catch a lightning glimpse of the fierce and crimson Light that envelops Thy Revelation. And God is, in very truth, Thine unfailing Protector. Chapter XXVIII.Bab - Selections
يا اهل الفارس ‏اوَ لم ‏يكفكم ‏هذا الفخر المنيع لانفسكم‏ من ‏عند الذّكر ‏الاعظم وانّ ‏الله قد اجتباكم بذلك الكلمة الاكبر ولا تنفضّوا من ‏حوله فانّه تالله الحقّ لحقٌّ من ‏عند الله وهو العلّي الّذي قد كان في امّ الكتاب حكيمًا...O people of Persia! Are ye not satisfied with this glorious honor which the supreme Remembrance of God hath conferred upon you? Verily ye have been especially favored by God through this mighty Word. Then do not withdraw from the sanctuary of His presence, for, by the righteousness of the One true God, He is none other than the sovereign Truth from God; He is the most exalted One and the Source of all wisdom, as decreed in the Mother Book.…Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض فاعتصموا بحبل الله المنيع ‏ذكرنا هذا الفتى العربيّ الّذي قد كان في نقطة الثّلج على بحر النّار مستورًا...O peoples of the earth! Cleave ye tenaciously to the Cord of the All-Highest God, which is but this Arabian Youth, Our Remembrance—He Who standeth concealed at the point of ice amidst the ocean of fire. Chapter XXIX.Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض تالله الحقّ انّي لحورّية قد ولدتني البهآء في قصر من قطعة الياقوت الرّطبة المتحرّكة وانّي تالله ما رأيت شيئًا في ذلك الجنّة الاكبر الاّ وقد نطقت عن الذّكر في وصف هذا الغلام الفتى العربيّ وانّ ربّكم الرّحمن لا اله الاّ هو فعظّموا قدره باذن الله فانّه في قطب جنّة الفردوس لموقوف على هيئة التّسبيح في هيكل التّهليلO people of the earth! By the righteousness of the One true God, I am the Maid of Heaven begotten by the Spirit of Bahá, abiding within the Mansion hewn out of a mass of ruby, tender and vibrant; and in this mighty Paradise naught have I ever witnessed save that which proclaimeth the Remembrance of God by extolling the virtues of this Arabian Youth. Verily there is none other God but your Lord, the All-Merciful. Magnify ye, then, His station, for behold, He is poised in the midmost heart of the All-Highest Paradise as the embodiment of the praise of God in the Tabernacle wherein His glorification is intoned.Bab - Selections
مرّةً اسمع ‏صوته ‏عن الحيّ القديم ومرّةً عن سرّ اسمه العظيم اذا تكبّر بالتّكبير قد تشهقّت الفردوس شوقًا الى لقائه واذا يسبّح بالتّسبيح قد‏ سكنت الفردوس كالثّلج في قطب جبل البرد كانّي قد رأيته متحرّكًا‏ على ‏الخطّ ‏الاستواء ‏في كلّ ‏الجنان‏ جنانه ‏وفي ‏كلّ السّماء سمائه‏ وكلّ الارضين ومن ‏فيها كحلقةٍ في ايدي عبيده ‌فسبحان الله بارئه ذي العرش القديم فما هو الاّ عبد الله وباب بقيّه الله موليكم الحقّ...At one time I hear His Voice as He acclaimeth Him Who is the Ever-Living, the Ancient of Days, and at another time as He speaketh of the mystery of His most august Name. And when He intoneth the anthems of the greatness of God all Paradise waileth in its longing to gaze on His Beauty, and when He chanteth words of praise and glorification of God all Paradise becomes motionless like unto ice locked in the heart of a frost-bound mountain. Methinks I visioned Him moving along a straight middle path wherein every paradise was His Own paradise, every heaven His Own heaven, while the whole earth and all that is therein appeared but as a ring upon the finger of His servants. Glorified be God, His Creator, the Lord of everlasting sovereignty. Verily He is none other but the servant of God, the Gate of the Remnant of God your Lord, the Sovereign Truth. Chapter XXIX.Bab - Selections
يا كلمة الاكبر لا تخف ولا تحزن فانّا قد ضمنّا لاهل اجابتك من الرّجال والنّساء غفران الذّنوب ‏ممّا قد ‏احاط ‏به‏ علم المحبوب كما قد شئت ‏بما شئت ‏على الحقّ وانّ الله قد كان بكلّ شيء عليمًا ولعمرى ‏اقبل إِليّ ولا تخف ‏انّك ‏انت العلي ‏في الملأ الأعلى وقد كان سرّك على ‏لوح العا لمين من حول النّار مسطورًا ولسوف يعطيك ربّك حكم الكلّ ‏بما قد ‏كان ‏حكمه على العالمين محيطًا...O Thou the Supreme Word of God! Fear not, nor be Thou grieved, for indeed unto such as have responded to Thy Call, whether men or women, We have assured forgiveness of sins, as known in the presence of the Best-Beloved and in conformity with what Thou desirest. Verily His knowledge embraceth all things. I adjure Thee by My life, set Thy face towards Me and be not apprehensive. Verily Thou art the Exalted One among the Celestial Concourse, and Thy hidden Mystery hath, of a truth, been recorded upon the Tablet of creation in the midst of the Burning Bush. Erelong God will bestow upon Thee rulership over all men, inasmuch as His rule transcendeth the whole of creation. Chapter XXXI.Bab - Selections
يا معشر الشيعة اتقوا الله من امرنا في ذكر الله الاكبر فانّه قد كان في امّ الكتاب من نقطة النّار عظيمًا...O concourse of Shí‘ihs! Fear ye God and Our Cause which concerneth Him Who is the Most Great Remembrance of God. For great is its fire, as decreed in the Mother Book. Chapter XL.Bab - Selections
فاقرؤا ما تيسّر من هذا القرآن بكرةً واصيلا ورتّلوا هذا الكتاب باذن الله القديم على لحن من ذلك الطّير المغنّي في جوّ العماء ترتيلاً…Recite ye as much as convenient from this Qur’án both at morn and at eventide, and chant the verses of this Book, by the leave of the eternal God, in the sweet accents of this Bird which warbleth its melody in the vault of heaven. Chapter XLI.Bab - Selections
يا اهل ‏المغرب اخرجوا من ‏دياركم ‏لنصر الله‏ من قبل يوم يأتيكم الرّحمن في ‏ظللٍ‏من ‏الغمام‏ والملائكة حوله ‏يكبّرون ‏الله ‏ويستغفرونه ‏للّذين يؤمنون ‏بآياتنا‏ على ‏الحقّ وقد ‏قضى ‏الأمر وكان الحكم‏ في ‏امّ الكتاب مقضيًّا‏...Issue forth from your cities, O peoples of the West and aid God ere the Day when the Lord of mercy shall come down unto you in the shadow of the clouds with the angels circling around Him, exalting His praise and seeking forgiveness for such as have truly believed in Our signs. Verily His decree hath been issued, and the command of God, as given in the Mother Book, hath indeed been revealed.…Bab - Selections
فأصبحوا في ‏دين الله الواحد اخوانًا علی‏خطّ‏ السّواء قد احبّ ‏الله فيكم ‏ان ‏تكون ‏قلوبكم مرآتًا لاخوانكم ‏في ‏الدّين ‏انتم‏ تتعکّسون فيهم وهم يتعکّسون‏ فيكم‏ هذا‏ صراط ‏الله العزيز بالحقّ و‏كان الله ‏بما‏ تعملون شهيدًا...Become as true brethren in the one and indivisible religion of God, free from distinction, for verily God desireth that your hearts should become mirrors unto your brethren in the Faith, so that ye find yourselves reflected in them, and they in you. This is the true Path of God, the Almighty, and He is indeed watchful over your actions. Chapter XLVI.Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض اسمعوا ندائي من حول تلك الشّجرة المشتعلة من نار القديمة الله لا اله الاّ هو وهو الله‏ كان ‏عليًّا ‏حكيمًا يا عباد الرّحمن ادخلوا في هذا الباب كافّةً ولا تتّبعوا خطوات الشّيطان فانّه يأمركم بالشّرك والفحشاء وانّه قد كان لكم عدوّا مبينا...O ye peoples of the earth! Hearken unto My call, ringing forth from the precincts of this sacred Tree—a Tree set ablaze by the pre-existent Fire: There is no God but Him; He is the Exalted, the All-Wise. O ye the servants of the Merciful One! Enter ye, one and all, through this Gate and follow not the steps of the Evil One, for he prompteth you to walk in the ways of impiety and wickedness; he is, in truth, your declared enemy. Chapter LI.Bab - Selections
اصبر يا قرّة العين فانّ الله قد ضمن عزّك على البلاد ومن عليها وهو الله كان على كلّ شيء قديرًا...Be Thou patient, O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn, for God hath indeed pledged to establish Thy sovereignty throughout all countries and over the people that dwell therein. He is God and verily He is powerful over all things. Chapter LIII.Bab - Selections
فوعزّتي لاذيقنّ المشركين بايدي من قدرتي على نقماتٍ لا يعلمها سواي وارسل على المؤمنين من نفحات ‏المسك الّتي قد ربّيتها في ‏كبد ‏العرش ‏وقد كان‏ علم ربّك ‏بكلّ شيء ‏محيطًاBy My glory! I will make the infidels to taste, with the hands of My power, retributions unknown of anyone except Me, and will waft over the faithful those musk-scented breaths which I have nursed in the midmost heart of My throne; and verily the knowledge of God embraceth all things.Bab - Selections
يا ‏ملأ ‏الانوار انّا نحن تالله الحقّ ما ننطق عن الهوى وما ننزّل حرفًا من ذلك الكتاب الاّ باذن الله الحقّ اتقوا الله ولا تشكّوا ‏في ‏‏امر الله فانّ‏ سرّ هذا الباب ‏مستورٌ تحت ‏عمآء‏ السّطر ومرقوم فوق‏ حجاب السّتر بايدي الله ربّ ‏السّتر والسّطرO concourse of light! By the righteousness of God, We speak not according to selfish desire, nor hath a single letter of this Book been revealed save by the leave of God, the Sovereign Truth. Fear ye God and entertain no doubts regarding His Cause, for verily, the Mystery of this Gate is shrouded in the mystic utterances of His Writ and hath been written beyond the impenetrable veil of concealment by the hand of God, the Lord of the visible and the invisible.Bab - Selections
ولقد خلق الله في حول ‏ذلك الباب بحورًا من ماء الاكسير محمّرًا بالدّهن الوجود وحيوانًا بالثّمرة المقصود وقدّر الله له‏ سفنًا من ياقوته الرّطبة الحمراء ولا يركب فيها الاّ اهل البهاء باذن الله العلّي وهو الله قد كان عزيزًا وحكيمًا...Indeed God hath created everywhere around this Gate oceans of divine elixir, tinged crimson with the essence of existence and vitalized through the animating power of the desired fruit; and for them God hath provided Arks of ruby, tender, crimson-colored, wherein none shall sail but the people of Bahá, by the leave of God, the Most Exalted; and verily He is the All-Glorious, the All-Wise. Chapter LVII.Bab - Selections
انّ الله قد اوحى إِليّ انّي انا الله الّذي لا اله الاّ‏ هو وانّي ‏قد‏ كنت ‏بالحقّ قديمًا...The Lord hath, in truth, inspired Me: Verily, verily, I am God, He besides Whom there is none other God, and I am indeed the Ancient of Days.…Bab - Selections
يا اهل ‏العماء ‏لو استقمتم‏ بالحقّ‏ على ‏هذا الخطّ ‏القائم بين الخطّين الله الحقّ قد اسقاكم من‏ عين ‏الظّهور بايدي ‏الذّكر‏ على ‏الحقّ بالحقّ‏ بديعًا...O people of the Kingdom! By the righteousness of the true God, if ye remain steadfast upon this line which standeth upright between the two lines, ye shall, in very truth, quaff the living waters from the Fountain of this wondrous Revelation as proffered by the hand of His Remembrance.…Bab - Selections
فو‏ربّكم‏ الحقّ ‏ربّ السّموات والارض انّ وعد الله لحقّ في حقّ الذّكر وقد كان الوعد في امّ الكتاب مفعولاً...I swear by your true Lord, by Him Who is the Lord of the heavens and of the earth, that the divine Promise concerning His Remembrance is naught but the sovereign truth and, as decreed in the Mother Book, it shall come to pass.…Bab - Selections
قل يا اهل الارض لو اجتمعتم على ان تعملوا ‏حرفًا بمثل حرفٍ من ‏عملي لن تستطيعوا بمثل شيء منه وانّ الله كان على كلّ شيء شهيدًا...Say, O peoples of the earth! Were ye to assemble together in order to produce the like of a single letter of my works, ye would never be able to do so, and verily God is cognizant of all things.…Bab - Selections
يا قرّة العين قل انّ القمر قد ارفعت وانّ اللّيل قد ادبرت وانّ الصبح قد اسفرَت وانّ امر الله موليكم الحقّ قد كان مفعولاً...O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Say: Behold! Verily the Moon hath faded; verily the night hath retreated; verily the dawn hath brightened; verily the command of God, your true Lord, hath been accomplished.…Bab - Selections
يا سيّد الاكبر ما انا شيء الاّ وقد اقامتني قدرتك على الأمر ما اتکّلت في شيء الاّ عليك وما اعتصمت في امرٍ الاّ اليك وانت الكافي بالحقّ والله الحقّ من ورائك المحيط وكفى بالله العلي على الحقّ بالحقّ القويّ نصيرًا...Out of utter nothingness, O great and omnipotent Master, Thou hast, through the celestial potency of Thy might, brought me forth and raised me up to proclaim this Revelation. I have made none other but Thee my trust; I have clung to no will but Thy Will. Thou art, in truth, the All-Sufficing and behind Thee standeth the true God, He Who overshadoweth all things. Indeed sufficient unto Me is God, the Exalted, the Powerful, the Sustainer. Chapter LVIII.Bab - Selections
يا بقيّة الله قد فديت بكلّي لك ورضيت السّب في سبيلك وما تمنيت الاّ القتل في محبّتك وكفى بالله العلي معتصمًا قديمًا وكفى بالله شاهدًا ووكيلاًO Thou Remnant of God! I have sacrificed myself wholly for Thee; I have accepted curses for Thy sake, and have yearned for naught but martyrdom in the path of Thy love. Sufficient witness unto me is God, the Exalted, the Protector, the Ancient of Days.Bab - Selections
يا قرّة العين قد‏ احزنني كلامك في ‏هذا الجواب ‏الاكبر ‏و‏لا ‏الحكم الاّ لله ولا الامر الاّ‏ من ‏الله ‏ولعمري ‏انّك ‏المحبوب ‏لدى ‏الحقّ ‏والخلق ولا حول الاّ بالله وكفى بالله مولاك منتقمًا على الحقّ بالحقّ بالله شديدًا...O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! The words Thou hast uttered in this momentous Call have grieved me bitterly. However, the irrevocable decision resteth with none but God and the decree proceedeth from none save Him alone. By my life, Thou art the Well-Beloved in the sight of God and His creation. Verily, there is no power except in God, and sufficient witness unto me is your Lord, Who is, in very truth, the Omnipotent Avenger. Chapter LVIII.Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض تالله الحقّ انّ هذا الكتاب قد ملأ الارض والسّموات بالكلمة الاكبر للحجّة القائم المنتظر بالحقّ الاكبر وانّ الله قد كان على كلّ شيء شهيدًا هذا كتاب من عند الله احكمت حجّته ‏لمن‏ في ‏المشرق ‏والمغرب ‏الاّ تقولوا على ‏الله الاّ ‏بالحقّ‏ فو‏ربّكم‏ انّ ‏حجّتي ‏هذا ‏قد ‏كان ‏على ‏كلّ شيء شهيدًا...O peoples of the earth! By the righteousness of God, this Book hath, through the potency of the sovereign Truth, pervaded the earth and the heaven with the mighty Word of God concerning Him Who is the supreme Testimony, the Expected Qá’im, and verily God hath knowledge of all things. This divinely inspired Book hath firmly established His Proof for all those who are in the East and in the West, hence beware lest ye utter aught but the truth regarding God, for I swear by your Lord that this supreme Proof of Mine beareth witness unto all things.…Bab - Selections
يا عباد الله اصبروا فانّ الحقّ انشاء الله ليأتيكم بالكلمة الاكبر بغتةً هنالك تبهتكم الحقّ فلن تستطيعوا ردّها وانّي قد كنت على العالمين بالحقّ شهيدًا...O servants of God! Be ye patient, for, God grant, He Who is the sovereign Truth will suddenly appear amongst you, invested with the power of the mighty Word, and ye shall then be confounded by the Truth itself, and ye shall have no power to ward it off; and verily I am a witness over all mankind. Chapter LIX.Bab - Selections
وانّ الّذين يستهزئون بآيات الله البديع من عند الذّكر لا يستهزئون الاّ بانفسهم وانّا قد ‏نمدّهم ‏على ‏الطّغيان بالحقّ وانّ الله قد ‏كان بكلّ ‏شيء ‏عليمًا...Verily such as ridicule the wondrous, divine Verses revealed through His Remembrance, are but making themselves the objects of ridicule, and We, in truth, aid them to wax in their iniquity. Indeed God’s knowledge transcendeth all created things.…Bab - Selections
انّ ‏المشركين يريدون‏ ان يفرّقوا ‏بين ‏الله وذكره وانّ الله قد اراد لذكره ان يتمّ نوره وهو الله‏ کان على كلّ شيء قديرا...The infidels, of a truth, seek to separate God from His Remembrance, but God hath determined to perfect His Light through His Remembrance, and indeed He is potent over all things.…Bab - Selections
انمّا المسيح كلمتنا قد القيناها الى مريم ولا تقولوا بكلمة النّصارى ثالث ثلثة فانّ ذلك بهتان على الذّكر وقد كان الحكم في الذّكر في امّ الكتاب عظيمًا انّما الله الهٌ واحدٌ سبحانه ان يكون معه شيء وكلّ قد اتاه في ‏القيمة ‏عبدًا وكفى بالله على الحقّ وكيلاً ما انا الاّ عبد الله وكلمته‏ وما انا الاّ اوّل السّاجدين لله‏ العليّ ‏وكان ‏الله‏ على ‏كلّ‏ شيء شهيدًا...Verily, Christ is Our Word which We communicated unto Mary; and let no one say what the Christians term as “the third of three,” inasmuch as it would amount to slandering the Remembrance Who, as decreed in the Mother Book, is invested with supreme authority. Indeed God is but one God, and far be it from His glory that there should be aught else besides Him. All those who shall attain unto Him on the Day of Resurrection are but His servants, and God is, of a truth, a sufficient Protector. Verily I am none other but the servant of God and His Word, and none but the first one to bow down in supplication before God, the Most Exalted; and indeed God witnesseth all things. Chapter LXI.Bab - Selections
قل يا اهل الفرقان لَستم‏ علی ‏شيء الاّ ‏بعد ‏الذّكر وهذا الكتاب ان تتّبعوا امر‏الله نغفر لكم‏ خطيئاتكم ‏وان تعرضوا عن‏ حكمنا نحكم ‏على ‏الحقّ ‏بالكتاب ‏على انفسكم بالنّار الاكبر وانّا لا نظلم على النّاس قطميرًا...O people of the Qur’án! Ye are as nothing unless ye submit unto the Remembrance of God and unto this Book. If ye follow the Cause of God, We will forgive you your sins, and if ye turn aside from Our command, We will, in truth, condemn your souls in Our Book, unto the Most Great Fire. We, verily, do not deal unjustly with men, even to the extent of a speck on a date-stone. Chapter LXII.Bab - Selections
يا اهل ‌الارض لقد جائكم النّور من الله بكتاب هذا على الحقّ بالحقّ مبينًا لتهتدوا إِلى سبل السّلم ولتخرجوا من الظّلمات إِلى النّور باذن الله على هذا الصّراط الخالص ممدودًا...O peoples of the earth! Verily the resplendent Light of God hath appeared in your midst, invested with this unerring Book, that ye may be guided aright to the ways of peace and, by the leave of God, step out of the darkness into the light and onto this far-extended Path of Truth. …Bab - Selections
بدع السّموات والارض وما بينهما بامره لا من شيء وهو المتفرّد بالاحديّة الصمديّة لم يقترن ذاته المقدّس بشيء ولا يعرفه كما هو الاّ هو...God hath, out of sheer nothingness and through the potency of His command, created the heavens and the earth and whatever lieth between them. He is single and peerless in His eternal unity with none to join partner with His holy Essence, nor is there any soul, except His Own Self, who can befittingly comprehend Him.…Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض ولقد جائكم الذّكر من عند الله على فترةٍ من الرّسل ليزكّيكم وليطهّركم من الارجاس ‏لايّام الله الحقّ فابتغوا الفضل‏ من‏ عنده فانّا قد جعلناه بالحقّ علی ‏الارض شهيدًا وحكيمًا...O peoples of the earth! Verily His Remembrance is come to you from God after an interval during which there were no Messengers, that He may purge and purify you from uncleanliness in anticipation of the Day of the One true God; therefore seek ye wholeheartedly divine blessings from Him, inasmuch as We have, in truth, chosen Him to be the Witness and the Source of wisdom unto all that dwell on earth.…Bab - Selections
يا قرّة العين بلّغ ما انزل اليك من جود الرّحمن على نفسك وان لم تفعل لن يعرف النّاس سرّنا وانّ الله ما خلق الخلق الاّ لمعرفته وانّ الله قد كان بكلّ شيء عليمًا وعن العالمين غنيًّا...O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Proclaim that which hath been sent down unto Thee as a token of the grace of the merciful Lord, for if Thou do it not, Our secret will never be made known to the people, while the purpose of God in creating man is but for him to know Him. Indeed God hath knowledge of all things and is self-sufficient above the need of all mankind. Chapter LXII.Bab - Selections
انّما المؤمنون اذ اسمعوا آيةً من هذا الكتاب تفيض من الدّمع اعينهم وتلين افئدتهم للذّكر الاكبر لله الحميد وهو الله كان عليمًا قديمًا اولئك هم اهل الفردوس خالدًا ابدًا لم يروا فيها شيئًا الاّ من‏عند ‏الله ما لا تحيط به انفسهم ويلقونهم المؤمنون من اهل الجنان ويقولون السّلم سلامًا...Whenever the faithful hear the verses of this Book being recited, their eyes will overflow with tears and their hearts will be deeply touched by Him Who is the Most Great Remembrance for the love they cherish for God, the All-Praised. He is God, the All-Knowing, the Eternal. They are indeed the inmates of the all-highest Paradise wherein they will abide forever. Verily they will see naught therein save that which hath proceeded from God, nothing that will lie beyond the compass of their understanding. There they will meet the believers in Paradise, who will address them with the words “Peace, Peace” lingering on their lips.…Bab - Selections
يا ايّها المؤمنون اسمعوا ندائي من حول ذلك الذّكر الاكبر انّ الله قد اوحى إِليّ انّ صراط الذّكر لديّ كان على الحقّ بالحقّ مستقيمًا فمن اتّبع دون هذا الدّين القيّم لن يجد يوم القيمة في الدّين من الدّين نصيبا مكتوبا...O concourse of the faithful! Incline your ears to My Voice, proclaimed by this Remembrance of God. Verily God hath revealed unto Me that the Path of the Remembrance which is set forth by Me is, in very truth, the straight Path of God, and that whoever professeth any religion other than this upright Faith, will, when called to account on the Day of Judgment, discover that as recorded in the Book no benefit hath he reaped out of God’s Religion.…Bab - Selections
اتّقوا الله يا معشر الملوك عن البعد بالذّكر بعد ما جائكم الحقّ بالكتاب والآيات من عند الله عن لسان الذّكر بديعًا وابتغوا الفضل من عند الله فانّ الله قد ‏قدّر لكم بعد ايمانكم ‏جنّة عرضها كعرض ‏الجنان ‏جميعها ولن تجدوا فيها الاّ من عند الله نعمآء والآلاء على الأمر الّذي قد كان في امّ الكتاب كبيرًا...Fear ye God, O concourse of kings, lest ye remain afar from Him Who is His Remembrance [the Báb], after the Truth hath come unto you with a Book and signs from God, as spoken through the wondrous tongue of Him Who is His Remembrance. Seek ye grace from God, for God hath ordained for you, after ye have believed in Him, a Garden the vastness of which is as the vastness of the whole of Paradise. Therein ye shall find naught save the gifts and favors which the Almighty hath graciously bestowed by virtue of this momentous Cause, as decreed in the Mother Book. Chapter LXIII.Bab - Selections
يا روح الله اذكر نعمتي عليك اذ كلّمتك في بحبوبة القدس وايّدتك بروح القدس لتكلّم في النّاس عن لسان الله البديع ممّا قد احكم الله في سرّ الفؤاد بديعًاO Spirit of God! Call Thou to mind the bounty which I bestowed upon Thee when I conversed with Thee in the midmost heart of My Sanctuary and aided Thee through the potency of the Holy Spirit that Thou mightest, as the peerless Mouthpiece of God, proclaim unto men the commandments of God which lie enshrined within the divine Spirit.Bab - Selections
وانّ الله قد علّمك الكتاب والحكمة في صغرك وامنن على اهل الارض باسمك الاكبر فانّ النّاس لا يعلمون من علم الكتاب شيئًا قليلاً...Verily God hath inspired Thee with divine verses and wisdom while still a child and hath graciously deigned to bestow His favor upon the peoples of the world through the influence of Thy Most Great Name, for indeed men have not the least knowledge of the Book. Chapter LXIII.Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض أَفغير هذا النّفس العلّي نبتغي بابًا الى الحقّ مآبًا...O people of the earth! To attain the ultimate retreat in God, the True One, are we to seek a Gate other than this exalted Being?…Bab - Selections
الله لمّا خلق الذّكر قد عرضه في مشهد ‏الاذن‏ على الاشياء من كلّ شيء‏ فسجدوا الملائكة اجمعهم لله الاحد الفرد واستكبر الابليس عن التّسليم للذّكر فقد كان بذلك في كتابه متكبّرًا ملعونًا...When God created the Remembrance He presented Him to the assemblage of all created beings upon the altar of His Will. Thereupon the concourse of the angels bowed low in adoration to God, the Peerless, the Incomparable; while Satan waxed proud, refusing to submit to His Remembrance; hence he is identified in the Book of God as the arrogant one and the accursed. Chapter LXVII.Bab - Selections
الله الّذي لا اله الاّ هو الحقّ بالحقّ يقول ما من نفسٍ قد زار الذّكر بعد موته الاّ كمن زار الرّب على ‏العرش وهذا صراط الله العليّ قد كان في ‏امّ الكتاب محتومًا...God, besides Whom there is none other true God, saith: Indeed, whoso visiteth the Remembrance of God after His passing, it is as though he hath attained the presence of the Lord, seated upon His mighty Throne. Verily this is the Way of God, the Most Exalted, which hath been irrevocably decreed in the Mother Book.…Bab - Selections
قل يا اهل الارض اتجادلونني في الله على اسماء سمّيتموها انتم وآباؤكم بالقاءِ الشّيطان وانّ الله قد انزل علّي الكتاب بالحقّ لنعرّفكم اسماء الله‏ الحقّ ‏عمّا كنتم ‏عنه عن ‏غير الحقّ بعيدًا وما من ‏شيء الاّ وقد اخذنا عهد ‏الذّكر عنه في بدئه ولا مردّ لحكم الله في ‏تزكية العالمين‏ بحكم ‏الكتاب الّذي قد كان بايدي الباب مسطورًا...Say, O peoples of the world! Do ye dispute with Me about God by virtue of the names which ye and your fathers have adopted for Him at the promptings of the Evil One? God hath indeed sent down this Book unto Me with truth that ye may be enabled to recognize the true names of God, inasmuch as ye have strayed in error far from the Truth. Verily We have taken a covenant from every created thing upon its coming into being concerning the Remembrance of God, and there shall be none to avert the binding command of God for the purification of mankind, as ordained in the Book which is written by the hand of the Báb. Chapter LXVIII.Bab - Selections
ولقد فعلوا النّاس من بعد الباب فعل العجل جسدًا في جسم الانسان على شكل الحيوان خوُارًا...The people, during the absence of the Báb, re-enacted the episode of the Calf by setting up a blaring figure which embodied animal features in human form. …Bab - Selections
واذا يسئلونك النّاس عن السّاعة قل انّما علمها عند ربّي هو العالم بالغيب لا اله الاّ هو الّذي خلقكم من نفسٍ واحدةٍ وما انا املك لنفسي نفعًا ولا ضرًّا الاّ ما شاء ربّي انّه هو الغنيّ وكان الله مولاي بكلّ شيء محيطا...Whenever the people ask Thee of the appointed Hour say: Verily the knowledge of it is only with My Lord, Who is the Knower of the unseen. There is none other God but Him—He Who hath created you from a single soul, and I have no control over what profiteth Me or harmeth Me, but as My Lord pleaseth. Indeed God is Self-Sufficient and He, My Lord, standeth supreme over all things. Chapter LXIX.Bab - Selections
أَكان النّاس في عجبٍ ان اوحينا الكتاب إِلى رجل منهم ليزکّيهم ويبشّرهم على ‏قدم الصّدق ‏من ‏عند‏الله ربّهم وهو الله كان بكلّ شيء شهيدًا...Doth it seem strange to the people that We should have revealed the Book to a man from among themselves in order to purge them and give them the good tidings that they shall be rewarded with a sure stance in the presence of their Lord? He indeed beareth witness unto all things.…Bab - Selections
واذا تتلى على المشركين آيات من هذا الكتاب فيقولون ائت بفرقانٍ مثله وبدّله على غير هذه الايات قل ما قدر الله لي ان ابدّله من تلقاء نفسي الاّ انّي اتّبع ما يوحى اليّ امامي اني قد خشيت من ربّي في يوم الفصل الّذي قد كان بالحقّ على الحقّ ميقاتًاWhen the verses of this Book are recited to the infidels they say: “Give us a book like the Qur’án and make changes in the verses.” Say: “God hath not given Me that I should change them at My pleasure.” I follow only what is revealed unto Me. Verily, I shall fear My Lord on the Day of Separation, whose advent He hath, in very truth, irrevocably ordained. Chapter LXXI.Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض الله الحقّ بالحقّ يقول ان الذّكر لحقٌّ من عند الله وما كان بعد الحقّ الاّ الضّلال الاّ النّار محتومًا...O peoples of the earth! Verily the true God calleth saying: He Who is the Remembrance is indeed the sovereign Truth from God, and naught remaineth beyond truth but error, and naught is there beyond error save fire, irrevocably ordained.…Bab - Selections
يا قرّة العين اشر بالحقّ الى صدرك الحقّ ثمّ قل بالله الحقّ هنالك الولاية لله الحقّ انا الّذي قد كنت خير ثوابًا وانا الّذي قد كنت خير مآبًا...O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Point to Thy truthful breast through the power of truth and exclaim: I swear by the One true God, herein lieth the vicegerency of God; I am indeed the One Who is regarded as the Best Reward and I am indeed He Who is the Most Excellent Abode. Chapter LXXII.Bab - Selections
يا ايّها المؤمنون لا تقولوا على كلمة الشّرك بعد الحقّ فانّ الفرقان من قبل قد بلّغكم الى الحقّ حكم الباب ‏محمودًا فوربكم انّ ‏هذا الكتاب ‏هو الفرقان من ‏قبل اتّقوا الله‏ ولا تكفرنّ ببعض الكتاب بعد الثّواب لبعضه وانّ ربّكم الله لهو الغنيّ وهو الله كان بكلّ شيء شهيدًا...O ye concourse of the believers! Utter not words of denial against Me once the Truth is made manifest, for indeed the mandate of the Báb hath befittingly been proclaimed unto you in the Qur’án aforetime. I swear by your Lord, this Book is verily the same Qur’án which was sent down in the past. Chapter LXXXI.Bab - Selections
يا ثمرة الفؤاد فاسمع هذا النّداء من هذه الورقاء ‏المغنّية في جوّ العماء انّ الله قد اوحی إِليّ بالحقّ إنّي انا الله الّذي لا اله الاّ هو وهو الله كان عزيزًا حكيمًاO Thou cherished Fruit of the heart! Give ear to the melodies of this mystic Bird warbling in the loftiest heights of heaven. The Lord hath, in truth, inspired Me to proclaim: Verily, verily, I am God, He besides Whom there is none other God. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.Bab - Selections
يا عبادي فارغبوا إِلى ثواب الاكبر هذا فانّي قد خلقت للذّكر جنّات لا يعلمها سواي وما حلّلت منها شيئًا لنفسٍ الاّ بعد القتل في سبيله فارقبوا هذا الثّواب الاكبر من عند الله العليّ وهو الله كان عليًّا عظيمًا ولو شئنا لجعلنا النّاس في حول الذّكر امّةً واحدةً ولا يزالون مختلفين الاّ ما قضى الله بالحقّ وقد كان الامر عند الذّكر بالحقّ على الحقّ مقضيًّا...O My servants! Seek ye earnestly this highest reward, as I have indeed created for the Remembrance of God gardens which remain inscrutable to anyone save Myself, and naught therein hath been made lawful unto anyone except those whose lives have been sacrificed in His Path. Hence beseech ye God, the Most Exalted, that He may grant you this meritorious reward, and He is in truth the Most High, the Most Great. Had it been Our wish, We would have brought all men into one fold round Our Remembrance, yet they will not cease to differ, unless God accomplish what He willeth through the power of truth. In the estimation of the Remembrance this commandment hath, in very truth, been irrevocably ordained.…Bab - Selections
وانّ الله قد جعلك على الحقّ بالحقّ منذرًا وعلى المؤمنين هاديًا وعلى سرّ الكتاب مهديًّا...God hath indeed chosen Thee to warn the people, to guide the believers aright and to elucidate the secrets of the Book. Chapter LXXXV.Bab - Selections
انّا نحن لو نشاء لهدينا الارض ومن عليها على حرفٍ من الامر اقرب من لمح العين جميعًا...Should it be Our wish, it is in Our power to compel, through the agency of but one letter of Our Revelation, the world and all that is therein to recognize, in less than the twinkling of an eye, the truth of Our Cause.…Bab - Selections
ولقد استهزئ برسل من قبلك وما انت الاّ عبد الله على الحقّ فسوف نملي الّذين كفروا بما قد فعلوا بايديهم وانّ الله لا يظلم بشيء على شيء قطميرًا...Truly other apostles have been laughed to scorn before Thee, and Thou art none other but the Servant of God, sustained by the power of Truth. Erelong We shall prolong the days of such as have rejected the Truth by reason of that which their hands have wrought, and verily God will not deal unjustly with anyone, even to the extent of a speck on a date-stone. Chapter LXXXVII.Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض تالله الحقّ انّ ‏حجّة ‏الذّكر كالشّمس ‏المضيئة الّتي ‏قد ‏امسكها ‏الرّحمن‏ في السّماء‏ على ‏الخطّ ‏الاستواء‏ في نقطة الزّوال قد كان مرفوعًا...O ye peoples of the earth! By the righteousness of God, the True One, the testimony shown forth by His Remembrance is like unto a sun which the hand of the merciful Lord hath raised high in the midmost heart of the heaven, wherefrom it shineth in the plenitude of its meridian splendor.…Bab - Selections
وما ارسلنا من نبيٍّ الاّ وقد اخذناه بالعهد للذّكر ويومه الاّ انّ ذكر الله ويومه في المنظر الاعلى لدى ملائكة العرش قد كان بالحقّ‏ على الحقّ مشهودًا...With each and every Prophet Whom We have sent down in the past, We have established a separate Covenant concerning the Remembrance of God and His Day. Manifest, in the realm of glory and through the power of truth, are the Remembrance of God and His Day before the eyes of the angels that circle His mercy-seat. Chapter XCI.Bab - Selections
يا ساعة الفجر اذكري قبل طلوع الشّمس من مطلع الباب فان يوم الله قد كان اقرب من اللّمح وقد كان الحكم في امّ الكتاب مقضيًّا...O hour of the Dawn! Ere the resplendent glory of the divine Luminary sheddeth its radiance from the Dayspring of this Gate, call thou to mind that the appointed Day of God will indeed be at hand in less than the twinkling of an eye. Thus hath the decree of God been issued in the Mother Book. Chapter XCIV.Bab - Selections
یا ایّها المؤمنون ما نزّل الله آیةً فی الکتاب و لا الآفاق و لا فی الانفص الّا لیعلموا النّاس بالحقّ انّ الذّکر لحقّ ‏من‏ عند ‏الله‏ وهو الله‏ كان بكلّ شيء علی ‏الحقّ القديم ‏عليما...O concourse of the faithful! Verily the object of each and every sign revealed by God in the Scriptures or in the world at large or in the hearts of men is but to make them fully realize that this Remembrance is indeed the True One from God. Verily God is cognizant of all things through the power of eternal Truth.…Bab - Selections
يا اهل العرش اسمعوا ندائي من حول النّار انّي انا الله لا اله الاّ انا فاعبدني واقم الصّلوة للذّكر الاكبر خالصًا من دون النّاس فانّ ربّكم الله الحقّ لحقّ وانّ الّذين تدعون من دونه فاولئك اصحاب النّار على العدل وانّ الذّكر قد كان على الصّراط الخالص بالخطّ القيّم حول النّار مستقيمًا...O ye that circle the throne of glory! Hearken unto My Call which is raised from the midst of the Burning Bush, “Verily I am God and there is none other God but Me. Hence worship Me, and for the sake of Him Who is the Most Great Remembrance, offer ye prayers, purged from the insinuations of the people, for verily your Lord, the One true God, is none other than the Sovereign Truth. Indeed such as invoke others besides Him are deservedly numbered among the inmates of the fire, while He Who is the Remembrance of God verily abideth, firm and undeviating, on the Path of Truth amidst the Burning Bush.…”Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض ‏لا تسلكوا مع الذّكر الاكبر ممّا قد فعلت الاميّة بالحسين على غير الحقّ في الارض المقدّسة تالله الحقّ انّه هو الحقّ وكان الله عليه شهيدا...O peoples of the earth! Inflict not upon the Most Great Remembrance what the Umayyads cruelly inflicted upon Husayn in the Holy Land. By the righteousness of God, the True One, He is indeed the Eternal Truth, and unto Him God, verily, is a witness. Chapter XVII.Bab - Selections
وانّ الله قد عرض ولايتنا على السّموات والارض والجبال فابين ان يحملنها واشفقن منها فحملها الانسان ذكر الله الكبير هذا علّيًا ولذا قد‏ كان في كتاب الله الحفيظ على اسم ‏المحيط ظلومًا وفي ايدي النّاس ممّن لا يعرفه من حكم الكتاب على حكم الكتاب جهولاً...God had, in truth, proposed Our Mission unto the heavens and the earth and the mountains, but they refused to bear it and were afraid thereof. However, Man, this ‘Alí, Who is none other but the Great Remembrance of God, undertook to bear it. Hence God, the All-Encompassing, hath referred to Him in His Preserved Book as the “Wronged One,” and by reason of His being undistinguished before the eyes of men, He hath, according to the judgment of the Book, been entitled “the Unknown.”…Bab - Selections
فسوف نعذّب الّذين حاربوا الحسين على ارض ‏الفرات من اشدّ العذاب وبأس النّكال على الحقّ بالحقّ عظيمًا...Erelong We will, in very truth, torment such as waged war against Husayn [Imám Husayn], in the Land of the Euphrates, with the most afflictive torment, and the most dire and exemplary punishment.…Bab - Selections
الله يعلم قلب الحسين وحرّه من العطش العظيم وصبره في الله الاحد القديم وقد كان الله عليه بالحقّ شهيدًا…God knoweth well the heart of Husayn, the heat of His burning thirst and His long-suffering for the sake of God, the Incomparable, the Ancient of Days; and unto Him God is verily a witness. Chapter XII.Bab - Selections
اسمع نداء ربّك على جبل السّيناء انّه لا اله الاّ هو وانا العليّ بما قد قدّر الله في امّ الكتاب مستورًا...Hearken unto the Voice of Thy Lord calling from Mount Sinai, “Verily there is no God but Him, and I am the Most Exalted One Who hath been veiled in the Mother Book according to the dispensations of Providence.” Chapter XIX.Bab - Selections
هذا كتاب قد انزلناه مبارك بالحقّ مصدّق على الحقّ ليعلم النّاس انّ حجّة الله في شأن الذّكر كمثل حجّته لمحمّد خاتم النّبيين وقد كان الأمر في امّ الكتاب عظيمًا...This Book which We have sent down is indeed abounding in blessings and beareth witness to the Truth, so that the people may realize that the conclusive Proof of God in favor of His Remembrance is similar to the one wherewith Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets, was invested, and verily great is the Cause as ordained in the Mother Book. Chapter LXVI.Bab - Selections
انّ هذا الذّكر بقيّة الانوار وهو خيرٌ لكم ان كنتم بالله العلّي بالحقّ على الحقّ امينًا...This Remembrance is indeed the glorious Remnant of the Light of God, and He will be best for you, if ye in very truth remain faithful to God, the Most Exalted.…Bab - Selections
وانّا نحن قد ارسلناك الى كافّة الخلق باذن الله بآياتنا وسلطان الاكبر هذا الّذي قد كان على الحقّ بالحقّ امينًا...We have in truth sent Thee forth unto all men, by the leave of God, invested with Our signs and reinforced by Our unsurpassed sovereignty. He is indeed the appointed Bearer of the Trust of God.…Bab - Selections
يا قرّة العين فاستقم كما امرت ولا تحزن عن المشركين وكلمتهم فانّ الله ربّك بالحقّ الاكبر يقضي يوم القيمة فيهم وهو الله كان على كلّ شيء شهيدًا...O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Persevere steadfastly as Thou art bidden and let not the faithless amongst men nor their utterances grieve Thee, since Thy Lord shall, by the righteousness of God, the Most Great, pass judgment upon them on the Day of Resurrection, and surely God witnesseth all things. Chapter LXXXIV.Bab - Selections
انّ هذا الدّين عند الله سرّ دين محمّد فاسرعوا الى الجنّة والرّضوان الاكبر عند الله الحقّ ان كنتم باياته على الحقّ بالحقّ صابرًا وشكورًا...This Religion is indeed, in the sight of God, the essence of the Faith of Muhammad; haste ye then to attain the celestial Paradise and the all-highest Garden of His good-pleasure in the presence of the One True God, could ye but be patient and thankful before the evidences of the signs of God. Chapter XLVIII.Bab - Selections
يا عبادي هذه ايّام الله الّذي قد وعدكم الرّحمن في كتابه فاذكروا الله في سبيل هذا الذّكر الاكبر على الحقّ بالحقّ كثيرًا...O My servants! This is God’s appointed Day which the merciful Lord hath promised you in His Book; wherefore, in very truth, glorify ye abundantly the name of God while treading the Path of the Most Great Remembrance.…Bab - Selections
وانّ الله قد اذن الذّكر في الكلام بما شاء على ما شاء وما شاء في شيء الاّ كما شئنا على الحقّ وانّ الله كان بكلّ شيء شهيدًا...Verily God hath granted leave to His Remembrance to say whatsoever He willeth in whatever manner He pleaseth. Indeed whatsoever He chooseth is none other than what is chosen by Us. The Lord, in truth, witnesseth all things. Chapter LXXXVII.Bab - Selections
وانّا نحن قد تكلّمنا في الشّجرة الطّور باذن الله لموسى وانّا قد اظهرناك من نور اقلّ من سمّ الابرة على الطّور ومن عليها فاندكّ الجبل وقد كانت هبآءً منثورًا...Indeed We conversed with Moses by the leave of God from the midst of the Burning Bush in the Sinai and revealed an infinitesimal glimmer of Thy Light upon the Mystic Mount and its dwellers, whereupon the Mount shook to its foundations and was crushed into dust.…Bab - Selections
يا اهل الارض فوربكم انّكم ستفعلون ما فعل القرون فانذروا انفسكم بانتقام الله الكبير الاكبر فانّ الله قد كان على كلّ شيء قديرًا...O peoples of the earth! I swear by your Lord! Ye shall act as former generations have acted. Warn ye, then, yourselves of the terrible, the most grievous vengeance of God. For God is, verily, potent over all things. Chapter LIII.Bab - Selections
يا قرّة العين انّك انت النّبأ العظيم في الملأ الأعلى وعلى ذلك الاسم عند اهل العرش قد كنت بالحقّ معروفاO Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! I recognize in Thee none other except the “Great Announcement”—the Announcement voiced by the Concourse on high. By this name, I bear witness, they that circle the Throne of Glory have ever known Thee.Bab - Selections
يا ايّها المؤمنون ءَانتم لفي شك ممّا يدعوكم الذّكر اليه وانّه الحقّ بالحقّ قد كان في الحقّ مشهودًا أاَفبالباب شك انّه قد كان ممسك السّموات والارض باذننا وانّ الله كان بما تعملون خبيرًا...O concourse of the believers! Do ye harbor any doubt as to that whereunto the Remembrance of God doth summon you? By the righteousness of the One true God, He is none other than the sovereign Truth Who hath been made manifest through the power of Truth. Are ye in doubt concerning the Báb? Verily He is the One Who holdeth, by Our leave, the kingdoms of earth and heaven in His grasp, and the Lord is in truth fully aware of what ye are doing.…Bab - Selections
وما انا الاّ بشر مثلكم يمنّ الله عليّ كما شاء بما شاء وما كان لامر ربّكم الرّحمن في امّ الكتاب تحديدًا...Indeed I am but a man like unto you. However, God bestoweth upon Me whatever favors He willeth as He pleaseth, and that which your Lord hath decreed in the Mother Book is unbounded. Chapter LXXXVIII.Bab - Selections
انّ الله قد اوحى اليّ على الحقّ في بيت الكعبة انّي انا الله لا اله الاّ انا قد اصطنعتك لنفسي واخترت الذّكر لنفسك فما من نفس قد اطاعك في سبيل الباب الاّ فله قد‏ كان اجر الآخرة بالحقّ على الحقّ مكتوبًا...فاذا قضى حكم الذّكر قد حكم الكتاب على حكم الواقعة العظيمة باذن الله وهو الله كان على كلّ شيء قديرًا...God, of a truth, revealed unto Me in the sacred house of the Ka‘bah, “Verily, I am God, no God is there but Me. I have singled Thee out for Myself and have chosen Thee as the Remembrance. Indeed, whosoever beareth allegiance unto Thee by walking in the way of the Báb, for him the recompense of the next world hath surely been prescribed.…” It is ordained in the Book that upon the realization of the Cause of the Remembrance, the Most Great Event will have come to pass according to the dispensation of Providence, and God, truly, is potent over all things. Chapter LXXIX.Bab - Selections
يا قرّة العين قل انّي انا النّبأ العظيم الّذي قد كان في امّ الكتاب مذكورًا قل اختلفوا الكلّ فيّ وانّي ما كنت مختلفا على الباب بالحقّ على الحقّ وكفى بالله الحقّ شهيدًا...O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Say: Verily I am the One Who is hailed in the Mother Book as the “Great Announcement.” Say: The people have grievously differed over Me, whereas in truth there is no difference between Me and the Báb; and God, the Eternal Truth, is sufficient witness. Chapter LXXVII.Bab - Selections
قل انّي انا البيت قد كنت بالحقّ مرفوعًا وانّي انا المصباح في المشكوة قد كنت بالله الحقّ على الحقّ مضيئًا وانّي انا النّار في النّور على نور الطّور في ارض السّرور قد كنت حول النّار مخفيًّا...I am the Mystic Fane which the Hand of Omnipotence hath reared. I am the Lamp which the Finger of God hath lit within its niche and caused to shine with deathless splendor. I am the Flame of that supernal Light that glowed upon Sinai in the gladsome Spot, and lay concealed in the midst of the Burning Bush. Chapter XCIV.Bab - Selections
وانّا نحن قد اوحينا على كلّ النّبيّين بالحقّ على سبيل هذا الذّكر بالقسط الخالص وهو الله كان بالعالمين محيطًا...As a token of pure justice, We have indeed sent tidings unto every Prophet concerning the Cause of Our Remembrance, and verily God is supreme over all the peoples of the world. Chapter LXXXIII.Bab - Selections
مستخرجاتى از كتاب بيان فارسیExcerpts from the Persian BayánBab - Selections
اگر نفسى نفسى را هدايت نمايد بهتر است از براى او از اينكه مالك شود ما على الارض كلاًّ را زيرا كه اگر هدايت نمود ‏آن نفس را تا آنكه آن نفس در ظلّ شجره توحيد است رحمت خداوند بهر دو ميرسد والاّ تملك ما على الارض در حين موت از او منقطع ميگردد ولى سبيل هدايت از ‏‏روى ‏حبّ ورأفت بوده نه شدّت وسطوت‏ هذا ‏سنّة ‏الله‏ من ‏قبل ‏ومن ‏بعد يدخل من يشاء فى ‏رحمته انّه ولىّ ‏كريمIt is better to guide one soul than to possess all that is on earth, for as long as that guided soul is under the shadow of the Tree of Divine Unity, he and the one who hath guided him will both be recipients of God’s tender mercy, whereas possession of earthly things will cease at the time of death. The path to guidance is one of love and compassion, not of force and coercion. This hath been God’s method in the past, and shall continue to be in the future! He causeth him whom He pleaseth to enter the shadow of His Mercy. Verily, He is the Supreme Protector, the All-Generous.Bab - Selections
وهيچ‏ جنّتى ‏اعظم ‌تر از براى هيچ نفسی‏ نيست ‏كه در حين‏ ظهور الله ادراك نمايد او را وآيات او را بشنود وايمان آورد وبلقاء او كه لقاء الله است فائز گردد ودر رضاى او كه بحر محيط بر رضوان است سير نمايد وبآلاء جنّت فردانيّت متلذّذ گردد...There is no paradise more wondrous for any soul than to be exposed to God’s Manifestation in His Day, to hear His verses and believe in them, to attain His presence, which is naught but the presence of God, to sail upon the sea of the heavenly kingdom of His good-pleasure, and to partake of the choice fruits of the paradise of His divine Oneness. II, 16.1Bab - Selections
وعبادت كن خدا را بشأنى كه اگر جزاى عبادت تو را در نار برد تغييرى در پرستش تو او را بهم نرسد واگر در جنّت برد همچنين زيرا كه اين است شأن استحقاق عبادت مر خدا را وحده واگر از خوف ‏عبادت كنى لايق بساط قدس الهى نبوده ونيست وحكم توحيد نميشود در حقّ تو وهمچنين‏ اگر نظر در جنّت كنى وبرجاء آن عبادت كنى شريك گردانيدهٔ خلق خدا را با او اگر چه خلق محبوب او است كه جنّت باشدWorship thou God in such wise that if thy worship lead thee to the fire, no alteration in thine adoration would be produced, and so likewise if thy recompense should be paradise. Thus and thus alone should be the worship which befitteth the one True God. Shouldst thou worship Him because of fear, this would be unseemly in the sanctified Court of His presence, and could not be regarded as an act by thee dedicated to the Oneness of His Being. Or if thy gaze should be on paradise, and thou shouldst worship Him while cherishing such a hope, thou wouldst make God’s creation a partner with Him, notwithstanding the fact that paradise is desired by men.Bab - Selections
زيرا كه نار وجنّت هر دو عابدند خدا را وساجدند از برای او وآنچه سزاوار است ذات او را عبادت او است باستحقاق بلا خوف از نار ورجاء در جنّتFire and paradise both bow down and prostrate themselves before God. That which is worthy of His Essence is to worship Him for His sake, without fear of fire, or hope of paradise.Bab - Selections
اگر چه بعد از تحقّق عبادت عابد محفوظ از نار ودر جنّت رضاى او بوده وهست ولى سبب نفس عبادت نگردد ‏كه آن در مقام خود از فضل وجود حقّ بر آنچه حكمت الهيّه مقتضى شده جارى ميگرددAlthough when true worship is offered, the worshipper is delivered from the fire, and entereth the paradise of God’s good-pleasure, yet such should not be the motive of his act. However, God’s favor and grace ever flow in accordance with the exigencies of His inscrutable wisdom.Bab - Selections
واحبّ صلوة صلوتى است كه از روى روح وريحان شود وتطويل محبوب نبوده ونيست وهر چه مجرّد وجوهرتر باشد عند الله محبوبتر بوده وهست...The most acceptable prayer is the one offered with the utmost spirituality and radiance; its prolongation hath not been and is not beloved by God. The more detached and the purer the prayer, the more acceptable is it in the presence of God. VII, 19.Bab - Selections
يوم قيامت يومى است مثل امروز شمس طالع ميگردد وغارب چه بسا وقتى كه قيامت بر پا ميشود در آن ارضى كه قيامت بر پا ميشود خود اهل آن مطّلع نميشوند چونكه اگر بشوند تصديق نميكنند از اين جهت بايشان نميگويندThe Day of Resurrection is a day on which the sun riseth and setteth like unto any other day. How oft hath the Day of Resurrection dawned, and the people of the land where it occurred did not learn of the event. Had they heard, they would not have believed, and thus they were not told!Bab - Selections
مثل ظهور رسول‏ الله (ص)‏ چونكه نتوانستند متحمّل شد بغير مؤمنين نفرمودند ظهور قيامت را وآن يومى است بسيار عظيم شجرهٔ كه لم يزل نطق او انّنى انا الله لا اله الاّ انا بوده ظاهر ميشود وكلّ محتجبين گمان ميكنند كه آن نفسى است مثل خود واسم مؤمن كه در ملك او الى ما لا نهايه بادنى مؤمنين باو در ظهور قبل او صدق ميشود از او منع مينمايند چنانچه در ظهور رسول الله (ص) اگر آن حضرت را مثل يكى از مؤمنين زمان خود ميدانستند چگونه هفت سال در جبل حايل ميشدند ما بين او وبيت او وهمچنين در ظهور نقطه بيان اگر اين اسم را منع نميكردند چگونه ميتوانستند در جبل ساكن كنند وحال آنكه كينونيّت ايمان بقول او خلق ميشود اين است كه چون اعين افئده ندارند نمى بينند وآنها كه دارند كه مثل پروانه در حول مصباح حقيقت طواف نموده تا سوزند از اين جهت است كه يوم قيامت را اعظم از هر يومى گفته والاّ يومى است مثل كلّ ايّام...When the Apostle of God [Muhammad] appeared, He did not announce unto the unbelievers that the Resurrection had come, for they could not bear the news. That Day is indeed an infinitely mighty Day, for in it the Divine Tree proclaimeth from eternity unto eternity, “Verily, I am God. No God is there but Me.” Yet those who are veiled believe that He is one like unto them, and they refuse even to call Him a believer, although such a title in the realm of His heavenly Kingdom is conferred everlastingly upon the most insignificant follower of His previous Dispensation. Thus, had the people in the days of the Apostle of God regarded Him at least as a believer of their time how would they have debarred Him, for seven years while He was in the mountain, from access to His Holy House [Ka‘bah]? Likewise in this Dispensation of the Point of the Bayán, if the people had not refused to concede the name believer unto Him, how could they have incarcerated Him on this mountain, without realizing that the quintessence of belief oweth its existence to a word from Him? Their hearts are deprived of the power of true insight, and thus they cannot see, while those endowed with the eyes of the spirit circle like moths round the Light of Truth until they are consumed. It is for this reason that the Day of Resurrection is said to be the greatest of all days, yet it is like unto any other day. VIII, 9.Bab - Selections
هيچ جنّتى از نفس عمل باوامر الله اعلى ‌تر نبوده نزد موحّدين وهيچ نارى اشدّ از تجاوز از حدود الله وتعدّى نفسى بر نفسى نبوده اگر چه بقدر خردلى باشد در نزد عالمين بالله وآيات او والله يفصل يوم القيمة بين الكلّ بالحقّ وانّا كلّ من فضله سائلون...There is no paradise, in the estimation of the believers in the Divine Unity, more exalted than to obey God’s commandments, and there is no fire in the eyes of those who have known God and His signs, fiercer than to transgress His laws and to oppress another soul, even to the extent of a mustard seed. On the Day of Resurrection God will, in truth, judge all men, and we all verily plead for His grace. V, 19.Bab - Selections
خداوند دوست ميدارد مطهرّين را وهيچ شأن در بيان احبّ نزد خداوند نيست از طهارت ولطافت ونظافتGod loveth those who are pure. Naught in the Bayán and in the sight of God is more loved than purity and immaculate cleanliness.…Bab - Selections
وخداوند در بيان دوست نميدارد كه شاهد شود بر نفسى دون روح وريحان را ودوست ميدارد كه كلّ با منتهاى طهارت معنوى وصورى در هر حال باشند كه نفوس ايشان از خود ايشان كره نداشته باشد چگونه وديگری...God desireth not to see, in the Dispensation of the Bayán, any soul deprived of joy and radiance. He indeed desireth that under all conditions, all may be adorned with such purity, both inwardly and outwardly, that no repugnance may be caused even to themselves, how much less unto others. V, 14.Bab - Selections
همچنين در ظهور نقطه بيان مشاهده كن عبادى هستند كه هر شب تا صبح بذكر خدا مشغولند ولى ‏شمس ‏‏حقيقت ‏قريب بارتفاع گشته در سماء ظهور وهنوز آنها از سر سجّاده خود حركت ننموده واگر آيات بديعه بر آن خوانده شود ميگويد مرا از ذكر خدا باز مدار اى محتجب تو ذكر خدا را ميكنى واز كسى كه اين ذكر را تجلّى در تو نموده چرا محتجبى اگر قبل نازل نفرموده بود فاذكروا الله كجا تو ميدانستى كه ذكر كنى وكجا ميكردىLikewise consider the manifestation of the Point of the Bayán. There are people who every night until morning busy themselves with the worship of God, and even at present when the Daystar of Truth is nearing its zenith in the heaven of its Revelation, they have not yet left their prayer rugs. If anyone of them ever heard the wondrous verses of God recited unto him, he would exclaim: “Why dost thou keep me back from offering my prayers?” O thou who art wrapt in veils! If thou makest mention of God, wherefore sufferest thou thyself to be shut out from Him Who hath kindled the light of worship in thy heart? If He had not previously revealed the injunction: “Verily, make ye mention of God,” what would have prompted thee to offer devotion unto God, and whereunto wouldst thou turn in prayer?Bab - Selections
بدانكه اگر ذكر كنى من يظهره الله را آنوقت ذكر كردهٔ خدا را وهمچنين اگر آيات بيان را بشنوى وتصديق كنى آنوقت آيات خدا ترا نفع ميدهد والاّ چه ثمر در حقّ تو از اوّل عمر تا آخر عمر يك سجده كن وهمه را بذكر الله بگذران ولى مؤمن مباش بمظهر آن ظهور ببين نفع مى بخشد ترا ولى اگر شناسى او را وعارف شوى بحقّ او وبگويد قبول كردم كلّ عمر تو را در ذكر خود هر آينه ذاكر بودۀ او را بمنتهاى ذكر زيرا كه تو عمل ميكنى از براى آنكه خدا قبول كند وقبولى خداوند ظاهر نميگردد الاّ بقبولى ظاهر بظهور مثلاً اگر امرى را رسول خدا (صَ) قبول نمود خدا قبول فرموده والاّ در هواى نفس اون عامل مانده واِلى الله راجع نگشته وهمچنين اگر عملى را نقطه بيان قبول نمود خدا قبول فرموده زيرا كه سبيلى از براى امكان بسوى ذات ازل نيست الاّ آنكه آنچه نازل ميشود از مظهر ظهور شود وآنچه صاعد ميگردد الى مظهر ظهور شودKnow thou of a certainty that whenever thou makest mention of Him Whom God shall make manifest, only then art thou making mention of God. In like manner shouldst thou hearken unto the verses of the Bayán and acknowledge its truth, only then would the revealed verses of God profit thee. Otherwise what benefit canst thou derive therefrom? For wert thou to prostrate thyself in adoration from the beginning of life till the end and to spend thy days for the sake of God’s remembrance, but disbelieve in the Exponent of His Revelation for the age, dost thou imagine that thy deeds would confer any benefit upon thee? On the other hand, if thou believest in Him and dost recognize Him with true understanding, and He saith: “I have accepted thine entire life spent in My adoration,” then assuredly hast thou been worshiping Him most ardently. Thy purpose in performing thy deeds is that God may graciously accept them; and divine acceptance can in no wise be achieved except through the acceptance of Him Who is the Exponent of His Revelation. For instance, if the Apostle of God—may divine blessings rest upon Him—accepted a certain deed, in truth God accepted it; otherwise it hath remained within the selfish desires of the person who wrought it, and did not reach the presence of God. Likewise, any act which is accepted by the Point of the Bayán is accepted by God, inasmuch as the contingent world hath no other access unto the presence of the Ancient of Days. Whatever is sent down cometh through the Exponent of His Revelation, and whatever ascendeth, ascendeth unto the Exponent of His Revelation. VIII, 19.Bab - Selections
وشبههٔ نيست در اينكه خداوند اين آيات را نازل فرمود بر او بمثل آنكه بر رسول خدا (ص( نازل فرموده چنانچه حال بمثل اين آيات بقدر صد هزار بيت در ميان خلق منتشر است بغير صحف ومناجات او وصور علميّه وحكميّه او ودر عرض پنج ساعت هزار بيت از نزد او ظاهر ميگردد يا باسرع طوريكه كاتب نزد او بتواند تحرير نمايد آيات الله را قرائت مينمايد ميتوان ميزان گرفت كه هر گاه از اوّل ظهور تا امروز ميگذاشتند چقدر از آثار از نزد او منتشر شده بودThere is no doubt that the Almighty hath sent down these verses unto Him [the Báb], even as He sent down unto the Apostle of God. Indeed no less than a hundred thousand verses similar to these have already been disseminated among the people, not to mention His epistles, His prayers or His learned and philosophical treatises. He revealeth no less than a thousand verses within the space of five hours. He reciteth verses at a speed consonant with the capacity of His amanuensis to set them down. Thus, it may well be considered that if from the inception of this Revelation until now He had been left unhindered, how vast then would have been the volume of writings disseminated from His pen.Bab - Selections
وهر گاه ميگوئيد كه اين آيات بنفسها حجّت نميشود نظر كنيد در قرآن هر گاه خداوند در مقام اثبات نبوّت رسول خدا (ص) بغير آيات احتجاج فرموده شماها هم تأمّل نمائيد...If ye contend that these verses cannot, of themselves, be regarded as a proof, scan the pages of the Qur’án. If God hath established therein any evidence other than the revealed verses to demonstrate the validity of the prophethood of His Apostle—may the blessings of God rest upon Him—ye may then have your scruples about Him.…Bab - Selections
ودر مقام كفايت كتاب نازل فرموده اولم يكفهم انّا انزلنا عليك الكتاب يتلى عليهم انّ فى ذلك لرحمة وذكرى لقوم يؤمنون وجائيكه خداوند شهادت داده بكفايت كتاب بنفس آيات چگونه كسى ميتواند بگويد كفايت نميكند حجيّت كتاب بنفسه...Concerning the sufficiency of the Book as a proof, God hath revealed: “Is it not enough for them that We have sent down unto Thee the Book to be recited to them? In this verily is a mercy and a warning to those who believe.”1 When God hath testified that the Book is a sufficient testimony, as is affirmed in the text, how can one dispute this truth by saying that the Book in itself is not a conclusive proof?… II, 1.Bab - Selections
ولى چون آن روزى است عظيم بسيار صعب است كه توانى با مؤمنين بود زيرا كه مؤمن آن روز اصحاب جنّت است ودون مؤمن اصحاب نار وجنّت را معرفت من يظهره الله يقين كن وطاعت او ونار را وجود من لم يسجد له ورضاى او چه در آن يوم خود گمان ميكنى كه از اهل جنّت ومؤمن باو هستى وليكن محتجب ميشوى ودر اصل نار مقرّ تو است وتو خود نميدانیSince that Day is a great Day it would be sorely trying for thee to identify thyself with the believers. For the believers of that Day are the inmates of Paradise, while the unbelievers are the inmates of the fire. And know thou of a certainty that by Paradise is meant recognition of and submission unto Him Whom God shall make manifest, and by the fire the company of such souls as would fail to submit unto Him or to be resigned to His good-pleasure. On that Day thou wouldst regard thyself as the inmate of Paradise and as a true believer in Him, whereas in reality thou wouldst suffer thyself to be wrapt in veils and thy habitation would be the nethermost fire, though thou thyself wouldst not be cognizant thereof.Bab - Selections
تصوّر كن ظهور او را مثل ظهور نقطه فرقان كه چقدر از حروف انجيل منتظر بودند او را ولى بعد از ظهور اصحاب جنّت نبود تا پنج سال الاّ امير المؤمنين (ع) وهر كه در آن يوم مؤمن بحضرت بود سرًّا وكلّ اصحاب نار بودند وگمان ميكردند كه اصحاب جنّتندCompare His manifestation with that of the Point of the Qur’án. How vast the number of the Letters of the Gospel who eagerly expected Him, yet from the time of His declaration up to five years no one became an inmate of Paradise, except the Commander of the Faithful [Imám ‘Alí], and those who secretly believed in Him. All the rest were accounted as inmates of the fire, though they considered themselves as dwellers in Paradise.Bab - Selections
وهمچنين در اين ظهور مشاهده كن كه تا امروز با تدابير الهيّه جواهر خلق را حركت داده تا آنكه سيصد وسيزده نفر نقبا گرفته شد در ارض صاد كه بظاهر اعظم اراضى است ودر هر گوشه مدرسه آن لا يحصى عبادى هستند كه باسم علم واجتهاد مذكور در وقت جوهرگيرى گندم پاك كن او قميص نقابت را می ‌پوشد اين است سرّ كلام اهل بيت (ع) در ظهور كه ميگردد اسفل خلق اعلاى خلق واعلاى خلق اسفل خلقLikewise behold this Revelation. The essences of the people have, through divinely conceived designs, been set in motion and until the present day three hundred and thirteen disciples have been chosen. In the land of Sád [Isfahán], which to outward seeming is a great city, in every corner of whose seminaries are vast numbers of people regarded as divines and doctors, yet when the time came for inmost essences to be drawn forth, only its sifter of wheat donned the robe of discipleship. This is the mystery of what was uttered by the kindred of the Prophet Muhammad—upon them be the peace of God—concerning this Revelation, saying that the abased shall be exalted and the exalted shall be abased.Bab - Selections
وهمين قسم در ظهور من يظهره الله بين اشخاصى كه خطور نميكند بر قلوب ايشان دون رضاى خدا را وكلّ بتبعيّت ايشان ميكنند در ورع چه بسا اصل نار ميگردند اگر ايمان باو نياورند وعبادى كه كسى خطور شأن در حق ايشان نميكند چه بسا بشرف ايمان قميص ولايت از مبدء جود می ‌پوشند زيرا كه بقول او خلق ميشود آنچه در دين خلق ميشودLikewise is the Revelation of Him Whom God shall make manifest. Among those to whom it will never occur that they might merit the displeasure of God, and whose pious deeds will be exemplary unto everyone, there will be many who will become the personification of the nethermost fire itself, when they fail to embrace His Cause; while among the lowly servants whom no one would imagine to be of any merit, how great the number who will be honored with true faith and on whom the Fountainhead of generosity will bestow the robe of authority. For whatever is created in the Faith of God is created through the potency of His Word. VIII, 14.Bab - Selections
در ظهور رسول الله كلّ منتظر او بودند ولى در حين ظهور شنيدى كه با او چه كردند وحال ‏آنكه اگر او را در خواب ميديدند بآن خواب افتخارها ميكردندIn the manifestation of the Apostle of God all were eagerly awaiting Him, yet thou hast heard how He was treated at the time of His appearance, in spite of the fact that if ever they beheld Him in their dreams they would take pride in them.Bab - Selections
وهمچنين در ظهور نقطه بيان كه كلّ از براى اسم او قائم ميشدند واز براى ظهور شب وروز تضرّع وابتهال می‌نمودند واگر در خواب ميديدند او را بآن خواب افتخارها مينمودند ولى حال كه باعظم حجّتى كه دين ايشان باون بر پا است ظاهر شده ومنتظرين ظهور او لا يحصى است كلّ بعد از استماع آيات او در خانه‌ هاى خود مستريح نشسته واو الآن در اين جبل ماكو است وحدهLikewise in the manifestation of the Point of the Bayán, the people stood up at the mention of His Name and fervently implored His advent night and day, and if they dreamt of Him they gloried in their dreams; yet now that He hath revealed Himself, invested with the mightiest testimony, whereby their own religion is vindicated, and despite the incalculable number of people who yearningly anticipate His coming, they are resting comfortably in their homes, after having hearkened to His verses; while He at this moment is confined in the mountain of Máh-Kú, lonely and forsaken.Bab - Selections
قدرى مراقب خود شده اى اهل بيان كه اينطور واقع نگردد كه از براى او شب وروز گريه كنيد واز براى اسم او قائم گرديد وحال كه يوم اخذ ثمره است كه از قيام باسم سبيلى بسوى مسمّى بهم رسانيد اين قسم محتجب مانيد...Take good heed of yourselves, O people of the Bayán, lest ye perform such deeds as to weep sore for His sake night and day, to stand up at the mention of His Name, yet on this Day of fruition—a Day whereon ye should not only arise at His Name, but seek a path unto Him Who personifies that Name—ye shut yourselves out from Him as by as veil. VI, 15.Bab - Selections
ثمرهٔ اين حكم آنكه در نزد ظهور من يظهره الله كلّ مربّى بتربيت بيان شده باشند تا احدى از مؤمنين ببيان از ايمان باو خارج نگردد واگر گردد حكم او حكم من لم يؤمن بالله ميگرددAt the time of the manifestation of Him Whom God shall make manifest everyone should be well trained in the teachings of the Bayán, so that none of the followers may outwardly cling to the Bayán and thus forfeit their allegiance unto Him. If anyone does so, the verdict of “disbeliever in God” shall be passed upon him.Bab - Selections
قسم بذات مقدّس الهى كه اگر كلّ در ظهور من يظهره الله بر نصرت او جمع شوند هيچ نفسى بر روى ارض نمی‌ ماند مگر آنكه داخل ‏جنّت ميگردد بل هيچ شيء مراقب نفوس خود بوده كه كلّ دين نصرت او است نه اعمالى كه در بيان نازل شده در حين ظهور او ولى قبل از ظهور هر كس ‏قدر جوى ‏تخلّف جويد از امر او تخلّف جستهI swear by the holy Essence of God, were all in the Bayán to unite in helping Him Whom God shall make manifest in the days of His Revelation, not a single soul, nay, not a created thing would remain on earth that would not gain admittance into Paradise. Take good heed of yourselves, for the sum total of the religion of God is but to help Him, rather than to observe, in the time of His appearance, such deeds as are prescribed in the Bayán. Should anyone, however, ere He manifesteth Himself, transgress the ordinances, were it to the extent of a grain of barley, he would have trangressed His command.Bab - Selections
پناه برده‏ بخدا از آنچه شما ‏را از مبدء امر دور كند واعتصام جسته بحبل او كه هر كس اعتصام ورزد بطاعت او در كلّ عوالم نجات يافته وخواهد يافتSeek ye refuge in God from whatsoever might lead you astray from the Source of His Revelation and hold fast unto His Cord, for whoso holdeth fast unto His allegiance, he hath attained and will attain salvation in all the worlds.Bab - Selections
ذلك من فضل الله يؤتيه من يشاء والله ذو الفضل العظيم...“Such is the bounty of God; to whom He will, He giveth it, and God is the Lord of grace abounding.”1 V, 5.Bab - Selections
از اوّل عمر تا آخر عمر از براى خدا عمل ميكنى ويك دفعه از برای ‌آن مظهرى كه عمل راجع باو ميگردد نميكنيد كه اگر ميكرديد در يوم قيامت اينطور مبتلا نميشديدYe perform your works for God from the beginning of your lives till the end thereof, yet not a single act is for the sake of Him Who is the Manifestation of God, to Whom every good deed reverteth. Had ye acted in such manner, ye would not have suffered so grievously on the Day of Resurrection.Bab - Selections
ببين امر چقدر عظيم است وكلّ چقدر محتجب قسم بذات مقدّس الهى كه كلّ ذكر خدا وعمل از براى او ذكر من يظهره الله وعمل از براى اوستBehold how great is the Cause, and yet how the people are wrapt in veils. I swear by the sanctified Essence of God that every true praise and deed offered unto God is naught but praise and deed offered unto Him Whom God shall make manifest.Bab - Selections
فريب بنفس خود مدهيد كه از براى خدا عمل ميكنيم كه لدون الله ميكنيد كه اگر لله كنيد از براى من يظهره الله خواهيد كرد وذاكر او خواهيد بود والاّ سکّان اين جبل هم كه هيچ نميدانند شب وروز لا اله الاّ الله ميگويند چه ثمر دارد در حق ايشان قدرى تعقّل نموده كه از مبدء امر محتجب نگرديد...Deceive not your own selves that you are being virtuous for the sake of God when you are not. For should ye truly do your works for God, ye would be performing them for Him Whom God shall make manifest and would be magnifying His Name. The dwellers of this mountain who are bereft of true understanding unceasingly utter the words, “No God is there but God”; but what benefit doth it yield them? Ponder awhile that ye may not be shut out as by a veil from Him Who is the Dayspring of Revelation. VIII, 19.Bab - Selections
خداوند در هر حال غنى بوده از خلق خود ودوست داشته وميدارد كه كلّ با منتهاى حبّ در جنّات او متصاعد گردند كه هيچ نفسى بر هيچ نفسى بقدر نفسى حزنى وارد نياورد كه كلّ در مهد امن وامان او باشند الى يوم القيمه كه آن اوّل يوم ظهور من يظهره الله استGod hath, at all times and under all conditions, been wholly independent of His creatures. He hath cherished and will ever cherish the desire that all men may attain His gardens of Paradise with utmost love, that no one should sadden another, not even for a moment, and that all should dwell within His cradle of protection and security until the Day of Resurrection which marketh the dayspring of the Revelation of Him Whom God will make manifest.Bab - Selections
وخداوند عالم هيچ نبيّ را مبعوث نفرموده وهيچ كتابى را نازل نفرموده مگر از كلّ اخذ عهد از ايمان بظهور بعد وكتاب بعد گرفته زيرا كه از براى فيض او تعطيل وحدّى نبوده...The Lord of the universe hath never raised up a prophet nor hath He sent down a Book unless He hath established His covenant with all men, calling for their acceptance of the next Revelation and of the next Book; inasmuch as the outpourings of His bounty are ceaseless and without limit. VI, 16.Bab - Selections
چقدر محتجب هستيد اى خلق...بغير حق او را در جبلى ساكن كرده ايد كه احدى از اهل آن قابل ذكر نيست ودر نزد او كه در نزد من است غير يك نفس كه از حروف حيّ كتاب من است نيست وبين يديْ او كه بين يديْ من است در ليل يك مصباح مُضيئ نيست وحال آنكه بمقاعدى كه بتعدّد درجات باو ميرسد مصابيح متعدّده مُشرق وما على الارض كه از براى او خلق شده بآلاء او متلذّذ واز او بقدر يك مصباح محتجبHow veiled are ye, O My creatures, … who, without any right, have consigned Him unto a mountain [Máh-Kú], not one of whose inhabitants is worthy of mention.… With Him, which is with Me, there is no one except him who is one of the Letters of the Living of My Book. In His presence, which is My Presence, there is not at night even a lighted lamp! And yet, in places [of worship] which in varying degrees reach out unto Him, unnumbered lamps are shining! All that is on earth hath been created for Him, and all partake with delight of His benefits, and yet they are so veiled from Him as to refuse Him even a lamp!Bab - Selections
اين است كه من شهادت ميدهم در اين روز بر خلق خود ودون شهادت من نزد من لا شيء بوده وهست وهيچ جنّتى از براى خلق من اعلاى از حضور بين يدى نفس من وايمان بآيات من نيست وهيچ نارى اشدّ از احتجاب اين خلق بمظهر نفس من وايمان نياوردن بآيات من نبوده ونيستIn this Day therefore I bear witness unto My creatures, for the witness of no one other than Myself hath been or shall ever be worthy of mention in My presence. I affirm that no Paradise is more sublime for My creatures than to stand before My face and to believe in My holy Words, while no fire hath been or will be fiercer for them than to be veiled from the Manifestation of My exalted Self and to disbelieve in My Words.Bab - Selections
اگر ميگوئيد از قبَل من چگونه تكلّم مينمايد نمی ‌بينيد آيات مرا بآنچه قبل در كتاب من گفتيد حال هم حيا نمى كنيد وحال آنكه ديديد كه ثابت شد كتاب من وامروز كلّ باو مؤمن بمن هستيد وعنقريب خواهيد ديد كه افتخار شما بايمان باين آيات است وليكن امروز كه نفع ميدهد انفس شما را اظهار ايمان بما لا ينفعكم ويضرّكم محتجب شده ايد وهيچ ضرر نرسيده ونخواهد رسيد بر مظهر نفس من وآنچه ضرر رسيده وميرسد بانفس خودتان راجع ميگردد...Ye may contend: “How doth He speak on our behalf?” Have ye not perused the unseemly words ye uttered in the past, as reflected in the text of My Book, and still ye feel not ashamed? Ye have now seen the truth of My Book conclusively established and today every one of you doth profess belief in Me through that Book. The day is not far distant when ye shall readily realize that your glory lieth in your belief in these holy verses. Today, however, when only belief in this Faith truly profiteth you, ye have debarred yourselves therefrom by reason of the things which are disadvantageous unto you and will inflict harm upon you, whereas He Who is the Manifestation of My Self hath been and shall ever remain immune from any harm whatever, and any loss that hath appeared or will appear shall eventually revert unto yourselves. II, 1.Bab - Selections
وچه بسا از اشخاصى كه صاحب كلّ علوم هستند وليكن ايمان ايشان بايمان بآيات الله ثابت است زيرا كه ثمرهٔ علوم علم باوامر الله است نه دون آن واتّباع مرضات او...How vast the number of people who are well versed in every science, yet it is their adherence to the holy Word of God which will determine their faith, inasmuch as the fruit of every science is none other than the knowledge of divine precepts and submission unto His good-pleasure. II, 1.Bab - Selections
هيچ شيء بجنّت خود نميرسد الاّ آنكه بمنتهاى كمال در حدّ خود ظاهر شود مثلاً اين بلور جنّت حجرى است كه مادّه اين بوده وهمچنين از براى اين بلور بنفسه درجات است در جنّت ... زيرا كه وقتى كه حجر بود بها نداشت وامروز يك قيراط آن اگر بكمال ياقوتيّت رسد كه در امكان او هست چقدر بها دارد وهمچنين كلّ شيء را تصوّر كنNo created thing shall ever attain its paradise unless it appeareth in its highest prescribed degree of perfection. For instance, this crystal representeth the paradise of the stone whereof its substance is composed. Likewise there are various stages in the paradise for the crystal itself.… So long as it was stone it was worthless, but if it attaineth the excellence of ruby—a potentiality which is latent in it—how much a carat will it be worth? Consider likewise every created thing.Bab - Selections
وكمال علوّ انسان در ايمان بخدا است در هر ظهور وبآنچه از قبَل آن نازل ميگردد نه بعلم زيرا كه در هر ملّت علماى از هر فن دارند ونه بغناء زيرا كه همچنين ظاهر است كه در هر ملّت اهل غنا در رتبه خود دارند وهمچنين شئون ديگرMan’s highest station, however, is attained through faith in God in every Dispensation and by acceptance of what hath been revealed by Him, and not through learning; inasmuch as in every nation there are learned men who are versed in divers sciences. Nor is it attainable through wealth; for it is similarly evident that among the various classes in every nation there are those possessed of riches. Likewise are other transitory things.Bab - Selections
بلكه علم علم بخدا است وآن نيست مگر علم بظهور او در هر ظهورى وغنائى نيست الاّ بفقر بسوى او واستغناى از مادون او وآن ظاهر نميگردد الاّ آنكه بالنّسبه بمظهر ظهور ظاهر گردد نه اين است كه شكر ظهورات قبل را ننموده كه اين ممتنع است زيرا كه انسان در حين نوزده سالگى شكر يوم نطفه را بايد كند كه اگر نبود آن نطفه امروز او باين مقام نرسيده بود وهمچنين اگر دين آدم نبود امروز اين دين باين حدّ نرسيده وهمچنين الى ما لا نهايه تصوّر كن امر خدا را...True knowledge, therefore, is the knowledge of God, and this is none other than the recognition of His Manifestation in each Dispensation. Nor is there any wealth save in poverty in all save God and sanctity from aught else but Him—a state that can be realized only when demonstrated towards Him Who is the Dayspring of His Revelation. This doth not mean, however, that one ought not to yield praise unto former Revelations. On no account is this acceptable, inasmuch as it behooveth man, upon reaching the age of nineteen, to render thanksgiving for the day of his conception as an embryo. For had the embryo not existed, how could he have reached his present state? Likewise had the religion taught by Adam not existed, this Faith would not have attained its present stage. Thus consider thou the development of God’s Faith until the end that hath no end. V, 4.Bab - Selections
هزار ودويست وهفتاد سال از بعثت گذشت ودر هر سنه ما لا نهايه بر حول بيت طواف كردند ودر سنه آخر واضع بيت خود بحج رفته كه ديد كه ما شاء الله از هر فرقه بحج آمده ولى احدى او را نشناخته واو كلّ را شناخته كه در قبضه قول قبل او حركت كرده وميكنند وكسى كه او را مى شناخته وبا او حج كرده همان است كه عدد هشت واحد بر او گذشت كه خداوند باو مباهات فرمود در ملأ اعلى بانقطاع او واخلاص او در رضاى او نه اينست كه بر او فضل خاصّى شده بلكه همان فضل در حقّ كلّ شده ولى كلّ خود را محتجب داشته از آن فضل زيرا كه در آن سنه ظهور كتاب شرح سورهٔ يوسف بكلّ رسيد ولى چون نظر كردند ديدند رفيق ندارند در تصديق همه واقف شدند وحال آنكه تصوّر نميكنند كه همين قرآنى كه حال اينهمه مصدّق دارد هفت سال در بحبوحهٔ عرب بود ومصدّقى غير از امير المؤمنين عليه السّلام بظاهر نبود ولى آن نفس چون نظر بحجّيت حجّت نموده موقن شده ونظر بديگرى نكرده اين است كه يوم قيامت خداوند سؤال ميفرمايد از هر نفسى بآنچه فهم اوست نه باتّباع او نفسى را چه بسا نفسى حين استماع آيات خاضع ميگردد وتصديق حقّ ميكند ومتّبَع اون نميكند اين است كه كلّ بنفسه مكلّفند نه بغيره ودر نزد ظهور من يظهره الله اعلم علماء با ادناى خلق يكسانند در حكم چه بسا آن ادنى تصديق كند وآن اعلم محتجب ماند اين است كه در هر ظهور بعضى باتّباع بعضى داخل نار ميگردند...Twelve hundred and seventy years have elapsed since the declaration of Muhammad, and each year unnumbered people have circumambulated the House of God [Mecca]. In the concluding year of this period He Who is Himself the Founder of the House went on pilgrimage. Great God! There was a vast concourse of pilgrims from every sect. Yet not one recognized Him, though He recognized every one of them—souls tightly held in the grasp of His former commandment. The only person who recognized Him and performed pilgrimage with Him is the one round whom revolve eight Váhids, in whom God hath gloried before the Concourse on high by virtue of his absolute detachment and for his being wholly devoted to the Will of God. This doth not mean that he was made the object of a special favor, nay, this is a favor which God hath vouchsafed unto all men, yet they have suffered themselves to be veiled from it. The Commentary on the Súrih of Joseph had, in the first year of this Revelation, been widely distributed. Nevertheless, when the people realized that fellow supporters were not forthcoming they hesitated to accept it; while it never occurred to them that the very Qur’án whereunto unnumbered souls bear fealty today, was revealed in the midmost heart of the Arab world, yet to outward seeming for no less than seven years no one acknowledged its truth except the Commander of the Faithful [Imám ‘Alí]—may the peace of God rest upon him—who, in response to the conclusive proofs advanced by God’s supreme Testimony, recognized the Truth and did not fix his eyes on others. Thus on the Day of Resurrection God will ask everyone of his understanding and not of his following in the footsteps of others. How often a person, having inclined his ears to the holy verses, would bow down in humility and would embrace the Truth, while his leader would not do so. Thus every individual must bear his own responsibility, rather than someone else bearing it for him. At the time of the appearance of Him Whom God will make manifest the most distinguished among the learned and the lowliest of men shall both be judged alike. How often the most insignificant of men have acknowledged the truth, while the most learned have remained wrapt in veils. Thus in every Dispensation a number of souls enter the fire by reason of their following in the footsteps of others. IV, 18.Bab - Selections
واگر كسى يك آيه از آيات او را نويسد بهتر است از اينكه كلّ بيان وكتبى كه در بيان انشاء شده نويسد زيرا كه كلّ مرتفع ميگردد وآن ميماند تا ظهور ديگر در آن ظهور اگر يك حرف از آن ظهور را كسى نويسد با ايمان باو ثواب آن اعظم تر است از آنكه كلّ آثار حقيقت را از قبل وآنچه در ظلّ او انشاء شده نويسد وهمچنين عروج كن از ظهورى تا ظهورى كه بلاغى از براى عروج تو نخواهد بود در علم خدا چنانچه بدئى از براى اون نبوده...Better is it for a person to write down but one of His verses than to transcribe the whole of the Bayán and all the books which have been written in the Dispensation of the Bayán. For everything shall be set aside except His Writings, which will endure until the following Revelation. And should anyone inscribe with true faith but one letter of that Revelation, his recompense would be greater than for inscribing all the heavenly Writings of the past and all that has been written during previous Dispensations. Likewise continue thou to ascend through one Revelation after another, knowing that thy progress in the Knowledge of God shall never come to an end, even as it can have no beginning. VII, 13.Bab - Selections
اى اهل بيان مراقب خود بوده كه مفرّى نيست كلّ را در يوم قيامت وطالع ميشود بغتةً وحكم ميكند بر آنچه خواهد ادناى وجود را اگر خواهد اعلى ميكند واعلاى وجود را ادنى ميكند چنانچه در بيان كرد اگر ملتفت شوى وغير از او كسى قدرت ندارد بر اين وآنچه كند همان ميشود نه اين است كه نشود...O people of the Bayán! Be on your guard; for on the Day of Resurrection no one shall find a place to flee to. He will shine forth suddenly, and will pronounce judgment as He pleaseth. If it be His wish He will cause the abased to be exalted, and the exalted to be abased, even as He did in the Bayán, couldst thou but understand. And no one but Him is equal unto this. Whatever He ordaineth will be fulfilled, and nothing will remain unfulfilled. VII, 9.Bab - Selections
‏از آنجائيكه كلّ نفوس از ظلّ آيات الوهيّت وربوبيّت خلق شده هميشه در علوّ وسموّ سائرند وچونكه چشم حقيقت بينى ندارند كه محبوب خود را بشناسند محتجب ميمانند از خضوع از براى آن وحال آنكه از اوّل عمر تا آخر عمر باوامر قبل او در دين خود ساجد بوده خدا را وعابد بوده او را وخاضع بوده از براى آن حقيقت وخاشع بوده از براى آن كينونيّت ولى در حين ظهور آن كه ميشود كلّ نظر بخود ميكنند واز او محتجب ميمانند زيرا كه او را هيكلى مثل خود مى بينند وحال آنكه سبحان الله عن الاقتران مثل آن هيكل مثل شمس سماء است وآيات آن ضياء او است ومثَل كلّ مؤمنين اگر مؤمن باشند مثل مراتى است كه در آن شمس نمايان شود وضياء آن بقدر همان است‏...Since all men have issued forth from the shadow of the signs of His Divinity and Lordship, they always tend to take a path, lofty and high. And because they are bereft of a discerning eye to recognize their Beloved, they fall short of their duty to manifest meekness and humility towards Him. Nevertheless, from the beginning of their lives till the end thereof, in conformity with the laws established in the previous religion, they worship God, piously adore Him, bow themselves before His divine Reality and show submissiveness toward His exalted Essence. At the hour of His manifestation, however, they all turn their gaze toward their own selves and are thus shut out from Him, inasmuch as they fancifully regard Him as one like unto themselves. Far from the glory of God is such a comparison. Indeed that august Being resembleth the physical sun, His verses are like its rays, and all believers, should they truly believe in Him, are as mirrors wherein the sun is reflected. Their light is thus a mere reflection. VII, 15.Bab - Selections
‏اى اهل بيان اگر ايمان آوريد بمن يظهره الله خود‏ مؤمن‏ ميگرديد والاّ او غنى بوده از كلّ وهست مثلاً اگر در مقابل شمس الى ما لا نهايه مرآت واقع شود تعكّس برميدارد وحكايت ميكند از او وحال آنكه اون بنفسه غنىّ است از وجود مرايا وشمسى كه در آنها منطبع است اين است حدّ امكان نزد ظهور ازل‏...O people of the Bayán! If ye believe in Him Whom God shall make manifest, to your own behoof do ye believe. He hath been and ever will remain independent of all men. For instance, were ye to place unnumbered mirrors before the sun, they would all reflect the sun and produce impressions thereof, whereas the sun is in itself wholly independent of the existence of the mirrors and of the suns which they reproduce. Such are the bounds of the contingent beings in their relation to the manifestation of the Eternal Being.…Bab - Selections
امروز سالى هفتاد هزار نفس بزيارت بيت الله ميرود كه بامر رسول الله شده ولى آمر آن كه خود حضرت بوده تا هفت سال در جبل مكّه بود وحال آنكه آمر اقوى از نفس امر است اين است كه اينهمه خلق كه الآن ميروند از روى بصيرت نيستند كه اگر مى ‌بودند‏ در ظهور رجع او كه اقوى از ظهور قبل او است موفّق ميشدند بامر او وحال آنكه مى بينی كه چگونه واقع شده كه بامر قبل او مدين بدين هستند وشب وروز سجده ميكنند خدا را باو وحال در جبل محلّ سكون آن شده وحال آنكه افتخار كلّ بايمان باو است...In this day no less than seventy thousand people make pilgrimage every year to the holy House of God in compliance with the bidding of the Apostle of God; while He Himself Who ordained this ordinance took refuge for seven years in the mountains of Mecca. And this notwithstanding that the One Who enjoined this commandment is far greater than the commandment itself. Hence all this people who at this time go on pilgrimage do not do so with true understanding, otherwise in this Day of His Return which is mightier than His former Dispensation, they would have followed His commandment. But now behold what hath happened. People who profess belief in His former religion, who in the daytime and in the night season bow down in worship in His Name, have assigned Him to a dwelling place in a mountain, while each one of them would regard attaining recognition of Him as an honor. VII, 15.Bab - Selections
واينكه امر شده ذكر سرّ از براى آن است كه مراقب بذكر الله باشى كه قلب تو هميشه حيوان باشد كه از محبوب خود محتجب نمانى نه اينكه بلسان ذكر بخوانى وقلب تو متوجّه نباشد بذروه قدس ومحل انس لعلّ اگر واقع شوى در يوم قيامت مرآت قلب تو مقابل باشد شمس حقيقت را كه اگر مُشرق شود فى الحين تعاكس بهم رساند زيرا كه او است مبدء هر خير وباو راجع ميشود كلّ امر واگر آن ظاهر شود وتو هميشه در ذكر نفس خود باشى ثمر نمى بخشد تو را الاّ آنكه بذكر او ذكر كنى او را كه او است ذكر الله در آن ظهور زيرا كه آن ذكرى كه ميكنى بواسطه امر نقطه بيان است وآن ظهور كينونيّت نقطه بيان است در آخرت كه بما لا نهايه الى ما لا نهايه اقوى است از ظهور اولاى آن...The reason why privacy hath been enjoined in moments of devotion is this, that thou mayest give thy best attention to the remembrance of God, that thy heart may at all times be animated with His Spirit, and not be shut out as by a veil from thy Best-Beloved. Let not thy tongue pay lip service in praise of God while thy heart be not attuned to the exalted Summit of Glory, and the Focal Point of communion. Thus if haply thou dost live in the Day of Resurrection, the mirror of thy heart will be set towards Him Who is the Daystar of Truth; and no sooner will His light shine forth than the splendor thereof shall forthwith be reflected in thy heart. For He is the Source of all goodness, and unto Him revert all things. But if He appeareth while thou hast turned unto thyself in meditation, this shall not profit thee, unless thou shalt mention His Name by words He hath revealed. For in the forthcoming Revelation it is He Who is the Remembrance of God, whereas the devotions which thou art offering at present have been prescribed by the Point of the Bayán, while He Who will shine resplendent in the Day of Resurrection is the Revelation of the inner reality enshrined in the Point of the Bayán—a Revelation more potent, immeasurably more potent, than the one which hath preceded it. IX, 4.Bab - Selections
وسزاوار است كه عبد بعد از هر صلوة طلب رحمت ومغفرت نمايد از خداوند از براى والدين خود كه نداء ميرسد من قبَل الله كه از براى تو است دو هزار ويك ضِعف از آنچه طلب نمودى از براى والدين خود طوبى لمن يذكر ابوَيه بذكر ربّه انّه لا اله الاّ هو العزيز المحبوب...It is seemly that the servant should, after each prayer, supplicate God to bestow mercy and forgiveness upon his parents. Thereupon God’s call will be raised: “Thousand upon thousand of what thou hast asked for thy parents shall be thy recompense!” Blessed is he who remembereth his parents when communing with God. There is, verily, no God but Him, the Mighty, the Well-Beloved. VIII, 16.Bab - Selections
چون اين جسد ظاهرى عرش آن جسد باطنى است بر آنچه حكم ميگردد اين هم محكوم بحكم ميگردد والاّ آنكه متلذّذ ميگردد يا متألّم او است باين جسد نه نفس اين از اين جهت است كه خداوند از جهت آنكه عرش آن جسد بوده حكم فرموده در حق او بمنتهاى حفظ او كه آنچه سبب كُره او گردد بر او وارد نيايد زيرا كه جسد ذاتى بر عرش خود ناظر است بر اين جسد واگر عز اين را مشاهده كند گويا او عزيز گشته واگر دون اين را مشاهده كند بر او وارد ميايد آنچه وارد ميايدAs this physical frame is the throne of the inner temple, whatever occurs to the former is felt by the latter. In reality that which takes delight in joy or is saddened by pain is the inner temple of the body, not the body itself. Since this physical body is the throne whereon the inner temple is established, God hath ordained that the body be preserved to the extent possible, so that nothing that causeth repugnance may be experienced. The inner temple beholdeth its physical frame, which is its throne. Thus, if the latter is accorded respect, it is as if the former is the recipient. The converse is likewise true.Bab - Selections
از اين جهت است كه امر باعظام واحترام آن بغايت شده...Therefore, it hath been ordained that the dead body should be treated with the utmost honor and respect. V, 12.Bab - Selections
ولى حين ظهور من يظهره الله اگر كلّ اعمالت از براى نقطه كنى كه لدون الله ميشود زيرا كه نقطه بيان آن روز همان من يظهره الله است نه دون آن...At the time of the appearance of Him Whom God shall make manifest, wert thou to perform thy deeds for the sake of the Point of the Bayán, they would be regarded as performed for one other than God, inasmuch as on that Day the Point of the Bayán is none other than Him Whom God shall make manifest.…Bab - Selections
اين است كه در نزد هر ظهورى خلق كثير بگمان آنكه لله ميكنند غرق ميشوند ولدون الله ميشوند وخود ملتفت نميشوند الاّ من شاء الله ان يهديهIt is for this reason that at the beginning of every Dispensation a vast multitude, who fondly imagine that their deeds are for God, become drowned and ungodly, and perceive this not, except such as He guideth at His behest.Bab - Selections
كه اگر نفسى نفسى را هدايت كند بهتر است از براى او از اينكه مشرق تا مغرب را مالك شود وهمچنين از براى مهتدى بهتر است از كلّ ما على الارض زيرا كه بهدايت بعد از موت داخل جنّت ميگردد ولى بما على الارض بعد از موت آنچه مستحقّ است بر او نازل ميآيد اين است كه خداوند دوست ميدارد كه كلّ را هدايت كند بكلمات من يظهره الله ولى نفوس مستكبره خود مهتدى نميشوند بعضى باسم علم وبعضى بعزّ وهر نفسى بشيء محتجب ميگردد كه در نزد موت هيچ نفع نمی ‌بخشدIt is better for a man to guide a soul than to possess all that lies between East and West. Likewise better is guidance for him who is guided than all the things that exist on earth, for by reason of this guidance he will, after his death, gain admittance into Paradise, whereas by reason of the things of the world below, he will, after his death, receive his deserts. Hence God desireth that all men should be guided aright through the potency of the Words of Him Whom God shall make manifest. However, such as are conceited will not suffer themselves to be guided. They will be debarred from the Truth, some by reason of their learning, others on account of their glory and power, and still others due to reasons of their own, none of which shall be of any avail at the hour of death.Bab - Selections
او را كمال دقّت نموده كه از صراط احدّ من السّيف وادقّ من الشّعر بهدايت هادى كلّ مهتدى گشته لعلّ آنچه از اوّل عمر تا آخر لله ميشود يك دفعه لدون الله نشود وخبر نشوى والله يهدى من يشاء الى صراط حقّ يقين...Take thou good heed that ye may all, under the leadership of Him Who is the Source of Divine Guidance, be enabled to direct thy steps aright upon the Bridge, which is sharper than the sword and finer than a hair, so that perchance the things which from the beginning of thy life till the end thou hast performed for the love of God, may not, all at once and unrealized by thyself, be turned to acts not acceptable in the sight of God. Verily God guideth whom He will into the path of absolute certitude. VII, 2.Bab - Selections
اگر چه كلّ منتظر اويند ولى چون باو ناظر نيستند لا بد بر او حزن وارد خواهد آمد چنانچه بر رسول خدا (ص) قبل از نزول فرقان همه بحسن كمال وديانت او معترف بودند ولى بعد از نزول فرقان نظر كن در او كه چه چيزها كه نگفتند كه قلم حيا ميكند كه ذكر كند وهمين قسم نظر كن در نقطه بيان شئون قبل از ظهور او در نزد اشخاصى كه مى شناختند او را ظاهر است ولى بعد از ظهور با وجودى كه تا امروز پانصد هزار بيت از شئون مختلفه از او ظاهر گشته باز بعضى كلماتى ميگويند كه قلم حيا ميكند از ذكر او وليكن اگر كلّ بآنچه خدا فرموده عمل كنند حزنى بر آن شجره وارد نخواهد آمد...Everyone is eagerly awaiting His appearance, yet since their inner eyes are not directed towards Him sorrow must needs befall Him. In the case of the Apostle of God—may the blessings of God rest upon Him—before the revelation of the Qur’án everyone bore witness to His piety and noble virtues. Behold Him then after the revelation of the Qur’án. What outrageous insults were leveled against Him, as indeed the pen is ashamed to recount. Likewise behold the Point of the Bayán. His behavior prior to the declaration of His mission is clearly evident unto those who knew Him. Now, following His manifestation, although He hath, up to the present, revealed no less than five hundred thousand verses on different subjects, behold what calumnies are uttered, so unseemly that the pen is stricken with shame at the mention of them. But if all men were to observe the ordinances of God no sadness would befall that heavenly Tree. VI, 11.Bab - Selections
بدانكه مثَل عمل من يظهره الله مثل شمس است ومثَل اعمال كلّ وجود اگر طبق رضاى خدا باشد مثل كوكب وقمر‏...‏وهمچنين در ظهور من يظهره الله اگر كلّ اهل بيان در حين ظهور او بقول او عامل ووجود خود را واعمال خود را مثل كوكب نزد شمس بينند ثمرهٔ وجود خود را اخذ نموده والاّ حكم كوكبيّت هم بر آنها نخواهد شد الاّ بر مؤمنين بآن كه در نهار محو صرفند ودر ليل با نور اين استThe acts of Him Whom God shall make manifest are like unto the sun, while the works of men, provided they conform to the good-pleasure of God, resemble the stars or the moon.… Thus, should the followers of the Bayán observe the precepts of Him Whom God shall make manifest at the time of His appearance, and regard themselves and their own works as stars exposed to the light of the sun, then they will have gathered the fruits of their existence; otherwise the title of “starship” will not apply to them. Rather it will apply to such as truly believe in Him, to those who pale into insignificance in the daytime and gleam forth with light in the night season.Bab - Selections
ثمر اين حكم اگر كسى اخذ كند يوم قيامت وكلّ علم وعمل همين است اگر كسى موفق شود كه اگر كلّ بر اين نظر ناظر بودند در هيچ مبدء ظهورى ظاهر بظهور حكم دون بقاء در حقّ خلق نمى نمود اينست كه كلّ در ليل خود را مى بينند كه در حدّ خود نورى دارند ولى محتجب از آنكه مبدء نهار ديگر نورى نميماند از براى آنها بلكه مضمحل ميشود نزد ضياء شمسSuch indeed is the fruit of this precept, should anyone observe it on the Day of Resurrection. This is the essence of all learning and of all righteous deeds, should anyone but attain unto it. Had the peoples of the world fixed their gaze upon this principle, no Exponent of divine Revelation would ever have, at the inception of any Dispensation, regarded them as things of naught. However, the fact is that during the night season everyone perceiveth the light which he himself, according to his own capacity, giveth out, oblivious that at the break of day this light shall fade away and be reduced to utter nothingness before the dazzling splendor of the sun.Bab - Selections
ومثَل نور كلّ را علم ايشان فرض كن وكلام ايشان ومثل ضياء عمل من يظهره الله را كلمات او فرض كن كه كلّ وجود را بر هم می ‌پيچد ودر ظلّ يك ياء نسبت قائم ميكند وميگويد از لسان مجلّى خود كه خداوند عزّ وجلّ باشد اننّى انا الله لا اله الاّ انا وانّ ما دونى خلقى قل ان يا خلقى ايايّ فاتّقون...The light of the people of the world is their knowledge and utterance; while the splendors shed from the glorious acts of Him Whom God shall make manifest are His Words, through whose potency He rolleth up the whole world of existence, sets it under His Own authority by relating it unto Himself, then as the Mouthpiece of God, the Source of His divine light—exalted and glorified be He—proclaimeth: “Verily, verily, I am God, no God is there but Me; in truth all others except Me are My creatures. Say, O My creatures! Me alone, therefore, should ye fear.” VIII, 1.Bab - Selections
بدانكه تطهير در بيان اقرب قربات وافضل طاعات بوده وهست مثلاً سمع خود را طاهر كن از اينكه ذكر دون الله شنوى وعين خود را كه نبينى وفؤاد خود را كه شاهد نشوى ولسان خود را كه ناطق نگردى ويد خود را كه ننويسى وعلم خود را كه احاطه ندهى وقلب خود را كه بر او خطور ندهى وهمچنين كلّ شئون خود را تا آنكه در صرف جنّت حبّ پرورش كنى لعلّ درك كنى من يظهره الله را با طهارت محبوب نزد آن كه طاهر باشى از دون من لم يؤمن به ومن لم يكن له كه آنوقت طاهر خواهى بود بطهارتى كه نفع بخشد تو راKnow thou that in the Bayán purification is regarded as the most acceptable means for attaining nearness unto God and as the most meritorious of all deeds. Thus purge thou thine ear that thou mayest hear no mention besides God, and purge thine eye that it behold naught except God, and thy conscience that it perceive naught other than God, and thy tongue that it proclaim nothing but God, and thy hand to write naught but the words of God, and thy knowledge that it comprehend naught except God, and thy heart that it entertain no wish save God, and in like manner purge all thine acts and thy pursuits that thou mayest be nurtured in the paradise of pure love, and perchance mayest attain the presence of Him Whom God shall make manifest, adorned with a purity which He highly cherisheth, and be sanctified from whosoever hath turned away from Him and doth not support Him. Thus shalt thou manifest a purity that shall profit thee.Bab - Selections
وبدانكه هر سمعى كه كلمات او را شنود با ايمان بآنها داخل نار نميشود يعنى چونكه مى بيند علوّ كلمات او را در عرفان او اختيار ميكند او را وداخل حبّ نفسى كه تصديق او نميكند نميشود كه آنچه در آخرت است ثمرهٔ اين است وهر عينى كه نظر كند در كلمات او با ايمان بآن واجب ميگردد بر آن جنّت وهر فؤادى كه شاهد شود بر كلمات آن با ايمان بآن در جنّت بوده وخواهد بود نزد خداوند وهر لسانى كه ناطق گردد بكلمات او با ايمان باو خواهد در جنّت بود ومتلجلج ميشود در آن بتقديس وتسبيح لم يزلى كه زوال ونفاد از براى ظهورات عزّ او ونفحات قدس او نبوده ونيست وهر يدى كه بنويسد كلمات اون را با ايمان باو مملوّ فرمايد خداوند آن يد را از آنچه محبوب او است در دنيا وآخرت وهر صدرى كه كلمات او را حفظ نمايد خداوند مملوّ فرمايد او را از محبّت خود اگر مؤمن باو باشد وهر قلبى كه حبّ كلمات اون را داشته باشد ونزد ذكر او علامت ايمان در آن ظاهر گردد مثل قول الله اذا ذكر الله وجلت قلوبهم هر آينه محلّ نظر الهى بوده وهست وخواهد ذكر فرمود آنرا خداوند در يوم قيامت باَحسن ذكر...Know thou that every ear which hearkeneth unto His Words with true faith shall be immune from the fire. Thus the believer, through his recognition of Him will appreciate the transcendent character of His heavenly Words, will wholeheartedly choose Him over others, and will refuse to incline his affections towards those who disbelieve in Him. Whatever one gaineth in the life to come is but the fruit of this faith. Indeed any man whose eye gazeth upon His Words with true faith well deserveth Paradise; and one whose conscience beareth witness unto His Words with true faith shall abide in Paradise and attain the presence of God; and one whose tongue giveth utterance to His Words with true faith shall have his abode in Paradise, wherein he will be seized with ecstasy in praise and glorification of God, the Ever-Abiding, Whose revelations of glory never end and the reviving breaths of Whose holiness never fail. Every hand which setteth down His Words with true faith shall be filled by God, both in this world and in the next, with things that are highly prized; and every breast which committeth His Words to memory, God shall cause, if it were that of a believer, to be filled with His love; and every heart which cherisheth the love of His Words and manifesteth in itself the signs of true faith when His Name is mentioned, and exemplifieth the words, “their hearts are thrilled with awe at the mention of God,” that heart will become the object of the glances of divine favor and on the Day of Resurrection will be highly praised by God. IX, 10.Bab - Selections
ثمرهٔ اين علم اينكه در ظهور من يظهره الله اگر كلّ ما على الارض شهادت بر امرى دهند واو شهادت دهد بدون آنكه آنها شهادت داده شهادت او مثل شمس است وشهادت آنها مثل شبح شمس است كه در تقابل واقع نشده والاّ مطابق با شهادت او ميگرديدIf at the time of the appearance of Him Whom God will make manifest all the dwellers of the earth were to bear witness unto a thing whereunto He beareth witness differently, His testimony would be like unto the sun, while theirs would be even as a false image produced in a mirror which is not facing the sun. For had it been otherwise their testimony would have proved a faithful reflection of His testimony.Bab - Selections
قسم بذات اقدس الهى كه يك سطر از كلام او بهتر است از كلام كلّ ما على الارض بلكه استغفار ميكنم از اين ذكر افعل التّفضيل كجا ميتواند آثار شموس در مرايا مثل آثار شمس در سماء گردد ذلك فى حد اللاشىء وذلك فى حد مشيء الشيء بالله عزّ وجلّ...I swear by the most sacred Essence of God that but one line of the Words uttered by Him is more sublime than the words uttered by all that dwell on earth. Nay, I beg forgiveness for making this comparison. How could the reflections of the sun in the mirror compare with the wondrous rays of the sun in the visible heaven? The station of one is that of nothingness, while the station of the other, by the righteousness of God—hallowed and magnified be His Name—is that of the Reality of things.…Bab - Selections
اگر در زمان ظهور او سلطانى باشد وذكر سلطنت خود نمايد معاينه مثل او مثل مرآتى است كه بگويد در مقابل شمس كه در من ضياء هست وهمچنين اگر عالمى اظهار علم خود كند نزد او معاينه همين قسم است واگر غنيّى اظهار غناى خود كند نزد او معاينه همين قسم است واگر قديرى اظهار قدرت خود كند نزد او معاينه همين قسم است واگر عزيزى اظهار عزّت خود كند نزد او معاينه همين قسم است بلكه ابناى جنس او كه در حدّ او هستند از او ميخندند چگونه وشمس حقيقت...If in the Day of His manifestation a king were to make mention of his own sovereignty, this would be like unto a mirror challenging the sun, saying: “The light is in me.” It would be likewise, if a man of learning in His Day were to claim to be an exponent of knowledge, or if he who is possessed of riches were to display his affluence, or if a man wielding power were to assert his own authority, or if one invested with grandeur were to show forth his glory. Nay, such men would become the object of the derision of their peers, and how would they be judged by Him Who is the Sun of Truth! III, 12.Bab - Selections
سؤال عمّن يظهره الله جائز نيست الاّ از آنچه لايق باو است زيرا كه مقام او مقام صرف ظهور است...اگر در امكان فضلى هست از شبح جود او است واگر شيء هست بشيئيّت او است...وبيان از اوّل تا آخر مكمن جميع صفات او است وخزانه نار ونور او...واگر كسى خواهد سؤال كند جائز نيست الاّ در كتاب تا آنكه حظّ جواب را كما هى درك كند وآيتى باشد از محبوب او در نزد او...ولى از آن چيزهائيكه در شأن او نيست سؤال نكرده مثلاً اگر از كسى كه ياقوت ميفروشد سؤال شود از بهاءكاه چقدر محتجب بوده ومردود است همين قسم است اعلى علوّ خلق نزد او الاّ ما يصف به نفسه يوم ظهورهIt is not permissible to ask questions from Him Whom God will make manifest, except that which well beseemeth Him. For His station is that of the Essence of divine Revelation.… Whatever evidence of bounty is witnessed in the world, is but an image of His bounty; and every thing owes its existence to His Being.… The Bayán is, from beginning to end, the repository of all of His attributes, and the treasury of both His fire and His light. Should anyone desire to ask questions, he is allowed to do so only in writing, that he may derive ample understanding from His written reply and that it may serve as a sign from his Beloved. However, let no one ask aught that may prove unworthy of His lofty station. For instance, were a person to inquire the price of straw from a merchant of rubies, how ignorant would he be and how unacceptable. Similarly unacceptable would be the questions of the highest-ranking people of the world in His presence, except such words as He Himself would utter about Himself in the Day of His manifestation.Bab - Selections
گويا مى بينم كه كسى در كتاب خود از او سؤال ميكند از آنچه در بيان نازل شده بحدود مؤتفكه نزد خود واو در جواب نازل ميفرمايد من عند الله نه از قول نفس خود اننّى انا الله لا اله الاّ انا قد خلقت كلّ شىء وارسلت الرّسل من قبل ونزلت عليهم الكتب الاّ تعبدوا الاّ الله ربّى وربكم فانّ ذلك لهو الحقّ اليقين سواء علىّ ان تؤمنون بى فانّكم انتم لانفسكم تمهدون وان لم تؤمنوا بى ولا بما نزّل الله علىّ فاذًا بانفسكم تحتجبون واننّى انا لكنت غنيًا عنكم من قبل ولا‏كوننّ غنيًا عنكم من بعد فلتنصرنّ انفسكم ان يا خلق الله ثمّ بآياتى تؤمنون...Methinks I visualize those who would, prompted by their own deluded conceptions, write to Him and ask Him questions about that which hath been revealed in the Bayán, and He would answer them with words not of His Own, but divinely inspired, saying: “Verily, verily, I am God; no God is there but Me. I have called into being all the created things, I have raised up divine Messengers in the past and have sent down Books unto Them. Take heed not to worship anyone but God, He Who is My Lord and your Lord. This indeed is the undoubted truth. However, alike shall it be to Me; if ye believe in Me, ye will provide good for your own souls, and if ye believe not in Me, nor in that which God hath revealed unto Me, ye will suffer yourselves to be shut out as by a veil. For verily I have been independent of you heretofore, and shall remain independent hereafter. Therefore it behooveth you, O creatures of God, to help your own selves and to believe in the Verses revealed by Me.…” III, 13.Bab - Selections
بيان ميزان حقّ است الى يوم القيمة كه يوم من يظهره الله باشد هر كس مطابق آنچه در او است عمل نمود در جنّت است ودر ظلّ اثبات وحروف علييّن عند الله محشور خواهد شد وهر كس منحرف ‏شود اگر چه بقدر سر جُوى باشد در نار ودر ظلّ نفى محشور خواهد شد چنانچه اين معنی در قرآن هم ظاهر بوده كه در مواقع معدوده خداوند نازل فرموده كه هر كس بغير آنچه خدا نازل فرموده حكم كند كافر است...The Bayán shall constitute God’s unerring balance till the Day of Resurrection which is the Day of Him Whom God will make manifest. Whoso acteth in conformity with that which is revealed therein will abide in Paradise, under the shadow of His affirmation and reckoned among the most sublime Letters in the presence of God; while whoso deviateth, were it even so much as the tip of a grain of barley, will be consigned to the fire and will be assembled neath the shadow of negation. This truth hath likewise been laid bare in the Qur’án where in numerous instances God hath set down that whoever should pass judgment contrary to the bounds fixed by Him, would be deemed an infidel.…Bab - Selections
وامروز كم كسى است كه بميزان قرآن عمل نمايد بلكه ديده نميشود الاّ من شاء الله واگر كسى باشد وداخل ميزان بيان نشود ثمر نمی ‌بخشد تقواى او او را چنانچه ثمر نبخشيد تقواى رهبان الف را وقوف بر ميزانيّت او در نزد ظهور رسول الله (ص)In these days how few are those who abide by the standard laid down in the Qur’án. Nay, nowhere are they to be found, except such as God hath willed. Should there be, however, such a person, his righteous deeds would prove of no avail unto him, if he hath failed to follow the standard revealed in the Bayán; even as the pious deeds of the Christian monks profited them not, inasmuch as at the time of the manifestation of the Apostle of God—may the blessings of God rest upon Him—they contented themselves with the standard set forth in the Gospel.Bab - Selections
واگر بميزان قرآن عامل ميبودند در بارۀ شجره حقيقت اين نوع حكم ها نميشد تكاد السّموات ان يتفطّرن وتنشقّ الارض وتخرّ الجبال هذا وقلوب آنها از اين جبال سخت‌ تر است كه متأثر نميشوند هيچ جنّتى نزد خداوند اعلاى از بودن در رضاى او نيست...Had the divine standard laid down in the Qur’án been truly observed, adverse judgments would not have been pronounced against Him Who is the Tree of divine Truth. As it hath been revealed: “Almost might the heavens be rent and the earth be cleft asunder and the mountains fall down in fragments.” And yet how much harder than these mountains their hearts must be to have remained unmoved! Indeed no paradise is more glorious in the sight of God than attainment unto His good-pleasure. II, 6.Bab - Selections
مثَل حقّ را مثل شمس فرض كن ومثَل مؤمن را مثل مرآت همين قدر كه مقابل شد حكايت ميكند از او ومثَل غير مؤمن را مثل حجر فرض كن كه هر چه شمس بر او اشراق كند امكان تعکّس در او نيست اين است كه آن جان فدا ميدهد وآن بر او ميكند آنچه ميكند ولى اگر خدا خواهد آن سنگ را هم مرآت كند مقتدر است ولى خود بنفسه راضى شده كه اگر ميخواست بلور شود هر آينه خداوند او را خلق ميفرمود بر صورت بلوريّت چنانچه در آن روز آنچه سبب ايمان مؤمنان گشت بعينه همان سبب هم از براى او بود وليكن چون محتجب بُود بهمان سبب محتجب شد چنانچه امروز ظاهر است كه مقبلين بحقّ ببيان مقبلند ومحتجبين بهمان محتجب...The One true God may be compared unto the sun and the believer unto a mirror. No sooner is the mirror placed before the sun than it reflects its light. The unbeliever may be likened unto a stone. No matter how long it is exposed to the sunshine, it cannot reflect the sun. Thus the former layeth down his life as a sacrifice, while the latter doeth against God what he committeth. Indeed, if God willeth, He is potent to turn the stone into a mirror, but the person himself remaineth reconciled to his state. Had he wished to become a crystal, God would have made him to assume crystal form. For on that Day whatever cause prompteth the believer to believe in Him, the same will also be available to the unbeliever. But when the latter suffereth himself to be wrapt in veils, the same cause shutteth him out as by a veil. Thus, as is clearly evident today, those who have set their faces toward God, the True One, have believed in Him because of the Bayán, while such as are veiled have been deprived because of it. VI, 4.Bab - Selections
قسم بذات اقدس الهى جلّ وعزّ كه در يوم ظهور من يظهره الله اگر كسى يك آيه از او شنود وتلاوت كند بهتر است از آنكه هزار مرتبه بيان را تلاوت كندI swear by the most holy Essence of God—exalted and glorified be He—that in the Day of the appearance of Him Whom God shall make manifest a thousand perusals of the Bayán cannot equal the perusal of a single verse to be revealed by Him Whom God shall make manifest.Bab - Selections
قدرى تعقّل نموده به بينيد كه امروز آنچه در اسلام هست درجه بدرجه منتهى ميگردد تا بمبدء كه كتاب الله هست ختم ميشود همين قسم يوم ظهور من يظهره الله را تصوّر كن كه مبدء دليل بر يد او است ومحتجب بشئون مؤتفكه مشو كه او اجلّ از آن است زيرا كه كلّ شئون دليل متفرع ميگردد بر كتاب الله واو بنفسه حجّت است زيرا كه كلّ از اتيان مثل او عاجز هستند ولى هزاران هزار عالم منطق ونحو وصرف وفقه واصول وامثال آن هستند كه اگر مؤمن بكتاب الله نباشند حكم دون ايمان بر آنها ميشود پس ثمر در نفس حجّت است نه در شئون ما يتفرّع وبدانكه در بيان هيچ حرفى نازل نشده مگر آنكه قصد شده كه اطاعت كنند من يظهره الله را كه او بوده منزل بيان قبل از ظهور خود...Ponder awhile and observe that everything in Islám hath its ultimate and eventual beginning in the Book of God. Consider likewise the Day of the Revelation of Him Whom God shall make manifest, He in Whose grasp lieth the source of proofs, and let not erroneous considerations shut thee out from Him, for He is immeasurably exalted above them, inasmuch as every proof proceedeth from the Book of God which is itself the supreme testimony, as all men are powerless to produce its like. Should myriads of men of learning, versed in logic, in the science of grammar, in law, in jurisprudence and the like, turn away from the Book of God, they would still be pronounced unbelievers. Thus the fruit is within the supreme testimony itself, not in the things derived therefrom. And know thou of a certainty that every letter revealed in the Bayán is solely intended to evoke submission unto Him Whom God shall make manifest, for it is He Who hath revealed the Bayán prior to His Own manifestation. V, 8.Bab - Selections
ودر اين كور خداوند عالم بنقطه بيان آيات وبيّنات خود را عطا فرموده واو را حجّت ممتنعه بر كلّ شيء قرار داده واگر كلّ ما على الارض جمع شوند نميتوانند آيه بمثل آياتى كه خداوند از لسان او جارى فرموده اتيان نمايند وهر ذى روحى كه تصوّر كند بيقين مشاهده ميكند كه اين آيات از شأن بشر نيست بلكه مخصوص خداوند واحد احد است كه بر لسان هر كس كه خواسته جارى فرموده وجارى نفرموده ونخواهد فرمود الاّ از نقطه مشيّت زيرا كه او است مرسل كلّ رسل ومنزل كلّ كتب وهر گاه اين امرى بود كه از قوّه بشر ظاهر ميشد از حين نزول قرآن تا حين نزول بيان كه هزار ودويست وهفتاد سال گذشت بايد كسى بآيهٔ اتيان كرده باشد با وجودى كه كلّ با علوّ قدرت خود خواستند كه اطفاء كلمات الله را نمايند ولى كلّ عاجز شده ونتوانستند...In this Revelation the Lord of the universe hath deigned to bestow His mighty utterances and resplendent signs upon the Point of the Bayán, and hath ordained them as His matchless testimony for all created things. Were all the people that dwell on earth to assemble together, they would be unable to produce a single verse like unto the ones which God hath caused to stream forth from the tongue of the Point of the Bayán. Indeed, if any living creature were to pause to meditate he would undoubtedly realize that these verses are not the work of man, but are solely to be ascribed unto God, the One, the Peerless, Who causeth them to flow forth from the tongue of whomsoever He willeth, and hath not revealed nor will He reveal them save through the Focal Point of God’s Primal Will. He it is, through Whose dispensations divine Messengers are raised up and heavenly Books are sent down. Had human beings been able to accomplish this deed surely someone would have brought forth at least one verse during the period of twelve hundred and seventy years which hath elapsed since the revelation of the Qur’án until that of the Bayán. However, all men have proved themselves impotent and have utterly failed to do so, although they endeavored, with their vehement might, to quench the flame of the Word of God. II, 1.Bab - Selections
هر سنه می ‌بينى كه چقدر خلق بمكّه ميروند وطواف ميكنند وحال آنكه كسى كه كعبه بقول او كعبه است در اين جبل وحده است واو بعينه همان رسول الله هست زيرا كه مثَل امر الله مثل شمس است اگر ما لا نهايه طالع شود يك شمس زياده نيست وكلّ باو قائم هستند بشأنى كه ظاهر است كه كلّ ظهورات قبل از براى رسول الله (ص) خلق شده وكلّ ظهورات وآن ظهور از براى قائم آل محمّد (ص) خلق شده وكلّ ظهورات وظهور قائم آل محمّد (ص) از براى من يظهره الله‏ خلق شده وهمچنين‏ كلّ ظهورات واين ظهور وظهور من يظهره الله از براى ظهور بعد من يظهره الله خلق شده وكلّ اين ظهورات از براى بعد بعد من يظهره الله‏ خلق شده وهمچنين الى ما لا نهايه شمس حقيقت طالع وغارب ميگردد واز براى او بدئى ونهايتى نبوده ونيستThou beholdest how vast is the number of people who go to Mecca each year on pilgrimage and engage in circumambulation, while He, through the potency of Whose Word the Ka‘bah [the sanctuary in Mecca] hath become the object of adoration, is forsaken in this mountain. He is none other but the Apostle of God Himself, inasmuch as the Revelation of God may be likened to the sun. No matter how innumerable its risings, there is but one sun, and upon it depends the life of all things. It is clear and evident that the object of all preceding Dispensations hath been to pave the way for the advent of Muhammad, the Apostle of God. These, including the Muhammadan Dispensation, have had, in their turn, as their objective the Revelation proclaimed by the Qá’im. The purpose underlying this Revelation, as well as those that preceded it, has, in like manner, been to announce the advent of the Faith of Him Whom God will make manifest. And this Faith—the Faith of Him Whom God will make manifest—in its turn, together with all the Revelations gone before it, have as their object the Manifestation destined to succeed it. And the latter, no less than all the Revelations preceding it, prepare the way for the Revelation which is yet to follow. The process of the rise and setting of the Sun of Truth will thus indefinitely continue—a process that hath had no beginning and will have no end.Bab - Selections
طوبى از براى نفسى كه در هر ظهورى مراد خدا را در آن ظهور بفهمد نه آنكه نظر بشئون قبل كرده واز او محتجب گردد...Well is it with him who in every Dispensation recognizeth the Purpose of God for that Dispensation, and is not deprived therefrom by turning his gaze towards the things of the past. IV, 12.Bab - Selections
ملخّص اين باب آنكه مراد از يوم قيامت يوم ظهور شجره حقيقت است ومشاهده نميشود كه احدى از شيعه يوم قيامت را فهميده باشد بلكه همه موهومًا امرى را توهّم نموده كه عند الله حقيقت ندارد وآنچه عند الله وعند عُرف اهل حقيقت مقصود از يوم قيامت است اينست كه از وقت ظهور شجره حقيقت در هر زمان بهر اسم الى حين غروب آن يوم قيامت استThe substance of this chapter is this, that what is intended by the Day of Resurrection is the Day of the appearance of the Tree of divine Reality, but it is not seen that anyone of the followers of Shí‘ih Islám hath understood the meaning of the Day of Resurrection; rather have they fancifully imagined a thing which with God hath no reality. In the estimation of God and according to the usage of such as are initiated into divine mysteries, what is meant by the Day of Resurrection is this, that from the time of the appearance of Him Who is the Tree of divine Reality, at whatever period and under whatever name, until the moment of His disappearance, is the Day of Resurrection.Bab - Selections
مثلاً از يوم بعثت عيسى (ع) تا يوم عروج آن قيامت موسى بود كه ظهور الله در آن زمان ظاهر بود بظهور آن حقيقت كه جزا داد هر كس مؤمن بموسى بود بقول خود وهر كس مؤمن نبود جزا داد بقول خود زيرا كه ما شهد الله در آن زمان ما شهد الله فى الانجيل بود وبعد از يوم بعثت رسول الله (ص) تا يوم عروج آن قيامت عيسى (ع) بود كه شجرهٔ حقيقت ظاهر شده در هيكل محمّديه وجزا داد هر كس كه مؤمن بعيسى بود وعذاب فرمود بقول خود هر كس مؤمن بآن نبود واز حين ظهور شجره بيان الى ما يغرب قيامت رسول الله (ص) هست كه در قرآن خداوند وعده فرمود كه اوّل آن بعد از دو ساعت ويازده دقيقه از شب پنجم جمادى الاولى سنه هزار ودويست وشصت كه سنه هزار ودويست وهفتاد بعثت ميشود اوّل يوم قيامت قرآن بود واِلى غروب شجره حقيقت قيامت قرآن است زيرا كه شيء تا بمقام كمال نرسد قيامت اون نميشود وكمال دين اسلام الى اوّل ظهور منتهى شد واز اوّل ظهور تا حين غروب اثمار شجرهٔ اسلام آنچه هست ظاهر ميشود وقيامت بيان در ظهور من يظهره الله است زيرا كه امروز بيان در مقام نطفه است ودر اوّل ظهور من يظهره الله آخر كمال بيان است ظاهر ميشود كه ثمرات اشجارى كه غرس كرده بچيند چنانچه ظهور قائم آل محمّد (ص) بعينه همان ظهور رسول الله است ظاهر نميشود الاّ آنكه اخذ ثمرات اسلام را از آيات قرآنيّه كه در افئده مردم غرس فرموده نمايد واخذ ثمره اسلام نيست الاّ ايمان باو وتصديق باو وحال كه ثمره بر عكس بخشيده در بحبوحهٔ اسلام ظاهر شده وكلّ بنسبت باو اظهار اسلام ميكنند واو را بغير حقّ در جبل ماكو ساكن ميكنند وحال آنكه در قرآن خداوند كلّ را وعده بيوم قيامت داده زيرا كه آن يومى است كه كلّ عرض بر خدا ميشوند كه عرض بر شجرهٔ حقيقت باشد وكلّ بلقاء الله فائز ميگردند كه لقاء او باشد زيرا كه عرض بذات اقدس ممكن نيست ولقاى او متصوّر نه وآنچه در عرض ولقاء ممكن است راجع به شجرهٔ اوّليّه است...For example, from the inception of the mission of Jesus—may peace be upon Him—till the day of His ascension was the Resurrection of Moses. For during that period the Revelation of God shone forth through the appearance of that divine Reality, Who rewarded by His Word everyone who believed in Moses, and punished by His Word everyone who did not believe; inasmuch as God’s Testimony for that Day was that which He had solemnly affirmed in the Gospel. And from the inception of the Revelation of the Apostle of God—may the blessings of God be upon Him—till the day of His ascension was the Resurrection of Jesus—peace be upon Him—wherein the Tree of divine Reality appeared in the person of Muhammad, rewarding by His Word everyone who was a believer in Jesus, and punishing by His Word everyone who was not a believer in Him. And from the moment when the Tree of the Bayán appeared until it disappeareth is the Resurrection of the Apostle of God, as is divinely foretold in the Qur’án; the beginning of which was when two hours and eleven minutes had passed on the eve of the fifth of Jamádíyu’l-Avval, 1260 A.H., which is the year 1270 of the Declaration of the Mission of Muhammad. This was the beginning of the Day of Resurrection of the Qur’án, and until the disappearance of the Tree of divine Reality is the Resurrection of the Qur’án. The stage of perfection of everything is reached when its resurrection occurreth. The perfection of the religion of Islám was consummated at the beginning of this Revelation; and from the rise of this Revelation until its setting, the fruits of the Tree of Islám, whatever they are, will become apparent. The Resurrection of the Bayán will occur at the time of the appearance of Him Whom God shall make manifest. For today the Bayán is in the stage of seed; at the beginning of the manifestation of Him Whom God shall make manifest its ultimate perfection will become apparent. He is made manifest in order to gather the fruits of the trees He hath planted; even as the Revelation of the Qá’im [He Who ariseth], a descendant of Muhammad—may the blessings of God rest upon Him—is exactly like unto the Revelation of the Apostle of God Himself [Muhammad]. He appeareth not, save for the purpose of gathering the fruits of Islám from the Qur’ánic verses which He [Muhammad] hath sown in the hearts of men. The fruits of Islám cannot be gathered except through allegiance unto Him [the Qá’im] and by believing in Him. At the present time, however, only adverse effects have resulted; for although He hath appeared in the midmost heart of Islám, and all people profess it by reason of their relationship to Him [the Qá’im], yet unjustly have they consigned Him to the Mountain of Máh-Kú, and this notwithstanding that in the Qur’án the advent of the Day of Resurrection hath been promised unto all by God. For on that Day all men will be brought before God and will attain His Presence; which meaneth appearance before Him Who is the Tree of divine Reality and attainment unto His presence; inasmuch as it is not possible to appear before the Most Holy Essence of God, nor is it conceivable to seek reunion with Him. That which is feasible in the matter of appearance before Him and of meeting Him is attainment unto the Primal Tree. II, 7.Bab - Selections
آنچه خداوند شهادت دهد معادل نميشود با شهادت كلّ ما على الارض وشبههٔ نيست كه شهادت خداوند ظاهر نميشود الاّ بشهادت كسى كه حجّت قرار داده است او را وكافى است شهادت نفس آيات بعجز ما على الارض از كلّ شيء زيرا كه اين حجّتى است باقيه من عند الله الى يوم القيمةThe evidence set forth by God can never be compared with the evidences produced by anyone of the peoples and kindreds of the earth; and beyond a shadow of doubt no evidence is set forth by God save through the One Who is appointed as His supreme Testimony. Moreover, the proof of revealed verses doth, alone and of itself, conclusively demonstrate the utter impotence of all created things on earth, for this is a proof which hath proceeded from God and shall endure until the Day of Resurrection.Bab - Selections
وهر گاه كسى تصوّر در ظهور اين شجره نمايد بلا ريب تصديق در علوّ امر الله مينمايد زيرا كه از نفسى كه بيست وچهار سال از عمر او گذشته واز علومى كه كلّ بآنها متعلّم ميگشته متعرّى بوده وحال باين نوع كه تلاوت آيات مينمايد بدون فكر وتأمّل ودر عرض پنج ساعت هزار بيت در مناجات مينويسد بدون سكون قلم وتفاسير وشئون علميّه در علوّ مقامات معرفت وتوحيد ظاهر مينمايد كه كلّ علما وحكما در آن موارد اعتراف بعجز از ادراك آنها نموده شبههٔ نيست كه كلّ ذلك من عند الله هست علمائى كه از اوّل عمر تا آخر عمر اجتهاد نموده چگونه در وقت نوشتن بسطرى عربى دقّت نموده وآخر الامر كلماتى است كه لايق ذكر نيست كلّ اينها از جهت حجّت خلق بوده والاّ امر الله اعزّ واجلّ از اين است كه بتوان او را شناخت بغير او بل غير او شناخته ميشود باوAnd if anyone should reflect on the appearance of this Tree, he will undoubtedly testify to the loftiness of the Cause of God. For if one from whose life only twenty-four years have passed, and who is devoid of those sciences wherein all are learned, now reciteth verses after such fashion without thought or hesitation, writes a thousand verses of prayer in the course of five hours without pause of the pen, and produceth commentaries and learned treatises on such lofty themes as the true understanding of God and of the oneness of His Being, in a manner which doctors and philosophers confess surpasseth their power of understanding, then there is no doubt that all that hath been manifested is divinely inspired. Notwithstanding their life-long diligent study, what pains do these divines take when writing a single line in Arabic! Yet after such efforts the result is but words which are unworthy of mention. All these things are for a proof unto the people; otherwise the religion of God is too mighty and glorious for anyone to comprehend through aught but itself; rather by it all else is understood. II, 1.Bab - Selections
حمد خدا را كه ما را در يوم قيامت عالم گردانيد باو كه بثمرهٔ وجود خود فائز گرديم واز لقاى الهى محتجب نمانيم كه از براى او خلق شده‌ايم وعمل نكرده‌ايم الاّ از براى همين ذلك من فضل الله علينا انّه هو الفضّال الكريم وبدانكه اگر يقين كنى چنين ميكنى ولى چون نميتوانى يقين نمود بحجب نفس خودت اين است كه ميمانى در نار وملتفت نميشوى اگر در يوم ظهور آن غير از آنكه ايمان باو آورى كلّ خير كنى نجات نميدهد تو را از نار واگر ايمان بحقّ آورى كلّ خير از براى تو ثبت ميگردد در كتاب خدا وبآن تا قيامت ديگر در جنّت متلذّذ خواهى بودPraise be to God that He hath enabled us to become cognizant of Him Whom God shall make manifest in the Day of Resurrection, so that we may derive benefit from the fruit of our existence and be not deprived of attaining the presence of God. For indeed this is the object of our creation and the sole purpose underlying every virtuous deed we may perform. Such is the bounty which God hath conferred upon us; verily He is the All-Bountiful, the Gracious. Know thou, that thou wilt succeed in doing so if thou believest with undoubting faith. However, since thou canst not attain the state of undoubting faith, due to the intervening veils of thy selfish desires, therefore thou wilt tarry in the fire, though realizing it not. On the Day of His manifestation, unless thou truly believest in Him, naught can save thee from the fire, even if thou dost perform every righteous deed. If thou embracest the Truth, everything good and seemly shall be set down for thee in the Book of God, and by virtue of this thou wilt rejoice in the all-highest Paradise until the following Resurrection.Bab - Selections
وملتفت باش حقّ التفات كه امر بسيار دقيق است در حينى كه اوسع است از سموات وارض وما بينهما مثلاً اگر كلّ منتظرين بقول عيسى (ع) يقين نموده بودند ظهور احمد رسول الله (ص) را يك نفر منحرف نميشد از قول عيسى (ع) وهمچنين در ظهور نقطه بيان اگر كلّ يقين كنند باينكه همان مهدى موعودى است كه رسول خدا (ص) خبر داده يك نفر از مؤمنين بقرآن منحرف نميشوند از قول رسول خدا (ص) وهمچنين در ظهور من يظهره الله همين مطلب را مشاهده كن كه اگر كلّ يقين كنند كه اين همان من يظهره الله است كه نقطه بيان خبر داده احدى منحرف نميشود...Consider with due attention, for the path is very strait, even while it is more spacious than the heavens and the earth and what is between them. For instance, if all those who were expecting the fulfillment of the promise of Jesus had been assured of the manifestation of Muhammad, the Apostle of God, not one would have turned aside from the sayings of Jesus. So likewise in the Revelation of the Point of the Bayán, if all should be assured that this is that same Promised Mihdí [One Who is guided] whom the Apostle of God foretold, not one of the believers in the Qur’án would turn aside from the sayings of the Apostle of God. So likewise in the Revelation of Him Whom God shall make manifest, behold the same thing; for should all be assured that He is that same “He Whom God shall make manifest” whom the Point of the Bayán hath foretold, not one would turn aside. IX, 3.Bab - Selections
بسم الله الامنع الأقدسIn the Name of God, the Most Exalted, the Most Holy. Bab - Selections
تسبيح وتقديس بساط عزّ مجد سلطانى را لايق كه لم يزل ولا يزال بوجود كينونيّت ذات خود بوده وهست ولم يزل ولا يزال بعلوّ ازليّت خود متعالى از ادراك كلّ شيء بوده وهست خلق نفرموده آية عرفان خود را در هيچ شيء الاّ بعجز كلّ شيء از عرفان او وتجلّى نفرموده بشيء الاّ بنفس او اذ لم يزل متعالى بوده از اقتران بشيء وخلق فرموده كلّ شيء را بشأنى كه كلّ بكينونيّت فطرت اقرار كنند نزد او در يوم قيامت باينكه نيست از براى او عدلى ونه كفوى ونه شبهى ونه قرينى ونه مثالى بل متفرّد بوده وهست بمليك الوهيّت خود ومتعزّز بوده وهست بسلطان ربوبيّت خود نشناخته است او را هيچ شيء حقّ شناختن وممكن نيست كه بشناسد او را شيء بحقّ شناختن زيرا كه آنچه اطلاق ميشود بر او ذكر شيئيّت خلق فرموده است او را بمليك مشيّت خود وتجلّى فرموده باو بنفس او در علوّ مقعد او وخلق فرموده آيه معرفت او را در كنه كلّ شيء تا آنكه يقين كنند باينكه او است اوّل وآخر واو است ظاهر وباطن واو است خالق ورازق واو است قادر وعالم واو است سامع وناظر واو است قاهر وقائم واو است محيى ومميت واو است مقتدر وممتنع واو است متعالى ومرتفع واو است كه دلالت نكرده ونميكند الاّ بر علوّ تسبيح او وسموّ تقديس او وامتناع توحيد او وارتفاع تكبير او ونبوده از براى او اوّلى الاّ باوّليّت خود ونيست از براى او آخرى الاّ بآخريّت خود...All praise and glory befitteth the sacred and glorious court of the sovereign Lord, Who from everlasting hath dwelt, and unto everlasting will continue to dwell within the mystery of His Own divine Essence, Who from time immemorial hath abided and will forever continue to abide within His transcendent eternity, exalted above the reach and ken of all created beings. The sign of His matchless Revelation as created by Him and imprinted upon the realities of all beings, is none other but their powerlessness to know Him. The light He hath shed upon all things is none but the splendor of His Own Self. He Himself hath at all times been immeasurably exalted above any association with His creatures. He hath fashioned the entire creation in such wise that all beings may, by virtue of their innate powers, bear witness before God on the Day of Resurrection that He hath no peer or equal and is sanctified from any likeness, similitude or comparison. He hath been and will ever be one and incomparable in the transcendent glory of His divine being and He hath ever been indescribably mighty in the sublimity of His sovereign Lordship. No one hath ever been able befittingly to recognize Him nor will any man succeed at any time in comprehending Him as is truly meet and seemly, for any reality to which the term “being” is applicable hath been created by the sovereign Will of the Almighty, Who hath shed upon it the radiance of His Own Self, shining forth from His most august station. He hath moreover deposited within the realities of all created things the emblem of His recognition, that everyone may know of a certainty that He is the Beginning and the End, the Manifest and the Hidden, the Maker and the Sustainer, the Omnipotent and the All-Knowing, the One Who heareth and perceiveth all things, He Who is invincible in His power and standeth supreme in His Own identity, He Who quickeneth and causeth to die, the All-Powerful, the Inaccessible, the Most Exalted, the Most High. Every revelation of His divine Essence betokens the sublimity of His glory, the loftiness of His sanctity, the inaccessible height of His oneness and the exaltation of His majesty and power. His beginning hath had no beginning other than His Own firstness and His end knoweth no end save His Own lastness. I, 1.Bab - Selections
ذات الهى لم يزل ولا يزال ظهور آن عين بطون او است وبطون او عين ظهور او است وآنچه از ظهور الله ذكر ميشود مراد شجرهٔ حقيقت است كه دلالت نميكند الاّ بر او واون شجره است كه مرسل كلّ رسل ومنزل كلّ كتب بوده وهست واو لم يزل ولا يزال عرش ظهور وبطون او در ميان همين خلق بوده كه در هر زمان بآنچه خواسته ظاهر فرموده چنانچه حين نزول قرآن بظهور محمّد (ص) اظهار قدرت خود فرموده وحين نزول بيان بنقطهٔ بيان اظهار قدرت خود فرموده ودر نزد ظهور من يظهره الله باو اثبات دين خود خواهد فرمود كيف يشاء بما يشاء لما يشاء واو است كه مع كلّ شيء بوده وهيچ شيء با او نبوده واو است كه در شيء نيست ودر فوق شيء نيست وبا شيء نيست وآنچه ذكر ميشود از استواء او بر عرش استواء ظهور او است بر قدرت...The revelation of the Divine Reality hath everlastingly been identical with its concealment and its concealment identical with its revelation. That which is intended by “Revelation of God” is the Tree of divine Truth that betokeneth none but Him, and it is this divine Tree that hath raised and will raise up Messengers, and hath revealed and will ever reveal Scriptures. From eternity unto eternity this Tree of divine Truth hath served and will ever serve as the throne of the revelation and concealment of God among His creatures, and in every age is made manifest through whomsoever He pleaseth. At the time of the revelation of the Qur’án He asserted His transcendent power through the advent of Muhammad, and on the occasion of the revelation of the Bayán He demonstrated His sovereign might through the appearance of the Point of the Bayán, and when He Whom God shall make manifest will shine forth, it will be through Him that He will vindicate the truth of His Faith, as He pleaseth, with whatsoever He pleaseth and for whatsoever He pleaseth. He is with all things, yet nothing is with Him. He is not within a thing nor above it nor beside it. Any reference to His being established upon the throne implieth that the Exponent of His Revelation is established upon the seat of transcendent authority.…Bab - Selections
لم يزل ولا يزال بوده وهست وكسى او را نشناخته ونمى شناسد زيرا كه ما دون او مخلوق شده‌اند بامر او ومخلوق ميشوند بامر او واو است متعالى از هر ذكر وثنائى ومقدّس از هر نعت ومثالى لا يدركه من شيء وانّه هو يدرك كلّ شيء حتّى آنچه گفته ميشود لا يدركه من شيء بمرآت ظهور او راجع ميشود كه من يظهره الله باشد واو است اجلّ واعلى از اينكه ذا اشارهٔ بتواند اشاره كند بسوى او...He hath everlastingly existed and will everlastingly continue to exist. He hath been and will ever remain inscrutable unto all men, inasmuch as all else besides Him have been and shall ever be created through the potency of His command. He is exalted above every mention or praise and is sanctified beyond every word of commendation or every comparison. No created thing comprehendeth Him, while He in truth comprehendeth all things. Even when it is said “no created thing comprehendeth Him,” this refers to the Mirror of His Revelation, that is Him Whom God shall make manifest. Indeed too high and exalted is He for anyone to allude unto Him. II, 8.Bab - Selections
مُستخرجاتى از دلائل السّبعهExcerpts from the Dalá’il-i-Sab‘ih (The Seven Proofs)Bab - Selections
واينكه كه سؤال نمودى از اوّل دين واحكام آن بدان كه اوّل دين معرفة الله است وكمال معرفت توحيد خداوند است وكمال توحيد نفى صفاتست از ساحت عزّ قدس او وعلوّ مجد عظمت او وبدان كه معرفة الله در اين عالم ظاهر نميگردد الاّ بمعرفت مظهر حقيقت...Thou hast asked concerning the fundamentals of religion and its ordinances: Know thou that first and foremost in religion is the knowledge of God. This attaineth its consummation in the recognition of His divine unity, which in turn reacheth its fulfillment in acclaiming that His hallowed and exalted Sanctuary, the Seat of His transcendent majesty, is sanctified from all attributes. And know thou that in this world of being the knowledge of God can never be attained save through the knowledge of Him Who is the Dayspring of divine Reality.Bab - Selections
والآن در اسلام هفت مظهر ملكيّه است كه كلّ ممالك دارند وكلّ منتظرند ظهور حقّ را وحمد مر خدا را كه تا الآن احدى از آنها مطّلع نشده واگر شنيده مقبل نشده چه بسا كه باين آرزو هم از اين عالم برود ودرك نكند ظهور حقّ را مثل ملوكى كه در انجيل بودند وتمنّاى ظهور رسول الله را مينمودند ودرك ننمودند ببين چقدر مصارف ميكنند ويكنفر را موكّل از براى ابلاغ ظهور حقّ بايشان در ممالك خود قرار نميدهند كه بآنچه از براى آن خلق شده‌اند موفّق گردند وحال آنكه كلّ همّت ايشان بوده وهست كه عملى نمايند كه ذكر ايشان بماند...Gracious God! Within the domains of Islám there are at present seven powerful sovereigns ruling the world. None of them hath been informed of His [the Báb’s] Manifestation, and if informed, none hath believed in Him. Who knoweth, they may leave this world below full of desire, and without having realized that the thing for which they were waiting had come to pass. This is what happened to the monarchs that held fast unto the Gospel. They awaited the coming of the Prophet of God [Muhammad], and when He did appear, they failed to recognize Him. Behold how great are the sums which these sovereigns expend without even the slightest thought of appointing an official charged with the task of acquainting them in their own realms with the Manifestation of God! They would thereby have fulfilled the purpose for which they have been created. All their desires have been and are still fixed upon leaving behind them traces of their names.Bab - Selections
وهمچنين نظر كن ظهور رسول الله را كه هزار ودويست وهفتاد سال تا اوّل ظهور بيان گذشته وكلّ را منتظر از براى ظهور قائم آل محمّد فرموده واعمال كلّ اسلام از رسول الله بدء آن بوده سزاوار است كه عود آن بانحضرت شود وخداوند آن حضرت را ظاهر فرمود بحجّتى كه رسول الله را بآن ظاهر فرموده كه احدى از مؤمنين بفرقان نتوانند شبهه در حقيّت او نمايند زيرا كه در قرآن نازل فرموده كه غير الله قادر نيست بر اينكه آيهٔ نازل كند وهزار ودويست وهفتاد سال هم كلّ اهل فرقان اين را مشاهده نمودند كه كسى نيامد كه اتيان نموده باشد وباين حجّت موعود منتظر را خداوند لم يزل ظاهر فرموده از جائيكه احدى گمان نميكرد واز نفسى كه گمان علم نميرفت وبسنّى كه از خمس وعشرين تجاوز ننموده وبشأنى كه اعزّ از آن ما بين اولو الالباب از مسلمين نبوده زيرا كه شرف كلّ بعلم است ونظر كن در شرف علماء كه بفهم آيات الله هست كه خداوند آنرا بشأنى عزيز فرموده كه لا يعلم تأويله الاّ اللهُ والرّاسخونَ فى العِلم در حق آن نازل فرموده واز نفس امّى بيست وپنج ساله از اين شأن آيات خود را ظاهر فرموده كه اگر كلّ علماى اسلام بفهم آيات الله اظهار شرف خود ميكنند آن بجعل آيات اظهار شرف خود را نمود تا آنكه از براى آنها تأمّلى در تصديق بآن نباشد وقرآن كه بيست وسه سال نازل شد خداوند عزّ وجلّ قوّة وقدرتى در آن حضرت ظاهر فرمود كه اگر خواهد در پنج روز وپنج شب اگر فصل بهم نرسد مساوى آن نازل ميفرمايد نظر كن ببين اين نوع تا حال احدى از اوّلين ظاهر شده يا مخصوص بآن حضرت بوده...Ponder likewise the Dispensation of the Apostle of God which lasted twelve hundred and seventy years till the dawn of the manifestation of the Bayán. He directed everyone to await the advent of the Promised Qá’im. All deeds which in the Islamic Dispensation began with Muhammad should find their consummation through the appearance of the Qá’im. God hath made Him manifest invested with the proof wherewith the Apostle of God was invested, so that none of the believers in the Qur’án might entertain doubts about the validity of His Cause, for it is set down in the Qur’án that none but God is capable of revealing verses. During the period of 1270 years no one among the followers of the Qur’án ever witnessed a person appearing with conclusive proofs. Now the Ever-Living Lord hath made manifest and invested with supreme testimony this long-awaited Promised One from a place no one could imagine and from a person whose knowledge was deemed of no account. His age is no more than twenty-five years, yet His glory is such as none of the learned among the people of Islám can rival; inasmuch as man’s glory lieth in his knowledge. Behold the learned who are honored by virtue of their ability to understand the Holy Writings, and God hath exalted them to such a degree that in referring to them He saith: “None knoweth the meaning thereof except God and them that are well-grounded in knowledge.” How strange then that this twenty-five-year-old untutored one should be singled out to reveal His verses in so astounding a manner. If the Muslim divines have cause for pride in understanding the meaning of the Holy Writings, His glory is in revealing the Writings, that none of them may hesitate to believe in His Words. So great is the celestial might and power which God hath revealed in Him that if it were His will and no break should intervene He could, within the space of five days and nights, reveal the equivalent of the Qur’án which was sent down in twenty-three years. Ponder thou and reflect. Hath anyone like unto Him ever appeared in former times, or is this characteristic strictly confined unto Him?Bab - Selections
ونظر كن در فضل حضرت منتظر كه چقدر رحمت خود را در حق مسلمين واسع فرموده تا آنكه آنها را نجات دهد مقامى كه اوّل خلق است ومظهر ظهور آيهٔ انى انا الله چگونه خود را باسم بابيت قائم آل محمّد ظاهر فرمود وباحكام قرآن در كتاب اوّل حكم فرمود تا آنكه مردم مضطرب نشوند از كتاب جديد وامر جديد وببينند اين مشابه است با خود ايشان لعلّ محتجب نشوند وبآنچه از براى آن خلق شده اند غافل نمانند...Consider the manifold favors vouchsafed by the Promised One, and the effusions of His bounty which have pervaded the concourse of the followers of Islám to enable them to attain unto salvation. Indeed observe how He Who representeth the origin of creation, He Who is the Exponent of the verse, “I, in very truth, am God,” identified Himself as the Gate [Báb] for the advent of the promised Qá’im, a descendant of Muhammad, and in His first Book enjoined the observance of the laws of the Qur’án, so that the people might not be seized with perturbation by reason of a new Book and a new Revelation and might regard His Faith as similar to their own, perchance they would not turn away from the Truth and ignore the thing for which they had been called into being.Bab - Selections
در تنزيل ششم آنكه بدليل عقل با تو تكلّم مينمايم آيا اگر امروز كسى خواهد داخل دين اسلام شود حجّت الهى بر او بالغ است يا نه اگر گوئى نيست چگونه بعد از موت خداوند او را عذاب ميفرمايد ودر حال حيوة حكم غير اسلام بر او ميشود واگر گوئى هست بچه چيز هست اگر بآنچه نقل ميكنى كه او ميشنود بمحض كلام بر آن حجّت نميگردد واگر گوئى بفرقان اين دليلى است متقن ومبرهنLet Me set forth some rational arguments for thee. If someone desireth to embrace the Faith of Islám today, would the testimony of God prove conclusive for him? If thou dost contend that it would not, then how is it that God will chastise him after death, and that, while he lives, the verdict of “nonbeliever” is passed upon him? If thou affirmest that the testimony is conclusive, how wouldst thou prove this? If thy assertion is based on hearsay, then mere words are unacceptable as a binding testimony; but if thou deemest the Qur’án as the testimony, this would be a weighty and evident proof.Bab - Selections
حال نظر نموده در ظهور بيان كه اهل فرقان همين قسم كه بر يكى از خلاف مذهب خود استدلال مينمايند اگر بر نفس خود نموده بودند يك نفر محتجب نمانده بود وكلّ نجات يافته بودند در روز قيامتNow consider the Revelation of the Bayán. If the followers of the Qur’án had applied to themselves proofs similar to those which they advance for the nonbelievers in Islám, not a single soul would have remained deprived of the Truth, and on the Day of Resurrection everyone would have attained salvation.Bab - Selections
واگر گويد نفس نصرانى كه من قرآن را نمى فهمم چگونه بر من حجّت ميگردد از آن مسموع نبوده مثل آنكه عبادى كه در فرقان ميگويند كه ما فصاحت آيات بيان را نمى فهميم كه بر ما حجّت گردد همان نفس كه اين را ميگويد بگو بآن اى شخص عامى تو بچه چيز در دين اسلام متديّن شده ئى پيغمبرى كه نديده ئى معجزه ئى كه نديده ئى اگر لاعن شعور شدى چرا شدى واگر بحجّيت فرقان شدى بر اينكه شنيدى از ارباب علم وايقان كه اعتراف بعجز نمودند يا آنكه بمحض حبّ فطرت نزد استماع ذكر الله خاضع وخاشع شدى كه يكى از علائم اكبر حبّ وعرفانست كه حجّت تو متقن بوده وهست...Should a Christian contend, “How can I deem the Qur’án a testimony while I am unable to understand it?” such a contention would not be acceptable. Likewise the people of the Qur’án disdainfully observe, “We are unable to comprehend the eloquence of the verses in the Bayán, how can we regard it as a testimony?” Whoever uttereth such words, say unto him, “O thou untutored one! By what proof hast thou embraced the Religion of Islám? Is it the Prophet on whom thou hast never set eyes? Is it the miracles which thou hast never witnessed? If thou hast accepted Islám unwittingly, wherefore hast thou done so? But if thou hast embraced the Faith by recognizing the Qur’án as the testimony, because thou hast heard the learned and the faithful express their powerlessness before it, or if thou hast, upon hearing the divine verses and by virtue of thy spontaneous love for the True Word of God, responded in a spirit of utter humility and lowliness—a spirit which is one of the mightiest signs of true love and understanding—then such proofs have been and will ever be regarded as sound.”Bab - Selections
عرفان حقّ صرف عرفان الله وحبّ او حبّ الله است وچون حدّ اين خلق را ميدانستم از اين جهت امر بكتمان اسم نموده بودم اين همان خلقند كه در حق مثل رسول الله كه لا مثل بوده وهست گفتند انّه لمجنونٌ واگر ميگويند ما آنها نيستيم عمل آنها دليل است بر قول وكذب آنها وما شهد الله خداوند همان است كه حجّت او شهادت ميدهد از قبل او كلّ اهل ارض اگر بر امرى شهادت دهند واو بر امرى آنچه او شهادت ميدهد ما شهد الله خداوند است ودون او لا شيء بوده وهست واگر شيء شيء شود باو شيء ميگرددThe recognition of Him Who is the Bearer of divine Truth is none other than the recognition of God, and loving Him is none other than loving God. However, I swear by the sublime Essence of God—exalted and glorified be He—that I did not wish My identity to be known by men, and gave instructions that My name should be concealed, because I was fully aware of the incapacity of this people, who are none other than those who have, in reference to no less a person than the Apostle of God—incomparable as He hath ever been—remarked, “He is certainly a lunatic.” If they now claim to be other than those people, their deeds bear witness to the falsity of their assertions. That which God testifieth is none other than what His supreme Testimony testifieth. Were all the peoples of the world to testify unto a thing and were He to testify unto another, His testimony will be regarded as God’s testimony, while aught else but Him hath been and will ever be as naught; for it is through His might that a thing assumeth existence.Bab - Selections
ونظر كن در تديّن اين خلق كه در امور خود بدو شاهد عادل مستشهد ميگردند وبا وجود اين همه عدلا در ايقان بحقّ تأمّل دارند...Consider the extent of the adherence of these people to matters of faith. When dealing with their own affairs they are well content with the testimony of two just witnesses, and yet despite the testimony of so many righteous men they hesitate to believe in Him Who is the Bearer of the divine Truth.Bab - Selections
ودر قرآن در اكثر موارد ردّ شده چيزهائى كه طلب مينمودند از رسول الله باَهواء خود چنانچه ناطقست تنزيل در سورهٔ بنى اسرائيل وقالُوا لَنْ نُؤمِنَ لَكَ حَتّى تُفَجِّرَ لَنا مِنَ الأَرْضِ يَنْبوُعًا أَوْ يَكوُنَ لَكَ جَنّةٌ مِنْ نَخيلٍ وعِنَبٍ فَتُفَجِّرَ الأَنْهارَ خِلالَها تَفْجيرًا أَوْ تُسْقِطَ السَّمآءَ کَما زَعَمْتَ عَلَيْنا کِسَفًا أَوْ تَأتِيَ بِاللهِ والْمَلا‏ئِکَةِ قَبيلاً أَوْ يَکوُنَ لَكَ بَيْتٌ مِنْ زُخرُفٍ أَوْ تَرْقى فِى السَّمآءِ ولَنْ نُؤمِنَ لِرُقِيِّكَ حَتّى تُنَزِّلَ عَلَيْنا کِتابًا نَقْرَئُهُ قُلْ سُبْحانَ رَبّى هَلْ کُنْتُ إِلاّ بَشَرًا رَسوُلاًThe evidences which the people demanded from the Apostle of God through their idle fancy have mostly been rejected in the Qur’án, even as in the Súrih of the Children of Israel [Súrih 17] it hath been revealed: “And they say, by no means will we believe on thee till thou cause a fountain to gush forth for us from the earth; or till thou have a garden of palm trees and vines, and thou cause rivers to spring forth from the midst thereof in abundance; or thou cause the heaven to fall down upon us, as thou hast given out, in pieces; or thou bring God and the angels to vouch for thee; or thou have a house of gold; or thou ascend to heaven nor will we believe in thine ascension, till thou send down to us a book which we may read. Say, Praise be to my Lord! Am I more than a man, an apostle?”Bab - Selections
حال انصاف ده آن عرب چنين تكلّم كرده بود وتو چيز ديگر ميخواهى بهواى نفست چه فرق است ما بين تو واو اگر قدرى تأمّل كنى بر عبد است كه آنچه را كه خدا حجّت قرار ميدهد بر او مستدل شود نه آنچه دلخواه او باشد اگر حكايت دل بخواه بود احدى روى ارض كافر نميماند زيرا كه هر امّتى كه مأمول آنها در نزد رسول الله ظاهر ميشد ايمان ميآوردند پناه بر خدا بر آنكه دليل قرار دهى چيزى را بهواى خود بلكه دليل قرار ده چيزى را كه خدا او را دليل قرار داده وتو ايمان ميآورى بخداوند از براى رضاى او چگونه ميخواهى دليل ايمانت قرار دهى چيزى را كه رضاى او نبوده ونيست...Now be fair! The Arabs uttered such words, and now, prompted by thy desire, thou dost demand yet other things? What is the difference between thee and them? If thou dost ponder awhile, it will be evident that it is incumbent upon a lowly servant to acquiesce to whatever proof God hath appointed, and not to follow his own idle fancy. If the wishes of the people were to be gratified not a single disbeliever would remain on earth. For once the Apostle of God had fulfilled the wishes of the people they would unhesitatingly have embraced His Faith. May God save thee, shouldst thou seek any evidence according to thy selfish desire; rather it behooveth thee to uphold the unfailing proof which God hath appointed. The object of thy belief in God is but to secure His good-pleasure. How then dost thou seek as a proof of thy faith a thing which hath been and is contrary to His good-pleasure?Bab - Selections
منقطع شو از ما سوى الله ومستغنى شو بخدا از ما دون او واين آيه را تلاوت كنRid thou thyself of all attachments to aught except God, enrich thyself in God by dispensing with all else besides Him, and recite this prayer:Bab - Selections
قلَ الله يكفى كلَّ شيء عن كلِّ شيء ولا يكفى عن الله ربّك مِن شيء لا فى السّموات ولا فى الارض ولا بينَهما انّه كان علاّمًا كافيًا قديرًاSay: God sufficeth all things above all things, and nothing in the heavens or in the earth or in whatever lieth between them but God, thy Lord, sufficeth. Verily, He is in Himself the Knower, the Sustainer, the Omnipotent.Bab - Selections
وكفايت الله را موهوم تصوّر ننموده كه آن ايمان تو است در هر ظهورى بمظهر آن ظهور وآن ايمان تو را كفايت‏ ميكند از كلّ ما على الارض وكلّ ما على الأرض تو را كفايت نميكند از ايمان اگر مؤمن نباشى شجرهٔ حقيقت امر باِفناء تو ميكند واگر مؤمن باشى كفايت ميكند تو را از كلّ ما على الارض اگر چه مالك شيء نباشی...Regard not the all-sufficing power of God as an idle fancy. It is that genuine faith which thou cherishest for the Manifestation of God in every Dispensation. It is such faith which sufficeth above all the things that exist on the earth, whereas no created thing on earth besides faith would suffice thee. If thou art not a believer, the Tree of divine Truth would condemn thee to extinction. If thou art a believer, thy faith shall be sufficient for thee above all things that exist on earth, even though thou possess nothing.Bab - Selections
از كلّ نصارى هفتاد نفر زياده ايمان برسول خدا نياورد چنانچه در يك روايت مسطور است وتقصير بر علماى آنها است كه اگر آنها ايمان ميآوردند ساير خلق ايمان ميآوردند حال نظر كن كه علماى نصارى عالم شدند از براى آنكه امّت عيسى را نجات دهند وحال آنكه خود سبب شدند وخلق را ممنوع نمودند از ايمان وهدايت حال باز برو وعالِم بشو كلّ امّت عيسى اطاعت علماى خود مينمودند از براى آنكه نجات يابند در روز قيامت وحال آنكه همين اَتباع ايشان را داخل نار نمود ودر يوم ظهور رسول الله كه ايشان را از مثل رسول الله محجوب داشت وحال برو متّبع عالِم شوIt is recorded in a tradition that of the entire concourse of the Christians no more than seventy people embraced the Faith of the Apostle of God. The blame falleth upon their doctors, for if these had believed, they would have been followed by the mass of their countrymen. Behold, then, that which hath come to pass! The learned men of Christendom are held to be learned by virtue of their safeguarding the teaching of Christ, and yet consider how they themselves have been the cause of men’s failure to accept the Faith and attain unto salvation! Is it still thy wish to follow in their footsteps? The followers of Jesus submitted to their clerics to be saved on the Day of Resurrection, and as a result of this obedience they eventually entered into the fire, and on the Day when the Apostle of God appeared they shut themselves out from the recognition of His exalted Person. Dost thou desire to follow such divines?Bab - Selections
نه والله نه عالِم شو ونه متّبع بغير بصيرت كه هر دو هالكند در يوم قيامت بلكه عالم شو با بصيرت ومتّبع باش خدا را بعالم حقّ با بصيرت مى بينیNay, by God, be thou neither a divine without discernment nor a follower without discernment, for both of these shall perish on the Day of Resurrection. Rather it behooveth thee to be a discerning divine, or to walk with insight in the way of God by obeying a true leader of religion.Bab - Selections
كرور كرور عالم در هر ملّت بغير بصيرت ومی ‌بينى متّبع در هر ملّت كرور كرور بغير بصيرت قدرى مستبصر شو ورحم كن بر نفس خود ونظر از دليل وبرهان برمدار دليل وبرهان را ما تهواى خود قرار مده بلكه بر آنچه خداوند قرار داده قرار ده وبدان ‏كه نفس عالم بودن شرف نيست وهمچنين نفس متّبع‏ بودن بلى عالمى علم آن شرف است از براى آنكه مطابق رضاى خدا باشد وتابعى اتباع آن شرفست كه مطابق رضاى خدا باشد ورضاى خدا را امر موهومى قرار مده كه آن رضاى رسول او است نظر كن در امّت عيسى كه كلّ طالب رضاى خدا بودند و يك نفر موفّق نشد برضاى رسول الله كه ‏عين رضاء الله است الاّ عبادى كه ايمان به آن حضرت آوردند...In every nation thou beholdest unnumbered spiritual leaders who are bereft of true discernment, and among every people thou dost encounter myriads of adherents who are devoid of the same characteristic. Ponder for a while in thy heart, have pity on thyself and turn not aside thine attention from proofs and evidences. However, seek not proofs and evidences after thine idle fancy; but rather base thy proofs upon what God hath appointed. Moreover, know thou that neither being a man of learning nor being a follower is in itself a source of glory. If thou art a man of learning, thy knowledge becometh an honor, and if thou art a follower, thine adherence unto leadership becometh an honor, only when these conform to the good-pleasure of God. And beware lest thou regard as an idle fancy the good-pleasure of God; it is the same as the good-pleasure of His Messenger. Consider the followers of Jesus. They were eagerly seeking the good-pleasure of God, yet none of them attained the good-pleasure of His Apostle which is identical with God’s good-pleasure, except such as embraced His Faith.Bab - Selections
لوح مسطور را مشاهده نموده هر گاه خواسته شود بتفصيل ذكر ادلّه در اثبات ظهور گردد الواح اكوانيّه وامكانيّه نتواند تحمّل نمودThy letter hath been perused. Were the truth of this Revelation to be fully demonstrated with elaborate proofs, all the scrolls that exist in the heaven and on the earth would be insufficient to contain them.Bab - Selections
ولى ساذج كلام وجوهر مرام آنكه شبههٔ نبوده ونيست كه خداوند لم يزل باستقلال استجلال ذات مقدّس خود بوده ولا يزال باستمناع استرفاع كنه مقدّس خود خواهد بود نشناخته است او را هيچ شيء حقّ شناختن وستايش ننموده او را هيچ شيء حق ستايش نمودن مقدّس بوده از كلّ اسماء ومنزّه بوده از كلّ امثال وكلّ باو معروف ميگردد واو اجلّ از آن است كه معروف بغير گردد واز براى خلق او اوّلى نبوده واخرى نخواهد بود كه تعطيل در فيض لازم آيد بعدد آنچه ممكن است در امكان از عدد خلق ارسال رسل وانزال كتب فرموده وخواهد فرمودHowever, the substance and essence of the subject is this, that there can be no doubt that from everlasting God hath been invested with the independent sovereignty of His exalted Being, and unto everlasting He will remain inaccessible in the transcendent majesty of His holy Essence. No creature hath ever recognized Him as befitteth His recognition, nor hath any created being ever praised Him as is worthy of His praise. He is exalted above every name, and is sanctified from every comparison. Through Him all things are made known, while too lofty is His reality to be known through anyone but Him. The process of His creation hath had no beginning and can have no end, otherwise it would necessitate the cessation of His celestial grace. God hath raised up Prophets and revealed Books as numerous as the creatures of the world, and will continue to do so to everlasting.Bab - Selections
وهر گاه در بحر اسماء سايرى كه كلّ بالله معروفست واو اجلّ از آن است كه بخلق خود معروف گردد يا بعباد خود موصوف وهر شيء كه مى بينی خلق شده بمشيّت او چگونه دليل باشد بر وحدانيّت حضرت او وجود او بنفسه دليل است بر وحدانيّت او وجود كلّ شيء بنفسه دليل است بر اينكه او خلق او است اينست دليل حكمت نزد سيّار بحر حقيقتIf thou art sailing upon the sea of God’s Names, which are reflected in all things, know thou that He is exalted and sanctified from being known through His creatures, or being described by His servants. Everything thou beholdest hath been called into being through the operation of His Will. How can such a created thing, therefore, be indicative of His essential oneness? God’s existence in itself testifieth to His Own oneness, while every created thing, by its very nature, beareth evidence that it hath been fashioned by God. Such is the proof of consummate wisdom in the estimation of those who sail the ocean of divine Truth.Bab - Selections
وهر گاه در بحر خلق سائرى بدانكه مَثَل ذكر اوّل كه مشيّت اوّليه بوده باشد مثل شمس است كه خداوند عز وجلّ او را خلق فرموده بقدرت خود از اوّل لا اوّل در هر ظهورى او را ظاهر فرموده بمشيّت خود والى آخر لا آخر او را ظاهر ميفرمايد بارادهٔ خودIf, however, thou art sailing upon the sea of creation, know thou that the First Remembrance, which is the Primal Will of God, may be likened unto the sun. God hath created Him through the potency of His might, and He hath, from the beginning that hath no beginning, caused Him to be manifested in every Dispensation through the compelling power of His behest, and God will, to the end that knoweth no end, continue to manifest Him according to the good-pleasure of His invincible Purpose.Bab - Selections
وبدان كه مَثَل او مثل شمس است اگر بما لا نهايه طلوع نمايد يك شمس زياده نبوده ونيست واگر بما لا نهايه غروب كند يك شمس زياده نبوده ونيست او است كه در كلّ رُسل ظاهر بوده واو است كه در كلّ كتب ناطق بوده اوّلى از براى او نبوده زيرا كه اوّل به او اوّل ميگردد وآخرى از براى او نبوده زيرا كه آخر به او آخر ميگرددAnd know thou that He indeed resembleth the sun. Were the risings of the sun to continue till the end that hath no end, yet there hath not been nor ever will be more than one sun; and were its settings to endure forevermore, still there hath not been nor ever will be more than one sun. It is this Primal Will which appeareth resplendent in every Prophet and speaketh forth in every revealed Book. It knoweth no beginning, inasmuch as the First deriveth its firstness from It; and knoweth no end, for the Last oweth its lastness unto It.Bab - Selections
واو است كه در دورهٔ بديع اوّل آدم وبنوح در يوم او وبابراهيم در يوم او وبموسى در يوم او وبعيسى در يوم او وبمحمّد رسول الله در يوم او وبنقطه بيان در يوم او وبمن يظهره الله در يوم او وبمن يظهر من بعد من يظهره الله در يوم او معروف بوده واين است سرّ قول رسول الله از قبل امّا النّبيّون فاَنا زيرا كه ظاهر در كلّ شمس واحد بوده وهست...In the time of the First Manifestation the Primal Will appeared in Adam; in the day of Noah It became known in Noah; in the day of Abraham in Him; and so in the day of Moses; the day of Jesus; the day of Muhammad, the Apostle of God; the day of the “Point of the Bayán”; the day of Him Whom God shall make manifest; and the day of the One Who will appear after Him Whom God shall make manifest. Hence the inner meaning of the words uttered by the Apostle of God, “I am all the Prophets,” inasmuch as what shineth resplendent in each one of Them hath been and will ever remain the one and the same sun.Bab - Selections
مستخرجاتى از كتاب الاسماءExcerpts from the Kitáb-i-Asmá’ (The Book of Names)Bab - Selections
اَن يا اولي البيان فلا تردنّ احد منكم احدًا قبل ان تطلع شمس الازليّة من سماء علوّها قد خلقناكم من شجرة واحدة وجعلناكم من اوراق شجرة واحدة واثمار شجرة واحدة لعلّكم انتم بعضكم ببعض لتسكنون لا تنظرنّ الى غيركم الاّ بما تنظرنّ الى انفسكم لئلاّ يظهر بينكم من كرهٍ وانتم به يوم القيمة عمّن يظهره الله تحتجبون ولتكوننّ كلّكم امّةً واحدةً ثمّ الى من يظهره الله لترجعونO ye that are invested with the Bayán! Denounce ye not one another, ere the Daystar of ancient eternity shineth forth above the horizon of His sublimity. We have created you from one tree and have caused you to be as the leaves and fruit of the same tree, that haply ye may become a source of comfort to one another. Regard ye not others save as ye regard your own selves, that no feeling of aversion may prevail amongst you so as to shut you out from Him Whom God shall make manifest on the Day of Resurrection. It behooveth you all to be one indivisible people; thus should ye return unto Him Whom God shall make manifest.Bab - Selections
فانّ الّذين قد احتجبوا في تلك القيامة بما قد اظهروا بعضهم لبعضهم من كرهٍ وسموّا انفسهم لمحقّون ودونهم غير محقّون قد اخذهم يوم القيمة ما اخذهم في ليلهم من عداوتهم واحتجبوا عن لقاء ربّهم بما هم في ليلهم بعضهم بعضا يردّونThose who have deprived themselves of this Resurrection by reason of their mutual hatreds or by regarding themselves to be in the right and others in the wrong, were chastised on the Day of Resurrection by reason of such hatreds evinced during their night. Thus they deprived themselves of beholding the countenance of God, and this for no other reason than mutual denunciations.Bab - Selections
ان يا اولي البيان فلتكسبنّ عملاً يرضي الله ربّكم عن انفسكم بما ترضيون من يظهره الله عن انفسكم ولا تتكسبنّ بدينكم ولتتغنّمون ايّام عمركم وترثون اليوم القيمة ما يحزن به من يظهره الله وانتم عند انفسكم تحسبون انّكم تحسنون ليرزقنّكم الله من خزائن فضله ان انتم في دينكم تتّقونO ye that are invested with the Bayán! Ye should perform such deeds as would please God, your Lord, earning thereby the good-pleasure of Him Whom God shall make manifest. Turn not your religion into a means of material gain, spending your life on vanities, and inheriting thereby on the Day of Resurrection that which would displease Him Whom God shall make manifest, while ye deem that what ye do is right. If, however, ye observe piety in your Faith, God will surely nourish you from the treasuries of His heavenly grace.Bab - Selections
وتجعلنّ دينكم لمن يظهره الله خالصًا لله ربّكم لعلّكم يوم القيمة بدين الله لتنجون وبما يظهر بينكم في ليلكم من اختلافاتكم في مسائلكم وعلوّكم ودنوّكم وقربكم و بعدكم بعضكم عن بعض لا تحتجبونBe ye sincere in your allegiance to Him Whom God shall make manifest, for the sake of God, your Lord, that perchance ye may, through devotion to His Faith, be redeemed on the Day of Resurrection. Beware lest ye suffer one another to be wrapt in veils by reason of the disputes which may, during your night, arise among you as a result of the problems ye encounter or in consideration of such matters as your loftiness or lowliness, your nearness or remoteness.Bab - Selections
قد وصّيناكم حقّ الوصية لعلكم انتم تتمسّكون بها ثمّ يوم القيمة بها لتنجون ربّما انتم في بيوتكم ساكنون يطلع من يظهره الله ويريد الله ان يعيدنّكم اليه مثل ما قد بدئكم الله من نقطة الاولى وانتم كلّكم باهواء ما عندكم تريدون ان تهتدون بعضكم قد استغررتم بدينكم وبعضكم قد استغنيتم بعلمكم كلّ واحد منكم ليأخذنّ شيئًا من البيان ثمّ به تترفعون...Thus have We firmly exhorted you—a befitting exhortation indeed—that haply ye may cleave tenaciously unto it and attain thereby salvation on the Day of Resurrection. The time is approaching when ye will be at peace with yourselves in your homes, and lo, Him Whom God shall make manifest will have appeared, and God wisheth you to return unto Him, even as God called you into being through the Primal Point. However, all of you will seek guidance while pursuing the promptings of your own desires. Some of you are filled with pride by reason of your religion, others because of your learning. Ye will, one and all, cling unto some part of the Bayán as a means of self-glorification. XVI, 19.2Bab - Selections
والله خلق عن كلّ عباده لن يقترن بشيء ابدًا وانتم كلّكم بامر الله قائمون وانّه هو ربّكم والهكم ومليككم وسلطانكم لينقلبنّكم باللّيل والنّهار بامره وانه لا اله الاّ انا المهيمن القيّومGod is sanctified from His servants and no direct relationship ever existeth between Him and any created thing, while ye have all arisen at His bidding. Verily He is your Lord and your God, your Master and your King. He ordaineth your movements at His behest throughout the daytime and in the night season.Bab - Selections
قل انّ من يظهره الله حجاب الله الاوّل انتم من وراء ذلك الحجاب غير الله لا تدركون ومن دون ذلك الحجاب كلّ ما يظهر من عند الله تدركون والله غيب ممتنع متعالي محبوبSay, He Whom God shall make manifest is indeed the Primal Veil of God. Above this Veil ye can find nothing other than God, while beneath it ye can discern all things emanating from God. He is the Unseen, the Inaccessible, the Most Exalted, the Best-Beloved.Bab - Selections
ان تريدون الله فلتريدنّ من يظهره الله وان تحبّون ان تسلكون في فلك الاسماء انتم بادلاّء من يظهره الله ترتفعون ان جعلتم انفسكم بمن يظهره الله مؤمنون فاذا قد جعل الله افئدتكم مطالع اسمائه في الكتاب انتم تستطيعن مثل المرآت عن شمس السّمآء حين ما تقابلها تستنبئون...If ye seek God, it behooveth you to seek Him Whom God shall make manifest, and if ye cherish the desire to dwell in the Ark of Names, ye will be distinguished as the guides to Him Whom God shall make manifest, did ye but believe in Him. Verily then make your hearts the daysprings of His exalted Names as recorded in the Book, and ye shall, even as mirrors placed before the sun, be able to receive enlightenment. XVI, 17.Bab - Selections
من يدّعي امر وليأتينّ بحجّةٍ على الّذينهم يريدون ان لا يصدّقوه ان يأتون بمثل حجّته فان اتوا فاذا يرفع كلامه وهم يغلبون والاّ بدون ذلك لم يقطع كلامه ولا ترتفع حجّة ما عنده فلاوصيكم يا اولي البيان ان لا تقابلنّ احدًا الاّ بمثل ما عنده ان انتم تريدون ان تغلبون والاّ بغير ذلك يثبت الحقّ ويفنى دون الحقّShould a person lay claim to a cause and produce his proofs, then those who seek to repudiate him are required to produce proofs like unto his. If they succeed in doing so, his words will prove vain and they will prevail; otherwise neither his words will cease nor the proofs he hath set forth will become void. I admonish you, O ye who are invested with the Bayán, if ye would fain assert your ascendancy, confront not any soul unless ye give proofs similar to that which he hath adduced; for Truth shall be firmly established, while aught else besides it is sure to perish.Bab - Selections
كم من عباد قابلوا محمّدًا رسول الله وفنوا انفسهم بما عجزوا ان يأتوا بمثل ما نزّل الله عليه وان استحيوا ما قابلوه وان يعقلوا حجّة ما عنده ما قابلوه ولكنّهم حسبوا انّهم دينهم ينصرون اخذهم الله بما اكتسبوا واثبت الحقّ بالحقّ مثل ما انتم كلّكم حينئذٍ امر محمّد تشهدون منHow numerous the people who engaged in contests with Muhammad, the Apostle of God, and were eventually reduced to naught, inasmuch as they were powerless to bring forth proofs similar to that which God had sent down unto Him. Had they been abashed and modest, and had they realized the nature of the proofs wherewith He was invested, they would never have challenged Him. But they regarded themselves as champions of their own religion. Therefore God laid hold on them according to their deserts and vindicated the Truth through the power of Truth. This is what ye clearly perceive today in the Muhammadan Revelation.Bab - Selections
يقدر ان يقابلن اعراش الحقيقة عند كلّ ظهور وانّ كلّ بهم قائمون وكلّ من قابلهم من اوّل الّذي لا اوّل له الى حينئذٍ قد افناهم الله واثبت الحقّ بالحقّ انّه كان قدّارًا مقتدرًا قديرا...Who is the man amongst you who can challenge the exalted Thrones of Reality in every Dispensation, while all existence is wholly dependent upon Them? Indeed, God hath wiped out all those who have opposed Them from the beginning that hath no beginning until the present day and hath conclusively demonstrated the Truth through the power of Truth. Verily, He is the Almighty, the Omnipotent, the All-Powerful. XVII, 11.Bab - Selections
فلتراقبنّ ان يا اولي البيان انفسكم في يوم القيمة فانّكم في واحد البيان يومئذٍ لموقنون ولكنّكم لا ينفعكم هذا والاّ وانتم بمن يظهره الله ثمّ بما يقدر من عنده لتؤمنون مثل ما نفعكم من قبل في دينكم فلتراقبنّ انفسكم ان لا تحتجبنّ عن علل الرّسل ثمّ الكتب وانتم باجزاء من عندهما تستمسّكون...O ye who are invested with the Bayán! Be ye watchful on the Day of Resurrection, for on that Day ye will firmly believe in the Váhid of the Bayán, though this, even as your past religion which proved of no avail, can in no wise benefit you, unless ye embrace the Cause of Him Whom God shall make manifest and believe in that which He ordaineth. Therefore take ye good heed lest ye shut yourselves out from Him Who is the Fountainhead of all Messengers and Scriptures, while ye hold fast to parts of the teachings which have emanated from these sources. XVII, 15.Bab - Selections
انظر عند كلّ ظهور من يشرح صدره لصاحب ذلك الظّهور يؤمن ومن يحتجب يضيق صدره وذلك باحتجاب نفسه ولكنّ الانشراح من عند الله لهولآء وهولآء سواه وما اراد الله ان يضيق قلب نملةٍ وكيف وفوقها ولكن حين ما تحتجب والله خالق كلّ شيءConsider how at the time of the appearance of every Revelation, those who open their hearts to the Author of that Revelation recognize the Truth, while the hearts of those who fail to apprehend the Truth are straitened by reason of their shutting themselves out from Him. However, openness of heart is bestowed by God upon both parties alike. God desireth not to straiten the heart of anyone, be it even an ant, how much less the heart of a superior creature, except when he suffereth himself to be wrapt in veils, for God is the Creator of all things.Bab - Selections
ان شرحت قلب احدٍ بهدايتك الى من يظهره الله فاذا كينونتك مستنبئة عن ذلك الاسم فعليك بتلك الصّفة في ايّام القيمة فانّ اكثر الخلق ضعفاء ان تشرح صدورهم وترفع عنهم شبهاتهم ليدخلون في دين الله فلتظهرنّ تلك الصّفة في ايّام من يظهره الله بكلّ ما كنت عليه من المقتدرين فانّك ان تشرح قلب احد في سبيله خير لك عن كلّ عمل اذا لاعمال فرع الايمان به واليقين بحقيقته...Wert thou to open the heart of a single soul by helping him to embrace the Cause of Him Whom God shall make manifest, thine inmost being would be filled with the inspirations of that august Name. It devolveth upon you, therefore, to perform this task in the Days of Resurrection, inasmuch as most people are helpless, and wert thou to open their hearts and dispel their doubts, they would gain admittance into the Faith of God. Therefore, manifest thou this attribute to the utmost of thine ability in the days of Him Whom God shall make manifest. For indeed if thou dost open the heart of a person for His sake, better will it be for thee than every virtuous deed; since deeds are secondary to faith in Him and certitude in His Reality. XVII, 15.Bab - Selections
فلتراقبنّ انفسكم ان تنظرنّ الى كلام كلّ احدٍ ثمّ بدليل الحقّ تستمسكون وان لا تجدنّ الحقّ في كلامه فلا تجادلنّ فيه فانّا قد حرّمنا في البيان ان لا تجادلوا ولا تتحاججوا لعلّكم انتم يوم القيمة بمن يظهره الله لا تتحاجّون ولا تتجادلون...Take heed to carefully consider the words of every soul, then hold fast to the proofs which attest the truth. If ye fail to discover truth in a person’s words, make them not the object of contention, inasmuch as ye have been forbidden in the Bayán to enter into idle disputation and controversy, that perchance on the Day of Resurrection ye may not engage in argumentation, and dispute with Him Whom God shall make manifest. XVII, 16.Bab - Selections
ويوم القيمة لما يأتيكم من يظهره الله بحجّةٍ محكمة فيه غير الحق تحسبون ولكنّ الله قد علّمكم في البيان انّ امر من يظهره الله لم يكن كامر احدٍ دونه هل يقدر غير الله ان يتنزلنّ بآية يعجز عنها كلّ العالمين قل سبحان الله من يقدر غير من يظهره الله ان يتلون بفطرته آيات ربّه وكلّ عن ذلك عاجزونOn the Day of Resurrection when He Whom God will make manifest cometh unto you, invested with conclusive proofs, ye shall hold His Cause as being devoid of truth, whereas God hath apprised you in the Bayán that no similarity existeth between the Cause of Him Whom God will make manifest and the cause of others. How can anyone besides God reveal a verse such as to overwhelm all mankind? Say, great is God! Who else but Him Whom God will make manifest can spontaneously recite verses which proceed from His Lord—a feat that no mortal man can ever hope to accomplish?Bab - Selections
لن يشتبه الحقّ ابدا بغيره ان انتم في حجّته تتفكّرون ولا يشتبه الباطل بالحقّ ان انتم في حجّة الحقّ تتفكّرونTruth can in no wise be confounded with aught else except itself; would that ye might ponder His proof. Nor can error be confused with Truth, if ye do but reflect upon the testimony of God, the True One.Bab - Selections
وكم من عبادٍ في الاسلام قد ادّعوا امر الباطل وانتم قد اتّبعتموه بعد ما شهدتم من حجّةٍ فما حجّتكم عند ربّكم ان انتم قليلاً ما تتفكّرونHow great hath been the number of those who have falsely laid claim to a cause within Islám, and ye followed in their footsteps without having witnessed a single proof. What evidence can ye then produce in the presence of your Lord, if ye do but meditate awhile?Bab - Selections
فلتراقبنّ انفسكم في ليلكم ان لا تحزننّ من احدٍ سوآء تجدنّ عنده الحجة او لا لعلّكم يوم القيمة من في قبضته كلّ الحجّة لا تحزنون وان لا تشهدنّ عند احدٍ من حجّة بنفسه لن يقدر ان يظهر بالحقّ والله ليكفينّه وما عليكم ان تحزنون من نفس والله ليسئلن عنه وليحسبنه انتم بحجّة دينكم تستمسكون ثمّ بما نزل في البيان لتعملونTake ye good heed in your night lest ye be a cause of sadness to any soul, whether ye be able to discover proofs in him or not, that haply on the Day of Resurrection ye may not grieve Him within Whose grasp lieth every proof. And when ye do not discern God’s testimony in a person, he will verily fail in manifesting the power of Truth; and God is sufficient to deal with him. Indeed on no account should ye sadden any person; surely God will put him to the proof and bring him to account. It behooveth you to cling to the testimony of your own Faith and to observe the ordinances laid down in the Bayán.Bab - Selections
وانّ مثلكم كمثل من يبني جنّةً يغرس فيها اشجارًا من كلّ الثّمرات اذا يأتي مالكها قد استملكتموها باسمه وحين ما يأتيكم عن نفسه تمنعونYou are like unto the man who layeth out an orchard and planteth all kinds of fruit trees therein. When the time is at hand for him, the lord, to come, ye will have taken possession of the orchard in his name, and when he doth come in person, ye will shut him out from it.Bab - Selections
انّا قد اغرسنا شجرة القرآن واظهرنا في تلك الجنّة من كلّ الثّمرات انتم كلّكم بها تتنعّمون واذا جئنا ان نملكن ما قد اغرسنا كانّكم لا تعرفون صاحبهاVerily We planted the Tree of the Qur’án and provided its Orchard with all kinds of fruit, whereof ye all have been partaking. Then when We came to take over that which We had planted, ye pretended not to know Him Who is the Lord thereof.Bab - Selections
وان لا تحزنوننا ولا تمنعوننا عنها ما ملكناه بانفسنا من تلك الجنّة لكنّا عمّا عندكم لمستغنين بعد ما لا نحلّ لاحدٍ منكم قدر خردل وانّا كنّا لمحاسبينBe ye not a cause of grief unto Us, nor withhold Us from this Orchard which belongeth unto Us, though independent are We of all that ye possess. Moreover, unto none of you shall We make this property lawful, were it even to the extent of a mustard seed. Verily, the Reckoner are We.Bab - Selections
قد اغرسنا جنّه البيان بمن يظهره الله واذنّاكم ان تتعيّشون فيها الى حين ظهوره فاذا من اوّل ما يظهره الله قد حرّمنا عليكم كلّ ما عندكم الاّ وانتم باذن مالكم تتصرّفون...We have planted the Garden of the Bayán in the name of Him Whom God will make manifest, and have granted you permission to live therein until the time of His manifestation; then from the moment the Cause of Him Whom God will make manifest is inaugurated, We forbid you all the things ye hold as your own, unless ye may, by the leave of your Lord, be able to regain possession thereof. XVIII, 3.Bab - Selections
ان يا ايّها الّذين اوتوا البيان فلتراقبنّ انفسكم فانّكم انتم في ايّام من يظهره الله لا تحسبون انّكم غير رضاء الله تريدون ولكنّكم في دون رضاء الله تصبرون مثل الّذين كانوا في ايّام نقطة الاولى ما خطرت بانفسهم بانّهم غير ما اراد الله يريدون واحتجبوا عن الله وما اتّبعوا ما قد اراد الله بما قد جعلوا انفسهم مؤمنين وما يتفكرون في الّذينهم في ايّام محمّد بانّهم مثلهم حسبوا انّهم رضاء الله يريدون بعد ما انّهم قد انقطعوا عن رضاء الله بعد ما احتجبوا عن رضاء محمّد ولكنّهم لا يشعرونO ye unto whom the Bayán is given! Be ye vigilant lest in the days of Him Whom God shall make manifest, while ye consider yourselves as seeking God’s pleasure, in reality ye persist in that which would only displease Him, even as did those who lived in the days of the Primal Point, to whom it never occurred that they were seeking things which ran counter to that which God had purposed. They shut themselves out as by a veil from God and failed to observe that which He had desired for them to perform as true believers. They pondered not upon such people as lived in the days of Muhammad, who believed likewise that they were seeking the good-pleasure of God, while they had actually cut themselves off therefrom, once they had failed to secure the good-pleasure of Muhammad. Nevertheless they comprehended not.Bab - Selections
انتم يا اولي البيان لا يحسبون بانفسكم ان تكوننّ مثل الّذين اوتوا الفرقان او اوتوا الانجيل او اوتوا الكتب من قبل ولكنّكم لابعد منهم حين ظهور الله ان تحتجبون لا تحسبون انّكم انتم تحتجبون ولكنّكم فلتتفكرنّ في الّذين اوتوا الفرقان كيف احتجبوا فانّكم انتم بمثلهم تحتجبون وتحسبون انّكم تحسنون ولو يخطر بانفسكم احتجابكم لترضين بان تعد من فوق الارض وما كنتم عليها ذاكرين يأتيكم يوم تتمنّون ان تعلمون شيئا من رضآء الله ولا تجدون الله سبيلا ولتجولنّ مثل ما تجولنّ الابل ولا تجدنّ مرعيًا يجمّعنكم على امرٍ انتم به توقنون فاذا ليطلعن الله شمس الحقيقة وتجري من عنده ابحر الجود والفضل وانتم قطرة تحبّون وتريدون وعن بحور المآء انفسكم تمنعونO ye who are invested with the Bayán! Regard not yourselves as being like unto the people to whom the Qur’án or the Gospel or other Scriptures of old were given, since at the time of His manifestation ye shall stray farther from God than did they. If ye happen to shut yourselves out it would never cross your minds that ye were shut out from Him. It behooveth you to consider how the people unto whom the Qur’án was given were debarred from the Truth, for indeed ye will act in a like manner, thinking that ye are doers of good. If ye perceive the degree of your deprivation of God, ye will wish to have perished from the face of the earth and to have sunk into oblivion. The day will come when ye will earnestly desire to know that which would meet with the good-pleasure of God but, alas, ye shall find no path unto Him. Ye, even as camels that wander aimlessly, will not find a pasture wherein ye may gather and unite upon a Cause in which ye can assuredly believe. At that time God shall cause the Sun of Truth to shine forth and the oceans of His bounty and grace to surge, while ye will have chosen droplets of water as the object of your desire, and will have deprived yourselves of the plenteous waters in His oceans.Bab - Selections
ان انتم في شك من هذا فلتتفكرنّ في الّذين اوتوا الانجيل بما انقطعوا عنهم اوصيآء عيسى قد استرضوا في معابدهم ليطلعون شيئًا من رضاء الله وما وجدوا اليه سبيلا فاذا قد اظهر الله محمّدا رسول الله معدن كلّ رضائه ما استحيوا انفسهم بماء الحيوان من عند ربّهم وطلبوا فوق الارض من وراءِ قطرة مآء وحسبوا انّهم متّقون ومثلهم الّذين اوتوا الفرقانIf ye entertain any doubts in this matter consider the people unto whom the Gospel was given. Having no access to the apostles of Jesus, they sought the pleasure of the Lord in their churches, hoping to learn that which would be acceptable unto God, but they found therein no path unto Him. Then when God manifested Muhammad as His Messenger and as the Repository of His good-pleasure, they neglected to quicken their souls from the Fountain of living waters which streamed forth from the presence of their Lord and continued to rove distraught upon the earth seeking a mere droplet of water and believing that they were doing righteous deeds. They behaved as the people unto whom the Qur’án was given are now behaving.Bab - Selections
وانتم اَن يا اولي البيان بمثلهم فلتراقبنّ انفسكم ان لا تحرمنّ انفسكم عن لقاءِ مظهر الله وانتم للقاء الله باللّيل والنّهار تتضرّعون ولا تحرمنّ انفسكم عن بحر الرّضاء وانتم بقطرة ماء في الارض لتجولنّ ولا تجدون اليه سبيلاO ye who are invested with the Bayán! Ye can act similarly. Take ye heed, therefore, lest ye deprive yourselves of attaining the presence of Him Who is the Manifestation of God, notwithstanding that ye have been day and night praying to behold His countenance; and be ye careful lest ye be deterred from attaining unto the ocean of His good-pleasure, when perplexed and to no avail ye roam the earth in search of a drop of water.Bab - Selections
قل ان حجّة الله قد كملت في البيان وبعد ما نزّل الله البيان قد كملت نعمته على من على الارض كلّها فلا تذكرون نقض الفيض من عند الله لانفسكم فانّ الرّحمة قد كملت وتمّت على الّذين اوتوا البيان الى يوم القيمة ان انتم بآيات الله توقنونSay, the testimony of God hath been fulfilled in the Bayán, and through its revelation the grace of God hath attained its highest consummation for all mankind. Let no one among you say that God hath withheld the outpouring of His bounty unto you, for assuredly God’s mercy unto those to whom the Bayán is given hath been fulfilled and completed until the Day of Resurrection. Would that ye might believe in the signs of God. XVI, 13.Bab - Selections
وانّ الله قد ابدء خلق البيان بمن نزّل الله البيان عليه ليومٍ هم الى الله ربّهم ليعيدونVerily God hath caused the people of the Bayán to be called into being through the power of Him unto Whom the Bayán was revealed, in preparation for the Day when they will return to their Lord.Bab - Selections
انّ الّذينهم يؤمنون بمن يظهره الله فاولئك هم قد استدركوا ما نزّل الله في البيان واولئك هم المخلصون وانّ الّذين هم لا يؤمنون به حين ظهوره ما استدركوا من البيان حرفًا ولو انّهم بكلّ ما نزل فيه لمؤمنون ثمّ لموقنون ثمّ لعاملونIndeed those who will bear allegiance unto Him Whom God shall make manifest are the ones who have grasped the meaning of that which hath been revealed in the Bayán; they are indeed the sincere ones, while those who turn away from Him at the time of His appearance will have utterly failed to comprehend a single letter of the Bayán, even though they profess belief and assurance in whatever is revealed in it or observe its precepts.Bab - Selections
قل انّ معنى ما نزّل الله في البيان من كلّ اسم خير محبوب الّذينهم يؤمنون بمن يظهره الله وهم بالله وآياته موقنون وان معنى كلّ اسم دون خير قد نزّل في البيان الّذينهم لا يؤمنون بمن يظهره الله وهم بحدود ما نزل في البيان لمتّقون قل انّ الله ليعفونّ عنكم في ليلكم ويغفرنّ لكم ان انتم يوم القيمة لتؤمنونSay, every favorable and praiseworthy designation in the Bayán is but an allusion to those who recognize Him Whom God shall make manifest, and who believe with certainty in God and in His holy Writings, while every unfavorable designation therein is meant to refer to such as repudiate Him Whom God shall make manifest, though they may act uprightly within the bounds laid down in the Bayán. Say, if ye embrace the truth on the Day of Resurrection, God will assuredly pardon you for your night and will grant you forgiveness.Bab - Selections
انّ الّذينهم من اوّل ما نزّل الله البيان الى يوم من يظهره الله بما نزّل فيه لمؤمنون اولئك هم اصحاب الرّضوان واولئك هم عند الله في غرف الرّضوان يتعاليون ولكن من اوّل تسع تسع عشر عشر تاسعة يظهر الله مظهر نفسه فاذا كلّ من في البيان لمبتلون...As to those who have faithfully observed the ordinances in the Bayán from the inception of its revelation until the Day when Him Whom God shall make manifest will appear, these are indeed the companions of the paradise of His good-pleasure who will be glorified in the presence of God and will dwell in the pavilions of His celestial Garden. Yet, within less than a tiny fraction of an instant from the moment God will have revealed Him Who is the Manifestation of His Own Self, the entire company of the followers of the Bayán shall be put to proof. XVII, 1.Bab - Selections
بما اتبعت دين الحقّ من قبل لتتبعنّ دين الحقّ من بعد فان كلّ من عند الله المهيمن القيّومSince thou hast faithfully obeyed the true religion of God in the past, it behooveth thee to follow His true religion hereafter, inasmuch as every religion proceedeth from God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.Bab - Selections
انّ الّذي نزّل الفرقان على محمّد رسول الله واثبت به ما شاء في الاسلام لينزلنّ البيان على ما انتم به توعدون من قائمكم وهاديكم ومهديكم وصاحبكم وما انتم من اسماء الحسنى تذكرون وانّ ما نزّل الله على محمّد في ثلاث وعشرين سنة لينزلنّ الله عليّ في يومين وليلتين اذا لم يفصل بينهما امرًا من عنده انّه كان على كلّ شيء قديراHe Who hath revealed the Qur’án unto Muhammad, the Apostle of God, ordaining in the Faith of Islám that which was pleasing unto Him, hath likewise revealed the Bayán, in the manner ye have been promised, unto Him Who is your Qá’im, your Guide, your Mihdí, your Lord, Him Whom ye acclaim as the manifestation of God’s most excellent titles. Verily the equivalent of that which God revealed unto Muhammad during twenty-three years, hath been revealed unto Me within the space of two days and two nights. However, as ordained by God, no distinction is to be drawn between the two. He, in truth, hath power over all things.Bab - Selections
ولعمر من يظهره الله انّ ظهوري اعجب من ظهور محمّد رسول الله ان كنت في ايّام الله من المتفكرين انظر من ربّي في الاعجميين كيف ينطقه الله بالآيات البيّنات يعجز عنها كلّ العالمون وليظهرن من عنده باقرب ما يمكن ان يظهر في الكتاب انّه لا اله الاّ هو المهيمن القيّوم...I swear by the life of Him Whom God shall make manifest! My Revelation is indeed far more bewildering than that of Muhammad, the Apostle of God, if thou dost but pause to reflect upon the days of God. Behold, how strange that a person brought up amongst the people of Persia should be empowered by God to proclaim such irrefutable utterances as to silence every man of learning, and be enabled to spontaneously reveal verses far more rapidly than anyone could possibly set down in writing. Verily, no God is there but Him, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. XVI, 18.Bab - Selections
انّ الّذين احتجبوا عن ظهور الله ما استدركوا من القران من حرفٍ ولا من دين الاسلام من شيء والاّ لم يحتجبوا عن الله الّذي خلقهم ورزقهم واماتهم واحياهم باجزاءِ دينهم بعد ما هم يحسبون انّهم لله عاملونAs to those who have debarred themselves from the Revelation of God, they have indeed failed to understand the significance of a single letter of the Qur’án, nor have they obtained the slightest notion of the Faith of Islám, otherwise they would not have turned away from God, Who hath brought them into being, Who hath nurtured them, hath caused them to die and hath proffered life unto them, by clinging to parts of their religion, thinking that they are doing righteous work for the sake of God.Bab - Selections
وكم من آيات قد نزلت في افتتانكم يوم القيمة كانّكم انتم ايّاها لا تقرؤن وكم من احاديث قد نزلت في امتحاصكم في ايّام رجعنا كانّكم انتم فیها لا تنظرونHow numerous the verses which have been revealed concerning the grievous tests ye shall experience on the Day of Judgment, yet it appeareth that ye have never perused them; and how vast the number of revealed traditions regarding the trials which will overtake you on the Day of Our Return, and yet ye seem never to have set your eyes upon them.Bab - Selections
تشتغلون ايّامكم بقواعدٍ قد اخترعتم في اصولكم وانّ ما يثمر من كلّ ذلك ان تطلعنّ برضآء ربّكم وانتم حكم واحد على مراد الله تطّلعونYe spend all your days contriving forms and rules for the principles of your Faith, while that which profiteth you in all this is to comprehend the good-pleasure of your Lord and unitedly to become well-acquainted with His supreme Purpose.Bab - Selections
وقد عرّفكم الله نفسه وانتم ايّاه لا تتعرّفون وما يصدّكم عن الله ربّكم يوم القيمة الاّ زخارفكم في علمكم تتعبون في كلّ عمركم لرضاء الله وانتم يوم الآخر عن الله تحتجبونGod hath made His Own Self known unto you, but ye have failed to recognize Him; and the thing which will, on the Day of Judgment, turn you aside from God is the specious character of your deeds. Throughout your lives ye follow your religion in order to attract the good-pleasure of God, yet on the Last Day ye shut yourselves out from God and turn away from Him Who is your Promised One. XVII, 2.Bab - Selections
وانتم يا اولي البيان مثل الّذين اوتوالفرقان مُبتلون فلترحمنّ على انفسكم فانّكم انتم لتجدنّ يومًا باقوال شهداء البيان مستمسكون ويظهر الله مظهر نفسه بآيات بيّنات وانتم لقطرة مآء حيوان تجولون مثل ما تجولنّ الأبل لعلّكم تملكون وينّزل الله بحور ماء الحيوان من عند من يظهره الله وانتم انفسكم بها لا تسقون وتحسبون في دينكم بانّكم شهدآء متّقون كلاّ ثمّ كلاّ انتم ابعد عن الّذين اوتوا الفرقان ثمّ الانجيل ثمّ كلّ الكتب فلتراقبنّ انفسكم فانّ امر الله ليأتينّكم وانتم كلّكم تتضرّعون ليوم ظهور الله ثمّ لتبكون واذا يأتينّكم انتم تصبرون ولا توقنونO ye who are invested with the Bayán! Ye shall be put to proof, even as those unto whom the Qur’án was given. Have pity on yourselves, for ye shall witness the Day when God will have revealed Him Who is the Manifestation of His Own Self, invested with clear and irrefutable proofs, while ye will cling tenaciously to the words the Witnesses of the Bayán have uttered. On that Day ye will continue to rove distraught, even as camels, seeking a drop of the water of life. God will cause oceans of living water to stream forth from the presence of Him Whom God shall make manifest, while ye will refuse to quench your thirst therefrom, notwithstanding that ye regard yourselves as the God-fearing witnesses of your Faith. Nay, and yet again, nay! Ye will go astray far beyond the peoples unto whom the Gospel, or the Qur’án or any other Scripture was given. Take good heed to yourselves, inasmuch as the Cause of God will come upon you at a time when you will all be entreating and tearfully imploring God for the advent of the Day of His Manifestation; yet when He cometh ye will tarry and will fail to be of those who are well-assured in His Faith.Bab - Selections
وان لا تحزننّ مظهر ربّكم ليستغنينّ عنكم بايمانكم فلتراقبن انفسكم ان لا تحزننّ مِن احد فانّكم انتم لمبتلونBeware lest ye grieve Him Who is the Supreme Manifestation of your Lord; verily, He can well afford to dispense with your allegiance unto Him. Be ye careful and bring not despondency upon any soul, for surely ye shall be put to proof. XVII, 2.Bab - Selections
قل انّ من يظهره الله ليحققنّ حقّ الّذين يؤمنون بالله وآياته واولئك هم عند الله لمحقّون قل انّ من يظهره الله اجلّ من ان يذكر بذلك ان انتم في امر الله تتفکّرون قل انّه ليحققنّ الامر بامره وليفنينّ دون الحقّ بامره والله على كلّ شيء قديرSay, He Whom God shall make manifest will surely redeem the rights of those who truly believe in God and in His signs, for they are the ones who merit reward from His presence. Say, it is far from the glory of Him Whom God shall make manifest that anyone should in this wise make mention of His name, if ye ponder the Cause of God in your hearts. Say, He shall vindicate the Cause through the potency of His command and shall bring to naught all perversion of truth by virtue of His behest. Verily God is potent over all things.Bab - Selections
ان تحبّون ان تعرفون الحقّ عن الباطل فلتنظرن في الّذين يؤمنون بمن يظهره الله والّذينهم في حين ظهوره لا يؤمنون فانّ هؤلاء كينونيّات الحقّ في كتاب الله وهؤلاء كينونات الباطل في كتاب الله فلتتقنّ الله ان لا تجعلنّ انفسكم من دون الحقّ بعد ما انتم في البيان باسم الحقّ ترفعونIf ye wish to distinguish truth from error, consider those who believe in Him Whom God shall make manifest and those who disbelieve Him at the time of His appearance. The former represent the essence of truth, as attested in the Book of God, while the latter the essence of error, as attested in that same Book. Fear ye God that ye may not identify yourselves with aught but the truth, inasmuch as ye have been exalted in the Bayán for being recognized as the bearers of the name of Him Who is the eternal Truth.Bab - Selections
قل ان يقل من يظهره الله لمن اتقى في البيان وكان من المحقّين ذلك باطل فلتجيبوه فان ذلك قول الله في البيان يبدّل الله النّور بالنّار اذا يشاء انّه كان على كلّ شيء قديرا واذا يقل لمن لم يكن عندكم على حقّ ذلك من الحقّ فلا تتوهّمون فيه دون الحقّ فان الحقّ يخلق بامره وانّ الله ليبدّلن النّار بالنّور اذا يشاء انّه كان على كلّ شيء قديرًا فلتنظرنّ في يوم الاوّل بما جعل الحقّ حقًّا والباطل باطلاً ثمّ بهذا يوم القيمة بينهما تفصلون...Say, were He Whom God shall make manifest to pronounce a pious and truthful follower of the Bayán as false, it is incumbent upon you to submit to His decree, as this hath been affirmed by God in the Bayán; verily God is able to convert light into fire whenever He pleaseth; surely He is potent over all things. And were He to declare a person whom ye regard alien to the truth as being akin thereto, err not by questioning His decision in your fancies, for He Who is the Sovereign Truth createth things through the power of His behest. Verily God transmuteth fire into light as He willeth, and indeed potent is He over all things. Consider ye how the truth shone forth as truth in the First Day and how error became manifest as error; so likewise shall ye distinguish them from each other on the Day of Resurrection. XVII, 4.Bab - Selections
فلتنظرنّ في الّذين اوتوا الانجيل علمائهم عندهم كانوا ادلاّء حقّ الانجيل فلّما احتجبوا عن محمّد رسول الله بدّلوا بدون الحقّ بعد ما هم للجنّة في كلّ عمرهم عاملون فاذا عرّفهم الله الجنّة فاذا هم فيها لا يدخلون وانّ بمثلهم الّذين اوتوا الفرقان قد عملوا لله بان يدخلنّهم الله في الرّضوان مع المتّقين ولمّا فتح الله عليهم ابواب الرّضوان كلّها فاذا هم فيها لا يدخلون ودخلوا انفسهم النّار بعد ما هم بالله عنها يستعيذونPonder upon the people unto whom the Gospel was given. Their religious leaders were considered as the true Guides of the Gospel, yet when they shut themselves out from Muhammad, the Apostle of God, they turned into guides of error, notwithstanding that all their lives they had faithfully observed the precepts of their religion in order to attain unto Paradise; then when God made Paradise known unto them, they would not enter therein. Those unto whom the Qur’án is given have wrought likewise. They performed their acts of devotion for the sake of God, hoping that He might enable them to join the righteous in Paradise. However, when the gates of Paradise were flung open to their faces, they declined to enter. They suffered themselves to enter into the fire, though they had been seeking refuge therefrom in God.Bab - Selections
قل انّ ميزان الحقّ والباطل لا يظهر الاّ يوم القيمة ان انتم تحبّون الحقّ تعرفون وقبل يوم القيمة بما نزل في البيان انتم الحق لمن دونه تعرفونSay, verily, the criterion by which truth is distinguished from error shall not appear until the Day of Resurrection. This ye will know, if ye be of them that love the Truth. And ere the advent of the Day of Resurrection ye shall distinguish truth from aught else besides it according to that which hath been revealed in the Bayán.Bab - Selections
وكم من عباد يوم القيمة هم عند انفسهم لمحقّون ليجعلنّهم الله من الباطل بما يحتجبون عمّن يظهره الله وهم لما خلقوا له في كتاب الله لا يسجدون...How vast the number of people who will, on the Day of Resurrection, regard themselves to be in the right, while they shall be accounted as false through the dispensation of Providence, inasmuch as they will shut themselves out as by a veil from Him Whom God shall make manifest and refuse to bow down in adoration before Him Who, as divinely ordained in the Book, is the Object of their creation. XVII, 4.Bab - Selections
قل انتم لا تعرفون الحقّ ولا كلمات الهدى بأنّكم انتم ورائه تطلبون وتسلكون كلّ ما قد سمعتم من امر بدع فلتحضرنّ بين يدي مظهره ولتنظرن في كلماته لعلّكم عمّن يظهره الله حين ظهوره لا تحتجبون ولو اتّبعت الحقّ من عند الّذين اوتوا علم باطن الباطن لينجيك الله ربّك يوم القيمة انّه كان على كلّ شيء قديراSay, ye will be unable to recognize the One True God or to discern clearly the words of divine guidance, inasmuch as ye seek and tread a path other than His. Whenever ye learn that a new Cause hath appeared, ye must seek the presence of its author and must delve into his writings that haply ye may not be debarred from attaining unto Him Whom God shall make manifest at the hour of His manifestation. Wert thou to walk in the way of truth as handed down by them that are endowed with the knowledge of the inmost reality, God, thy Lord, will surely redeem thee on the Day of Resurrection. Verily He is potent over all things.Bab - Selections
وانّ الله قد انهى في البيان ان يحكمنّ احد على احد بعد ما لا يعرف مبدء الامر ولا منتهاه لئلا يقع حكمه على الله ربّه ويحسب عند نفسه انّه هو لمن المتّقينIn the Bayán God hath forbidden everyone to pronounce judgment against any soul, lest he may pass sentence upon God, his Lord, while regarding himself to be of the righteous, inasmuch as no one knoweth how the Cause of God will begin or end.Bab - Selections
ان يا اولي البيان ان يخبرنّكم عباد من احدٍ قد ادّعى امرًا وينزل كلماتًا ظاهرها لا ينبغي الاّ ان ينزل من عند الله المهيمن القيّوم فلا تحكمنّ عليه ابدًا لان لا تحكمنّ على من يظهره الله وانتم لا تعلمون قل انّ من يظهره الله احدٌ منكم يعرّفكم يوم القيمة نفسه فلتعرفن الله حين ما يعرفكم مظهر نفسه لعلّكم عن صراط الله لا تبعدون وانّ بمثل ما قد ابعث الله الرّسل من قبل نقطة البيانO ye who are invested with the Bayán! Should ye be apprised of a person laying claim to a Cause and revealing verses which to outward seeming are unlikely to have been revealed by anyone else save God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting, do not pass sentence against him, lest ye may inadvertently pass sentence against Him Whom God shall make manifest. Say, He Whom God shall make manifest is but one of you; He will make Himself known unto you on the Day of Resurrection. Ye shall know God when the Manifestation of His Own Self is made known unto you, that perchance ye may not stray far from His Path.Bab - Selections
ليبعثنّ الله من يظهره الله ثمّ من يشاء من بعده والله على كلّ شيء قدير...Verily God will raise up Him Whom God shall make manifest, and after Him Whomsoever He willeth, even as He hath raised up prophets before the Point of the Bayán. He in truth hath power over all things. XVII, 4.Bab - Selections
وانّا قد فتحنا يوم الاوّل ابواب الرّضوان للعالمين وقلنا ان يا كلّ شيء ان ادخلوا في الرّضوان فانّكم في كلّ عمركم لها تعملون كلّ يحبّون ان يدخلون ولكلّ لا يستطيعون بما اكتسبت ايديهم وان عرفت الله في باطن الباطن قبل ظهور الله لتعرفن الله ربّك في ظاهر الظّاهر بعد ظهوره...Verily, on the First Day We flung open the gates of Paradise unto all the peoples of the world, and exclaimed: “O all ye created things! Strive to gain admittance into Paradise, since ye have, during all your lives, held fast unto virtuous deeds in order to attain unto it.” Surely all men yearn to enter therein, but alas, they are unable to do so by reason of that which their hands have wrought. Shouldst thou, however, gain a true understanding of God in thine heart of hearts, ere He hath manifested Himself, thou wouldst be able to recognize Him, visible and resplendent, when He unveileth Himself before the eyes of all men. XVII, 11.Bab - Selections
قل انّ الله ليشرحنّ صدوركم بذكر من يظهره الله ثمّ ثنائه افلا تحبّون ان تنشرحون انّ الّذينهم يؤمنون بمن يظهره الله قلوبهم اوسع عمّا في السّموات والارض وما بينهما ما جعل الله في صدورهم قدر خردل من الحجب ويشرح افئدتهم وارواحهم وانفسهم واجسادهم وكلّ ما لهم وعليهم من ارتفاع ذكر حجّة ربّهم وامتناع كلمة مجلّي مبدئهم وهم بذكر الرّحمن هم فرحونSay, by reason of your remembering Him Whom God shall make manifest and by extolling His name, God will cause your hearts to be dilated with joy, and do ye not wish your hearts to be in such a blissful state? Indeed the hearts of them that truly believe in Him Whom God shall make manifest are vaster than the expanse of heaven and earth and whatever is between them. God hath left no hindrance in their hearts, were it but the size of a mustard seed. He will cheer their hearts, their spirits, their souls and their bodies and their days of prosperity or adversity, through the exaltation of the name of Him Who is the supreme Testimony of God and the promotion of the Word of Him Who is the Dayspring of the glory of their Creator.Bab - Selections
اولئك الّذين قد شرح الله قلوبهم بانوار العلم والحكمة لا يريدون الاّ الله وهم بذكره ذاكرون ما يشاؤن الاّ ما قد شاء الله وهم بامره قائمون كان صدورهم مراياء كلّ ما يشاء من يظهره الله ينطبع فيها كذلك لينشرحنّ الله قلوب الّذين هم يؤمنون بالله وآياته وهم بالآخرة موقنون قل انّما الآخرة ايّام من يظهره اللهVerily, these are souls who take delight in the remembrance of God, Who dilates their hearts through the effulgence of the light of knowledge and wisdom. They seek naught but God and are oft engaged in giving praise unto Him. They desire naught except whatever He desireth and stand ready to do His bidding. Their hearts are mirrors reflecting whatsoever He Whom God shall make manifest willeth. Thus God will cheer the hearts of those who truly believe in Him and in His signs and who are well assured of the life to come. Say, the life to come is none other than the days associated with the coming of Him Whom God will make manifest.Bab - Selections
لا تجعلنّ شيئًا من اوامر الله موهومًا عند انفسكم ولترون كلّ شيء ما قد خلقه الله بامره باعين افئدتكم مثل ما انتم باعين اجسادكم تبصرون...Reduce not the ordinances of God to fanciful imaginations of your own; rather observe all the things which God hath created at His behest with the eye of the spirit, even as ye see things with the eyes of your bodies. XVII, 15.Bab - Selections
وانّ امر الله في ظهور مهديكم اعجب من امر محمّد رسول الله ان انتم فيه تتفكّرون وقد ابعث الله محمّدًا رسول الله من الاعراب بعد ما قد قضى من عمره اربعين سنة حيث انتم كلّكم به مؤمنون وموقنون وقد اظهر الله هاديكم بعد ما قد قضى من عمره اربع وعشرين سنة من الّذينهم كلمة من الاعراب لا يستطيعون ان ينطقون بها ولا هم يعلمون كذلك ليظهرنّ الله امره وليحققنّ الحقّ بآياته انّه لقويّ مقتدر مهيمن محبوب...The divine Revelation associated with the advent of Him Who is your promised Mihdí hath proved far more wondrous than the Revelation wherewith Muhammad, the Apostle of God, was invested. Would that ye might ponder. Verily, God raised up Muhammad, the Apostle of God, from among the people of Arabia after he had reached forty years of age—a fact which every one of you affirmeth and upholdeth—while your Redeemer was raised up by God at the age of twenty-four amidst people none of whom can speak or understand a single word of Arabic. Thus God layeth bare the glory of His Cause and demonstrateth the Truth through the potency of His revealed Word. He is indeed the Powerful, the Omnipotent, the Help in Peril, the Best-Beloved. XVII, 4.Bab - Selections
قل انّ الله قد ادخل كلّ شيء في ظلّ شجرة الاثبات الاّ الّذينهم بانفسهم يتعقّلون يستطيعون ان يؤمنون بالله ربّهم ثمّ على الله ربّهم يتوکّلون او يحتجبون عن الله ربّهم او بآيات الله لا يوقنون فانّهما ليسيّران في البحرين بحر النَفي والاثباتSay, verily God hath caused all created things to enter beneath the shade of the tree of affirmation, except those who are endowed with the faculty of understanding. Theirs is the choice either to believe in God their Lord, and put their whole trust in Him, or to shut themselves out from Him and refuse to believe with certitude in His signs. These two groups sail upon two seas: the sea of affirmation and the sea of negation.Bab - Selections
انّهم آمنوا بالله وآياته وهم في كلّ ظهور بما قد نزّل الله في الكتاب لمتّبعون فاولئك الّذينهم قد خلقهم الله من ثمرات الرّضوان واولئك هم الفائزون وانّ الّذينهم لا يؤمنون في كلّ ظهورٍ بالله وآياته فاولئك هم في بحر النّفي ليسيرون They that truly believe in God and in His signs, and who in every Dispensation faithfully obey that which hath been revealed in the Book—such are indeed the ones whom God hath created from the fruits of the Paradise of His good-pleasure, and who are of the blissful. But they who turn away from God and His signs in each Dispensation, those are the ones who sail upon the sea of negation.Bab - Selections
كتب الله على نفسه ان يغلبنّ بحر الاثبات بامره وليعدمنّ بحر النفی بقدرته انّه كان على كلّ شيء قديرًاGod hath, through the potency of His behest, ordained for Himself the task of ensuring the ascendancy of the sea of affirmation and of bringing to naught the sea of negation through the power of His might. He is in truth potent over all things.Bab - Selections
وانّكم انتم فلتعرفون الله ربّكم عند كلّ ظهور لعلّكم انفسكم في النّفي لا تدخلون انتم قبل ان يظهر الله من نبيّ لتكوننّ في بحر الاثبات لموقنون ولكن لمّا يأتيكم رسول من عند‏ الله ولا تتبعوه فاذا ليبدّلنّ الله نوركم بالنّار فلتراقبنّ انفسكم لعلّكم انتم انفسكم بالله وآياته لتنجون...Verily it is incumbent upon you to recognize your Lord at the time of His manifestation, that haply ye may not enter into negation, and that, ere a prophet is raised by God, ye may find yourselves securely established upon the sea of affirmation. For if a prophet cometh to you from God and ye fail to walk in His Way, God will, thereupon, transform your light into fire. Take heed then that perchance ye may, through the grace of God and His signs, be enabled to redeem your souls. XVIII, 13.Bab - Selections
قل انّ الله ليزيغنّ قلوبكم ان انتم بمن يظهره الله لا تؤمنون وليعرفنّ الله زيغ قلوبكم ان انتم بمن يظهره الله تؤمنون قل انّ الله ما اراد في البيان الاّ ان يعيدنّكم الى نفسٍ واحدة مثل ما قد بدئكم من نفسٍ واحدةٍ هذا ما اراد الله في البيان ان انتم تدركونSay, God shall of a truth cause your hearts to be given to perversity if ye fail to recognize Him Whom God shall make manifest; but if ye do recognize Him God shall banish perversity from your hearts.…Bab - Selections
يوم الّذي قد اراد الله ان يبدئكم من البيان هل تعرفون حيًّا او شهدآء او ادلاّء او اسماء او مؤمنون كذلك يريد الله يوم القيمة ان تعرفون من يظهره الله وانتم بما خلقوا بامر نقطة البيان لارتفاع كلمته عمّن خلقكم لا تحتجبون هل لكم قبل ان يبدئكم من نقطة البيان من ذكر وكيف من كتابٍ او حكمٍ فلتغفلن مبدئكم لعلّكم في يوم عودكم لتنجون ما امركم الله بالحيّ ولا ادلاء الحقّ ولا شهداء العدل الاّ لارتفاع ذكر نقطة الاولى ان انتم قليلاً ما تتذكرون كلّ ذلك لارتفاع امر من يظهره الله حين ظهوره ان انتم قليلا ما تتذكرونThat day whereon ye were, by God’s Will, initiated into the Bayán, did any of you know who were the Letters of the Living, or the Witnesses, or the Testimonies, or what were the names of the believers? Likewise doth God wish you to recognize Him Whom God shall make manifest on the Day of Resurrection. Beware lest ye shut yourselves out as by a veil from Him Who hath created you, by reason of your regard for those who were called into being at the bidding of the Point of the Bayán for the exaltation of His Word. Did ye possess, ere the Point of the Bayán had called you into existence, any trace of identity, how much less a writ or authority? Disregard then your beginnings, perchance ye may be saved on the day of your return. Indeed had it not been for the exaltation of the name of the Primal Point, God would not have ordained for you the Letters of the Living, nor those who are the Testimonies of His Truth, nor the Witnesses of His Justice; could ye but heed a little. All this is to glorify the Cause of Him Whom God shall make manifest at the time of His manifestation; would that ye might ponder awhile.Bab - Selections
فلتعيدنّ الى الله مثل ما قد بدئتم و ولا تقولون كيف او لا ان انتم تريدون ثمرة بدئكم في عودكم تظهرون كلّ من يبدء في البيان لا تظهر ثمرة بدئكم الاّ وان يعودنّ الى من يظهره الله ذلك من قد ظهر بدئكم الى الله ثمّ عودكم الى الله ان انتم تعلمون...Therefore it behooveth you to return unto God even as ye were brought forth into existence, and to utter not such words as why or nay, if ye wish your creation to yield fruit at the time of your return. For none of you who have been born in the Bayán shall gain the fruit of your beginning unless ye return unto Him Whom God shall make manifest. He it is Who caused your beginning to proceed from God, and your return to be unto Him, did ye but know. XVI, 15.Bab - Selections
وكم من عباد يلبسون الحرير في كلّ عمرهم وهم لباس النّار يلبسون بما لا يلبسون لباس الهدى والتّقى وكم من عباد يلبسون في كلّ عمرهم من قطن او صوف خشن ولكنّهم بما قد لبسوا لباس الهدى والتّقى قد لبسوا خلع الرّضوان وهم في رضاء الله متلذّذون وان تجمعنّ بينهما بان تلبس الهدى والتّقى ثمّ حرير الابهى لكان خيرًا لكم عند الله ان انتم تستطيعون والاّ لا تحزنون ثمّ لتتّقون...How great the number of people who deck themselves with robes of silk all their lives, while clad in the garb of fire, inasmuch as they have divested themselves of the raiment of divine guidance and righteousness; and how numerous are those who wear clothes made of cotton or coarse wool throughout their lives, and yet by reason of their being endowed with the vesture of divine guidance and righteousness, are truly attired with the raiment of Paradise and take delight in the good-pleasure of God. Indeed it would be better in the sight of God were ye to combine the two, adorning yourselves with the raiment of divine guidance and righteousness and wearing exquisite silk, if ye can afford to do so. If not, at least act ye not unrighteously, but rather observe piety and virtue.…Bab - Selections
لولاه في ذلك الخلق ما امرنا بامرٍ ولا نهينا بنهیٍ ولكنّا لارتفاع ذكره وامتناع امره قد امرناكم باوامر من لدنّا انّا كنّا آمرين ونهينا عن نواهي من لدنّا انا كنّا مكرهين لتستدركن رضاء الله من عنده حين ظهوره ثمّ كلّ ما يكرهه تتقونBut for the sole reason of His being present amongst this people, We would have neither prescribed any law nor laid down any prohibition. It is only for the glorification of His Name and the exaltation of His Cause that We have enunciated certain laws at Our behest, or forbidden the acts to which We are averse, so that at the hour of His manifestation ye may attain through Him the good-pleasure of God and abstain from the things that are abhorrent unto Him.Bab - Selections
قل انّ رضآء من يظهره الله رضآء الله وكره من يظهره الله كره الله انتم برضاء الله عن كره الله لتستعيذون قل انّ ادلاّء رضائه الّذين هم به مؤمنون وموقنون وانّ ادلاّء كرهه الّذينهم حين يسمعون آيات الله من عنده او يرون كلمات الله من عنده في الحين لا يؤمنون ولا يوقنون...Say, verily, the good-pleasure of Him Whom God shall make manifest is the good-pleasure of God, while the displeasure of Him Whom God shall make manifest is none other than the displeasure of God. Avoid ye His displeasure, and flee for refuge unto His good-pleasure. Say, the living guides to His good-pleasure are such as truly believe in Him and are well assured in their faith, while the living testimonies of His displeasure are those who, when they hear the verses of God sent forth from His presence, or read the divine words revealed by Him, do not instantly embrace the Faith and attain unto certitude. XVI, 14.Bab - Selections
مستخرجاتى از تواقيع مختلفهExcerpts from Various WritingsBab - Selections
بسم الله الرّحمن الرّحيم(blank)Bab - Selections
هو الله الاكبر الارفع(blank)Bab - Selections
الله اكبر هو الامنع الاقدس الاعلی(blank)Bab - Selections
قل الله ربٌّ وكلّ له عابدون قل الله حقٌّ وكلّ له قانتون ذلكم الله ربّكم واليه انتم تنقلبون أَفي الله شك خلقكم وكلّ شيء ذلك ربّ العالمين...Say, God is the Lord and all are worshippers unto Him. Say, God is the True One and all pay homage unto Him. This is God, your Lord, and unto Him shall ye return. Is there any doubt concerning God? He hath created you and all things. The Lord of all worlds is He.Bab - Selections
قل انّ احدًا من اهل ذلك الدّين ليغلب على من في السّموات والارض وما بينهما باذن الله اذ انّه لحقّ لا ريب فيه فلا تخافنّ ولا انتم تحزنونSay, verily any one follower of this Faith can, by the leave of God, prevail over all who dwell in heaven and earth and in whatever lieth between them; for indeed this is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the one true Faith. Therefore fear ye not, neither be ye grieved.Bab - Selections
قل انّ الله ضمن على نفسه بما نزل في الكتاب بان يغلبنّ احدًا من اصحاب الحقّ على مائة نفس من دونهم ومائة منهم على الف من دونهم والف منهم على كلّ من على الارض كلّها يخلق الله ما يشاء بامره انّه كان على كلّ شيء قديراSay, God hath, according to that which is revealed in the Book, taken upon Himself the task of ensuring the ascendancy of anyone of the followers of the Truth, over and above one hundred other souls, and the supremacy of one hundred believers over one thousand nonbelievers and the domination of one thousand of the faithful over all the peoples and kindreds of the earth; inasmuch as God calleth into being whatsoever He willeth by virtue of His behest. Verily He is potent over all things.Bab - Selections
قل انّ قوّة الله فى قلوب الّذين وحدّ الله وقالوا انّه لا اله الاّ هو ومن يشرك بالله فانّه هو ميت في قلبه فلا ترونهم احياء على الارض فانّهم امواتSay, the power of God is in the hearts of those who believe in the unity of God and bear witness that no God is there but Him, while the hearts of them that associate partners with God are impotent, devoid of life on this earth, for assuredly they are dead.Bab - Selections
وسينصر الله جنود الحقّ ويطهّر الله الارض كلّها أَلاّ يكن في علم الله من احد الاّ وانّه ليؤمن بالله ولا يدعو الهًا من دونه وليسجد لله باللّيل والنّهار وكان من الموقنينThe Day is approaching when God will render the hosts of Truth victorious, and He will purge the whole earth in such wise that within the compass of His knowledge not a single soul shall remain unless he truly believeth in God, worshippeth none other God but Him, boweth down by day and by night in His adoration, and is reckoned among such as are well assured.Bab - Selections
قل انّ الله لحقّ ظاهر فوق عباده وهو المهيمن القيّوم...Say, God indeed is the Sovereign Truth, Who is manifestly Supreme over His servants; He is the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.Bab - Selections
شهد الله انّه لا اله الاّ هو لَهُ ملك السّموات والارض وما بينهما لن يدركه من شيء ولا يعرفه ولا يوحّده من شيء فلا يوجده لم يكن له من مثل ولا شبه ولا من كفوٍ ولا عدلٍ فلتكبّروا الله ولتعظّموه ولتقدّسوه ولتوحّدوه ولتعزّزوه ولتعظّموه تعظيمًا عَظيمًا ذلك ما يدخّلنكم في الجنّة ان انتم بآيات الله توقنونGod testifieth that there is none other God but Him. His are the kingdoms in the heavens and on the earth and all that is between them. He is exalted above the comprehension of all things, and is inscrutable to the mind of every created being; none shall be able to fathom the oneness of His Being or to unravel the nature of His Existence. No peer or likeness, no similitude or equal can ever be joined with Him. Yield ye praise then unto Him and glorify Him and bear ye witness to the sanctity and oneness of His Being and magnify His might and majesty with wondrous glorification. This will enable you to gain admittance into the all-highest Paradise. Would that ye had firm faith in the revelation of the signs of God.Bab - Selections
هذا كتابٌ مسطور هذا لوحٌ منشور قل انّ هذا لهو البيت المعمور قل انّ هذا لهو الورقة الكافور قل انّ هذا شجرة الظّهور قل انّ هذا بحر المسجور قل انّ هذا ذكرٌ مستور قل انّ هذا نورٌ فوق كلّ نور...يبدع الله كلّ نور بامره انّه هو النّور في ملكوت السّموات والارض وما بينهما ينوّر الله قلوبكم ويثبت اقدامكم بنوره لعلّكم تشكرونThis is the divinely inscribed Book. This is the outspread Tablet. Say, this indeed is the Frequented Fane, the sweet-scented Leaf, the Tree of divine Revelation, the surging Ocean, the Utterance which lay concealed, the Light above every light.… Indeed every light is generated by God through the power of His behest. He of a truth is the Light in the kingdom of heaven and earth and whatever is between them. Through the radiance of His light God imparteth illumination to your hearts and maketh firm your steps, that perchance ye may yield praise unto Him.Bab - Selections
قل انّ هذا جنّة المأوى قل انّ هذا مسجد الاقصى قل انّ هذا سدرة المنتهى قل انّ هذا شجرة الطّوبى قل انّ هذا آية الكبرى قل انّ هذا طلعة العظمى قل انّ هذا وجهة الحسنیSay, this of a certainty is the Garden of Repose, the loftiest Point of adoration, the Tree beyond which there is no passing, the blessed Lote-Tree, the Most Mighty Sign, the most beauteous Countenance and the most comely Face.Bab - Selections
قل كلٌّ من اوّل الّذي لا اوّل له الى آخر الّذي لا آخر له بمن يظهره الله يسجدون وكيف انتم يوم ظهوره تسجدون بالّليل والنّهار بما قد امركم نقطة البيان وانتم لمن يظهره الله لا تسجدون...From the beginning that hath no beginning all men have bowed in adoration before Him Whom God shall make manifest and will continue to do so until the end that hath no end. How strange then that at the time of His appearance ye should pay homage by day and night unto that which the Point of the Bayán hath enjoined upon you and yet fail to worship Him Whom God shall make manifest.Bab - Selections
واجعل اللّهمّ تلك الشّجرة كلّها له ليظهرنّ منها ثمرات ما قد خلق الله فيها لمن قد اراد الله ان يظهر به ما اراد فانّني انا وعزّتك ما اردت ان يكون على تلك الشّجرة من غصنٍ ولا ورقٍ ولا ثمرٍ لن يسجد له يوم ظهوره ولا يسبّحك به بما ينبغي لعلوّ علوّ ظهوره وسموّ سموّ بطونه وان شهدت يا الهي عليّ من غصن او ورقٍ او ثمرٍ لم يسجد له يوم ظهوره فاقطعه اللّهمّ عن تلك الشّجرة فانّه لم يكن منّي ولا يرجع اليّ...Consecrate Thou, O my God, the whole of this Tree unto Him, that from it may be revealed all the fruits created by God within it for Him through Whom God hath willed to reveal all that He pleaseth. By Thy glory! I have not wished that this Tree should ever bear any branch, leaf, or fruit that would fail to bow down before Him, on the day of His Revelation, or refuse to laud Thee through Him, as beseemeth the glory of His all-glorious Revelation, and the sublimity of His most sublime Concealment. And shouldst Thou behold, O my God, any branch, leaf, or fruit upon Me that hath failed to bow down before Him, on the day of His Revelation, cut it off, O My God, from that Tree, for it is not of Me, nor shall it return unto Me.Bab - Selections
فانّ مَثَلهُ جلّ ذكره كمثل الشّمس لو يقابلنّه الى ما لا نهاية مرايا كلّهن ليستعكسنّ من تجلّي الشّمس في حدّهم وان لم يقابلها من احدٍ فيطلع الشّمس ويغرب والحجاب للمرايا وانّي ما قصّرت عن نصحي ذلك الخلق وتدبيري لاقبالهم الى الله ربّهم وايمانهم بالله بارئهم وان يؤمننّ به يوم ظهوره كلّ ما على الارض فاذًا يسّر كينونتي حيث كلٌّ قد بلغوا الى ذروة وجودهم ووصلوا الى طلعة محبوبهم وأدركوا ما يمكن في الامكان من تجلّي مقصودهم والاّ يحزن فؤادي وانّي قد ربّيت كلّ شيء لذلك فكيف يحتجب احدٌ على هذا قد دعوت الله ولادعونّه...He—glorified be His mention—resembleth the sun. Were unnumbered mirrors to be placed before it, each would, according to its capacity, reflect the splendor of that sun, and were none to be placed before it, it would still continue to rise and set, and the mirrors alone would be veiled from its light. I, verily, have not fallen short of My duty to admonish that people, and to devise means whereby they may turn towards God, their Lord, and believe in God, their Creator. If, on the day of His Revelation, all that are on earth bear Him allegiance, Mine inmost being will rejoice, inasmuch as all will have attained the summit of their existence, and will have been brought face to face with their Beloved, and will have recognized, to the fullest extent attainable in the world of being, the splendor of Him Who is the Desire of their hearts. If not, My soul will indeed be saddened. I truly have nurtured all things for this purpose. How, then, can anyone be veiled from Him? For this have I called upon God, and will continue to call upon Him. He, verily, is nigh, ready to answer.Bab - Selections
وانّ بهاء من يظهره الله فوق كلّ بهاء وانّ جلاله فوق كلّ جلال وانّ جماله فوق كلّ جمال وانّ عظمته فوق كلّ عظمة وانّ نوره فوق كلّ نور وانّ رحمته فوق كلّ رحمة وانّ كماله فوق كلّ كمال وانّ عزّته فوق كلّ عزّة وانّ اسمائه فوق كلّ اسماء وانّ رضائه فوق كلّ رضاء وانّ علوّه فوق كلّ علوّ وانّ ظهوره فوق كلّ ظهور وانّ بطونه فوق كلّ بطون وانّ علائه فوق كلّ علاء وانّ منّه فوق كلّ منّ وانّ قوّته فوق كلّ قوّة وانّ سلطنته فوق كلّ سلطنة وانّ ملكه فوق كلّ ملك وانّ علمه نافذ في كلّ شيء وانّ قدرته مستطيلة على كلّ شيء...The glory of Him Whom God shall make manifest is immeasurably above every other glory, and His majesty is far above every other majesty. His beauty excelleth every other embodiment of beauty, and His grandeur immensely exceedeth every other manifestation of grandeur. Every light paleth before the radiance of His light, and every other exponent of mercy falleth short before the tokens of His mercy. Every other perfection is as naught in face of His consummate perfection, and every other display of might is as nothing before His absolute might. His names are superior to all other names. His good-pleasure taketh precedence over any other expression of good-pleasure. His preeminent exaltation is far above the reach of every other symbol of exaltation. The splendor of His appearance far surpasseth that of any other appearance. His divine concealment is far more profound than any other concealment. His loftiness is immeasurably above every other loftiness. His gracious favor is unequaled by any other evidence of favor. His power transcendeth every power. His sovereignty is invincible in the face of every other sovereignty. His celestial dominion is exalted far above every other dominion. His knowledge pervadeth all created things, and His consummate power extendeth over all beings.Bab - Selections
انّما البدء من الله انّما الرّجع اليه انّما العرض عليه انّما النّشر اليه والبعث اليه والحساب بيده والميزان آياتهAll men have proceeded from God and unto Him shall all return. All shall appear before Him for judgment. He is the Lord of the Day of Resurrection, of Regeneration and of Reckoning, and His revealed Word is the Balance.Bab - Selections
والموت حقّ لمن يمت بظهوره حيث لم يشاء الاّ ايّاهTrue death is realized when a person dieth to himself at the time of His Revelation in such wise that he seeketh naught except Him.Bab - Selections
والبعث من مراقد الاحياء كيف يشاء بقولهTrue resurrection from the sepulchers means to be quickened in conformity with His Will, through the power of His utterance.Bab - Selections
والجنّة رضاه والنّار ايّام السّقر عدلهParadise is attainment of His good-pleasure and everlasting hellfire His judgment through justice.Bab - Selections
وانّ اوّل ظهوره يوم القيمة الى ما يأمرThe Day He revealeth Himself is Resurrection Day which shall last as long as He ordaineth.Bab - Selections
وكلّ شيء ملكه وكلّ شيء خلق له وما سواه خلقه...Everything belongeth unto Him and is fashioned by Him. All besides Him are His creatures.Bab - Selections
بسم الله الامنع الاقدسIn the Name of God, the Most Exalted, the Most High.Bab - Selections
انّني انا الله لا اله الاّ انا وانّ ما دوني خلقي قل ان يا خلقي ايّاي فاعبدونVerily I am God, no God is there but Me, and aught except Me is but My creation. Say, worship Me then, O ye, My creatures.Bab - Selections
قد خلقتك ورزقتك وامتتك واحييتك وبعثتك وجعلتك مظهر نفسي لتتلون من عندي آياتي ولتدعونّ كلّ من خلقته الى ديني هذا صراط عزّ منيعI have called Thee into being, have nurtured Thee, protected Thee, loved Thee, raised Thee up and have graciously chosen Thee to be the manifestation of Mine Own Self, that Thou mayest recite My verses as ordained by Me, and may summon whomsoever I have created unto My Religion which is none other than this glorious and exalted Path.Bab - Selections
وخلقت كلّ شيء لك وجعلتك من لدنّا سلطانًا على العالمين واذنت لمن يدخل في ديني بتوحيدي واقرنته بذكرك ثمّ ذكر من قد جعلته حروف الحيّ باذني وما قد نزّل في البيان من ديني فانّ هذا ما يدخل به الرّضوان عبادي المخلصينI have fashioned all created things for Thy sake, and I have, by virtue of My Will, set Thee sovereign Ruler over all mankind. Moreover, I have decreed that whoso embraceth My religion shall believe in My unity, and I have linked this belief with remembrance of Thee, and after Thee the remembrance of such as Thou hast, by My leave, caused to be the “Letters of the Living,” and of whatever hath been revealed from My religion in the Bayán. This, indeed, is what will enable the sincere among My servants to gain admittance into the celestial Paradise.Bab - Selections
وانّ الشّمس آية من عندي ليشهدنّ في كلّ ظهور مثل طلوعها كلّ عبادي المؤمنينVerily, the sun is but a token from My presence so that the true believers among My servants may discern in its rising the dawning of every Dispensation.Bab - Selections
قد خلقتك بك ثمّ كلّ شيء بقولك امرًا من لدنّا انّا كنّا قادرين وجعلتك الاوّل والآخر والظّاهر والباطن انّا كنّا عالمينIn truth I have created Thee through Thyself, then at My Own behest I have fashioned all things through the creative power of Thy Word. We are All-Powerful. I have appointed Thee to be the Beginning and the End, the Seen and the Hidden. Verily We are the All-Knowing.Bab - Selections
وما بعث على دين الاّ ايّاك وما نزّل من كتاب الاّ عليك وما يبعث على دين الاّ ايّاك وما ينزل من كتاب الاّ عليك ذلك تقدير المهيمن المحبوبNo one hath been or will ever be invested with prophethood other than Thee, nor hath any sacred Book been or will be revealed unto anyone except Thee. Such is the decree ordained by Him Who is the All-Encompassing, the Best-Beloved.Bab - Selections
وانّما البيان حجّتنا على كلّ شيء يعجز عن آياته كلّ العالمين ذلك كلّ اياتنا من قبل ومن بعد مثل انّك انت حينئذٍ كلّ حجّتنا ندخل من نشاء في جنّات قدسٍ عظيم ذلك ما يبدأ في كلّ ظهور من الامر امرًا من لدنّا انّا كنّا حاكمين وما نبدأ من دينٍ الاّ لما يبدع من بعد وعدًا علينا انّا كنّا على كلّ قاهرين...The Bayán is in truth Our conclusive proof for all created things, and all the peoples of the world are powerless before the revelation of its verses. It enshrineth the sum total of all the Scriptures, whether of the past or of the future, even as Thou art the Repository of all Our proofs in this Day. We cause whomsover We desire to be admitted into the gardens of our most holy, most sublime Paradise. Thus is divine revelation inaugurated in each Dispensation at Our behest. We are truly the supreme Ruler. Indeed no religion shall We ever inaugurate unless it be renewed in the days to come. This is a promise We solemnly have made. Verily We are supreme over all things.…Bab - Selections
هو الله الملك الحقّ المستعانHe is God, the Supreme Ruler, the Sovereign Truth, He Whose help is implored by all.Bab - Selections
سبحان من له ملك السّموات والارض وبيده ملكوت كلّ شيء وكلّ اليه يقلبون وهو الّذي يدبّر مقادير كلّ شيء وينزل في الكتاب ما هو خيرٌ ورحمةٌ للّذين هم فی دينه يشكرونGlorified is He to Whom pertaineth the dominion of the heavens and of the earth, in Whose hand lieth the kingdom of all created things and unto Whom shall all return. It is He Who setteth the measure assigned to each and every thing and revealeth His goodly gifts and blessings in His sacred Book for the benefit of those who offer gratitude for His Cause.Bab - Selections
قل تلك حيوة تفنى وكلّ نفس تنصرم الى الله ربّي وانّه ليوفي اجور الّذين صبروا احسن الّذي كانوا يصنعون وانّ الله ربّك يجري مقادير كلّ شيء كيف يشاء بامره وانّ الّذين يعملون في مرضات ربّك اولئك هم الفائزونSay, this earthly life shall come to an end, and everyone shall expire and return unto my Lord God Who will reward with the choicest gifts the deeds of those who endure with patience. Verily thy God assigneth the measure of all created things as He willeth, by virtue of His behest; and those who conform to the good-pleasure of your Lord, they are indeed among the blissful.Bab - Selections
وما اظهر الله ربّك من قبل نبيًّا الاّ كان يدعو قومه الى الله ربّه وانّما يومئذٍ بمثل القبل لو انتم في آيات الله تنظرونThy Lord hath never raised up a prophet in the past who failed to summon the people to His Lord, and today is truly similar to the times of old, were ye to ponder over the verses revealed by God.Bab - Selections
ولمّا اتى الله بمحمّد نبيّه قد قضى في علمه بان يختم النّبوّة يومئذٍ بلى انّه جاء بالحقّ واقضى الله امره كيف شاء وانّا كنّا يومئذ في ايّام الله ظاهرون تلك ايّام ما اشرقت الشّمس عليها بمثلها من قبل وتلك ايّام تنتظرها الامم من قبل يومئذٍ فكيف انتم راقدون فتلك ايّام اظهر الله شمس الحقيقة فيها فكيف انتم صامتون فتلك ايّام انتظرتموها من قبل وتلك ايّام العدل ان اشكروا الله يا ايّها المؤمنونWhen God sent forth His Prophet Muhammad, on that day the termination of the prophetic cycle was foreordained in the knowledge of God. Yea, that promise hath indeed come true and the decree of God hath been accomplished as He hath ordained. Assuredly we are today living in the Days of God. These are the glorious days on the like of which the sun hath never risen in the past. These are the days which the people in bygone times eagerly expected. What hath then befallen you that ye are fast asleep? These are the days wherein God hath caused the Daystar of Truth to shine resplendent. What hath then caused you to keep your silence? These are the appointed days which ye have been yearningly awaiting in the past—the days of the advent of divine justice. Render ye thanks unto God, O ye concourse of believers.Bab - Selections
فلا يحجبنّكم عمل الّذين كفروا انّهم وُكلّوا على اجسادكم وما جعل الله عليهم من سلطان على انفسكم وارواحكم وافئدتكم واتّقوا الله لعلّكم تفلحون انّما خلق الله لكم كلّ شيء فانّكم انتم ما خلقتم لشيء اتّقوا الله ولا تحجبكم الصّور والالباس واشكروا الله لعلّكم ترحمونLet not the deeds of those who reject the Truth shut you out as by a veil. Such people have warrant over your bodies only, and God hath not reposed in them power over your spirits, your souls and your hearts. Fear ye God that haply it may be well with you. All things have been created for your sakes, and for the sake of naught else hath your creation been ordained. Fear ye God and take heed lest forms and apparels debar you from recognizing Him. Render ye thanksgiving unto God that perchance He may deal mercifully with you.Bab - Selections
تلك حيوة فانيه ويقضي عنكم لذائذها وسترجعنّ الى الله وانتم عمّا قليل تندمون وانتم عمّا قليل تستنبهون ولسوف انتم بين يدي الله تحضرون وستسئلون عمّا كنتم تعملونThis mortal life is sure to perish; its pleasures are bound to fade away and erelong ye shall return unto God, distressed with pangs of remorse, for presently ye shall be roused from your slumber, and ye shall soon find yourselves in the presence of God and will be asked of your doings.Bab - Selections
قل كيف تكفرون بآيات العدل جهرةً وانتم كتاب الله من قبل تقرئون وكيف تحمدون بلقاء ربّكم يومئذٍ وانتم واعدتم به من قبل وانّكم انتم يومئذٍ لا تتذكّرون فقد حجبتكم الصّور عن رضاء ربّكم واتّبعتم اهواء انفسكم الاّ الّذين اوتوا العلم من ربّهم فهم يومئذٍ في دين الله الحقّ تشكرون كذلك نبأ الّذين ترى فيهم خيرًا يومئذٍ وكذلك علّمهم سبل الحقّ لعلّهم يفقهونSay, how dare ye flagrantly deny the verses sent down from the heaven of justice, yet ye read the Books of God revealed in the past? How do ye repudiate the meeting with your Lord which was appointed with you aforetime, and fail in this Day to heed His warning? Indeed, by adhering to forms and by following the promptings of your selfish desires, ye have deprived yourselves of the good-pleasure of your Lord, except those whom their Lord hath endowed with knowledge and who in this Day render thanks unto Him for the bounty of being identified with the true Faith of God. Therefore announce ye the Message unto those who manifest virtue and teach them the ways of the One True God, that haply they may comprehend.Bab - Selections
فلتحفظن لسانك عمّا يحزنك واسئل الله من فضله انّه بالمصلحين عليم حكيم وانّه لمع الّذين آمنوا من عباده وما الله ربّك بغافلٍ عمّا يعمل المفسدين فلا يعزب عن الله ربّك من شيء لا في السّموات ولا في الارضWithhold thy tongue from uttering that which might grieve thee and beseech God for mercy. Verily He is fully cognizant of the righteous, for He is with such of His servants as truly believe in Him, and He is not unaware of the actions of the mischief-makers, inasmuch as nothing whatever in the heavens or on the earth can escape His knowledge.Bab - Selections
فتلك آيات بيّنات رحمةً من ربّك وهدیً للعالمين من آمن بها فله نورٌ ومن اعرض وكفر فله نارٌ من رجز اليمThese verses, clear and conclusive, are a token of the mercy of thy Lord and a source of guidance for all mankind. They are a light unto those who believe in them and a fire of afflictive torment for those who turn away and reject them.Bab - Selections
انّما يمسُّ الّذين كفروا عذاب الخزي من ربّك ولهم الويل ممّا اكتسبوا وهم في ضيق ضغيط وسيوقدون النّار بايديهم ولا نطفي هذه النّار ابدا واولئك مائهم غورًا ولا يجدوا من ماءِ معين وسيمشون في ظلمات انفسهم ولا تشرق عليهم شمس من رحمة ربّك ولا تجدوا من نور منير كذلك اظلمهم الله في الدّنيا والآخره وانّه كذلك يجزي عباده المشركين وسيعذّبون بنار لا تطفى وبماء حميم يقطع امعائهم وما لهم من شافعين اشكر الله بما نجّيت من هذه النّار ومائك معينا واحمد الله بما اتقيت وكنت من المهتدين ولتكبرنّ على من معک ولتكوننّ من الذّاكرين(blank)Bab - Selections
(blank)O thou who art the chosen one among women!Bab - Selections
هو الله تعالى نوره انّ هذا كتاب نزلت آياته الى الّتي آمنت بآيات ربّها وكانت من القانتين ان اشهدي انّه لا اله الاّ الله ربّي وربّك وما من اله الاّ ايّاه وهو الفضّال العظيمHe is God; glorified is the splendor of His light. The verses in this Tablet are revealed for the one who hath believed in the signs of her Lord and is reckoned among such as are wholly devoted unto Him. Bear thou witness that verily no God is there but Him, Who is both my Lord and thine, and that no other God besides Him existeth. He is the Bountiful, the Almighty.Bab - Selections
وان اشكري الله بما وفّقك يومئذٍ والقى اليك من آيات بيّنات في ذلك الكتاب وجعلك من الّلواتي آمنّ بآيات الله واتّخذن الله وليًّا لانفسهنّ وكنّ من الشّاكرين فسيجزيك الله ومن آمن بآياته باحسن جزاء من عنده انّه لا اله الاّ هو وانّه لغنيّ كريم وسعت رحمته كلّ شيء وهو الرّحمن الرّحيم...Yield thee thanks unto God, for He hath graciously aided thee in this Day, revealed for thee the clear verses of this Tablet, and hath numbered thee among such women as have believed in the signs of God, have taken Him as their guardian and are of the grateful. Verily God shall soon reward thee and those who have believed in His signs with an excellent reward from His presence. Assuredly no God is there other than Him, the All-Possessing, the Most Generous. The revelations of His bounty pervade all created things; He is the Merciful, the Compassionate.Bab - Selections
هُو الابصر(blank)Bab - Selections
شهد الله انّه لا اله الاّ هو العزيز المحبوبGod testifieth that there is none other God but Him, the Almighty, the Best-Beloved.Bab - Selections
فلتنظرنّ من يظهره الله يوم القيمة بالحقّ ثمّ بما نزّل من عنده توقنونFix your gaze upon Him Whom God shall make manifest in the Day of Resurrection, then firmly believe in that which is sent down by Him.Bab - Selections
قل الله انصر فوق كلّ ذا نصر لن يقدر ان يمتنع عن مليك سلطان نصره من احدٍ لا في السّموات ولا في الارض ولا ما بينهما يخلق ما يشاء بامره انّه كان نصّارًا ناصرًا نصيرًاSay, God hath undisputed triumph over every victorious one. There is no one in heaven or earth or in whatever lieth between them who can frustrate the transcendent supremacy of His triumph. He calleth into being whatsoever He willeth through the potency of His behest. Verily God is the mightiest Sustainer, the Helper and the Defender.Bab - Selections
اذا اشرقت شمس البهاء عن افق البقا انتم فاحضروا بين يدي العرش ايّاكم ان تقعدوا بين يديه او تسئلوا ما لا اذن لكم اتّقوا الله يا ايّها المرايا كلّكم اجمعونWhen the Daystar of Bahá will shine resplendent above the horizon of eternity it is incumbent upon you to present yourselves before His Throne. Beware lest ye be seated in His presence or ask questions without His leave. Fear ye God, O concourse of the Mirrors.Bab - Selections
ان اسئلوا من بدايع فضله ليظهر لكم ما شاء واراد لانّ كلّ الفضل في ذلك اليوم يطوف حول عرشه ويظهر من عنده ان انتم تعلمونBeg ye of Him the wondrous tokens of His favor that He may graciously reveal for you whatever He willeth and desireth, inasmuch as on that Day all the revelations of divine bounty shall circle around the Seat of His glory and emanate from His presence, could ye but understand it.Bab - Selections
ان اصمتوا تلقاء العرش لانّ الصّمت في ذلك اليوم لخير عمّا خلق بين السّموات والارض ولا تكونوا من الّذين اوتوا العلم من قبل واستكبروا به على الله المهيمن القيّوم لانّه في ذلك اليوم قد كان فوق كلّ ذي علم علاّمًا عالمًا عليم وفوق كلّ ذي قدرةٍ قد كان قدّارًا مقتدرًا قدير وفوق كلّ ذي عظمة قد كان عظّامًا متعظّمًا عظيم وفوق كلّ ذي رفعةٍ قد كان رفّاعًا مرتفعًا رفيع وفوق كلّ ذي عزٍّ قد كان عزازًا متعزّزًا عزيز وفوق كلّ ذي حكمٍ قد كان حكّامًا حاكمًا حكيم وفوق كلّ ذي جودٍ قد كان جوّادًا جاودًا جويد وفوق كلّ ذي امرٍ قد كان امّارًا آمرًا امير وفوق كلّ ذي فضلٍ قد كان فضّالاً فاضلاً فضيلIt behooveth you to remain silent before His Throne, for indeed of all the things which have been created between heaven and earth nothing on that Day will be deemed more fitting than the observance of silence. Moreover, take ye good heed not to be reckoned among those of the past who were invested with knowledge, yet by reason of their learning waxed proud before God, the Transcendent, the Self-Subsisting, inasmuch as on that Day it is He Who is the All-Knowing, the Omniscient, the Source of all knowledge, far above such as are endued with learning; and it is He Who is the Potent, the All-Compelling, the Lord of power, in the face of those who wield power; and it is He Who is the Mighty, the Most August, the Most Glorious before such as display glory; and on that Day it is He Who is the Lofty, the All-Highest, the Source of exaltation, far above those who are elevated in rank; and it is He Who is the Almighty, the Source of glory and grandeur, far above the pomp of the mighty; and it is He Who is the Omnipotent, the Supreme Ruler, the Lord of judgment, transcending all such as are invested with authority; and it is He Who is the Generous, the Most Benevolent, the Essence of bounty, Who standeth supreme in the face of such as show benevolence; and it is He Who is the Ordainer and the Supreme Wielder of authority and power, inconceivably high above those who hold earthly dominion; and it is He Who is the Most Excellent, the Unsurpassed, the Preeminent in the face of every man of accomplishment.Bab - Selections
كلّكم خلقتم للقائه والحضور في ذلك الموقف الاعظم العظيم وانّه قد ينّزل من سماء جوده ما هو خير لكم وما نزّل من عنده انّه ليغنيكم عن العالمين لن ينفع اليوم كلّ ذي علمٍ علمه ولا كلّ ذي فضلٍ فضله ولا كلّ ذي عظمةٍ عظمته ولا كلّ ذي قدرةٍ قدرته ولا كلّ ذي ذكرٍ ذكره ولا كلّ ذي عملٍ عمله ولا كلّ ذي ركوعٍ ركوعه ولا كلّ ذي سجودٍ سجوده ولا كلّ ذي توجّهٍ توجّهه ولا كلّ ذي شرفٍ شرفه ولا كلّ ذي نسبٍ عالي نسبه ولا كلّ ذي حسبٍ متعالي حسبه ولا ذي بيانٍ بيانه ولا كلّ ذي نورٍ نوره ولا كلّ ذي اسمٍ اسمه لانّ كلّ ذلك وكلّ ما عرفتم وادركتم كلّها قد خلق بقوله كن فيكون وانّه لو يشاء ليبعث الممكنات بكلمةٍ من عنده ليقدر وانّه قد كان فوق ذلك لقدّارًا مقتدرًا قديرYe have, one and all, been called into being to seek His presence and to attain that exalted and glorious station. Indeed, He will send down from the heaven of His mercy that which will benefit you, and whatever is graciously vouchsafed by Him shall enable you to dispense with all mankind. Verily on that Day the learning of the learned shall prove of no avail, neither the accomplishments of the exponents of knowledge, nor the pomp of the highly honored, nor the power of the mighty, nor the remembrance of the devout, nor the deeds of the righteous, nor the genuflection of the kneeling worshipper, nor his prostration or turning towards the Qiblih, nor the honor of the honored, nor the kinship of the highly born, nor the nobility of those of noble descent, nor the discourse of the eloquent, nor the titles of the prominent—none of these shall be of any avail unto them—inasmuch as all these and whatever else ye have known or comprehended were created by His word of command “Be” and it is. Indeed if it be His Will He can assuredly bring about the resurrection of all created things through a word from Himself. He is, in truth, over and above all this, the All-Powerful, the Almighty, the Omnipotent.Bab - Selections
ايّاكم يا ايّها المرايا تغرّنكم الاسماء في ذلك اليوم فاعلموا انتم وما فوقكم وما دونكم قد خلقتم لذلك اليوم اتّقوا الله ولا ترتكبوا ما يحزن به فؤاده وتكوننّ من الغافلين ربّما يظهر بالحقّ وانتم راقدون على مقاعدكم ويأتيكم رسله بالواح عزّ مبين وانتم تستكبرون وتحكمون عليه ما لا تحكمون به على انفسكم وتقولون ليس هذا من الله المهيمن القيّومBeware, O concourse of Mirrors, lest on that Day titles make you vainglorious. Know ye of a certainty that ye, together with all those who stand above you or below you, have been created for that Day. Fear ye God and commit not that which would grieve His heart, nor be of them that have gone astray. Perchance He will appear invested with the power of Truth while ye are fast asleep on your couches, or His messengers will bring glorious and resplendent Tablets from Him while ye turn away disdainfully from Him, pronounce sentence against Him—such sentence as ye would never pass on yourselves—and say, “This is not from God, the All-Subduing, the Self-Existent.”Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ يا الهي انت تعلم بانّي بلّغت كلمتك وما قصرت فيما امرتني به اسئلك بان تعتصمنّ في ذلك اليوم خلق البيان بان لا يعترضوا عليك ولا يجادلوا باياتك ولتحفظنّهم يا الهي بقدرتك الّتي استطلتها على العالمينGlory be unto Thee, O my God, Thou art well aware that I have proclaimed Thy Word and have not failed in the mission Thou didst enjoin upon me. I entreat Thee to guard the people of the Bayán on that Day in order that they may not pronounce censure against Thee nor contend with Thy signs. Protect them then, O my God, through the power of Thy might which pervadeth all mankind.Bab - Selections
هو العزيزHe is the Almighty.Bab - Selections
الحمد لله الّذي له ما في السّموات والارض وهو الحكيم الخبير وهو الّذي يبدع ما يشاء بامره وهو اللّطيف المنيع قل هو الغالب على امره ينصر من يشاء بجنده انّه لا اله الاّ هو العزيزالحكيم وله ملك السّموات والارض وهو القويّ العزيز قل انّ الّذين آمنوا بالله وآياته اولئك هم اصحاب الحقّ واولئك هم في جنّات النّعيم وانّ الّذين كفروا بالله وما اظهر من عنده اولئك اصحاب النّار واولئك هم فيها خالدين قل انّ اكثر النّاس كفروا بالله جهرةً واولئك اتّبعوا كلّ شيطان مريد مثلهم كمثل الّذينهم مضوا من قبلهم واولئك صدّقوا كلّ جبّار عنيد ما من الهٍ الاّ الله وله ملك السّموات والارض وهو اللّطيف الخبير شهد الله انّه لا اله الاّ هو وانّ الّذي ينطق بامر ربّه انّه هو اوّل العابدين هو المبدع البديع الّذي ابدع السّموات والارض وما بينهما وكلّ بامره يعملون وهو الّذي وسعت رحمته من في السّموات والارض وما دونهما وكلّ بامره يعملون...Glory be unto Him Who is the Lord of all that are in the heavens and on the earth; He is the All-Wise, the All-Informed. It is He Who calleth into being whatsoever He willeth at His behest; He is indeed the Clement, the Fashioner. Say, verily He is equal to His purpose; whomsoever He willeth, He maketh victorious through the power of His hosts; there is none other God but Him, the Mighty, the Wise. His is the kingdom of earth and heaven and He is the Lord of power and glory. Such as have believed in God and in His signs are indeed the followers of truth and shall abide in the gardens of delight, while those who have disbelieved in God and have rejected that which He hath revealed, these shall be the inmates of the fire wherein they shall remain forever. Say, most people have openly repudiated God and have followed the rebellious wicked doers. Such people resemble those who have gone before them, upholding every hostile oppressor. Verily no God is there but God; His is the kingdom of heaven and earth and He is the Clement, the All-Knowing. God testifieth that there is no God but Him, and He Who speaketh at the bidding of His Lord is but the First to worship Him. He is the peerless Creator Who hath created the heavens and the earth and whatsoever lieth between them, and all do His bidding. He is the One Whose grace hath encompassed all that are in the heavens, on earth or elsewhere, and everyone abideth by His behest.Bab - Selections
فلتراقبنّ يوم من يظهره الله فانّي ما اغرست شجرة البيان الاّ لتعرفني واننّي انا اوّل ساجد له ومؤمن بنفسه فلا تضيعنّ عرفانكم فانّ البيان مع علوّه يؤمن بمن يظهره الله وانّه لأَحقّ بان يكوننّ عرش الحقيقة مع انّه هو ايّاي واننّي انا ايّاه ولكن لما رفعت شجرة البيان بمنتهى علوّها فاذ انقطتها تسجد لله ربّها في هيكل من يظهره الله لعلّكم تعظمون الله على ما تستحقّ به نفسهIt behooveth you to await the Day of the appearance of Him Whom God shall manifest. Indeed My aim in planting the Tree of the Bayán hath been none other than to enable you to recognize Me. In truth I Myself am the first to bow down before God and to believe in Him. Therefore let not your recognition become fruitless, inasmuch as the Bayán, notwithstanding the sublimity of its station, beareth fealty to Him Whom God shall make manifest, and it is He Who beseemeth most to be acclaimed as the Seat of divine Reality, though indeed He is I and I am He. However, when the Tree of the Bayán attaineth its highest development, We shall bend it low as a token of adoration towards its Lord Who will appear in the person of Him Whom God shall make manifest. Perchance ye may be privileged to glorify God as it befitteth His august Self.Bab - Selections
فانّكم قد خلقتم بنقطة البيان فلّما استسلمت لمن يظهره الله تلك النّقطة واسترفعت برفعته واستظهرت بظهور عزّته واستجللت بجلال وحدانيّته هل لمن خُلق بها من شأنٍ يقول لمَ او بمَIndeed ye have been called into being through the power of the Point of the Bayán while the Point Himself is resigned to the Will of Him Whom God shall make manifest, is exalted through His transcendent sublimity, is sustained by the evidences of His might, is glorified by the majesty of His oneness, is adorned by the beauty of His singleness, is empowered by His eternal dominion and is invested with authority through His everlasting sovereignty. How then could they, who are but the creation of the Point, be justified in saying “why or wherefore”?Bab - Selections
فأَن يا كلّ شيء فى البيان فلتعرفنّ حدّ انفسكم فانّ مثل نقطة البيان يؤمن بمن يظهره الله قبل كلّ شيء واننّي انا بذلك لافتخرنّ على من في ملكوت السّموات والارض وما بينهما لانّ لا عزّ الاّ في عرفان الله ولا لذّة الاّ في توحيد الله فلا تحتجبنّ عن الله بعد ظهوره فانّ كلّ ما رفع البيان كخاتمٍ في يدي واننّي انا خاتم في يديْ من يظهره الله...O congregation of the Bayán, and all who are therein! Recognize ye the limits imposed upon you, for such a One as the Point of the Bayán Himself hath believed in Him Whom God shall make manifest, before all things were created. Therein, verily, do I glory before all who are in the kingdom of heaven and earth. Suffer not yourselves to be shut out as by a veil from God after He hath revealed Himself. For all that hath been exalted in the Bayán is but as a ring upon My hand, and I Myself am, verily, but a ring upon the hand of Him Whom God shall make manifest—glorified be His mention! He turneth it as He pleaseth, for whatsoever He pleaseth, and through whatsoever He pleaseth. He, verily, is the Help in Peril, the Most High.Bab - Selections
مستخرجاتى از ادعيه ومناجاتPrayers and MeditationsBab - Selections
بسم الله المتكبّر المتجبّرIn the Name of God, the Lord of overpowering majesty, the All-Compelling.Bab - Selections
تبارك الله الّذي بيده الملك يبدع ما يشاء بامره كن فيكون لله الامر من قبل ومن بعد ينصر من يشاء بامره انّه لقويّ عزيز لله العزّة في ملكوت الامر والخلق وما بينهما وكان الله قويًّا عزيز ولله القوّة كلّها من قبل ومن بعد وكان الله قويّا قويّا ولله ملك السّموات والارض وما بينهما وكان الله على كلّ شيء محيطا ولله خزائن السّموات والارض وما بينهما وكان الله على كلّ شيء حفيظا ولله بدع السّموات والارض وما بينهما وكان الله على كلّ شيء شهيدا ولله حكم السّموات والارض وما بينهما وكان الله ذا حكمٍ سريعا ولله مقادير السّموات والارض وما بينهما وكان الله على كلّ شيء حفيظا ولله مفاتيح السّموات والارض وما بينهما ينفق كيف يشاء بامره وكان الله واسعًا عليماHallowed be the Lord in Whose hand is the source of dominion. He createth whatsoever He willeth by His Word of command “Be,” and it is. His hath been the power of authority heretofore and it shall remain His hereafter. He maketh victorious whomsoever He pleaseth, through the potency of His behest. He is in truth the Powerful, the Almighty. Unto Him pertaineth all glory and majesty in the kingdoms of Revelation and Creation and whatever lieth between them. Verily He is the Potent, the All-Glorious. From everlasting He hath been the Source of indomitable strength and shall remain so unto everlasting. He is indeed the Lord of might and power. All the kingdoms of heaven and earth and whatever is between them are God’s, and His power is supreme over all things. All the treasures of earth and heaven and everything between them are His, and His protection extendeth over all things. He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and whatever lieth between them and He truly is a witness over all things. He is the Lord of Reckoning for all that dwell in the heavens and on earth and whatever lieth between them, and truly God is swift to reckon. He setteth the measure assigned to all who are in the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them. Verily He is the Supreme Protector. He holdeth in His grasp the keys of heaven and earth and of everything between them. At His Own pleasure doth He bestow gifts, through the power of His command. Indeed His grace encompasseth all and He is the All-Knowing.Bab - Selections
قل حسبي الله الّذي في قبضته ملكوت كلّ شيء يحفظ من يشاء من عباده بجنود السّموات والارض وما بينهما وكان الله على كلّ شيء حفيظاSay: God sufficeth unto me; He is the One Who holdeth in His grasp the kingdom of all things. Through the power of His hosts of heaven and earth and whatever lieth between them, He protecteth whomsoever among His servants He willeth. God, in truth, keepeth watch over all things.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ فاحفظنا من بين ايدينا ومن خلفنا ومن فوق رؤسنا وعن ايماننا وعن شمائلنا ومن تحت ارجلنا ومن كلّ شطرٍ نسب الينا انّك لعلّى كلّ شيء حفيظ...Immeasurably exalted art Thou, O Lord! Protect us from what lieth in front of us and behind us, above our heads, on our right, on our left, below our feet and every other side to which we are exposed. Verily Thy protection over all things is unfailing.Bab - Selections
فلتنزلنّ اللّهمّ رحمتك على شجرة البيان واصلها وفرعها واغصانها واوراقها واثمارها وما فيها وعليها ولتجعلنّ كلّها لوح قرطاس منيع ولتحضرنّه بين يديْ من يظهرنّه يوم القيمة ليقبلنّ عود كلّ من في البيان بفضله وليبدئنّ خلق الآخر بجودهSend down Thy blessings, O my God, upon the Tree of the Bayán, upon its root and its branch, its boughs, its leaves, its fruits and upon whatsoever it beareth or sheltereth. Cause this Tree then to be made into a magnificent Scroll to be offered to the presence of Him Whom Thou wilt make manifest on the Day of Judgment, that He may graciously allow the entire company of the followers of the Bayán to be restored to life and that He may, through His bounty, inaugurate a new creation.Bab - Selections
اذ كلّ فقراء عند فضلك وارقّاء عند جودك فبجودك يا الهي وبكرمك يا ربّي ولطفك وباحسانك يا محبوبي ومنّك فلتحفظنّ من تظهرنّه يوم القيمة ان لا يمسّه من حزنٍ...Indeed all are but paupers in the face of Thy tender mercy, and lowly servants before the tokens of Thy loving-kindness. I beg of Thee, by Thy bounty, O my God, and by the outpourings of Thy mercy and bestowals, O my Lord, and by the evidences of Thy heavenly favors and grace, O my Best-Beloved, to watch over Him Whom God shall make manifest that no trace of despondency may ever touch Him.Bab - Selections
سبحانك وتعاليت كيف اذكرك يا محبوب الموجودات وكيف اعترف بحقّك يا مرهوب الممكنات وانّ منتهى ما تستعرج الافئدة وغاية ما تدرك العقول والانفس هو اثر الّذي ذوّت بامرك وظهور الّذي قد ظهر بظهورك فسبحانك وتعاليت انّك انت اجلّ من ان تذكر بذكر دونك او ان تثنى بثناء غيرك قد شهدت الحقايق بجوهريتّها بانّها هي مقطّعة عن ساحة القرب في جوارك واعترفت الذّوات بمجرّديّتها بانّها هي ممتنعة عن الوفود عليك فسبحانك وتعاليت ذكر نفسك يليق بنفسك ونعت ذاتك يستحقّ كينونيّتك...Immeasurably glorified and exalted art Thou. How can I make mention of Thee, O Thou the Beloved of the entire creation; and how can I acknowledge Thy claim, O Thou, before Whom every created thing standeth in awe. The loftiest station to which human perception can soar and the utmost height which the minds and souls of men can scale are but signs created through the potency of Thy command and tokens manifested through the power of Thy Revelation. Far be it from Thy glory that anyone other than Thee should make mention of Thee or should attempt to voice Thy praise. The very essence of every reality beareth witness to its debarment from the precincts of the court of Thy nearness, and the quintessence of every being testifieth to its failure to attain Thy holy Presence. Immeasurably glorified and exalted art Thou! That which alone beseemeth Thee is the befitting mention made by Thine Own Self, and that only which is worthy of Thee is the anthem of praise voiced by Thine Own Essence.…Bab - Selections
اي ربّ انت انشأتني بفضلك في مثل هذه اللّيلة وانا ذا على جبل وحده سبحانك لك الحمد بما انت تحبّ في ملكوت السّموات والارض ولك الملك في غياهب ملكوت الامر والخلقThrough the revelation of Thy grace, O Lord, Thou didst call Me into being on a night such as this, and lo, I am now lonely and forsaken in a mountain. Praise and thanksgiving be unto Thee for whatever conformeth to Thy pleasure within the empire of heaven and earth. And all sovereignty is Thine, extending beyond the uttermost range of the kingdoms of Revelation and Creation.Bab - Selections
اي ربّ قد خلقتني بفضلك وحفظتني في ظلمات البطون بمنّك ورزقتني بدم الحيوان بلطفك ثمّ لمّا صوّرتني باحسن صورة من فضلك واتممت خلقي باحسن صنع من عندك ونفخت من روحك في جسدي بمنتهى رحمتك وظهور فردانيتك هنالك قد اخرجتني من عالم البطون الى عالم الظّهور عريانًا ما كنت اعلم شيئًا ولا استطيع على امر قد رزقتني بلطفك من لبن طريّ وربّيتني في ايدي الامّهات والآباء بلطف جليّ حتّى علّمتني مواقع الامر من فضلك وعرّفتني منهاج الدّين من كتابك فلّما بلغت الى منتهى حدّ البلوغ اشهدتني ذكرك الممنوع واصعدتني الى مقام معلوم وربّيتني هنالك بلطائف صنعك ورزقتني على تلك الارض باكرم آلائك حتى قضى ما قضيت في كتابك قد اصعدتني بفضلك الى اعلى روضة القدس وانزلتني بمنّك على حظيرة الانس حتّى استدركت ما استدركت فيه من ظهورات رحمانيّتك وشئونات فردانيّتك وتجلّيات كبريائيّتك وبدايات احديّتك ونهايات قيّوميّتك وآيات واحديّتك وعلامات سبّوحيّتك ومقامات قدوّسيّتك وما لا يحيط بعلم احد.دونک...Thou didst create Me, O Lord, through Thy gracious favor and didst protect Me through Thy bounty in the darkness of the womb and didst nourish Me, through Thy loving-kindness, with life-giving blood. After having fashioned Me in a most comely form, through Thy tender providence, and having perfected My creation through Thine excellent handiwork and breathed Thy Spirit into My body through Thine infinite mercy and by the revelation of Thy transcendent unity, Thou didst cause Me to issue forth from the world of concealment into the visible world, naked, ignorant of all things, and powerless to achieve aught. Thou didst then nourish Me with refreshing milk and didst rear Me in the arms of My parents with manifest compassion, until Thou didst graciously acquaint Me with the realities of Thy Revelation and apprised Me of the straight path of Thy Faith as set forth in Thy Book. And when I attained full maturity Thou didst cause Me to bear allegiance unto Thine inaccessible Remembrance, and enabled Me to advance towards the designated station, where Thou didst educate Me through the subtle operations of Thy handiwork and didst nurture Me in that land with Thy most gracious gifts. When that which had been preordained in Thy Book came to pass Thou didst cause Me, through Thy kindness, to reach Thy holy precincts and didst suffer Me, through Thy tender mercy, to dwell within the court of fellowship, until I discerned therein that which I witnessed of the clear tokens of Thy mercifulness, the compelling evidences of Thy oneness, the effulgent splendors of Thy majesty, the source of Thy supreme singleness, the heights of Thy transcendent sovereignty, the signs of Thy peerlessness, the manifestations of Thine exalted glory, the retreats of Thy sanctity, and whatsoever is inscrutable to all but Thee.Bab - Selections
فانّني انا يا الهي عبدك وفقيرك وسائلك ومسكينك ونازلك ومستجيرك ما كان رضائي الاّ في حبّك ولا ولهي الاّ في ذكرك ولا شوقي الاّ في طاعتك ولا سروری الاّ في قربك ولا سكوني الاّ في وصلك بعد علمي بانّ كينونيّتك مقطّعة الاشياء كلّها وذاتيّتك مسدّدة الممكنات بكلّها لانّي كلّما استصعد اليك ما استدرك الاّ عطائك في نفسي وآثار رحمتك في كينونيّتي فكيف يمكن لمن قد خلقته بقربك ولقائك مع انّك لن تقترنّ بشيء ولا يدركك شيء وكيف يمكن للعبد عرفانك وثنائك بعد ما قد قدرت فيه من ظهورات ملكك وبدايع ملكوتك حيث كلّ شيء مدلّ بانّه مقطوع عن ساحة قربك بحد وجوده مع انّ جذّابيّتك لم تزل ولا تزال محقّقة في ذوات ابداعك وما ينبغي لبساط قدس رحمتك مرتفعة عند اهل انشائك هذا يا الهي منتهى عجزي عن تسبيحك وغاية فقري عن تحميدك فكيف والوصول الى توحيدك او التشبّث بظهورات تكبيرك وتقديسك وتمجيدك لا وعزّتك ما اردت دونك ولا اريد سواك...Verily I am Thy servant, O my God, and Thy poor one and Thy suppliant and Thy wretched creature. I have arrived at Thy gate, seeking Thy shelter. I have found no contentment save in Thy love, no exultation except in Thy remembrance, no eagerness but in obedience to Thee, no joy save in Thy nearness, and no tranquillity except in reunion with Thee, notwithstanding that I am conscious that all created things are debarred from Thy sublime Essence and the entire creation is denied access to Thine inmost Being. Whenever I attempt to approach Thee, I perceive nothing in myself but the tokens of Thy grace and behold naught in my being but the revelations of Thy loving-kindness. How can one who is but Thy creature seek reunion with Thee and attain unto Thy presence, whereas no created thing can ever be associated with Thee, nor can aught comprehend Thee? How is it possible for a lowly servant to recognize Thee and to extol Thy praise, notwithstanding that Thou hast destined for him the revelations of Thy dominion and the wondrous testimonies of Thy sovereignty? Thus every created thing beareth witness that it is debarred from the sanctuary of Thy presence by reason of the limitations imposed upon its inner reality. It is undisputed, however, that the influence of Thine attraction hath everlastingly been inherent in the realities of Thy handiwork, although that which beseemeth the hallowed court of Thy providence is exalted beyond the attainment of the entire creation. This indicateth, O my God, my utter powerlessness to praise Thee and revealeth my utmost impotence in yielding thanks unto Thee; and how much more to attain the recognition of Thy divine unity or to succeed in reaching the clear tokens of Thy praise, Thy sanctity and Thy glory. Nay, by Thy might, I yearn for naught but Thine Own Self and seek no one other than Thee.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ انّ لك الخلق والامر وانّا كنّا على ربّنا متوكّلين سبحانك اللّهمّ انّك انت فاطر السّموات والارض وما بينهما وانّك انت الملك المبدع الحكيم سبحانك اللّهمّ انّك انت جامع النّاس ليوم لا ريب فيه فيه كلّ عليك يعرضون فيه كلّ اليك يبعثون ذلك يوم الحق تقدّر كيف تشاء بامركMagnified be Thy Name, O God. Thine in truth are the Kingdoms of Creation and Revelation, and verily in our Lord have we placed our whole trust. All praise be unto Thee, O God; Thou art the Maker of the heavens and the earth and that which is between them, and Thou in truth art the supreme Ruler, the Fashioner, the All-Wise. Glorified art Thou, O Lord! Thou wilt surely gather mankind for the Day of whose coming there is no doubt—the Day whereon everyone shall appear before Thee and find life in Thee. This is the Day of the One true God—the Day Thou shalt bring about as Thou pleasest through the power of Thy behest.Bab - Selections
انّك انت الملك المبدع العزيز المحبوب...Thou art the Sovereign, the wondrous Creator, the Mighty, the Best-Beloved.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ انّك انت ربّنا تعلم ما في السّموات وما في الارض فانزل علينا رحمة من عندك انّك انت خير الرّاحمين سبحانك اللّهمّ قدّر لنا من عندك ما تفرغ به قلوب عبادك المخلصين سبحانك اللّهمّ انّك انت مبدع السّموات والارض وما بينهما وانّك انت الملك القدّوس العزيز الحكيم سبحانك اللّهمّ فانزل على الّذين آمنوا بالله وآياته نصرًا عزيزًا من عندك ليظهرنّهم على النّاس كلّهم اجمعين...Lauded be Thy Name, O God. Thou art in truth our Lord; Thou art aware of whatsoever is in the heavens and on the earth. Send down then upon us a token of Thy mercy. Verily Thou art unsurpassed among them that show mercy. All praise be unto Thee, O Lord. Ordain for us from Thy presence that which will comfort the hearts of the sincere among Thy servants. Glorified art Thou, O God, Thou art the Creator of the heavens and the earth and that which lieth between them. Thou art the sovereign Lord, the Most Holy, the Almighty, the All-Wise. Magnified be Thy Name, O God, send down upon them who have believed in God and in His signs a mighty succor from Thy presence such as to enable them to prevail over the generality of mankind.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ كيف اذكرنّك وانّك انت خلوعن ذكر العالمين سبحانك اللّهمّ انّك انت الملك الحق تعلم ما في السّموات وما في الارض وان اليك المصير قد نزلت الامر من عندك على قدر مبين سبحانك اللّهمّ انّك تنصر من تشاء بجنود السّموات والارض وما بينهما امرًا من عندك انّك انت الملك الحقّ ذو البطش الشّديدGlory be unto Thee, O God. How can I make mention of Thee while Thou art sanctified from the praise of all mankind. Magnified be Thy Name, O God, Thou art the King, the Eternal Truth; Thou knowest what is in the heavens and on the earth, and unto Thee must all return. Thou hast sent down Thy divinely ordained Revelation according to a clear measure. Praised art Thou, O Lord! At Thy behest Thou dost render victorious whomsoever Thou willest, through the hosts of heaven and earth and whatsoever existeth between them. Thou art the Sovereign, the Eternal Truth, the Lord of invincible might.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ انّك تغفر من عبادك من يتوب اليك في كلّ حين فاغفر اللّهمّ لي وللّذين هم يستغفرون بالاسحار ويقيمون الصّلوة باللّيل والنّهار ولا يريدون الاّ الله وينفقون ما اتاهم الله من فضله ويسبّحونك باللّيل والنّهار ولا يفترون...Glorified art Thou, O Lord, Thou forgivest at all times the sins of such among Thy servants as implore Thy pardon. Wash away my sins and the sins of those who seek Thy forgiveness at dawn, who pray to Thee in the daytime and in the night season, who yearn after naught save God, who offer up whatsoever God hath graciously bestowed upon them, who celebrate Thy praise at morn and eventide, and who are not remiss in their duties.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ اغفر لنا وارحمنا وارجعنا اليك ولا تكلنا الى شيء سواك وهب لنا ما انت تحبّه وترضاه وتستحقّه عنه بفضلك وارفع درجات الّذين آمنوا واصفح عنهم بجميل صفحك انّك انت المهيمن القيّوم...Praise be unto Thee, O Lord. Forgive us our sins, have mercy upon us and enable us to return unto Thee. Suffer us not to rely on aught else besides Thee, and vouchsafe unto us, through Thy bounty, that which Thou lovest and desirest and well beseemeth Thee. Exalt the station of them that have truly believed and forgive them with Thy gracious forgiveness. Verily Thou art the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.Bab - Selections
ربّنا اعصمنا بفضلك عمّا يكره رضاك وهب لنا ما انت تستحقّ به وزد لنا بفضلك وبارك واعف عنّا ما اكتسبنا وكفّر عنّا سيّئاتنا واصفح عنا بجميل صفحك انّك انت المتعالي القيّومO God our Lord! Protect us through Thy grace from whatsoever may be repugnant unto Thee and vouchsafe unto us that which well beseemeth Thee. Give us more out of Thy bounty and bless us. Pardon us for the things we have done and wash away our sins and forgive us with Thy gracious forgiveness. Verily Thou art the Most Exalted, the Self-Subsisting.Bab - Selections
وسعت رحمتك ما في السّموات والارض وسبقت مغفرتك كلّ شيء ولك الملك وبيدك الخلق والامر وفي يمينك كلّ شيء وفي قبضتك مقادير العفو تعفو عمّن تشاء من عبادك انّك انت العفوّ الودود لا يعزب عن علمك من شيء ولا يُخفى عليك دون ذلكThy loving providence hath encompassed all created things in the heavens and on the earth, and Thy forgiveness hath surpassed the whole creation. Thine is sovereignty; in Thy hand are the Kingdoms of Creation and Revelation; in Thy right hand Thou holdest all created things and within Thy grasp are the assigned measures of forgiveness. Thou forgivest whomsoever among Thy servants Thou pleasest. Verily Thou art the Ever-Forgiving, the All-Loving. Nothing whatsoever escapeth Thy knowledge, and naught is there which is hidden from Thee.Bab - Selections
ربّنا اعصمنا بحولك وادخلنا في لجّة بدعك وهب لنا ما انت تستحقّ بهO God our Lord! Protect us through the potency of Thy might, enable us to enter Thy wondrous surging ocean, and grant us that which well befitteth Thee.Bab - Selections
انّك انت الملك الفضّال المتعالي المودود...Thou art the Sovereign Ruler, the Mighty Doer, the Exalted, the All-Loving.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ يا الهي لا يعزب من علمك من شيء ولا يفوت عن قبضتك من شيء ولا يعجزك من شيء لا في السّماء ولا في الارض ولا من قبل ولا من بعدGlory be unto Thee, O Lord my God! Nothing whatsoever escapeth Thy knowledge, nor is there anything that could slip from Thy grasp, or anything that could thwart Thy Purpose, whether in the heavens or on the earth, of the past or of the future.Bab - Selections
ترى الجنّة واهلها وتشهد على ما دونها واهلها وكلّ عبادك وفي قبضتكThou seest Paradise and the inmates thereof; Thou beholdest the realm below and the dwellers thereof. All are but Thy servants and are held within Thy grasp.Bab - Selections
فانصر اللّهمّ عبادك الصّابرين في ايّامك على حقّ النّصر بما استشهد في سبيلك وانزل عليهم بما تفرغ به افئدتهم وتروح به سريرتهم وتطمئنّ به قلوبهم وتسكن به ابدانهم وتعرج به ارواحهم الى الله الاعلى والجنّة الاقصى والمقاعد الّتي قد قدّرتها لاولي العلم والتّقوى انّك تعلم كلّ شيء نحن عبادك وارقّائك وعبادك وفقرائك لا ندعوا دونك يا الهنا ربًّا ولا نرجوا من سواك يا رحمن الدّنيا والآخرة ورحيمهما رحمةً وفضلاً كلّنا فقر وفناء وعجز واضمحلال كلّك غناء واستقلال وبهاء واجلال وافضالO Lord! Render victorious Thy forbearing servants in Thy days by granting them a befitting victory, inasmuch as they have sought martyrdom in Thy path. Send down upon them that which will bring comfort to their minds, will rejoice their inner beings, will impart assurance to their hearts and tranquillity to their bodies and will enable their souls to ascend to the presence of God, the Most Exalted, and to attain the supreme Paradise and such retreats of glory as Thou hast destined for men of true knowledge and virtue. Verily Thou knowest all things, while we are but Thy servants, Thy thralls, Thy bondsmen and Thy poor ones. No Lord but Thee do we invoke, O God our Lord, nor do we implore blessings or grace from anyone but Thee, O Thou Who art the God of mercy unto this world and the next. We are but the embodiments of poverty, of nothingness, of helplessness and of perdition, while Thy whole Being betokeneth wealth, independence, glory, majesty and boundless grace.Bab - Selections
بدّل اللّهمّ ما كنّا به مستحقّين بما انت تستحقّ به من خير الآخرة والاولى ومن فضلك من العلى الى تحت الثّریTurn our recompense, O Lord, into that which well beseemeth Thee of the good of this world and of the next, and of the manifold bounties which extend from on high down to the earth below.Bab - Selections
انّك انت ربّنا وربّ كلّ شيء القينا انفسنا بين يديك رجاء ما انت عليه...Verily Thou art our Lord and the Lord of all things. Into Thy hands do we surrender ourselves, yearning for the things that pertain unto Thee.Bab - Selections
سبحانك ربّ الى من الوذ وانّك انت الهي ومحبوبي والى من استجير وانّك انت ربّي ومالكي والى من اهرب وانّك انت مولاي وكنفي والى من استغيث وانّك انت ذخري ومنتهى املي وبمن استشفع عندك وانّك انت غاية رجائي ومنتهى مطلبي سبحانك ربّ قد انقطع الرّجاء الاّ من فضلك وسدّدت الابواب الاّ من معادن رحمتكGlorified be Thy Name, O Lord! In whom shall I take refuge while Thou art in truth my God and my Beloved; unto whom shall I turn for shelter while Thou art my Lord and my Possessor; and towards whom shall I flee while Thou art in truth my Master and my Sanctuary; and whom shall I implore while Thou art in truth my Treasure and the Goal of my desire; and through whom shall I plead before Thee, while Thou art in truth my highest aspiration and supreme desire? Every hope hath been frustrated save the yearning for Thy heavenly grace, and every door is barred except the portal leading to the wellspring of Thy blessings.Bab - Selections
فاسئلك اللّهمّ ربّ بنورك الانور الّذي كلّ يخضع له به وكلّ يسجد لوجهك به واذا وضعته على النّار يجعله نورًا وعلى الاموات يجعله احياء على كلّ عسر يجعله يسرًا اسئلك بذلك النّور الاكبر العظيم وبهاء سلطان جبروتك يا ذا القوّة المتين ان تبدّلنا بما انت عليه من فضلك وتجعلنا معادن نورك وتهب لنا ما ينبغي لجلال سلطان كبريائيّتك اذ اليك بسطتُ يداي ربّ والجأت ظهري ربّ واسلمت نفسي ربّ وتوكلت عليك ربّ وانتصرت بك ربّI beseech Thee, O my Lord, by Thy most effulgent splendor, before whose brightness every soul humbly boweth down and prostrateth itself in adoration for Thy sake—a splendor before whose radiance fire is turned into light, the dead are brought to life and every difficulty is changed into ease. I entreat Thee by this great, this wondrous splendor and by the glory of Thine exalted sovereignty, O Thou Who art the Lord of indomitable power, to transform us through Thy bounty into that which Thou Thyself dost possess and enable us to become fountains of Thy light, and graciously vouchsafe unto us that which beseemeth the majesty of Thy transcendent dominion. For unto Thee have I raised my hands, O Lord, and in Thee have I found sheltering support, O Lord, and unto Thee have I resigned myself, O Lord, and upon Thee have I placed my whole reliance, O Lord, and by Thee am I strengthened, O Lord.Bab - Selections
ولا حول ولا قوّة الاّ بك...Verily there is no power nor strength except in Thee.Bab - Selections
يا الهي تعلم انّ من اوّل يوم الّذي قد خلقتني من ماء محبّتك الى ان قضي من عمري خمس وعشر سنة لقد كنت في ارض الّتي قد شهدت على خلقي عليها ثمّ قد اصعدتني على جزيرة ‌البحر هنالك اتّجرت بآلاء مملكتك وما قد خصّصتني من جواهر بدايع عنايتك الى ان قضي خمسة هنالك قد صعدت الى ارض المقدّسة وقد قضي عني حولاً هنالك ثمّ قد رجعت الى ارض الّتي قد شهدت خلقي عليها واستشهدت فواضلك العليا ومواهبك العظمى هنالك فلك الحمد على كلّ آلائك ولك الشّكر على كلّ نعمائك ثمّ قد صعدت الى بيتك الحرام في حول الخامس بعد العشر الثّاني وقد قضي عنّي حولاً هنالك ثمّ رجعت الى ارض الاولى الّتي قد شهدت خلقي هنالك ثمّ قد صبرت هنالك في سبيل محبّتك واستشهدت موارد جودك وعنايتك الى ما قدرت لى الصّعود اليك والتّهاجر لديك فخرجتُ باذنك من هنالك وقد قضي عنّي نصف حول على ارض الصّاد ثمّ سبعة شهر على جبل الاوّل الّذي قد نزلت عليّ فيه ما ينبغي لجلال قدس عطائك وعلوّ فضلك وامتنانك ثمّ هذا سنة الثلثين حيث لتشهدنّ عليّ على ذلك الجبل الشّديد وقد قضي حولاً يا الهي لاكوننّ عليهاThou art aware, O My God, that since the day Thou didst call Me into being out of the water of Thy love till I reached fifteen years of age I lived in the land which witnessed My birth [Shíráz]. Then Thou didst enable Me to go to the seaport [Búshihr] where for five years I was engaged in trading with the goodly gifts of Thy realm and was occupied in that with which Thou hast favored Me through the wondrous essence of Thy loving-kindness. I proceeded therefrom to the Holy Land [Karbilá] where I sojourned for one year. Then I returned to the place of My birth. There I experienced the revelation of Thy sublime bestowals and the evidences of Thy boundless grace. I yield Thee praise for all Thy goodly gifts and I render Thee thanksgiving for all Thy bounties. Then at the age of twenty-five I proceeded to thy sacred House [Mecca], and by the time I returned to the place where I was born, a year had elapsed. There I tarried patiently in the path of Thy love and beheld the evidences of Thy manifold bounties and of Thy loving-kindness until Thou didst ordain for Me to set out in Thy direction and to migrate to Thy presence. Thus I departed therefrom by Thy leave, spending six months in the land of Sád [Isfahán] and seven months in the First Mountain [Máh-Kú], where Thou didst rain down upon Me that which beseemeth the glory of Thy heavenly blessings and befitteth the sublimity of Thy gracious gifts and favors. Now, in My thirtieth year, Thou beholdest Me, O My God, in this Grievous Mountain [Chihríq] where I have dwelt for one whole year.Bab - Selections
فلك الحمد يا الهي في كلّ حين وقبل حين وبعد حين ولك الشّكر يا ربّي في كلّ شأن وقبل شأن وبعد شأن قد تمّت آلائك في حقّي وكملت نعمائك في شأني وما شهدت في حين الاّ كلّ فضلك واحسانك وجودك وامتنانك وكرمك وارتفاعك وسلطانك واعزازك ونورك وابهائك وما ينبغي لبساط قدس قيّوميتك واجلالك وبساط مجد ديموميّتك وارتفاعك...Praise be unto Thee, O My Lord, for all times, heretofore and hereafter; and thanks be unto Thee, O My God, under all conditions, whether of the past or the future. The gifts Thou hast bestowed upon Me have reached their fullest measure and the blessings Thou hast vouchsafed unto Me have attained their consummation. Naught do I now witness but the manifold evidences of Thy grace and loving-kindness, Thy bounty and gracious favors, Thy generosity and loftiness, Thy sovereignty and might, Thy splendor and Thy glory, and that which befitteth the holy court of Thy transcendent dominion and majesty and beseemeth the glorious precincts of Thine eternity and exaltation.Bab - Selections
ربّ لاعلم انّ ذنوبي قد احدقت وجهي عندك واثقلت ظهري لديك وحالت بيني وبين طلعتك واحاطتني من كلّ شطر وحجبتني من كلّ طرف بالوفود على ظهور قدرتكI am aware, O Lord, that my trespasses have covered my face with shame in Thy presence, and have burdened my back before Thee, have intervened between me and Thy beauteous countenance, have compassed me from every direction and have hindered me on all sides from gaining access unto the revelations of Thy celestial power.Bab - Selections
اي ربّ لو لم تغفر لي فمن يقدر على ذلك ولو لم ترحم عليّ فمن يقدر بهذا فسبحانك انت خلقتني وما كنت شيئًا وانت رزقتني وما علمت امرًا فسبحانك كلّ النّعم من عندك وكلّ الفضل من خزائن امرك...O Lord! If Thou forgivest me not, who is there then to grant pardon, and if Thou hast no mercy upon me who is capable of showing compassion? Glory be unto Thee, Thou didst create me when I was nonexistent and Thou didst nourish me while I was devoid of any understanding. Praise be unto Thee, every evidence of bounty proceedeth from Thee and every token of grace emanateth from the treasuries of Thy decree.Bab - Selections
استغفرك اللّهمّ من كلّ ذكرٍ بغير ذكرك ومن کلّ ثناءٍ بغير ثنائك ومن كل لذةٍ بغير لذّة قربك ومن كل راحةٍ بغير راحة انسك ومن كلّ سرورٍ بغير سرور محبّتك ورضاك ومن كلّ ما نسب اليّ بما نسب اليك يا ربّ الارباب ومقدّر الاسباب ومفتّح الابواب...I beg Thee to forgive me, O my Lord, for every mention but the mention of Thee, and for every praise but the praise of Thee, and for every delight but delight in Thy nearness, and for every pleasure but the pleasure of communion with Thee, and for every joy but the joy of Thy love and of Thy good-pleasure, and for all things pertaining unto me which bear no relationship unto Thee, O Thou Who art the Lord of lords, He Who provideth the means and unlocketh the doors.Bab - Selections
اي ربّ كيف احمدك على تجلّيات العظمى ونفحاتك الكبرى عليّ في الكهف حيث لا يعادله شيء في السّموات ولا في الارض قد حفظتني في وسط الجبل بعد ما قد احاطتني الجبال من كلّ شطرٍ فوقي هذا عن اليمين وبيميني هذا عن الشّمال وبين يدي جبل آخر سبحانك لا اله الاّ انت فكم رأيت عن فوقي قطع الجبال نازلةً وانّك قد حفظتني عنها وجعلتني في حصن وحدانيّتكHow can I praise Thee, O Lord, for the evidences of Thy mighty splendor and for Thy wondrous sweet savors which Thou hast imparted to Me in this fortress, in such measure that nothing in the heavens or on the earth can compare with them? Thou hast watched over Me in the heart of this mountain where I am compassed by mountains on all sides. One hangeth above Me, others stand on My right and My left and yet another riseth in front of Me. Glory be unto Thee, no God is there but Thee. How often have I seen rocks from the mountain hurtling down upon Me, and Thou didst protect Me therefrom and preserved Me within the stronghold of Thy divine Unity.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك وتعاليت لك الحمد على ما انت تحبّ وترضى ولك الشّكر على ما انت قدّرت وقضى لم يزل احسانك نازل وصنعك جاعل لا يشابه فعلك فعل دونك ولا تساوي عطيّتك عطيّة سواكGlorified and exalted art Thou, and praise be unto Thee for whatsoever Thou lovest and desirest, and thanks be unto Thee for that which Thou hast decreed and preordained. From time immemorial Thy tender mercy hath been sent down and the process of Thy creation hath been and ever is ceaseless. Thy handiwork is unlike the work of anyone besides Thee, and Thy goodly gifts are unparalleled by the gifts of anyone other than Thyself.Bab - Selections
فلك الحمد يا محبوب من اوّل ساعة الّتي نزلت على الكهف الى ساعة الّتي انا كنت خارجًا عنه باذنك فسبحانك لم تزل قد رأيتك على بساط العزّ والاجلال وانت قد نزّلت عليّ مواهب الجود والنّوال وانّك انت ما تراني الاّ على وسط الجبال وما شهدت عليّ الاّ بالذّل والانفرادPraise be unto Thee, O My Beloved, and magnified be Thy Name. Ever since the hour I set foot upon this fortress till the moment I shall have departed therefrom, I behold Thee established upon Thy seat of glory and majesty, sending down upon Me the manifold tokens of Thy bountiful favor and grace. Thou beholdest that My dwelling place is but the heart of the mountains, and Thou discernest naught in My Person except the evidences of abasement and loneliness.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك اشكرك على كلّ قضائك واحمدك على كلّ بأسائك قد ادخلتني السّجن وجعلته علّي روضةً من روضات الفردوس وغرفةً من غرفات حظيرة الانسLauded be Thy Name; I render Thee thanks for every instance of Thine inscrutable Decree and offer My praise for every token of Thy tribulations. Having suffered Me to be cast into the prison, Thou didst turn it into a garden of Paradise for Me and caused it to become a chamber of the court of everlasting fellowship.Bab - Selections
وكم من آيات قد نزلتها علّي وكم من مناجات قد سمعتها منّي وكم من ظهورات قد ابدعتها عنّي وكم من شئونات قد شاهدتها علّيHow numerous the verses Thou didst send down unto Me, and the prayers Thou didst hear Me offer unto Thee. How diverse the revelations which Thou didst call into being through Me and the experiences Thou didst witness in Me.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك قد عجزت القضايا عن الاقرار بالشّكر وقصرت القصاراي عن الاعتراف بالحمد قد اراد اهل الكفران يجعلوا مقعدي مقعد الذّل وانّك قد اعززتني بذكرك وارفعتني بحمدك وايّدتني بظهورات فردانيّتك وشرّفتني بتجليّات صمدانيّتك وقلت للنّار كوني بردًا على عبدي وللسّجن كن لعبدي مقعد فضل من عندي بلى وعزّتك ما قضى عليّ السّجن الاّ على روضة الرّضوان واشرف بقعات الجنانMagnified be Thy Name. Manifold trials have been powerless to deter Me from yielding thanks unto Thee and My shortcomings have failed to keep Me back from extolling Thy virtues. The infidels had purposed to turn My abode into one of disgrace and humiliation. But Thou hast glorified Me through My remembrance of Thee, hast exalted Me through My praise of Thee, hast graciously aided Me through the revelations of Thy oneness, and hast conferred upon Me a great honor through the effulgent splendors of Thine ancient eternity. To the fire Thou dost command, “Be thou a soothing balm unto My Servant,” and to the prison, “Be thou a seat of tender compassion to My Servant, as a token from My presence.” Yea, I swear by Thy glory; to Me the prison hath proved to be naught but the most delightful garden of Paradise and hath served as the noblest spot in the realm above.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك وتعاليت كم من مصيبةٍ نزلت عليّ وانت خفّفتها وارفعتها عنّي بفضلك وكم من فتنةٍ اكتسبت ايدي النّاس في حقّي وانت اصلحتها بلطفك وكم من نارٍ اوقدوها النّماردة لتحرقني فيها وانّك قد جعلتها لي بردًا وكم من ظهورات ذلٍّ قد حكمت بها اهل الكفر وانت قد جعلتها لي شئونات عزّتك...Praised and glorified art Thou. How often did adversities descend upon Me and Thou didst temper them and avert them through Thy gracious favor; and how many times were commotions stirred up against Me at the hand of the people, while Thou didst cause them to subside through Thy tender mercy. How numerous the occasions when the Nimrods kindled fires wherewith to burn Me, but Thou didst make them balm for Me; and how manifold the instances when the infidels decreed My humiliation and Thou didst turn them into marks of honor for Me.…Bab - Selections
اذ انّك منتهى مطلب السّائلين وغاية مُنى الرّاجين ومجيب الموحّدين ومرهوب المشفقين وناصر المضطرّين ومخلص المسجونين ومخذل الجبّارين ومهلك الظالمين واله العالمين وربّ كلّ شيء لك الخلق والامر يا مولى العالمينVerily Thou art the highest aspiration of every earnest seeker and the Goal of the desire of them that yearn after Thee. Thou art He Who is ready to answer the call of such as recognize Thy divine unity, and He before Whom the fainthearted stand in awe. Thou art the Helper of the needy, the Deliverer of the captives, the Abaser of the oppressors, the Destroyer of the wrong-doers, the God of all men, the Lord of all created things. Thine are the kingdoms of Creation and Revelation, O Thou Who art the Lord of all the worlds.Bab - Selections
انت حسبي يا كافي في كلّ شدّةٍ نزلت بي وكلّ مصيبةٍ كبرت علّي وانت وحدتي في غربتي وانيسي في وحشتي وحبيبي في سجني وموقفي لا اله الاّ انتO All-Sufficient One! Thou dost suffice Me in every hardship that may descend upon Me and in every affliction that may wax great before Me. Thou art My sole Companion in My loneliness, the Delight of My heart in My solitude and My Best-Beloved in My prison and in My Abode. No God is there but Thee!Bab - Selections
من انت كافيه لا حزن له وما انت حافظه لا فناء له وما انت ناصره لا ذلّ له وما انت ناظره لا بعد لهWhomsoever Thou dost suffice shall not be put to grief; whomsoever Thou dost protect shall never perish; whomsoever Thou dost help shall never be abased; and he unto whom Thou turnest Thy gaze shall never be far removed from Thee.Bab - Selections
فاكتب لنا حينئذٍ كلّ ما انت عليه واعف عنّا ما كنّا عليه انّك انت ربّ القوّة والعزّة ربّ العالمين وسبحان ربّك ربّ العزّة عمّا يصفون وسلام على المرسلين والحمد لله ربّ العالمين...Write down for us then whatsoever is of Thee, and forgive us for what we are. Verily Thou art the Lord of power and glory, the Lord of all the worlds. “Far be the glory of Thy Lord, the Lord of all greatness, from what they impute to Him, and peace be upon His Apostles, and praise be unto God, the Lord of all the worlds.”Bab - Selections
فسبحانك يا الهي انت الله كائنٌ قبل كلّشيء وانت الله كائنٌ بعد كلّشيء وانت الله باقي بعد كلّ شيءٍ وانت الله تعلم كلّ شيء وانت الله تقدر على كلّ شيءٍ وانت الله ترحم على كلّ شيء وانت الله تحكم بين كلّ شيء وانت الله تشهد على كلّ شيء وانت الله ربّي تعلم موقفي وتشهد سرّي وعلانيتيGlory be to Thee, O God! Thou art the God Who hath existed before all things, Who will exist after all things and will last beyond all things. Thou art the God Who knoweth all things, and is supreme over all things. Thou art the God Who dealeth mercifully with all things, Who judgeth between all things and Whose vision embraceth all things. Thou art God my Lord, Thou art aware of my position, Thou dost witness my inner and outer being.Bab - Selections
فاغفر لي وللمؤمنين من اهل اجابتك واكفني شرّ من ارادني بحزنٍ او بسوءٍ فانّك ربّ كلّ شيء تكفي من كلّ احدٍ ولا يكفي منك احدٌ...Grant Thy forgiveness unto me and unto the believers who responded to Thy Call. Be Thou my sufficing helper against the mischief of whosoever may desire to inflict sorrow upon me or wish me ill. Verily Thou art the Lord of all created things. Thou dost suffice everyone, while no one can be self-sufficient without Thee.Bab - Selections
فاسئلك اللّهمّ بنور وجهك العظيم وجلال كبريائك القديم وسلطان ربوبيّتك المنيع ان تقدّر لنا في ذلك الحين مواقع الخير كلّها ومعادن الفضل باسرها اذ العطاء لا يضرّك والموهبة لا تنقص من ملككI implore Thee by the splendor of the light of Thy glorious face, the majesty of Thine ancient grandeur and the power of Thy transcendent sovereignty to ordain for us at this moment every measure of that which is good and seemly and to destine for us every portion of the outpourings of Thy grace. For granting of gifts doth not cause Thee loss, nor doth the bestowing of favors diminish Thy wealth.Bab - Selections
سبحانك ربّ انّني انا فقير وانّك انت غنيّ وانّني انا حقير وانّك انت كبير وانّني انا عاجز وانّك انت مقتدر وانّني انا ذليل وانّك انت عزيز وانّني انا مضطرّ وانّك انت قدير...Glorified art Thou, O Lord! Verily I am poor while in truth Thou art rich; verily I am lowly while in truth Thou art mighty; verily I am impotent while in truth Thou art powerful; verily I am abased while in truth Thou art the most exalted; verily I am distressed while in truth Thou art the Lord of might.Bab - Selections
هب لي اللّهمّ كلّ خير قد خلقته او تخلق واعصمني اللّهمّ عن كلّ ما لا تحبّه ممّا خلقته او تخلق انّك كنت بكلّ شيء عليما سبحانك ان لا اله الاّ انت لن يعجزك من شيء لا في السّموات ولا في الارض ولا ما بينهما وانّك كنت على كلّ شيء قديراDo Thou ordain for me, O Lord, every good thing Thou hast created or wilt create, and shield me from whatever evil Thou abhorrest from among the things Thou hast caused or wilt cause to exist. In truth Thy knowledge embraceth all things. Praised be Thou, verily no God is there but Thee, and nothing whatsoever in the heavens or on the earth and all that is between them can ever thwart Thy Purpose. Indeed potent art Thou over all things.Bab - Selections
يا الهي انت المتعالي من ان تسئل عن جودك او كرمك والممتنع من ان تسئل عن فضلك ورحمتك والمرتفع من ان تسئل عن لطفك وعنايتك والمتقدّس من ان تسئل عن رأفتك ورحمتك وعطوفتك والمتنزّه عن كلّ ما يذكر به اسم شيء في ملكوت سمائك وارض عنايتكFar be it from the sublimity of Thy Being, O my God, that anyone seek Thy loving-kindness or favor. Far be it from Thy transcendent glory that anyone entreat Thee for the evidences of Thy bestowals and tender mercy. Too high art Thou for any soul to beseech the revelation of Thy gracious providence and loving care, and too sanctified is Thy glory for anyone to beg of Thee the outpourings of Thy blessings and of Thy heavenly bounty and grace. Throughout Thy kingdom of heaven and earth, which is endowed with manifold bounties, Thou art immeasurably glorified above aught whereunto any identity could be ascribed.Bab - Selections
كلّ مسئلتي يا الهي ان تقّدر لي رضاك ولو كان اقلّ من تسع تسع عشر عشر خردل آخر ما ينقطع الرّوح عنّی اذ لو يفارقني الرّوح وكنت راضيًا عنّي لا ابالي عن شيء وان يفارقني الرّوح وانّك لم تكن راضيًا عنّي وقد اكتسبت كلّ خير لا ينفعني او قد استملكت كلّ عزّ لا يعزّنيAll that I beg of Thee, O my God, is to enable me, ere my soul departeth from my body, to attain Thy good-pleasure, even were it granted to me for a moment tinier than the infinitesimal fraction of a mustard seed. For if it departeth while Thou art pleased with me, then I shall be free from every concern or anxiety; but if it abandoneth me while Thou art displeased with me, then, even had I wrought every good deed, none would be of any avail, and had I earned every honor and glory, none would serve to exalt me.Bab - Selections
فلاسئلنّك يا الهي حسن الرّضاء في حين الّذي ترفعني اليك وتعرضني عليك اذ لم تزل كنت متعطّفًا على اهل مملكتك ومتفضّلاً بجميل عوايدك على سكّان جبروت سلطنتك...I earnestly beseech Thee then, O my God, to graciously bestow Thy good-pleasure upon me when Thou dost cause me to ascend unto Thee and make me appear before Thy holy presence, inasmuch as Thou hast, from everlasting, been the God of immense bounty unto the people of Thy realm, and the Lord of most excellent gifts to all that dwell in the exalted heaven of Thine omnipotence.Bab - Selections
فكم من احياء يا الهي قد ذلّت في سبيلك لارتفاع كلمتك وتوحيدك وكم من دماء يا محبوبي قد هرقت بين يدي امرك لارتفاع حقّيتك وتسبيحك وكم من اموال قد أُخذت في سبيل محبّتك بغير حق لامتناع اثبات تقديسك وتمجيدك وكم من اقدام قد مشت على التّراب لاعظام كلمة قدسك وتعظيمك وكم من اصوات قد ضجّت وكم من قلوب قد اضطربت وكم من مصائب عظيمةٍ لا يدركها غيرك وكم من بلايا رزيّة لا يحصيها سواك كلّ ذلك يا الهي لارتفاع استقلال قيّوميّتك واستمناع استجلال سبّوحيّتكHow numerous the souls raised to life who were exposed to dire humiliation in Thy Path for exalting Thy Word and for glorifying Thy divine Unity! How profuse the blood that hath been shed for the sake of Thy Faith to vindicate the authenticity of Thy divine Mission and to celebrate Thy praise! How vast the possessions that were wrongfully seized in the Path of Thy love in order to affirm the loftiness of Thy sanctity and to extol Thy glorious Name! How many the feet that have trodden upon the dust in order to magnify Thy holy Word and to extol Thy glory! How innumerable the voices that were raised in lamentation, the hearts that were struck with terror, the grievous woes that none other than Thee can reckon, and the adversities and afflictions that remain inscrutable to anyone except Thyself; all this to establish, O my God, the loftiness of Thy sanctity and to demonstrate the transcendent character of Thy glory.Bab - Selections
قد قدّرت كلّ ذلك بقضائك ليستشهدنّ كلّ خلقك على انّهم ما خلقوا الاّ لك وقد انقطعت عنهم ما تسكننّ به قلوبهم ليوقننّ على ان ما نسبت إِلى نفسك اعلى واجلّ ممّا هم به يؤمنون اذ لم تزل قدرتك مستطيلة لا يعجزها من شيءThese decrees were ordained by Thee so that all created things might bear witness that they have been brought into being for the sake of naught else but Thee. Thou hast withheld from them the things that bring tranquillity to their hearts, that they might know of a certainty that whatever is associated with Thy holy Being is far superior to and exalted above aught else that would satisfy them; inasmuch as Thine indomitable power pervadeth all things, and nothing can ever frustrate it.Bab - Selections
قد اجريت تلك القضاياء العظيمة ليشهدنّ كلّ ذا ادراك بانّها قد قدّرت لارتفاع توحيدك وحقّقت لارتفاع تقديسك...Indeed Thou hast caused these momentous happenings to come to pass that those who are endued with perception may readily recognize that they were ordained by Thee to demonstrate the loftiness of Thy divine Unity and to affirm the exaltation of Thy sanctity.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك اللّهمّ لو لم تملّك احدًا من شيء وقد قضى من اوّل عمره الى آخر ما يعرج اليك بفقرٍ من قضائك ولكن قد جعلته من شجرة محبّتك ذلك خير له عمّا قد خلقت في السّموات والارض وما بينهما اذ يورث الجنّة بفضلك ويرزق فيها بآلائك ولا نفاد لما عندك هذا فضلك لمن اردته في سبيل محبّتكGlory be unto Thee, O Lord! Although Thou mayest cause a person to be destitute of all earthly possessions, and from the beginning of his life until his ascension unto Thee he may be reduced to poverty through the operation of Thy decree, yet wert Thou to have brought him forth from the Tree of Thy love, such a bounty would indeed be far better for him than all the things Thou hast created in heaven and earth and whatsoever lieth between them; inasmuch as he will inherit the heavenly home, through the revelation of Thy favors, and will partake of the goodly gifts Thou hast provided therein; for the things which are with Thee are inexhaustible. This indeed is Thy blessing which according to the good-pleasure of Thy Will Thou dost bestow on those who tread the path of Thy love.Bab - Selections
وكم من عباد قد قتلوا من قبل في سبيلك وانّ يومئذٍ كلّ باسمائهم ليعظّمون وكم عباد قد ملّكتهم متاع الدّنيا واكتسبوا بغير حقٍّ وانّ يومئذ لا ذكر لهم وهم في اشدّ العذاب وشديد النّكالHow numerous the souls who in former times were put to death for Thy sake, and in whose names all men now pride themselves; and how vast the number of those whom Thou didst enable to acquire earthly fortunes, and who amassed them while they were deprived of Thy Truth, and who in this day have passed into oblivion. Theirs is a grievous chastisement and a dire punishment.Bab - Selections
فاسرع اللّهمّ في ارتفاع شجرة توحيدك واسقي اللّهمّ تلك الشجرة بماءِ رضوانك واثمرها بما تحب ان يثمر عند ظهور ايقانك من تسبيحك وتقديسك وتمجيدك وتهليلك وتكبيرك وتفريدك وتحميدك اذ كلّ ذلك بيدك لا بيد غيركO Lord! Provide for the speedy growth of the Tree of Thy divine Unity; water it then, O Lord, with the flowing waters of Thy good-pleasure, and cause it, before the revelations of Thy divine assurance, to yield such fruits as Thou desirest for Thy glorification and exaltation, Thy praise and thanksgiving, and to magnify Thy Name, to laud the oneness of Thine Essence and to offer adoration unto Thee, inasmuch as all this lieth within Thy grasp and in that of none other.Bab - Selections
طوبى لمن قد جعلت دمه ماء شجرة اثباتك وبه ترفع كلمة تقديسك واثباتكGreat is the blessedness of those whose blood Thou hast chosen wherewith to water the Tree of Thine affirmation, and thus to exalt Thy holy and immutable Word.Bab - Selections
قدّر اللّهمّ لي ولمن آمن بك ما هو خيرٌ لنا عندك في امّ الكتاب اذ كلّ المقادير بيدكOrdain for me, O my Lord, and for those who believe in Thee that which is deemed best for us in Thine estimation, as set forth in the Mother Book, for within the grasp of Thy hand Thou holdest the determined measures of all things.Bab - Selections
لم تزل مواهبك لاهل محبّتك نازلة وبدايع مليك رحمتك لمن وحّدك مجمعة فاليك نفوّض ما قد قدّرت لنا ومنك نسئل من كلّ خير قد احطت به علمًاThy goodly gifts are unceasingly showered upon such as cherish Thy love and the wondrous tokens of Thy heavenly bounties are amply bestowed on those who recognize Thy divine Unity. We commit unto Thy care whatsoever Thou hast destined for us, and implore Thee to grant us all the good that Thy knowledge embraceth.Bab - Selections
واعصمني اللّهمّ من كلّ شرٍّ قد احطت به علمًا فانّه لا حول ولا قوّة الاّ بك وما النّصر الاّ من عندك وما الامر الاّ من لدنك ما شاء الله كان وما لم يشاء لم يكنProtect me, O my Lord, from every evil that Thine omniscience perceiveth, inasmuch as there is no power nor strength but in Thee, no triumph is forthcoming save from Thy presence, and it is Thine alone to command. Whatever God hath willed hath been, and that which He hath not willed shall not be.Bab - Selections
ولا حول ولا قوّة الاّ بالله العليّ العظيم...There is no power nor strength except in God, the Most Exalted, the Most Mighty.Bab - Selections
ولتدخلنّ اللّهمّ كلّ من على الارض في جنّة دينك أَلاّ يكن شيئًا في دون رضاكO Lord! Enable all the peoples of the earth to gain admittance into the Paradise of Thy Faith, so that no created being may remain beyond the bounds of Thy good-pleasure.Bab - Selections
اذ لم تزل انّك انت كنت مقتدرًا على ما تشاء وممتنعًا فوق ما تريد...From time immemorial Thou hast been potent to do what pleaseth Thee and transcendent above whatsoever Thou desirest.Bab - Selections
هب لي يا الهي كمال حبّك ورضاك واجذب قلوبنا بانجذاب نورك يا برهان يا سبحان وانزل علّي نفحاتك في آناء اللّيل واطراف النّهار بجودك يا منّانVouchsafe unto me, O my God, the full measure of Thy love and Thy good-pleasure, and through the attractions of Thy resplendent light enrapture our hearts, O Thou Who art the Supreme Evidence and the All-Glorified. Send down upon me, as a token of Thy grace, Thy vitalizing breezes, throughout the daytime and in the night season, O Lord of bounty.Bab - Selections
يا الهي ما لي عملٌ استحق به لقائك وباليقين لا علم لو عمرت عمر الدّنيا لا اعمل عملاً استحقّ بذلك لانّ شأن العبد لم يزل لا يليق بقرب جوارك الاّ جودك ادركني ورحمتك وسعتني وفضلك احاطنيNo deed have I done, O my God, to merit beholding Thy face, and I know of a certainty that were I to live as long as the world lasts I would fail to accomplish any deed such as to deserve this favor, inasmuch as the station of a servant shall ever fall short of access to Thy holy precincts, unless Thy bounty should reach me and Thy tender mercy pervade me and Thy loving-kindness encompass me.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك يا لا اله الاّ انت فارفعني اليك واكرمني بسكوني لديك وآنسني بنفسك وحده لا اله الاّ انتAll praise be unto Thee, O Thou besides Whom there is none other God. Graciously enable me to ascend unto Thee, to be granted the honor of dwelling in Thy nearness and to have communion with Thee alone. No God is there but Thee.Bab - Selections
لأنّك لو اردت بعبدٍ خيرًا تمحو من حول فؤاده كلّ ذكرٍ وشأنٍ الاّ ذكرك وحده وان اردت بعبدٍ بما كسبت يديه بين يديك بغير الحقّ شرًا تفتنه بآلاء الدّنيا والآخرة ليشغل بها وينسى ذكرك...Indeed shouldst Thou desire to confer blessing upon a servant Thou wouldst blot out from the realm of his heart every mention or disposition except Thine Own mention; and shouldst Thou ordain evil for a servant by reason of that which his hands have unjustly wrought before Thy face, Thou wouldst test him with the benefits of this world and of the next that he might become preoccupied therewith and forget Thy remembrance.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ انّك قد خلقت كلّ شيء بامركGlory be unto Thee, O Lord, Thou Who hast brought into being all created things, through the power of Thy behest.Bab - Selections
فانصر اللّهمّ الّذين قد انقطعوا اليك نصرًا عزيزًا وانزل اللّهمّ عليهم ملائكة السّموات والارض وما بينهما كلّهم اجمعون لينصرونهم وليمدّونهم وليظهرنّهم وليغلبنّهم وليقوينّهم وليعظمنّهم وليعززنّهم وليجللنّهم وليغنينّهم ولينصرنّهم بنصرٍ عظيمO Lord! Assist those who have renounced all else but Thee, and grant them a mighty victory. Send down upon them, O Lord, the concourse of the angels in heaven and earth and all that is between, to aid Thy servants, to succor and strengthen them, to enable them to achieve success, to sustain them, to invest them with glory, to confer upon them honor and exaltation, to enrich them and to make them triumphant with a wondrous triumph.Bab - Selections
انّك انت ربّهم ربّ السّموات وربّ الارض ربّ العالمين فاثبت اللّهمّ ذلك الدّين بهم واظهرهم على الارض كلّها فانّهم عبادك قد انقطعوا اليك وانّك انت وليّ المؤمنينThou art their Lord, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of all the worlds. Strengthen this Faith, O Lord, through the power of these servants and cause them to prevail over all the peoples of the world; for they, of a truth, are Thy servants who have detached themselves from aught else but Thee, and Thou verily art the protector of true believers.Bab - Selections
واجعل اللّهمّ قلوبهم اثقل عمّا في السّموات والارض وما بينهما في ذلك الدّين المتين وانزل اللّهمّ قوّةً بديعةً في ايديهم ليظهرنّها على العالمين...Grant Thou, O Lord, that their hearts may, through allegiance to this, Thine inviolable Faith, grow stronger than anything else in the heavens and on earth and in whatsoever is between them; and strengthen, O Lord, their hands with the tokens of Thy wondrous power that they may manifest Thy power before the gaze of all mankind.Bab - Selections
اللّهمّ انّي اعوذ بك واعيد نفسي بآياتك كلّهاO Lord! Unto Thee I repair for refuge and toward all Thy signs I set my heart.Bab - Selections
اللّهمّ انّي اتوكّل عليك في سفري وحضري وشغلي وعمليO Lord! Whether traveling or at home, and in my occupation or in my work, I place my whole trust in Thee.Bab - Selections
فاكفني عن كلّ شيء يا خير الرّاحمينGrant me then Thy sufficing help so as to make me independent of all things, O Thou Who art unsurpassed in Thy mercy!Bab - Selections
اللّهمّ ارزقني كيف شئت ورضني بما قدرّت ليBestow upon me my portion, O Lord, as Thou pleasest, and cause me to be satisfied with whatsoever Thou hast ordained for me.Bab - Selections
فانّ لك الامر كلّه...Thine is the absolute authority to command.Bab - Selections
اللّهمّ انّك انت مفرّج كلّ همٍّ ومنقض كلّ كربٍ ومُذهب كلّ غمٍ ومخلّص كلّ عبدٍ ومنقذ كلّ نفسٍ خلّصني اللّهمّ برحمتك واجعلني من عبادك المنقذين...O Lord! Thou art the Remover of every anguish and the Dispeller of every affliction. Thou art He Who banisheth every sorrow and setteth free every slave, the Redeemer of every soul. O Lord! Grant deliverance through Thy mercy and reckon me among such servants of Thine as have gained salvation.Bab - Selections
يا الهي انت الحقّ لم تزل وما سواك محتاجٌ فقير وانا ذا يا الهي انقطعت عن كلّ النّاس بالتوسّل إِلى حبلك واعرضت عن كلّ الموجودات بالتّوجّهِ الى تلقاء مدين رحمتك فالهمني اللّهمّ ما انت عليه من الفضل والعطاء والعظمة والبهاء والجلال والكبرياء فانّي لا اجدُ دونك عالمًا مقتدرًا واحرسني اللّهمّ بكلّ منعك وكفايتك وجنود السّموات والارض فانّي لا اجد دونك معتمدًا ولا سواك ملجاءًThroughout eternity Thou hast been, O my Lord, and wilt ever remain the One true God, while all else save Thee are needy and poor. Having clung tenaciously to Thy Cord, O my God, I have detached myself from all mankind, and having set my face towards the habitation of Thy tender mercy, I have turned away from all created things. Graciously inspire me, O my God, through Thy grace and bounty, Thy glory and majesty, and Thy dominion and grandeur, for no one mighty and all-knowing can I find beside Thee. Protect me, O my God, through the potency of Thy transcendent and all-sufficing glory and by the hosts of the heavens and the earth, inasmuch as in no one can I wholly place my trust but in Thee and no refuge is there but Thee.Bab - Selections
وانت انت الله ربّي تعلم حاجتي وتشهد مقامي واحاط علمك بما نزل عليّ من قضائك وبلاء الدّنيا بإذنك جودًا واكرامًا...Thou art God, my Lord, Thou knowest my needs, Thou seest my state and art well aware of what hath befallen me by reason of Thy decree, and of the earthly sufferings I have endured by Thy leave and as a token of Thy bounty and favor.Bab - Selections
يا الهي فلك البهاء الابهى والسّناء العظمى جلالتك اجلّ من ان تحيط به الاوهام وعزّتك اعزّ من ان يصعد اليها طير الافئدة والافهام فالكلّ معترف بالعجز عمّا يستحقّ به من الحمد فسبحانك لا يعرف احدٌ حمدك كما انت انت ولا يعلم احدٌ احسانك كما انت انت وانت تعلمُ كما انت انت لا يعلم كيف انت الاّ انتThe glory of glories and the most resplendent light rest upon Thee, O my God. Thy majesty is so transcendent that no human imagination can reach it and Thy consummate power is so sublime that the birds of men’s hearts and minds can never attain its heights. All beings acknowledge their powerlessness to praise Thee as beseemeth Thy station. Immeasurably exalted art Thou. No one can glorify Thy Being, or fathom the evidences of Thy bounty as it exists in Thine inmost Essence, since Thou alone knowest Thyself as Thou art in Thyself.Bab - Selections
فاحمدك اللّهمّ ربّنا على كلّ ابداعك واختراعك حمدًا شعشعانيًا متلألأً من الهامك الّذي يعجز عن احصائه ما سواك ولك الحمد والشّكر على تلك النّعمة الجليلة والآية العظيمة في عوالم الامر والخلقI yield praise unto Thee, O Lord our God, for the bounty of having called into being the realm of creation and invention—a praise which shineth resplendent through the potency of Thine inspiration which none other but Thee can befittingly appraise. I glorify Thee moreover and render Thee thanks as beseemeth Thine awe-inspiring presence and the glory of Thine overpowering majesty, for this sublime blessing, this wondrous sign which is manifest in Thy kingdoms of Revelation and Creation.Bab - Selections
كما ينبغي لمحضر هيبتك وجلال عظمتك سبحانك عظم حقك وما قدره احدٌ حقّ قدرك ولا يعرفه حق العرفان غيرك انت الظّاهر بالجود ولا يعرف موجودٌ سواك من علوّ ظهوركAll glory be unto Thee. Immeasurably exalted is that which beseemeth Thee. Verily no one hath ever adequately grasped the loftiness of Thy station, nor hath anyone except Thee recognized Thee as beseemeth Thee. Thou art manifest through the outpourings of Thy bounty, while no one besides Thee can fathom the sublimity of Thy Revelation.Bab - Selections
سبحانك أَلغيرك من الوجود حتّى يكون دليلاً عليك أَم لغيرك ذكر حتّى اعرفك به كلّ معروفٍ من معروفيّتك قد تلألأت وكلّ الاشياء من تلجلج مشيّتك قد تلجلجت انت الاقرب بكلٍّ من كلٍّMagnified be Thy name. Hath aught else save Thee any independent existence so as to be capable of hinting at Thy nature, and doth anyone but Thee possess any trace of identity wherewith I could recognize Thee? All that is known owes its renown to the splendor of Thy Name, the Most Manifest, and every object is deeply stirred by the vibrating influence emanating from Thine invincible Will. Thou art nearer unto all things than all things.Bab - Selections
سبحانك تقدّس مجدك من ان تنال اليه ايدي اولي الالباب وتعالى دنوّك من ان ينحدر عنه سيل الافهام والابصار...(صحيفه مخزونه)Lauded and glorified art Thou. Too exalted is Thy loftiness for the hands of such as are endued with understanding to reach unto Thee, and too profound is Thy fathomless depth for the rivers of men’s minds and perceptions to flow out therefrom.Bab - Selections
بسم الله الرّحمن الرّحيمIn the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.Bab - Selections
الحمد لله الّذي هو كائن قبل كلّ شيء ولا يكون شيء معه وكان موجودًا حين لا وجود لشيء لده الّذي قد قصرت افئدة العارفين عن معرفة ادنى وصفه وعجزت عقول الموحّدين عن درك ادنى آيةٍ من آيات قدرتهAll praise be unto God Who was Ever-Existent ere created things were called into being, when there was no one else besides Him. He is the One Who hath been Ever-Abiding while no element of His creation did yet exist. Indeed the souls of them that are endued with understanding fail to comprehend the least manifestation of His attributes, and the minds of those who have acknowledged His unity are unable to perceive the most insignificant token of His omnipotence.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك يا الهي كلّت الالسن عن تمجيد مقدوراتك فكيف يمكن مجد قدرتك وعجزت الافهام عن كنه معرفة شيء من خلقك فكيف يمكن معرفة نفسك فبتعريفك نفسيSanctified art Thou, O Lord my God. The tongues of men fall short in extolling Thy glorious handiwork, how much more then would they falter in lauding the majesty of Thy transcendent power; and since human understanding is sore perplexed to fathom the mystery of a single object of Thy creation, how can anyone ever attain the recognition of Thine Own Being?Bab - Selections
قد عرفتك بأَلاّ تعرف بما سواك وبابداعك الخلق لا من شيء عرفتك بان لا سبيل لاحدٍ في معرفة كنهك انت الله الّذي لا اله الاّ انت وحدك لا يعلم احدٌ كيف انت الاّ انت وحدك لا شريك لك انت الله لم تزل كنت ولم يكن عندك شيء وانت الله كائنٌ لم تزل ولم يكن في رتبتك شيءI have known Thee by Thy making known unto me that Thou art unknowable to anyone save Thyself. I have become apprised by the creation Thou hast fashioned out of sheer nonexistence that the way to attain the comprehension of Thine Essence is barred to everyone. Thou art God, besides Whom there is none other God. No one except Thine Own Self can comprehend Thy nature. Thou art without peer or partner. From everlasting Thou hast been alone with no one else besides Thee and unto everlasting Thou wilt continue to be the same, while no created thing shall ever approach Thine exalted position.Bab - Selections
فكلّ معترف بالعجز يا الهي كما انت تعرف نفسك فقدرتك المبدعة معروفة لدى الممكنات واختراعاتك المحدثة موصوفة عند الاشارات سبحانك تقدّست نفسك من ان يعرفك احدٌ من خلقك كما انت اهله ومستحقّهAll men, O my God, confess their powerlessness to know Thee as Thou knowest Thine Own Being; the generative impulse Thou hast released is manifest throughout the entire creation, and all created things which Thou hast fashioned are but expressions of Thy wondrous signs. Magnified be Thy name; Thou art immeasurably exalted above the strivings of anyone among Thy creatures to attain Thy recognition as is befitting and worthy of Thee.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك ابداعك لا من شيء حجبت الاشياء عن معرفتك واختراعك الخلق بما هم عليه شهد الانعدام لدى وصفكPraise be unto Thee! The way in which Thou hast called into being Thy creation out of nonexistence preventeth all created things from recognizing Thee, and the manner in which Thou hast fashioned the creatures, with the limitations imposed upon them, proclaimeth their utter nothingness before the revelations of Thine attributes.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك يا الهي قد عجزت النّفوس عن تمجيدك وقد قصُرت العقول عن تحميدك فيا الهي اشهد لديك بانّك المعروف بالآيات والموصوف بالعلامات فبايجادك انفسنا اعترفت لديك بانّك المقدّس عن وصفنا وبانشائك اوصافنا لك اشهدك بانّك المنزّه عن معرفتناExalted art Thou, O my God! All mankind are powerless to celebrate Thy glory and the minds of men fall short of yielding praise unto Thee. I bear witness in Thy presence, O my God, that Thou art made known by Thy wondrous tokens and art recognized through the revelations of Thy signs. The fact that Thou hast brought us forth into existence prompteth me to acknowledge before Thee that Thou art immeasurably exalted above our praise, and by virtue of the qualities wherewith Thou hast endowed our beings I testify unto Thee that Thou art transcendent beyond our comprehension.Bab - Selections
فيا الهي هب لي كمال الصّعود اليك اجذبني بنفحات قدسك لديك حتّى خرقت الاحجاب نور الانجذاب واضمحلّت مساكن الانفصال بالورود الى مقاعد الاتّصال ورقّت احجاب الرّقايق الّتي منعتني عن الورود في بيت الجلال لان ادخل عليك واقيم عندك واعترف لك بما تصف لي نفسك بانّك انت الله لا اله الاّ انت الفرد الاحد الصّمد الّذي لم يلد ولم يولد ولم يكن لك ولدٌ ولا شريك لك ولا وليّ من الذّلّ وانت الله ربّ العالمين واشهد بانّ كلّ ما سواك خلقك وفي قبضتك ولا لاحدٍ بسط ولا قبضٌ الاّ بمشيّتك انت السّلطان القديم والملك العظيم لا تعجز في قدرتك شيئًا ولا شيء الاّ بمشيّتك وكلٌّ معترفٌ بالعبوديّة والتّقصير وما من شيء الا يسبّح بحمدكGrant that I may soar to the noblest heights in approaching Thee, and enable me to draw nigh unto Thee through the fragrance of Thy holiness. Thus may all impediments be dissolved by the light of ecstasy, and all remoteness from Thee be dissipated by my attainment unto the seats of reunion, and the subtle veils which have hindered me from entering Thy mansion of glory become so rarified that I may gain admittance into Thy presence, take up my abode near Thee, and voice the expressions of praise wherewith Thou hast described Thine Own Self unto me, bearing witness that Thou art God, that there is no God but Thee, the One, the Incomparable, the Ever-Abiding, that Thou dost not beget, neither art Thou begotten, that Thou hast no offspring, no partner, nor is there any protector against humiliation but Thee, and Thou art the Lord of all worlds. I bear witness also that all besides Thee are but Thy creatures, and are held within Thy grasp. No one is favored with means or liveth in want except by Thy Will. Thou art the King of everlasting days and the supreme Ruler. Thy might is potent over all things and all created things exist by Thy Will. All mankind recognize their lowly servitude and confess their shortcomings and naught is there which doth not celebrate Thy praise.Bab - Selections
فاسئلك اللّهمّ بجلال وجهك الكريم وبعظمة اسمك القديم أَلاّ تحرمني من نفحات شئون ايّامك الّتي انت مُحدثها ومُنشئها...I beseech Thee, O my God, by the glory of Thy merciful Countenance and by the majesty of Thine ancient Name not to deprive me of the vitalizing fragrance of the evidences of Thy Days—such Days as Thou Thyself hast inaugurated and brought forth.Bab - Selections
انت الله لا اله غيركThou art God, no God is there but Thee.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ يا الهي انّك انت القادر على الامكان والمقتدر على الاكوان في قبضتك ملكوت الانشاء تخلق كيف تشاء لا اله الاّ انت العزيز الحكيمLauded and glorified art Thou, O Lord my God! Thou art supreme over the realm of being and Thy power pervadeth all created things. Thou holdest the kingdom of creation within Thy grasp and dost call into being in conformity with Thy pleasure.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك اللّهمّ يا الهي اسئلك بذوات القائمة لدى بابك والكينونات الواصلة الى محضر لقائك بان تنظر الينا بلحظات اعين رأفتك ولاحظ منّا بتوجّهات انسك واشتعلنا من نار حبّك واشربنا من ماءِ عنايتك فاستقمنا في صراط عشقك واسكنّا في جوار قدسك لانّك انت المعطي الباذل العليم الخبيرAll praise be unto Thee, O Lord my God! I beseech Thee by such souls as are eagerly waiting at Thy gate and by those holy beings who have attained the court of Thy presence, to cast upon us the glances of Thy tender compassion and to regard us with the eye of Thy loving providence. Cause our souls to be enkindled with the fire of Thy tender affection and give us to drink of the living waters of Thy bounty. Keep us steadfast in the path of Thine ardent love and enable us to abide within the precincts of Thy holiness. Verily Thou art the Giver, the Most Generous, the All-Knowing, the All-Informed.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك اللّهمّ يا الهي اسئلك باسمك الاعظم الّذي ظهر منه اسرار الاعظم وجمع عنه في قطب الايمان من طوائف الامم وصدرت منه كلمات الدرّيات لحياة العالم وبرزت حقايق العلوم من هذا الهيكل المكرّم فيا روحي وكينونتي ونفسي وجسدي لتراب مقدمه الفداGlorified art Thou, O my God! I invoke Thee by Thy Most Great Name through which the hidden secrets of God, the Most Exalted, were divulged and the kindreds of all nations converged toward the focal center of faith and certitude, through which Thy luminous Words streamed forth for the quickening of mankind and the essence of all knowledge was revealed from that Embodiment of bounty. May my life, my inmost being, my soul and my body be offered up as a sacrifice for the dust ennobled by His footsteps.Bab - Selections
ثمّ اسئلك اللّهمّ يا الهي باسمك الافخم الّذي ظهرت منه سلطتنتك واقتدارك وموّج منه بحر الرّوح وقلزم الفتوح لاحياء الرّمم عظام الممكنات وتهيّج اركان المقبلين بان تقدّر لنا خير الدّنيا والآخرة واظللنا في جوار المكرّمة والعناية ثمّ اضرم في قلبنا نار الجذب والانجذاب على شأن تنجذب منه قلوب البريّةI earnestly beg Thee, O Lord my God, by Thy most glorious Name whereby Thy sovereignty hath been established and the tokens of Thy might have been manifested, and whereby the oceans of life and of holy ecstasy have surged for the reviving of the moldering bones of all Thy creatures and for the stirring of the limbs of such as have embraced Thy Cause—I earnestly beg Thee to graciously ordain for us the good of this world and of the next, to enable us to gain admission into the court of Thy mercy and loving-kindness and to kindle in our hearts the fire of joy and ecstasy in such wise that the hearts of all men may thereby be attracted.Bab - Selections
انّك انت القادر المقتدر المهیمن العزيز القيّوم...Verily Thou art the All-Powerful, the Protector, the Almighty, the Self-Subsisting.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ فاغفر لي وللّذين هم قد حملوا امرك انّك انت الملك الغفّار الكريم وادخل اللّهمّ عبادك الّذين هم يومئذٍ لا يعلمون وهم لو علموا يصدّقون بيوم الدّين ولا ينكرون في رحمتك وانزل عليهم مواقع فضلك وزد عليهم في مقاعدهم ما قد قدّرت للمتّقين من عبادك انّك انت الملك الوهّاب الكريمGlory be unto Thee, O Lord my God! I beg Thee to forgive me and those who support Thy Faith. Verily Thou art the sovereign Lord, the Forgiver, the Most Generous. O my God! Enable such servants of Thine as are deprived of knowledge to be admitted into Thy Cause; for once they learn of Thee, they bear witness to the truth of the Day of Judgment and do not dispute the revelations of Thy bounty. Send down upon them the tokens of Thy grace and grant them, wherever they reside, a liberal share of that which Thou hast ordained for the pious among Thy servants. Thou art in truth the Supreme Ruler, the All-Bounteous, the Most Benevolent.Bab - Selections
وانزل اللّهمّ على بيوت الّتي آمنت اهلها مقادير فضلك ورحمتك رحمةً من عندك وفضلاّ من لدنك انّك انت خير الغافرين لو لم تدرك احدًا رحمتك لم يكن يومئذٍ من اصحاب الدّين قدّر اللّهمّ لي وللّذين هم يومئذٍ كانوا بآياتك مؤمنينO my God! Let the outpourings of Thy bounty and blessings descend upon homes whose inmates have embraced Thy Faith, as a token of Thy grace and as a mark of loving-kindness from Thy presence. Verily unsurpassed art Thou in granting forgiveness. Should Thy bounty be withheld from anyone, how could he be reckoned among the followers of the Faith in Thy Day?Bab - Selections
والّذين هم في قلوبهم حبّ مني بما قد القيت عليهم من عندك انّك انت الملك البرّ المنيع...Bless me, O my God, and those who will believe in Thy signs on the appointed Day, and such as cherish my love in their hearts—a love which Thou dost instill into them. Verily Thou art the Lord of righteousness, the Most Exalted.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك يا الهي عن وصف الموجودات وعرفان الممكنات لن يعرفك على حقّ ذاتيّتك شيء ولم يعبدك على حقّ كينونيّتك عبد فسبحانك جلّت وعظمت نفسك من ان تنال اليك اشارة من الخلقImmeasurably exalted art Thou, O my God, above the endeavors of all beings and created things to praise Thee and recognize Thee. No creature can ever comprehend Thee as beseemeth the reality of Thy holy Being and no servant can ever worship Thee as is worthy of Thine unknowable Essence. Praise be unto Thee; too high is Thine exalted Self for any allusions proceeding from Thy creatures ever to gain access unto Thy presence.Bab - Selections
يا الهي لما صعدت الى هوائك واتصّلت الى روح مناجاتك ما رأيت لنفسي الاّ القطع عن وصلك والمنع عن اشارتك ولذا قد رجعتُ الى وجهة احبّائك الّذين قد جعلتهم في مقام محبّتك ومعرفتك مقام نفسك فصّل اللّهمّ عليهم ما احصى علمك في ابداع قدرتك شرفًا وخيرًاWhenever, O my God, I soared into Thy holy atmosphere and attained the inmost spirit of prayerfulness unto Thee, I was led to recognize that Thou art inaccessible and that no mention of Thee can ever reach Thy transcendent court. Therefore I turn towards Thy Loved Ones—They upon Whom Thou hast graciously conferred Thine Own station that They might manifest Thy love and Thy true knowledge. Bless Them then, O my God, with every distinction and goodly gift which Thy knowledge may reckon within the domain of Thy power.Bab - Selections
يا الهي ومولاي وسيّدي فبعزّتك وجلالتك انت المقصود لا سواك وانت المعبود لا دونك يا الهي انّ سبل الانقطاع قد انطقتني بتلك الكلمات وانّ طرق الامتناع قد اقامتني الى تلك الدّلالات فسبحانك يا الهي انّ ظهورك اظهر في كلّ شيء من ان اشير الى غيرك وانّ محبّتك الذّ عن كلّ العرفان حتّى احتاج الى عرفان غيركO my God, my Lord and my Master! I swear by Thy might and glory that Thou alone and no one else besides Thee art the ultimate Desire of all men, and that Thou alone and none other save Thee art the Object of adoration. O my God! The paths of Thine inaccessible glory have prompted me to voice these words and the ways of Thine unattainable heights have guided me to make these allusions. Exalted art Thou, O my God! The evidences of Thy revelation are too manifest for me to need to refer to aught else save Thyself, and the love I cherish for Thee is far sweeter to my taste than the knowledge of all things and freeth me from the need to seek anyone’s knowledge other than Thine.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك يا الهي قد آمنت بك كما انت انت واتوب اليك عن نفسي وعن قبل العالمين كما انت انتAll praise be unto Thee, O my Lord. I verily believe in Thee, as Thou art in Thyself; and of Thee, as Thou art in Thyself, I beg forgiveness for myself and on behalf of all mankind.Bab - Selections
وقد هربت يا الهي بكلّي لديك قد القيت نفسي اليك لا املك شيئًا لديك ان عذبتني بكلّ قدرتك فانّك العادل في الحكم وان اكرمتني كلّ الخير فانّك اهل الجود والعطاء وانّك غنّي عن العالمين جميعًاO my God! Wholly have I fled unto Thy face and have cast myself before Thee and no power have I over aught in Thy holy presence. Shouldst Thou chastise me with Thy might, Thou wouldst assuredly be just in Thy decree; and wert Thou to bestow every goodly gift on me, Thou wouldst indeed be most generous and bountiful. Verily Thou art independent of all the peoples of the world.Bab - Selections
يا مولاي قد طلبت وصلك وما وجدت الاّ في علم الانقطاع من غيرك وقد طلبت حبّك فما وجدتُ الاّ بالمحو عمّا سواك وقد طلبت طاعتك فما وجدت الاّ بحبّ احبّائك فسبحانك يا الهي لا اعلم الاّ انت وحدك لا شريك لك وانّك يا الهي تعلم سيّئاتنا لا سواك استغفرك عن كلّ ما لا تحبّI have sought reunion with Thee, O my Master, yet have I failed to attain thereto save through the knowledge of detachment from aught save Thee. I have yearned for Thy love, but failed to find it except in renouncing everything other than Thyself. I have been eager to worship Thee, yet have I failed to achieve Thy adoration, except by loving those who cherish Thy love. No one do I recognize, O my God, except Thee. Thou art incomparable and hast no partner. Thou alone knowest our shortcomings and none other hath this knowledge. I beg Thy forgiveness for whatever doth displease Thee.Bab - Selections
وادعوك في كلّ الحال بلسان الهامك انّك الغنيّ بلا مثال لا اله الاّ انت سبحانك عمّا يصف المشبّهون علوًّا كبيرًا...I call upon Thee at all times with the tongue of Thine inspiration, saying: “Thou art in truth the All-Possessing, the Peerless. No God is there but Thee. Immeasurably far and exalted art Thou above the descriptions of those who arrogantly assign peers unto Thee.”Bab - Selections
المجد والبهآء والعظمة والسّناء والكبرياء والجلال تعطي الملك من تشاء وتمنع الملك عمّن تشاء ولا اله الاّ انت الغنيّ المتعال انت الّذي تقيم الابداع ومن فيها لا من شيء ولا ينبغي لك الاّ انت وما سواك مردودٌ عندك ومعدومٌ عند نفسكAll majesty and glory, O my God, and all dominion and light and grandeur and splendor be unto Thee. Thou bestowest sovereignty on whom Thou willest and dost withhold it from whom Thou desirest. No God is there but Thee, the All-Possessing, the Most Exalted. Thou art He Who createth from naught the universe and all that dwell therein. There is nothing worthy of Thee except Thyself, while all else but Thee are as outcasts in Thy holy presence and are as nothing when compared to the glory of Thine Own Being.Bab - Selections
ولا اصف نفسك الاّ بما تصف في محكم كتابك كما تقول لا تدركه الابصار وهو يدرك الابصار وهو اللّطيف الخبير سبحانك يا الهي لا تحوي بادنى آيتك خواطر الافكار ولا غوامض الانظار انت الله الّذي لا اله الاّ انت اشهد انّ وصفك نفسك لا من تغيّرٍ ولا وصف لما سواك لديك ولا وصف منك لديهمFar be it from me to extol Thy virtues save by what Thou hast extolled Thyself in Thy weighty Book where Thou sayest, “No vision taketh in Him but He taketh in all vision. He is the Subtile, the All-Perceiving.” Glory be unto Thee, O my God, indeed no mind or vision, however keen or discriminating, can ever grasp the nature of the most insignificant of Thy signs. Verily Thou art God, no God is there besides Thee. I bear witness that Thou Thyself alone art the sole expression of Thine attributes, that the praise of no one besides Thee can ever attain to Thy holy court nor can Thine attributes ever be fathomed by anyone other than Thyself.Bab - Selections
سبحانك تقدّست نفسك عن وصف ما سواك لانّهم لا يعرفون حقّ وصفيّتك ولا يدركون كنه ذاتيّتك انت الاجلّ من ان توصف بخلقك او ان تعرف بغيرك عرفتك يا الهي بما تعرفنّي نفسك ولولا تعريفك ما عرفتك وعبدتك بما تدعوني اليك ولولا دعوتك ما عبدتك سبحانك يا الهي قد عظم تقصيري وقد كبر عصياني فيا سوأتاه من احوالي لديك ما عرفتك كما تعرّفني نفسك وما عبدتك كما تدعوني اليك وما اطعتك كما تلهمني سبيل محبّتكGlory be unto Thee, Thou art exalted above the description of anyone save Thyself, since it is beyond human conception to befittingly magnify Thy virtues or to comprehend the inmost reality of Thine Essence. Far be it from Thy glory that Thy creatures should describe Thee or that anyone besides Thyself should ever know Thee. I have known Thee, O my God, by reason of Thy making Thyself known unto me, for hadst Thou not revealed Thyself unto me, I would not have known Thee. I worship Thee by virtue of Thy summoning me unto Thee, for had it not been for Thy summons I would not have worshipped Thee. Lauded art Thou, O my God, my trespasses have waxed mighty and my sins have assumed grievous proportions. How disgraceful my plight will prove to be in Thy holy presence. I have failed to know Thee to the extent Thou didst reveal Thyself unto me; I have failed to worship Thee with a devotion worthy of Thy summons; I have failed to obey Thee through not treading the path of Thy love in the manner Thou didst inspire me.Bab - Selections
فيا الهي بعزّتك حقّك اجلّ واعظم من أَن تقوم به احدٌ لن يعرفك حقّ العرفان شيء ولن يعبدك حقّ العبادة عبدٌ حجّتك يا الهي بالغةٌ اجلّ من ان توصف بكنهها ونعماؤك اكثر من ان تحصى باسرهاThy might beareth me witness, O my God, what befitteth Thee is far greater and more exalted than any being could attempt to accomplish. Indeed nothing can ever comprehend Thee as is worthy of Thee nor can any servile creature worship Thee as beseemeth Thine adoration. So perfect and comprehensive is Thy proof, O my God, that its inner essence transcendeth the description of any soul and so abundant are the outpourings of Thy gifts that no faculty can appraise their infinite range.Bab - Selections
اسئلك اللّهمّ يا مولاي بجودك وقوائم عزّ عرشك ان ترحم هذه النّفوس الذّليلة الّتي لا يقدر في الدّنيا الفانية بشيء من مكروهها فكيف تقدر بعذاب آخرتك الّذي قد تحقّق من عدلك وتذوّت من سخطك ولا زوال لهO my God! O my Master! I beseech Thee by Thy manifold bounties and by the pillars which sustain Thy throne of glory, to have pity on these lowly people who are powerless to bear the unpleasant things of this fleeting life, how much less then can they bear Thy chastisement in the life to come—a chastisement which is ordained by Thy justice, called forth by Thy wrath and will continue to exist forever.Bab - Selections
فيا الهي وسيّدي ومولاي قد استشفعت بك الى نفسك وهربت من عدلك الى فضلك ولذت بك وبالّذين لم يغفلوا عن صراطك لمحة عينٍ وخلقت الخلق بهم جودًا وفضلاً...I beg Thee by Thyself, O my God, my Lord and my Master, to intercede in my behalf. I have fled from Thy justice unto Thy mercy. For my refuge I am seeking Thee and such as turn not away from Thy path, even for a twinkling of an eye—they for whose sake Thou didst create the creation as a token of Thy grace and bounty.Bab - Selections
ما لي سواك يا الهي مسکِّن روعتي وانت يا الهي منتهى املي ما احبّ الاّ انت ومن تحبّ فاشهد انّ حيوتي ومماتي لك وحدك لا شريك لكO my God! There is no one but Thee to allay the anguish of my soul, and Thou art my highest aspiration, O my God. My heart is wedded to none save Thee and such as Thou dost love. I solemnly declare that my life and death are both for Thee. Verily Thou art incomparable and hast no partner.Bab - Selections
ربّ اغفر لي مقامات غفلتي عنك فبعزّتك وعظمتك ما عرفتك كما انت اهله وانت تعرّفني نفسك كما انت اهله وما عبدتك كما انت مستحقّه وانت تذكرني كما انت تستحقه فيا ربّي الويل لي ان تأخذني بجرمي وجريرتي فبحقّك لا اعلم سواك ناصرًا ولا من دونك ملجًأ ولا لاحدٍ من خلقك بغير اذنك شفيعًا بنفسك اليك واعتصمت بحبّك لديك وادعوك كما انت اهله ممّا امرتني فاستجب لي كما وعدتني وانّك انت الله لا اله الاّ انت الله الغنيّ بنفسك عن كلّ شيء لا ينفعك طاعة المحبّين ولا يضّرك معصية المعرضين وانت الله ربّي لا تخلف الميعادO my Lord! I beg Thee to forgive me for shutting myself out from Thee. By Thy glory and majesty, I have failed to befittingly recognize Thee and to worship Thee, while Thou dost make Thyself known unto me and callest me to remembrance as beseemeth Thy station. Grievous woe would betide me, O my Lord, wert Thou to take hold of me by reason of my misdeeds and trespasses. No helper do I know of other than Thee. No refuge do I have to flee to save Thee. None among Thy creatures can dare to intercede with Thyself without Thy leave. I hold fast to Thy love before Thy court, and, according to Thy bidding, I earnestly pray unto Thee as befitteth Thy glory. I beg Thee to heed my call as Thou hast promised me. Verily Thou art God; no God is there but Thee. Alone and unaided, Thou art independent of all created things. Neither can the devotion of Thy lovers profit Thee, nor the evil doings of the faithless harm Thee. Verily Thou art my God, He Who will never fail in His promise.Bab - Selections
يا الهي بجودك اسئلك ان تدينني الى ذروة قربك وان تعصمني عن الورود في اشارة غيرك يا الهي سدّدني لكلّ ما تحبّ كما تحبّ واحفظني عن سخطك ونقمتك والورود في المواطن الّتي لا تحبّ بقدرتك...O my God! I beseech Thee by the evidences of Thy favor, to let me draw nigh to the sublime heights of Thy holy presence, and protect me from inclining myself toward the subtle allusions of aught else but Thee. Guide my steps, O my God, unto that which is acceptable and pleasing to Thee. Shield me, through Thy might, from the fury of Thy wrath and chastisement, and hold me back from entering habitations not desired by Thee.Bab - Selections
يا الهي ما اعرفك كما انت اهله ولا اخافك كما انا اهله فبايّ حالتي اذكرك وبايّ طاعتي اتوجّه اليكO my God! I have failed to know Thee as is worthy of Thy glory, and I have failed to fear Thee as befitteth my station. How can I make mention of Thee when I am in this condition, and how can I set my face towards Thee when I have fallen short of my duty in worshipping Thee?Bab - Selections
خلقتني لا لاظهار قدرتك لانّها باهرةٌ ظاهرةٌ وانت الله لم يزل كان ولم يك شيء بل قد خلقتنا بقدرتك جودًا لذكر انفسنا عند تجلّي ذكركThou didst not call me into being to demonstrate the potency of Thy might which is unmistakably manifest and evident; for Thou art God Who everlastingly existed when there was naught. Rather Thou didst create us through Thy transcendent power that a bare mention may be graciously made of us before the resplendent manifestation of Thy Remembrance.Bab - Selections
فيا الهي ما اعلم منك الاّ ما الهمتني من معرفة نفسك الاّ العجز والتقصير فها انا ذا يا الهي قد اقمت بكلّي اليك عمّا تريد منّي والقيت نفسي لدى فضلك معترفًا بانّك انت الله لا اله الاّ انت وحدك لا شريك لك وليس كمثلك شيء كما انت تشهد لنفسك وتستحقه...I have no knowledge of Thee, O my God, but that which Thou hast taught me whereby I might recognize Thy Self—a knowledge which reflecteth only my failure and sinfulness. Here am I then, O my God, wholly consecrated unto Thee, willing to do what Thou desirest. Humbly I cast myself before the revelations of Thy mercy, confessing that Thou art God, no God is there but Thee, and that Thou art incomparable, hast no partner and naught is there like Thee. Unto this Thou Thyself bearest witness, as well becometh Thy glory.Bab - Selections
هو الله الملك الحيّ المستعانHe is God, the Sovereign Ruler, the Ever-Living, He Whose help all men implore.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك اللّهمّ ربّ شهدت الانفس والآفاق بانّك انت ممتنع فوق مظاهر انشائك ونطقت الاسماء والصّفات بانّك انت مرتفع عمّا يصفك اهل انشائك وابداعك ودلّت الامثال والذّوات على احدّية ذاتك وحكت الآثار والآيات بانّك انت الله وحدك لا شريك لك في ملكوت ارضك وسمائكLauded and glorified art Thou, O Lord! Both the world of existence and the souls of men bear witness that Thou art transcendent above the revelations of Thy handiwork, and the bearers of Thy names and attributes proclaim that Thou art immeasurably exalted above such praise as the dwellers of the dominions of creation and invention may render unto Thee. All appearances and realities indicate the oneness of Thine Essence, and all evidences and signs reflect the truth that Thou art God and there is no peer or partner for Thee throughout the kingdoms of heaven and earth.Bab - Selections
وسبحانك ربّ وتقدست كينونتك مدلّة بانّك انت لا تعرف بما في ملكوت ابداعك وذاتيتك مستشهدة بانّك انت لن توصف بمظاهر اجلالكImmensely high and sanctified art Thou, O Lord! Thy divine Being testifieth that Thou art inscrutable to all that dwell in Thy realm of existence, and Thine inmost Essence proclaimeth that Thou art far above the description of those who reveal Thy glory.Bab - Selections
انطقت الكافوريّات بالآيات وشهدت الجوهريّات بالكلمات واستشهدت المجرديّات بالاشارات بانّك انت ممتنع فوق مظاهر الكائنات ومرتفع فوق ما يصفك اهل السّبحاتThe signs which the sanctified essences reveal and the words which the exalted realities express and the allusions manifested by the ethereal entities all proclaim that Thou art immeasurably exalted above the reach of the embodiments of the realm of being, and all solemnly affirm that Thou art immensely high above the description of such as are wrapt in the veils of fancy.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك ربّ دلّت هويّتك على احديّة ذاتك واستدلّت ربّانيّتك على وحدانيّة نفسك ونطقت الكينونيّات والذّوات بانّك انت منقطع عمّا في جبروت اختراعكPraise be unto Thee, O Lord! Thy divine Being is a sure testimony of the oneness of Thine inmost Essence and Thy supreme divinity beareth witness to the unity of Thy Self, and the realities of all created things testify that no tie of intercourse bindeth Thee to anything in the kingdom of creation which Thou hast fashioned.Bab - Selections
وشهد الشّاهدون في علوّ الانقطاع ونطق النّاطقون في سموّ الارتفاع بانّك انت الله وحدك لا شريك لك في ملكوت الابداع ولا شبيه لك في جبروت الاختراع عرف العرفاء شيئًا من مظاهر اجلالك ولذا شبّهوك بمعارف انفسهم وعلم العلماء شيئًا من آثار رحمتك وجلالك ولذا شبّهوك بمعالم افئدتهمEvery man of perception who hath scaled the noble heights of detachment, and every man of eloquence who hath attained the most sublime station, beareth witness that Thou art God, the Incomparable, and that Thou hast assigned no associate unto Thyself in the kingdom of creation, nor is there anyone to compare with Thee in the realm of invention. Men of wisdom, who had but a notion of the revelation of Thy glory, conceived a likeness of Thee according to their own understanding, and men of erudition, who had gained but a glimpse of the manifold evidences of Thy loving-kindness and glory, have contrived peers for Thee in conformity with their own imaginations.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك سبحانك ضلّت الحكماء عن عرفانك وحارت العلماء في وجدانك واضمحلّت الآثار عن كنه غيبك ورجعت الانوار الى محالّ الادبار عند نور من انوار عزّتكGlorified, immeasurably glorified art Thou, O Lord! Every man of insight is far astray in his attempt to recognize Thee, and every man of consummate learning is sore perplexed in his search after Thee. Every evidence falleth short of Thine unknowable Essence and every light retreateth and sinketh below the horizon when confronted with but a glimmer of the dazzling splendor of Thy might.Bab - Selections
هبْ لي اللّهمّ من جميل رحمتك ومن نبيل موهبتك وممّا انت عليه من علوّ جلالك وانصرني اللّهمّ ربّ نصرًا كريما وافتح اللّهمّ لي فتحًا يسيرا وقرّب اللّهمّ لي ما وعدتني وانّك كنت على كلّ شيء قديرًا واسكن اللّهمّ فؤادي بماءِ رحمتك واشربني اللّهمّ من كؤس عنايتك وانزلني اللّهمّ في منازل عزّتك واخرجني اللّهمّ من ظلمات دجّيتك وادخلني اللّهمّ في كلّ خيرٍ ادخلت فيه النّقطة ومظاهرها واصنع بي ما انت اهل به ومستحق بذلك واعف عنّي ما اكتسبت بين يديك ولا تنظر بي بنظرة العدل بل بفضلك نجّني وبرحمتك عاملني وبجودك افعل بي ما انت مستأمِل بهBestow on me, O my Lord, Thy gracious bounty and benevolent gifts and grant me that which beseemeth the sublimity of Thy glory. Aid me, O my Lord, to achieve a singular victory. Open Thou the door of unfailing success before me and grant that the things Thou hast promised may be close at hand. Thou art in truth potent over all things. Refresh my heart, O my God, with the living waters of Thy love and give me a draught, O my Master, from the chalice of Thy tender mercy. Let me abide, O my Lord, within the habitation of Thy glory, and suffer me, O my God, to emerge from the darkness in which Thy divine obscurity is shrouded. Enable me to partake of every good Thou hast vouchsafed unto Him Who is the Point and unto such as are the exponents of His Cause, and ordain for me that which beseemeth Thee and well becometh Thy station. Do Thou graciously forgive me for the things that I have wrought in Thy holy presence, and look not upon me with the glance of justice, but rather deliver me through Thy grace, treat me with Thy mercy and deal with me according to Thy bountiful favors, as is worthy of Thy glory.Bab - Selections
انّك انت اهل العفو والجلال واهل الجود والنّوال وانّك انت كثير الفضال وجميل النّوال اذ لا اله الاّ انت وانّك انت غنيّ متعالThou art the Ever-Forgiving, the All-Glorious, the Bestower of favors and gifts, the Lord of grace abounding. Verily no God is there but Thee. Thou art the All-Possessing, the Most High.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك اللّهمّ ربّ ونحمدك قولي عندك ذنب صرف وذكري بين يديك عصيان محض ونعتي نفسك شرك بحت ما عرفك سواك ولا يمكن ان يعرفك احد وما وجدك غيرك ولا يمكن ان يجدك احدSanctified art Thou, O Lord, Thou unto Whom all render thanksgiving. Whatever I may affirm of Thee would be but a wanton crime before Thee, and whatever mention I may choose to make of Thee would be the essence of transgression, and whatever the praise whereby I may glorify Thee, it would amount to sheer blasphemy. No one else besides Thee hath been or will ever be able to fathom Thy mystery, neither hath anyone succeeded nor will anyone succeed at any time in discovering Thine Essence.Bab - Selections
سبحانك لا اله الاّ انت وانّك انت الملك المهيمن المتعال والفرد المقتدر المستحال وانّك انت شديد المحال ذو العزّة والجلالMagnified art Thou! No God is there but Thee. Thou art in truth the Supreme Ruler, the Help in Peril, the Most High, the Incomparable, the Omnipotent, the All-Powerful. Verily Thou art mighty in Thy prowess, the Lord of transcendent glory and majesty.Bab - Selections
فاحفظ اللّهمّ من يحفظ ذلك الكتاب ويتلوه في الليالي والنّهار انّك انت الله البارئ الكافي الوافي المختار بيدك الملك والملكوت وانت العزيز الممتنع المهيمن الجبّار...Protect Thou, O God, whosoever learneth this prayer by heart and reciteth it in the daytime and in the night season. Verily Thou art God, the Lord of creation, the All-Sufficing. Thou art faithful to Thy promise and doest whatsoever Thou pleasest. Thou art the One Who holdeth in His hands the dominions of earth and heaven. Verily Thou art the Almighty, the Inaccessible, the Help in Peril, the All-Compelling.Bab - Selections
يا الهي وسيّدي ومولاي انقطعت عن ذوي القربى واستغنيت بك عن اهل الدّنيا متعرّضا لمعروفك اعطني من معروفك ما تعينني به عمّن سواك وزدني من فضلك الواسع انّك ذو الفضل العظيم...O my God, my Lord and my Master! I have detached myself from my kindred and have sought through Thee to become independent of all that dwell on earth and ever ready to receive that which is praiseworthy in Thy sight. Bestow on me such good as will make me independent of aught else but Thee, and grant me an ampler share of Thy boundless favors. Verily Thou art the Lord of grace abounding.Bab - Selections
فيا الهي بعزّتك لا تبتليني في مواضع الامتحان وسدّدني بالهامك في مواقع الاغفال انّك انت الله الّذي قد كنت قديرًا على ما تشاء لا رادّ لمشيّتك ولا مردّ لارادتك...I adjure Thee by Thy might, O my God! Let no harm beset me in times of tests, and in moments of heedlessness guide my steps aright through Thine inspiration. Thou art God, potent art Thou to do what Thou desirest. No one can withstand Thy Will or thwart Thy Purpose.Bab - Selections
يا الهي استغفرك واتوب اليك كما تحبّ من عبادك لنفسك فتب علينا كما انت اهله واغفر لي ولابويّ ولمن دخل بيت محبّتك كما يحيط علمك كما ينبغي لعزّ عظمتك وجلال قدرتكI beg Thy forgiveness, O my God, and implore pardon after the manner Thou wishest Thy servants to direct themselves to Thee. I beg of Thee to wash away our sins as befitteth Thy Lordship, and to forgive me, my parents, and those who in Thy estimation have entered the abode of Thy love in a manner which is worthy of Thy transcendent sovereignty and well beseemeth the glory of Thy celestial power.Bab - Selections
فيا الهي انت الهمتني دعوتي اليك فلولا انت ما ادعوك فسبحانك احمدك كما انت عرّفتني نفسك واستغفرك كما انا قد قصرت عن معرفتك وعن سبيل سلوك محبّتك...O my God! Thou hast inspired my soul to offer its supplication to Thee, and but for Thee, I would not call upon Thee. Lauded and glorified art Thou; I yield Thee praise inasmuch as Thou didst reveal Thyself unto me, and I beg Thee to forgive me, since I have fallen short in my duty to know Thee and have failed to walk in the path of Thy love.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ انّك انت علاّم الغيوب قدّر لنا من الخير ما قد احاط به علمك فانّك انت الملك العزيز المحبوبLauded be Thy Name, O Lord our God! Thou art in truth the Knower of things unseen. Ordain for us such good as Thine all-embracing knowledge can measure. Thou art the sovereign Lord, the Almighty, the Best-Beloved.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ انّا كنّا يومئذٍ من فضلك سائلين وانّا كنّا يومئذٍ على ربّنا متوكّلين سبحانك اللّهمّ قدّر لنا من الخير ما يغنينا عن دونك فانّك انت ربّ العالمینAll praise be unto Thee, O Lord! We shall seek Thy grace on the appointed Day and shall put our whole reliance in Thee, Who art our Lord. Glorified art Thou, O God! Grant us that which is good and seemly that we may be able to dispense with everything but Thee. Verily Thou art the Lord of all worlds.Bab - Selections
ربِّ اجزِ الّذين هم يصبرون في ايّامك واثبت افئدتهم على صراط حقّ قويم وقدّر اللّهمّ لهم من الخير ما يدخلهم في جنّات النّعيم سبحانك اللّهمّ انزل على بيوت الّتي آمنت اهلها بركات السّماء عندك فانّك انت خير المنزلين وارسل اللّهمّ جنودًا لينصرنّ عبادك المؤمنين انّك تبدع كيف تشاء بامرك وانّك انت الملك المبدع الحكيمO God! Recompense those who endure patiently in Thy days and strengthen their hearts to walk undeviatingly in the path of Truth. Grant then, O Lord, such goodly gifts as would enable them to gain admittance into Thy blissful Paradise. Exalted art Thou, O Lord God. Let Thy heavenly blessings descend upon homes whose inmates have believed in Thee. Verily, unsurpassed art Thou in sending down divine blessings. Send forth, O God, such hosts as would render Thy faithful servants victorious. Thou dost fashion the created things through the power of Thy decree as Thou pleasest. Thou art in truth the Sovereign, the Creator, the All-Wise.Bab - Selections
قل الله خالق كلّ شيء يبسط الرّزق لمن يشاء من عباده وهو الخلاّق البارئ المصوّر العزيز المبدع الحكيم له الاسماء الحسنى في السّموات والارض وما بينهما كلّ بامره يعملون يسبّح له من في السّموات ومن في الارض وكلّ اليه ينقلبون...Say: God is indeed the Maker of all things. He giveth sustenance in plenty to whomsoever He willeth. He is the Creator, the Source of all beings, the Fashioner, the Almighty, the Maker, the All-Wise. He is the Bearer of the most excellent titles throughout the heavens and the earth and whatever lieth between them. All do His bidding, and all the dwellers of earth and heaven celebrate His praise, and unto Him shall all return.Bab - Selections
هو الله الملك السّبحانHe is God, the Sovereign Lord, the All-Glorious.Bab - Selections
فقل الحمد لله الّذي يوفّق من يشاء لطاعته انّه لا اله الاّ هو وله الاسماء الحسنى وهو الّذي يجري القول كيف يشاء ويهدي الّذين اوتوا النّور وابتغوا سبيل التّقیSay: Praise be to God Who graciously enableth whomsoever He willeth to adore Him. Verily no God is there but Him. His are the most excellent titles; it is He Who causeth His Word to be fulfilled as He pleaseth and it is He Who leadeth those who have received illumination and seek the way of righteousness.Bab - Selections
اتّق الله ربّك واذكره في عشيّ وضحيّ ولا تتّبع اهواء الّذين كفروا لتكن من اهل الهوى واتّبع نقطه الاولى نفس ربّك وكن من اهل التّقى ولا يضعفك من شيء ولا ما قضى هنالك في ذلك الامر واحمد الله ربّك واتّبع سبيل الهدى وان رأيت الّذين كفروا اتّكل على الله ربّك وقل حسبي الله من ملكوت الآخرة والاولیFear thou God, thy Lord, and make mention of His Name in the daytime and at eventide. Follow not the promptings of the faithless, lest thou be reckoned among the exponents of idle fancies. Faithfully obey the Primal Point Who is the Lord Himself, and be of the righteous. Let nothing cause thee to be sore shaken, neither let the things which have been destined to take place in this Cause disturb thee. Strive earnestly for the sake of God and walk in the path of righteousness. Shouldst thou encounter the unbelievers, place thy whole trust in God, thy Lord, saying, Sufficient is God unto me in the kingdoms of both this world and the next.Bab - Selections
وسيجمع الله شمل الّذين آمنوا انّه لا اله الاّ هوThe Day is approaching when God shall bring the faithful together. In truth no God is there other than Him.Bab - Selections
والسّلام على من هدى بهدى اذكر من نزل اسمه باسم حسين وسافر لله مرّات وكان من اهل التقى وكبّر الله في وجهه واحسن في الله ما استطعت واذكر الله في الغداة والعشيّ واتّبع ما يلقی...May the peace of God be with those who have been guided aright through the power of divine guidance.Bab - Selections
يا الهي انت الّذي عرّفتني نفسك بظهورك والهمتني ذكرك بتجلياتك انت الاقرب الّذي لا يحول بيني وبينك شيء وانت الاله الّذي لا يعجز في قدرتك شيء فسبحانك تقدّست ذاتيّتك من ان يصعد اليها اعلى طير الافئدة والاوهام وتعظّمت انيّتك من ان يرفع اليها اعلى شوامخ الجوهريّات من اولي الالباب لم يزل كنت بنفسك معروف نفسك لا سواك ولا يزال تكون بمثل ما كنت في يوم الازل بلا وجود احدٍ غيركThrough Thy revelation, O my God, Thou hast enabled me to know Thee, and through the radiance of Thine effulgent splendor Thou hast inspired me with Thy remembrance. Thou art the One nearest to me with naught else between Thee and me, and Thou art the One Whose power nothing whatsoever can frustrate. Far be it then from Thine Essence that the mightiest birds of the souls of men or of human imaginings should ever scale its heights, and too exalted is Thy holy Being for the loftiest sentiments of men of understanding to attain unto Thee. From everlasting no one hath comprehended Thine Own Self, and unto everlasting Thou shalt remain what Thou hast been since time immemorial with no one else besides Thee.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك انت المحبوب الّذي عرّفتني نفسك وانت المعروف الّذي اكرمتني حبّك وانت القديم الّذي لن توصف بالعزّ والجلال انت العظيم الّذي لن تعرف بالعظمة والجمال اذ وصف العزّة والجلال وشأن القدرة والجمال آيات مشيّتك وتجلّيات قدرتك وانّها بشهادة وجودها معلنةٌ بالسّد السّبيل وبدلالت انفسها والّة بالمنع الطّريق...Magnified be Thy Name, Thou art the Best-Beloved Who hast enabled me to know Thee and Thou art that All-Renowned One Who hast graciously favored me with Thy love. Thou art the Ancient of Days Whom none can ever describe through the evidences of Thy glory and majesty, and Thou art the mighty One Whom none can ever comprehend through the revelations of Thy greatness and beauty, inasmuch as the expressions of majesty and grandeur and the attributes of dominion and beauty are but the tokens of Thy divine Will and the effulgent reflections of Thy sovereignty which, by reason of their very essence and nature, proclaim that the way is barred and bear witness that the pathway is inaccessibly beyond the reach of men.Bab - Selections
بسم ربّك البارئ الملك الكافي المتعال المستعانIn the Name of Thy Lord, the Creator, the Sovereign, the All-Sufficing, the Most Exalted, He Whose help is implored by all men.Bab - Selections
قل اللّهمّ فاطر السّموات والارض مالك الملك تعلم ما في نفسي ولا يعلم ما في نفسك سواك وتشهد ما انا عليه ولا يشهد ذلك غيرك هب لي من فضلك ما يغنيني عن سواك وقدّر لي من لدنك ما يكفيني عن غيرك واكف ما اهمّني من امر دنياي وآخرتي وافتح عليّ ابواب فضلك وجد عليّ بالفضل والامتنانSay: O my God! O Thou Who art the Maker of the heavens and of the earth, O Lord of the Kingdom! Thou well knowest the secrets of my heart, while Thy Being is inscrutable to all save Thyself. Thou seest whatsoever is of me, while no one else can do this save Thee. Vouchsafe unto me, through Thy grace, what will enable me to dispense with all except Thee, and destine for me that which will make me independent of everyone else besides Thee. Grant that I may reap the benefit of my life in this world and in the next. Open to my face the portals of Thy grace and graciously confer upon me Thy tender mercy and bestowals.Bab - Selections
وادرك احبّتك يا ذا الجود والاحسان وهب لنا ما انت عليه من الآلاء والنّعماء واكفنا عن كلّ شيء واغفر لنا وارحمنا انّك ربّنا وربّ كلّ شيء لا ندعوا احدًا سواك ولا نسئل الاّ من فضلك فانّك كثير الجود والنّوال وشديد القوّة والكيد المحال لا اله الاّ انت الغنيّ المتعالO Thou Who art the Lord of grace abounding! Let Thy celestial aid surround those who love Thee and bestow upon us the gifts and the bounties Thou dost possess. Be Thou sufficient unto us of all things, forgive our sins and have mercy upon us. Thou art Our Lord and the Lord of all created things. No one else do we invoke but Thee and naught do we beseech but Thy favors. Thou art the Lord of bounty and grace, invincible in Thy power and the most skillful in Thy designs. No God is there but Thee, the All-Possessing, the Most Exalted.Bab - Selections
وصلّ اللّهمّ على الانبياء والأولياء والابرار انّك انت الله الواحد القهّار...Confer Thy blessings, O my Lord, upon the Messengers, the holy ones and the righteous. Verily Thou art God, the Peerless, the All-Compelling.Bab - Selections
سبحانك اللّهمّ انّك انت سلطان السّلاطين لتؤتينّ السّلطنة من تشاء ولتنزعنّها عمّن تشاء ولتعزّنّ من تشاء ولتذلّنّ من تشاء ولتنصرنّ من تشاء ولتخذلنّ من تشاء ولتغنينّ من تشاء ولتفقرنّ من تشاء ولتظهرنّ من تشاء على من تشاء في قبضتك ملكوت كلّ شيء تخلق ما تشاء بامرك انّك كنت علاّمًا مقتدرًا قديرا...Glorified art Thou, O Lord my God! Thou art in truth the King of kings. Thou dost confer sovereignty upon whomsoever Thou willest and dost seize it from whomsoever Thou willest. Thou dost exalt whomsoever Thou willest and dost abase whomsoever Thou willest. Thou dost render victorious whomsoever Thou willest and dost bring humiliation upon whomsoever Thou willest. Thou dost bestow wealth upon whomsoever Thou willest and dost reduce to poverty whomsoever Thou willest. Thou dost cause whomsoever Thou willest to prevail over whomsoever Thou willest. Within Thy grasp Thou dost hold the empire of all created things and through the potency of Thy sovereign behest Thou dost call into being whomsoever Thou willest. Verily Thou art the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Lord of power.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك اللّهمّ قرّب ايّام لقائك وابرد صدورنا لحبّك ورضائك وافرغ علينا الصّبر في مرضاتك وامضائك فانّك انت العالم بما خلقت وتخلق والقادر على ما ذرئت وتذرء ليس دونك من معبودٍ ولا سواك من مقصودٍ ولا غيرك من مسجودٍ ولا دون رضائك من محبوبٍPraised and glorified art Thou, O God! Grant that the day of attaining Thy holy presence may be fast approaching. Cheer our hearts through the potency of Thy love and good-pleasure and bestow upon us steadfastness that we may willingly submit to Thy Will and Thy Decree. Verily Thy knowledge embraceth all the things Thou hast created or wilt create and Thy celestial might transcendeth whatsoever Thou hast called or wilt call into being. There is none to be worshipped but Thee, there is none to be desired except Thee, there is none to be adored besides Thee and there is naught to be loved save Thy good-pleasure.Bab - Selections
وانّك انت الملك الحقّ المهيمن القيّوم...Verily Thou art the supreme Ruler, the Sovereign Truth, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.Bab - Selections
يا الهي انّك تعلم انّ البلاء قد نزل عليّ من كلّ شطر وليس احد يقدر بدفعها الاّ انت ولا تبديلها الاّ انت وانّي لعلى يقين في حبّي لك بانّك لم تنزل على احدٍ بلاء الاّ بما اردت له بان ترفع درجاته في رضوانك وتثبت قلبه باركان قهاريّتك في هذه الحيوة الدّنيا ان لا يميل الى زخرفها وانّك لتعلم انّ ذكرك في كلّ شأن لديّ لاعظم من ان تملكني من في السّموات والارض كلّهاThou knowest full well, O my God, that tribulations have showered upon me from all directions and that no one can dispel or transmute them except Thee. I know of a certainty, by virtue of my love for Thee, that Thou wilt never cause tribulations to befall any soul unless Thou desirest to exalt his station in Thy celestial Paradise and to buttress his heart in this earthly life with the bulwark of Thine all-compelling power, that it may not become inclined toward the vanities of this world. Indeed Thou art well aware that under all conditions I would cherish the remembrance of Thee far more than the ownership of all that is in the heavens and on the earth.Bab - Selections
تثبت يا الهي قلبي على طاعتك ومحبّتك والبرائة من اعدائك كلّهم اجمعين فانّي بعزّتك ما اردت الاّ نفسك وما رجوت الاّ برحمتك وما كنت خائفًا الاّ من عدلك فاغفر اللّهمّ لي ولمن تحبّ كما تحبّ انّك انت العزيز الرّحيمStrengthen my heart, O my God, in Thine obedience and in Thy love and grant that I may be clear of the entire company of Thine adversaries. Verily I swear by Thy glory that I yearn for naught besides Thyself, nor do I desire anything except Thy mercy, nor am I apprehensive of aught save Thy justice. I beg Thee to forgive me as well as those whom Thou lovest, howsoever Thou pleasest. Verily Thou art the Almighty, the Bountiful.Bab - Selections
فسبحانك يا ربّ السّموات والارض عمّا يصفون وسلام على عبادك المؤمنين والحمد لله ربّ العالمين...Immensely exalted art Thou, O Lord of the heavens and earth, above the praise of all men, and may peace be upon Thy faithful servants and glory be unto God, the Lord of all the worlds.Bab - Selections
سبحانك ربّ يا محبوبي ثبّتني على امرك ثمّ اجعلني من الّذين ما نقضوا ميثاقك وما اتّبعوا اصنام ظنونهم ثمّ اجعل لي مقعد صدق عندك وهبني من لدنك رحمةَ الحقني بعبادك الّذين لا خوف عليهم ولا هم يحزنون اي ربّ لا تدعني بنفسي ولا تجعلني محرومًا عن عرفان مظهر نفسك ولا تكتبني من الّذينهم غفلوا عن لقائك واجعلني يا الهي من الّذينهم الى جمالك ينظرون ومنه يستلذّون بحيث لم يبدّلوا آنًا منه بملكوت ملك السّموات والارض وبكلّ ما كان وما يكون اي ربّ فارحمني في تلك الايّام الّتي اخذت الغفلة كلّ سکّان ارضك ثمّ ارزقني يا الهي خير ما عندك وانّك انت المقتدر العزيز الكريم الغفورPraise be to Thee, O Lord, my Best-Beloved! Make me steadfast in Thy Cause and grant that I may be reckoned among those who have not violated Thy covenant nor followed the gods of their own idle fancy. Enable me, then, to obtain a seat of truth in Thy presence, bestow upon me a token of Thy mercy and let me join with such of Thy servants as shall have no fear nor shall they be put to grief. Abandon me not to myself, O my Lord, nor deprive me of recognizing Him Who is the Manifestation of Thine Own Self, nor account me with such as have turned away from Thy holy presence. Number me, O my God, with those who are privileged to fix their gaze upon Thy Beauty and who take such delight therein that they would not exchange a single moment thereof with the sovereignty of the kingdom of heavens and earth or with the entire realm of creation. Have mercy on me, O Lord, in these days when the peoples of Thine earth have erred grievously; supply me then, O my God, with that which is good and seemly in Thine estimation. Thou art verily the All-Powerful, the Gracious, the Bountiful, the Ever-Forgiving.Bab - Selections
ولا تجعلني يا الهي من الّذينهم بالأُذُنْ صمّاء وبالعين عمياء وباللّسان بكماء وبالقلب هم لا يفقهون اي ربّ خلّصني من نار الجهل والهوى ثمّ ادخلني في جوار رحمتك الكبرى ثمّ انزل عليّ ما قدّرته لاصفيائك وانّك انت المقتدر على ما تشاء وانّك انت المهيمن القيّوم...Grant, O my God, that I may not be reckoned among those whose ears are deaf, whose eyes are blind, whose tongues are speechless and whose hearts have failed to comprehend. Deliver me, O Lord, from the fire of ignorance and of selfish desire, suffer me to be admitted into the precincts of Thy transcendent mercy and send down upon me that which Thou hast ordained for Thy chosen ones. Potent art Thou to do what Thou willest. Verily Thou art the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.Bab - Selections
يا الهي وربّي ومولاي استغفرك من كلّ لذّةٍ بغير حبّك ومن كلّ راحةٍ بغير قربك ومن كلّ سرورٍ بغير رضاك ومن كلّ بقاءٍ بغير انسك...O my God, O my Lord, O my Master! I beg Thee to forgive me for seeking any pleasure save Thy love, or any comfort except Thy nearness, or any delight besides Thy good-pleasure, or any existence other than communion with Thee.Bab - Selections
يا الهي انت ترى موقفي في وسط الجبل هذا وتشهد على صبري بانّني ما اردت الاّ حبّك وحبّ من يحبّك فكيف اثني طلعة حضرتك بعد ما لا ارى وجودًا لنفسي في تلقاء مدين عزّتك ولكن لمّا أرى حزني في وحدتي وغربتي اناجيك بهذا لعلّ بذلك تطّلع على ضجيجي امناؤك ويدعوك في حقّي وانت تجيبهم رحمةً وفضلاً فاشهدُ ان لا اله الاّ انت بما انت عليه من العزّة والعظمة والجلال والقدرة من دون أَن يلحظ او يعلم ذلك احدٌ من عبادك لانّك كما انت عليه لن يعرفك غيرك...Thou seest, O my Lord, my dwelling-place in the heart of this mountain and Thou dost witness my forbearance. Verily I have desired naught else but Thy love and the love of those who love Thee. How can I extol the effulgent beauty of Thy Lordship, conscious as I am of my nothingness before the habitation of Thy glory? Yet the sorrow of solitude and loneliness prompteth me to invoke Thee through this prayer, perchance Thy trusted servants may become aware of my lamentations, may supplicate unto Thee on my behalf, and Thou wouldst graciously answer their prayers as a token of Thy grace and Thy favor. I bear witness that there is no God but Thee, inasmuch as Thou art invested with sovereignty, grandeur, glory and power which no one among Thy servants can visualize or comprehend. Indeed Thou shalt, by virtue of that which is inherent in Thine Essence, ever remain inscrutable unto all except Thyself.Bab - Selections
هل من مفرّج غير الله قل سبحان الله هو الله كلّ عباد له وكلّ بامره قائمونIs there any Remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants and all abide by His bidding!Bab - Selections
جواهر الاسرارGems of Divine MysteriesBaha - Gems
اثر حضرت بهاءاللهby Bahá’u’lláhBaha - Gems
جواهر الأسرار فی معارج الأسفار لمن اراد ان یتقرّب بالله المقتدر الغفّار فهنیاً للأبرار الّذین یشربون من هذه الأنهارThe essence of the divine mysteries in the journeys of ascent set forth for those who long to draw nigh unto God, the Almighty, the Ever-Forgiving—blessed be the righteous that quaff from these crystal streams!Baha - Gems
هو العلیّ الأعلیHe is the Exalted, the Most High!Baha - Gems
یا ایّها السّالک فی سبل العدل و النّاظر الی طلعة الفضل قد بلغ کتابک و عرفت سؤالک و سمعت لحنات قلبک فی سرادق فؤادک اذاً قد رفعت سحاب الارادة لتمطر علیک من امطار الحکمة لتأخذ عنک کلّ ما اخذت من قبل و تقلّبک عن جهات الضّدیّة الی مکمن الأحدیّة و تصلک الی شریعة القدسیّة لتشرب عنها و تستریح نفسک فیها و یسکن عطشک و یبرد فؤادک و تکون من الّذینهم کانوا الیوم بنورالله لمهتدینO thou who treadest the path of justice and beholdest the countenance of mercy! Thine epistle was received, thy question was noted, and the sweet accents of thy soul were heard from the inmost chambers of thy heart. Whereupon the clouds of the Divine Will were raised to rain upon thee the outpourings of heavenly wisdom, to divest thee of all that thou hadst acquired aforetime, to draw thee from the realms of contradiction unto the retreats of oneness, and to lead thee to the sacred streams of His Law. Perchance thou mayest quaff therefrom, repose therein, quench thy thirst, refresh thy soul, and be numbered with those whom the light of God hath guided aright in this day.Baha - Gems
ولو انّی فی تلک الأیّام الّتی احاطتنی کلاب الأرض و سبع البلاد خفیت فی وکر سرّی و اکون ممنوعاً عن اظهار ما اعطانی الله من بدائع علمه و جواهر حکمته و شؤونات قدرته ولکن مع کلّ ذلک ما احبّ ان اخیّب من قام لدی حرم الکبریآء و یرید ان یدخل فی رفرف البقآء و یحبّ ان یطیر فی سمآء هذا البدآء فی فجر القضآء لذا اذکر لک بعض ما اکرمنی الله عمّا تطیقه النّفوس و تحمله العقول لئلّا یرفع ضوضآء المبغضین و اعلام المنافقین و اسأل الله بأن یؤیّدنی بذلک اذ هو ارحم الرّاحمین و معطی السّائلینEncompassed as I am at this time by the dogs of the earth and the beasts of every land, concealed as I remain in the hidden habitation of Mine inner Being, forbidden as I may be from divulging that which God hath bestowed upon Me of the wonders of His knowledge, the gems of His wisdom, and the tokens of His power, yet am I loath to frustrate the hopes of one who hath approached the sanctuary of grandeur, sought to enter within the precincts of eternity, and aspired to soar in the immensity of this creation at the dawning of the divine decree. I shall therefore relate unto thee certain truths from among those which God hath vouchsafed unto Me, this only to the extent that souls can bear and minds endure, lest the malicious raise a clamour or the dissemblers hoist their banners. I implore God to graciously aid Me in this, for unto such as beseech Him, He is the All-Bounteous, and of those who show mercy, He is the Most Merciful.Baha - Gems
فاعلم بأنّ لجنابک ینبغی بأن تفکّر فی اوّل الأمر بأنّ امم المختلفة الّذینهم کانوا الیوم فی الأرض لم ما آمنوا برسل الله الّذین ارسلهم الله بقدرته و اقامهم علی امره و جعلهم سراج ازلیّته فی مشکوة احدیّته و بم اعرضوا عنهم و اختلفوا فیهم و خالفوا بهم و نازعوا معهم و حاربوا بهم و بأیّ جهة ما اقرّوا برسالتهم و لا بولایتهم بل کفّروهم و سبّوهم حتّی قتلوهم و اخرجوهمKnow then that it behoveth thine eminence to ponder from the outset these questions in thy heart: What hath prompted the divers peoples and kindreds of the earth to reject the Apostles whom God hath sent unto them in His might and power, whom He hath raised up to exalt His Cause and ordained to be the Lamps of eternity within the Niche of His oneness? For what reason have the people turned aside from them, disputed about them, risen against and contended with them? On what grounds have they refused to acknowledge their apostleship and authority, nay, denied their truth and reviled their persons, even slaying or banishing them?Baha - Gems
و انّک یا ایّها الماشی فی بیدآء المعرفة و السّاکن فی سفینة الحکمة لو لا تعرف سرّ ما ذکرناه لک ما تصل الی مراتب الایمان و لست بموقن فی امر الله و مظاهر امره و مطالع حکمه و مخازن وحیه و معادن علمه و تکون من الّذین ما جاهدوا فی امر الله و ما وجدوا رائحة الایمان من قمص الایقان و ما بلغوا الی معارج التّوحید و ما وصلوا الی مدارج التّفرید فی هیاکل التّحمید و جواهر التّجریدO thou who hast set foot in the wilderness of knowledge and taken abode within the ark of wisdom! Not until thou hast grasped the mysteries concealed in that which We shall relate unto thee canst thou hope to attain to the stations of faith and certitude in the Cause of God and in those who are the Manifestations of His Cause, the Daysprings of His Command, the Treasuries of His revelation, and the Repositories of His knowledge. Shouldst thou fail in this, thou wouldst be numbered with them that have not striven for the Cause of God, nor inhaled the fragrance of faith from the raiment of certitude, nor scaled the heights of the divine unity, nor yet recognized the stations of divine singleness within the Embodiments of praise and the Essences of sanctity.Baha - Gems
فاجهد یا اخی فی معرفة هذا المقام لیکشف الغطآء عن وجه قلبک و تکون من الّذین جعل الله بصرهم حدیداً لتشهد جراثیم الجبروت و تطّلع بأسرار الملکوت و رموزات الهویّة فی اراضی النّاسوت و تصل الی مقام الّذی ما تری فی خلق الرّحمن من تفاوت و لا فی خلق السّموات و الأرض من فطورStrive then, O My brother, to apprehend this matter, that the veils may be lifted from the face of thy heart and that thou mayest be reckoned among them whom God hath graced with such penetrating vision as to behold the most subtle realities of His dominion, to fathom the mysteries of His kingdom, to perceive the signs of His transcendent Essence in this mortal world, and to attain a station wherein one seeth no distinction amongst His creatures and findeth no flaw in the creation of the heavens and the earth.Baha - Gems
فلمّا بلغ الأمر الی هذا المقام الأوعر الأعلی و هذا الرّمز الخشن الأسنی فاعرف بأنّ هؤلآء الأمم من الیهود و النّصاری لمّا ما عرفوا لحن القول و ما بلغوا الی ما وعدهم الله فی کتابه انکروا امر الله و اعرضوا عن رسل الله و انکروا حجج الله و انّهم لو کانوا ناظرین الی الحجّة بنفسها و ما اتّبعوا کلّ همج رعاع من علمائهم و رؤسائهم لبلغوا الی مخزن الهدی و مکمن التّقی و شربوا من مآء الحیّ الحیوان فی مدینة الرّحمن و حدیقة السّبحان و حقیقة الرّضوان و انّهم لمّا ما شهدوا الحجّة بعیونهم الّتی خلق الله لهم بهم و ارادوا بغیر ما اراد الله لهم من فضله بعدوا عن رفرف القرب و منعوا عن کوثر الوصل و منبع الفضل و کانوا فی حجبات انفسهم میّتینNow that the discourse hath reached this exalted and intractable theme and touched upon this sublime and impenetrable mystery, know that the Christian and Jewish peoples have not grasped the intent of the words of God and the promises He hath made to them in His Book, and have therefore denied His Cause, turned aside from His Prophets, and rejected His proofs. Had they but fixed their gaze upon the testimony of God itself, had they refused to follow in the footsteps of the abject and foolish among their leaders and divines, they would doubtless have attained to the repository of guidance and the treasury of virtue, and quaffed from the crystal waters of life eternal in the city of the All-Merciful, in the garden of the All-Glorious, and within the inner reality of His paradise. But as they have refused to see with the eyes wherewith God hath endowed them, and desired things other than that which He in His mercy had desired for them, they have strayed far from the retreats of nearness, have been deprived of the living waters of reunion and the wellspring of His grace, and have lain as dead within the shrouds of their own selves.Baha - Gems
و انّی بحول الله و قوّته حینئذ اذکر بعض ما ذکره الله فی کتب القبل و علائم ظهورات الأحدیّة فی هیاکل الأنزعیّة لتعرف مقام الفجر فی هذا الصّبح الأزلیّة و تشاهد هذه النّار المشتعلة فی سدرة لا شرقیّة و لا غربیّة و تفتح عیناک فی وصولک الی مولاک و یمذق قلبک من نعمآء المکنونة فی هذه الأوعیة المخزونة و تشکر الله ربّک فیما اختصّک بذلک و جعلک من الّذینهم کانوا بلقآء ربّهم موقنونThrough the power of God and His might, I shall now relate certain passages revealed in the Books of old, and mention some of the signs heralding the appearance of the Manifestations of God in the sanctified persons of His chosen Ones, that thou mayest recognize the Dayspring of this everlasting morn and behold this Fire that blazeth in the Tree which is neither of the East nor of the West. Perchance thine eyes may be opened upon attaining the presence of thy Lord and thy heart partake of the blessings concealed within these hidden treasuries. Render thanks then unto God, Who hath singled thee out for this grace and Who hath numbered thee with them that are assured of meeting their Lord.Baha - Gems
هذا صورة ما نزل من قبل فی انجیل المتّی فی سفر الأوّل فیه یذکر علائم ظهور الّذی یأتی بعده و یقول الویل للحبالی و المرضعات فی تلک الأیّام الی ان تغنّ الورقآء فی قطب البقآء و یدلع دیک العرش فی شجرة القصوی و سدرة المنتهی و یقول و للوقت من بعد ضیق تلک الأیّام تظلم الشّمس و القمر لا یعطی ضوئه و الکواکب تتساقط من السّمآء و قوّات السّمآء ترتجّ حینئذ یظهر علامة ابن الانسان فی السّمآء و ینوح حینئذ کلّ قبائل الأرض و یرون ابن الانسان آتیاً علی سحاب السّمآء مع قوّات و مجد کبیر و یرسل ملائکته مع صوت السّافور العظیم انتهیThis is the text of that which was revealed aforetime in the first Gospel, according to Matthew, regarding the signs that must needs herald the advent of the One Who shall come after Him. He saith: “And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days…”, until the mystic Dove, singing in the midmost heart of eternity, and the celestial Bird, warbling upon the Divine Lote-Tree, saith: “Immediately after the oppression of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: and then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet.”Baha - Gems
و فی سفر الثّانی فی انجیل المرقس فیما یتکلّم حمامة القدس فیقول بأنّ فی تلک الأیّام ضیق لم یکن مثله من البدء الّذی خلق الله الی الآن و لا یکون انتهی و بعد ترنّ بمثل ما رنّت من قبل من دون تغییر و لا تبدیل و کان الله علی ما اقول وکیلIn the second Gospel, according to Mark, the Dove of holiness speaketh in such terms: “For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be.” And it singeth later with the same melodies as before, without change or alteration. God, verily, is a witness unto the truth of My words.Baha - Gems
و فی سفر الثّالث فی انجیل اللّوقا یقول علامات فی الشّمس و القمر و النّجوم و تحدث علی الأرض ضیق الأمم من هول صوت البحر و الزّلازل و قوّات السّمآء یضطرب و ینظرون ابن الانسان آتیاً فی السّحاب مع قوّات و مجد عظیم و اذا رأیتم هذا کلّه کائناً اعلموا انّ ملکوت الله قد اقتربت انتهیAnd in the third Gospel, according to Luke, it is recorded: “There shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars, and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; and the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, know that the kingdom of God hath drawn nigh.”Baha - Gems
و فی سفر الرّابع فی انجیل الیوحنّا یقول اذا جآء المعزّی الّذی ارسله الیکم روح الحقّ الآتی من الحقّ فهو یشهد لی و انتم تشهدون و فی مقام آخر یقول و اذا جآء روح القدس المعزّی الّذی یرسله ربّی باسمی فهو یعلّمکم کلّ شیء و یذکرکم کلّ ما قلت لکم و الآن فانّی منطلق الی من ارسلنی و لیس احد منکم یسألنی الی این اذهب لأنّی قلت لکم هذا و فی مقام آخر یقول انّی اقول لکم الحقّ انّه خیر لکم ان انطلق لأنّی ان لم انطلق لم یأتکم المعزّی فاذا انطلقت ارسلنه الیکم فاذا جآء روح الحقّ ذاک فهو یرشدکم الی جمیع الحقّ لأنّه لیس ینطق من عنده بل یتکلّم بما یسمع و یخبرکم بما یأتیAnd in the fourth Gospel, according to John, it is recorded: “But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me: and ye also shall bear witness.” And elsewhere He saith: “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” And: “But now I go my way to him that sent me; and none of you asketh me, Whither goest thou? But because I have said these things unto you…” And yet again: “Nevertheless I tell you the truth: It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.” And: “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.”Baha - Gems
هذا صورة ما نزل من قبل و انّی فوالله الّذی لا اله الّا هو لاختصرت و لو ارید ان اذکر کلمات الأنبیآء فیما نزل من جبروت العظمة و ملکوت السّلطنة علیهم لتملأ الأوراق و الألواح من قبل ان اصل الی آخرها و فی کلّ الزّبرات و المزامیر و الصّحائف لموجود و مذکور بمثل ما ذکرت لک و القیت علیک بل اعلی و اعظم عن کلّ ما ذکرت و فصّلت و انّی لو ارید ان اذکر کلّ ما نزّل من قبل لأقدر بما اعطانی الله من بدائع علمه و قدرته ولکن اکتفیت بما بیّنت لک لئلّا تکسل فی سفرک و لا تنقلب علی عقبیک و لئلّا یأخذک من حزن و لا کدورة و لا من نصب و لا من ذلّ و لا من لغوبSuch is the text of the verses revealed in the past. By Him besides Whom there is none other God, I have chosen to be brief, for were I to recount all the words that have been sent down unto the Prophets of God from the realm of His supernal glory and the kingdom of His sovereign might, all the pages and tablets of the world would not suffice to exhaust My theme. References similar to those mentioned, nay even more sublime and exalted, have been made in all the Books and Scriptures of old. Should it be My wish to recount all that hath been revealed in the past, I would most certainly be able to do so by virtue of that which God hath bestowed upon Me of the wonders of His knowledge and power. I have, however, contented Myself with that which was mentioned, lest thou become wearied in thy journey or feel inclined to turn back, or lest thou be overtaken by sadness and sorrow and overcome with despondency, trouble and fatigue.Baha - Gems
اذاً فأنصف ثمّ فکّر فی تلک العبارات المتعالیات ثمّ اسأل عن الّذین یدّعون العلم من دون بیّنة من عند الله و لا حجّة من لدنه و غفلوا عن تلک الأیّام الّتی اشرقت شمس العلم و الحکمة عن افق الألوهیّة و تعطی کلّ ذی حقّ حقّه و کلّ ذی قدر مقداره و مقامه ما یقولون فی هذه الاشارات الّتی ذهلت العقول عن ادراکها و حارت النّفوس المقدّسة عن عرفان ما ستر فیها من حکمة الله البالغة و علم الله المودعةBe fair in thy judgement and reflect upon these exalted utterances. Inquire, then, of those who lay claim to knowledge without a proof or testimony from God, and who remain heedless of these days wherein the Orb of knowledge and wisdom hath dawned above the horizon of Divinity, rendering unto each his due and assigning unto all their rank and measure, as to what they can say concerning these allusions. Verily, their meaning hath bewildered the minds of men, and that which they conceal of the consummate wisdom and latent knowledge of God even the most sanctified souls have been powerless to uncover.Baha - Gems
ان یقولون هذه الکلمات من عند الله و لم یکن لها من تأویل و تکون علی ظاهر القول فی ظاهر الظّاهر فکیف یعترضون علی هؤلآء الکفرة من اهل الکتاب لأنّهم لمّا شهدوا فی کتابهم ما ذکرناه لک و فسّروا لهم علمائهم علی ظاهر القول لذا ما اقرّوا بالله فی مظاهر التّوحید و مطالع التّفرید و هیاکل التّجرید و ما آمنوا بهم و ما اطاعوهم لأنّهم ما شهدوا بأن تظلم الشّمس و تساقط الکواکب من السّمآء علی وجه الأرض و تنزلنّ الملائکة علی ظاهر الهیکل علی الأرض لذا اعترضوا علی النّبیّین و المرسلین بل لمّا وجدوهم مخالفاً لدینهم و شرائعهم وردوا علیهم ما استحیی ان اذکر لک من الکذب و الجنون و الکفر و الضّلال فأرجع البصر فی القرآن لتجد کلّ ذلک و تکون فیه من العارفین و من یومئذ الی حینئذ ینتظرون هذه الفئة ظهورات ما عرفوا من علمائهم و ایقنوا من فقهائهم و یقولون متی تظهر هذه العلامات انّا حینئذ لآمنون و لو کان الأمر کذلک کیف انتم تدحضون حجّتهم و تبطلون برهانهم و تحتجّون بهم فی امر دینهم و ما عرفوا من کتبهم و سمعوا من صنادیدهمShould they say: “These words are indeed from God, and have no interpretation other than their outward meaning”, then what objection can they raise against the unbelievers among the people of the Book? For when the latter saw the aforementioned passages in their Scriptures and heard the literal interpretations of their divines, they refused to recognize God in those who are the Manifestations of His unity, the Exponents of His singleness, and the Embodiments of His sanctity, and failed to believe in them and submit to their authority. The reason was that they did not see the sun darken, or the stars of heaven fall to the ground, or the angels visibly descend upon the earth, and hence they contended with the Prophets and Messengers of God. Nay, inasmuch as they found them at variance with their own faith and creed, they hurled against them such accusations of imposture, folly, waywardness, and misbelief as I am ashamed to recount. Refer to the Qur’án, that thou mayest find mention of all this and be of them that understand its meaning. Even to this day do these people await the appearance of that which they have learned from their doctors and imbibed from their divines. Thus do they say: “When shall these signs be made manifest, that we may believe?” But if this be the case, how could ye refute their arguments, invalidate their proofs, and challenge them concerning their faith and their understanding of their Books and the sayings of their leaders?Baha - Gems
و ان یقولون هذه الأسفار الّتی تکون بین یدی هذه الفئة و یسمّونها بالانجیل و ینسبونها بعیسی بن مریم ما نزلت من عند الله و مظاهر نفسه یلزم تعطیل الفیض عن مبدإ الفیّاض و لم تکن الحجّة من عند الله بالغة علی عباده و لم تکن النّعمة کاملة و لا العنایة مشرقة و لا الرّحمة واسعة لأنّه لمّا رفع عیسی الی السّمآء و رفع کتابه فبأیّ شیء یحتجّ الله بهم یوم القیامة و یعذّبهم کما هو المکتوب من ائمّة الدّین و المنصوص من علمآء الرّاشدینAnd should they reply: “The Books that are in the hands of this people, which they call the Gospel and attribute to Jesus, the Son of Mary, have not been revealed by God and proceed not from the Manifestations of His Self”, then this would imply a cessation in the abounding grace of Him Who is the Source of all grace. If so, God’s testimony to His servants would have remained incomplete and His favour proven imperfect. His mercy would not have shone resplendent, nor would His grace have overshadowed all. For if at the ascension of Jesus His Book had likewise ascended unto heaven, then how could God reprove and chastise the people on the Day of Resurrection, as hath been written by the Imáms of the Faith and affirmed by its illustrious divines?Baha - Gems
اذاً فکّر فی نفسک لمّا تشهد الأمر کذلک و نشهد کذلک من این تفرّ و الی من ترکض و الی من تتوجّه و بأیّ ارض تسکن و بأیّ فراش تجلس و بأیّ صراط تستقیم و بأیّ ساعة تنوم و بأیّ امر تنتهی امرک و بأیّ شیء تشدّ عروة دینک و حبل طاعتک لا فوالّذی تجلّی بالوحدانیّة و تشهد لنفسه بالفردانیّة لو یحدث فی قلبک قبساً من نار محبّة الله ما تنوم و ما تسکن و ما تضحک و ما تستریح بل تفرّ الی قلل الجبال فی ساحة القرب و القدس و الجمال و تنوح کنوح الفاقدین و تبکی کبکآء المشتاقین و لا ترجع الی بیتک و محلّک الّا بأن یکشف الله لک امرهPonder then in thine heart: Matters being such as thou dost witness, and as We also witness, where canst thou flee, and with whom shalt thou take refuge? Unto whom wilt thou turn thy gaze? In what land shalt thou dwell and upon what seat shalt thou abide? In what path shalt thou tread and at what hour wilt thou find repose? What shall become of thee in the end? Where shalt thou secure the cord of thy faith and fasten the tie of thine obedience? By Him Who revealeth Himself in His oneness and Whose own Self beareth witness to His unity! Should there be ignited in thy heart the burning brand of the love of God, thou wouldst seek neither rest nor composure, neither laughter nor repose, but wouldst hasten to scale the highest summits in the realms of divine nearness, sanctity, and beauty. Thou wouldst lament as a soul bereaved and weep as a heart filled with longing. Nor wouldst thou repair to thy home and abode unless God would lay bare before thee His Cause.Baha - Gems
و انّک انت یا ایّها المتعارج الی جبروت الهدی و المتصاعد الی ملکوت التّقی لو ترید ان تعرف هذه الاشارات القدسیّة و تشهد اسرار العلمیّة و تطّلع علی کلمة الجامعة لا بدّ لجنابک ان تسأل کلّ ذلک و کلّ ما یرد علیک فی امر مبدئک و معادک عن الّذین جعلهم الله منبع علمه و سمآء حکمته و سفینة سرّه لأنّ من دون هذه الأنوار المشرقة عن افق الهویّة ما یعرفون النّاس یمینهم عن شمائلهم و کیف یقدرنّ ان یتعارجنّ الی افق الحقائق او یصلنّ الی مخزن الدّقائق اذاً نسأل الله بأن یدخلنا فی هذه البحور المتموّجة و یشرّفنا الی هذه الأرواح المرشّحة و ینزلنا فی هذه المعارج الالهیّة لننزع عن هیاکلنا کلّ ما اخذنا من عند انفسنا و نخلع عن اجسادنا کلّ الأثواب العاریة الّتی سرقنا عن امثالنا لیلبسنا الله من قمص عنایته و اثواب هدایته و یدخلنا فی مدینة العلمO thou who hast soared to the realm of guidance and ascended to the kingdom of virtue! Shouldst thou desire to apprehend these celestial allusions, to witness the mysteries of divine knowledge, and to become acquainted with His all-encompassing Word, then it behoveth thine eminence to inquire into these and other questions pertaining to thine origin and ultimate goal from those whom God hath made to be the Wellspring of His knowledge, the Heaven of His wisdom, and the Ark of His mysteries. For were it not for those effulgent Lights that shine above the horizon of His Essence, the people would know not their left hand from their right, how much less could they scale the heights of the inner realities or probe the depths of their subtleties! We beseech God therefore to immerse us in these surging seas, to grace us with the presence of these life-bearing breezes, and to cause us to abide in these divine and lofty precincts. Perchance we may divest ourselves of all that we have taken from each other and strip ourselves of such borrowed garments as we have stolen from our fellow men, that He may attire us instead with the robe of His mercy and the raiment of His guidance, and admit us into the city of knowledge.Baha - Gems
الّذی من دخل فیها لیعرف کلّ العلوم قبل ان یلتفت الی اسرارها و یعرف کلّ العلم و الحکمة من اسرار الرّبوبیّة المودعة فی کنائز الخلیقة من اوراقها الّتی تورّقت من اشجارها فسبحان الله موجدها و مبدعها عمّا خلق فیها و قدّر لها و انّی فوالله المهیمن المقتدر القیّوم لو ارینّک ابواب هذه المدینة الّتی خلقت عن یمین القدرة و القوّة لتری ما لا رأی احد من قبلک و تشهد ما لا شهدت نفس دونک و تعرف غوامض الدّلالات و معضلات الاشارات و تبرهن لک اسرار البدئیّة فی نقطة الختمیّة و تسهل علیک الأمور و تجعل النّار لک نوراً و علماً و رحمةً و تکون فی بساط القدس لمن المستریحینWhosoever entereth this city will comprehend every science before probing into its mysteries and will acquire from the leaves of its trees a knowledge and wisdom encompassing such mysteries of divine lordship as are enshrined within the treasuries of creation. Glorified be God, its Creator and Fashioner, above all that He hath brought forth and ordained therein! By God, the Sovereign Protector, the Self-Subsisting, the Almighty! Were I to unveil to thine eyes the gates of this city, which have been fashioned by the right hand of might and power, thou wouldst behold that which none before thee hath ever beheld, and wouldst witness that which no other soul hath ever witnessed. Thou wouldst apprehend the most obscure signs and the most abstruse allusions, and wouldst clearly behold the mysteries of the beginning in the point of the end. All matters would be made easy unto thee, fire would be turned into light, knowledge and blessings, and thou wouldst abide in safety within the court of holiness.Baha - Gems
و من دون ذلک و کلّ ما القیناک من جواهر اسرار الحکمة فی غیاهب هذه الکلمات المبارکة الرّوحیّة ما تقدر ان تعرف رشحاً من طمطام ابحر العلم و قمقام انهر العزّ و تکون من اصبع الهویّة علی قلم الأحدیّة فی امّ الکتاب بالجهل مکتوباً و لن تحلّ لک حرفاً من الکتاب و لا کلمات آل الله فی اسرار المبدإ و المآبBereft, however, of the essence of the mysteries of His wisdom, which We have imparted unto thee beneath the veils of these blessed and soul-stirring words, thou wouldst fail to attain unto even a sprinkling of the oceans of divine knowledge or the crystal streams of divine power, and wouldst be recorded in the Mother Book, through the Pen of oneness and by the Finger of God, amongst the ignorant. Nor wouldst thou be able to grasp a single word of the Book or a single utterance of the Kindred of God concerning the mysteries of the beginning and the end.Baha - Gems
اذاً فأنصف یا ایّها العبد الّذی ما رأیناک فی الظّاهر ولکن وجدنا حبّک فی الباطن ثمّ اجعل محضرک بین یدی الّذی انّک ان لن تراه انّه هو یراک و انّک ان لن تعرفه انّه هو یعرفک هل یقدر احد ان یفسّر تلک الکلمات بدلائل متقنة و براهین واضحة و اشارات لائحة علی قدر الّذی یستریح قلب السّائل و یسکن فؤاد المخاطب لا فوالّذی نفسی بیده لن یقدر احد ان یشرب رشحاً منها الّا من یدخل فی ظلّ هذه المدینة الّتی بنیت ارکانها علی جبال الیاقوت المحمّرة و جدارها من زبرجد الأحدیّة و ابوابها من الماس الصّمدیّة و ترابها من طیب المکرمةO thou whom We have outwardly never met, yet whom We inwardly cherish in Our heart! Be fair in thy judgement and present thyself before Him Who seeth and knoweth thee, even if thou seest and knowest Him not: Can any soul be found to elucidate these words with such convincing arguments, clear testimonies, and unmistakable allusions as to appease the heart of the seeker and relieve the soul of the listener? Nay, by the One in Whose hand is My soul! Unto none is given to quaff even a dewdrop thereof unless he entereth within this city, a city whose foundations rest upon mountains of crimson-coloured ruby, whose walls are hewn of the chrysolite of divine unity, whose gates are made of the diamonds of immortality, and whose earth sheddeth the fragrance of divine bounty.Baha - Gems
و لمّا ذکرنا و القینا علیک من بعض الأسرار مع الحجب و الأستار نرجع الی ما کنّا فیه فیما عرفنا من کتب القبل لئلّا یزلّ قدمک فی شیء و تکون موقناً فی کلّ ما رشّحنا علیک من تموّجات ابحر الحیاة فی لاهوت الأسمآء و الصّفاتHaving imparted unto thee, beneath countless veils of concealment, certain hidden mysteries, We now return to Our elucidation of the Books of old, that perchance thy feet may not slip and thou mayest receive with complete certitude the portion which We shall bestow upon thee of the billowing oceans of life in the realm of the names and attributes of God.Baha - Gems
و هو مکتوب فی جمیع اسفار الانجیل و هو هذا حین الّذی تکلّمت الرّوح بالنّور و قال لتلامیذه فاعلموا بأنّ السّموات و الأرض یمکن ان تزولان ولکن کلامی لن یزول ابداً و کان معلوم عند جنابکم بأنّ المعنی فی هذا الکلام علی ظاهر العبارة لن یدلّ الّا بأنّ هذه الأسفار من الانجیل تکون باقیة بین العباد الی ابد الدّهر و لا تنفد احکامها و لا یبید برهانها و کلّ ما شرع فیها و حدّد لها و قدّر بها یبقی و لا یفنی ابداًIt is recorded in all the Books of the Gospel that He Who is the Spirit spoke in words of pure light unto His disciples, saying: “Know that heaven and earth may pass away, but my words shall never pass away.” As is clear and evident to thine eminence, these words outwardly mean that the Books of the Gospel will remain in the hands of people till the end of the world, that their laws shall not be abrogated, that their testimony shall not be abolished, and that all that hath been enjoined, prescribed, or ordained therein shall endure forever.Baha - Gems
اذاً یا اخی طهّر قلبک و نوّر فؤادک و حدّ بصرک لتعرف الحان طیور الهویّة و نغمات حمامات القدسیّة فی ملکوت البقائیّة لتعرف تأویل الکلمات و اسرارها والّا لو تفسّر علی ظاهر العبارة لن تقدر ان تثبت امر من جآء بعد عیسی و لا تستطیع ان تلزم الخصم و تفوق علی المعاندین من هؤلآء المشرکین لأنّ بهذه الآیة تستدلّون علمآء الانجیل بأنّ الانجیل ما ینسخ ابداً و لو تظهر تلک العلامات الّتی کانت مکتوباً فی کتبنا و یظهر هیکل المعهود لا بدّ له بأن یحکم بین العباد بأحکام الانجیل و لو تظهر کلّ العلامات المکتوبة فی الکتب و یحکم بغیر ما حکم به عیسی ما نقرّ به و ما نتّبعه لأنّ هذا المطلب من مسلّمات مطالبهم بمثل ما انتم تشهدونO My brother! Sanctify thy heart, illumine thy soul, and sharpen thy sight, that thou mayest perceive the sweet accents of the Birds of Heaven and the melodies of the Doves of Holiness warbling in the Kingdom of eternity, and perchance apprehend the inner meaning of these utterances and their hidden mysteries. For otherwise, wert thou to interpret these words according to their outward meaning, thou couldst never prove the truth of the Cause of Him Who came after Jesus, nor silence the opponents, nor prevail over the contending disbelievers. For the Christian divines use this verse to prove that the Gospel shall never be abrogated and that, even if all the signs recorded in their Books were fulfilled and the Promised One appeared, He would have no recourse but to rule the people according to the ordinances of the Gospel. They contend that if He were to manifest all the signs indicated in the Books, but decree aught besides that which Jesus had decreed, they would neither acknowledge nor follow Him, so clear and self-evident is this matter in their sight.Baha - Gems
الیوم من علمآء القوم و جهلائهم فیما یعترضون و یقولون بأنّ الشّمس ما اشرقت من المغرب و ما صاح الصّائح بین السّمآء و الأرض و ما غرق بعض البلاد و ما ظهر الدّجّال و ما قام السّفیانی و ما ظهر الهیکل فی الشّمس و انّی بسمعی سمعت عن واحد من علمائهم یقول لو یظهر کلّ تلک العلامات و یظهر قائم المأمول و یحکم بغیر ما نزّل فی القرآن فیما یکون بین ایدینا من الفروع لنکذّبه و نقتله و ما نقرّ به ابداً و امثال ذلک عمّا یقولون هؤلآء المکذّبون بعد الّذی قام القیامة و نفخ فی الصّور و حشر کلّ من فی السّموات و الأرض و المیزان نصبت و الصّراط وضعت و الآیات نزلت و الشّمس اشرقت و النّجوم طمست و النّفوس بعثت و الرّوح نفخت و الملائکة صفّت و الجنّة ازلفت و النّار سعّرت و قضی کلّ ذلک و الی حینئذ ما عرف احد منهم کأنّهم فی غشواتهم میّتون الّا الّذینهم آمنوا و رجعوا الی الله و کانوا الیوم فی رضوان القدس یحبرون و فی رضی الله یسلکونThou canst indeed hear the learned and the foolish amongst the people voice the same objections in this day, saying: “The sun hath not risen from the West, nor hath the Crier cried out betwixt earth and heaven. Water hath not inundated certain lands; the Dajjál hath not appeared; Sufyání hath not arisen; nor hath the Temple been witnessed in the sun.” I heard, with Mine own ears, one of their divines proclaim: “Should all these signs come to pass and the long-awaited Qá’im appear, and should He ordain, with respect to even our secondary laws, aught beyond that which hath been revealed in the Qur’án, we would assuredly charge Him with imposture, put Him to death, and refuse forever to acknowledge Him”, and other statements such as these deniers make. And all this, when the Day of Resurrection hath been ushered in, and the Trumpet hath been sounded, and all the denizens of earth and heaven have been gathered together, and the Balance hath been appointed, and the Bridge hath been laid, and the Verses have been sent down, and the Sun hath shone forth, and the stars have been blotted out, and the souls have been raised to life, and the breath of the Spirit hath blown, and the angels have been arrayed in ranks, and Paradise hath been brought nigh, and Hell made to blaze! These things have all come to pass, and yet to this day not a single one of these people hath recognized them! They all lie as dead within their own shrouds, save those who have believed and repaired unto God, who rejoice in this day in His celestial paradise, and who tread the path of His good-pleasure.Baha - Gems
و کلّ النّاس لمّا احتجبوا بغشوات انفسهم ما عرفوا الحان القدس و ما شمّوا روائح الفضل و ما سألوا عن اهل الذّکر بعد الّذی امرهم الله بذلک قال و قوله الحقّ فاسألوا اهل الذّکر ان کنتم لا تعلمون بل اعرضوا عن اهل الذّکر و اتّبعوا السّامری بأهوائهم و بذلک بعدوا عن رحمة الله و ما فازوا بجماله یوم لقائه بعد الّذی کلّ انتظروا یوم ظهوره و دعوا الله فی اللّیالی و الانهار بأن یحشرهم بین یدیه لیستشهدوا فی سبیله و یستهدوا بهدایته و یستنوروا بنوره فلمّا جآءهم بآیة من عند الله و حجّة من لدنه کفّروه و سبّوه و فعلوا به ما فعلوا علی مقام لا انا اقدر ان اذکر و لا انت تقدر ان تسمع و القلم حینئذ یضجّ و المداد یبکی و یصرخ و انّک لو تتوجّه بسمع الفطرة فوالله لتسمع ضجیج اهل السّموات و لو تکشف الحجاب عن عینیک لتشهد بأنّ الحوریّات مغشیّات و الأرواح منصعقات و یضربن علی وجوههنّ و جلسن علی وجه التّرابVeiled as they remain within their own selves, the generality of the people have failed to perceive the sweet accents of holiness, inhale the fragrance of mercy, or seek guidance, as bidden by God, from those who are the custodians of the Scriptures. He proclaimeth, and His word, verily, is the truth: “Ask ye, therefore, of them that have the custody of the Scriptures, if ye know it not.” Nay rather, they have turned aside from them and followed instead the Sámirí of their own idle fancies. Thus have they strayed far from the mercy of their Lord and failed to attain unto His Beauty in the day of His presence. For no sooner had He come unto them with a sign and a testimony from God than the same people who had eagerly awaited the day of His Revelation, who had called upon Him in the daytime and in the night season, who had implored Him to gather them together in His presence and to grant that they may lay down their lives in His path, be led aright by His guidance and illumined by His light—this very people condemned and reviled Him, and inflicted upon Him such cruelties as transcend both My capacity to tell and thine ability to hear them. My very pen crieth out at this moment and the ink weepeth sore and groaneth. By God! Wert thou to hearken with thine inner ear, thou wouldst in truth hear the lamentations of the denizens of heaven; and wert thou to remove the veil from before thine eyes, thou wouldst behold the Maids of Heaven overcome and the holy souls overwhelmed, beating upon their faces and fallen upon the dust.Baha - Gems
فآه آه عمّا ورد علی مظهر نفس الله و ما فعلوا به و بأحبّائه بحیث ما فعل احد علی احد و لا نفس الی نفس و لا کافر الی مؤمن و لا مؤمن الی کافر فآه آه قد جلس هیکل البقآء فی التّراب السّودآء و ناحت روح القدس فی رفارف الأعلی و تهدّمت ارکان العرش فی لاهوت الأسنی و تبدّلت عیش الوجود فی ارض الحمرآء و خرست لسان الورقآء فی جبروت الصّفرآء افّ لهم و بما اکتسبت ایدیهم و عن کلّ ما هم کانوا ان یعملونAlas, alas, for that which befell Him Who was the Manifestation of the Self of God, and for that which He and His loved ones were made to suffer! The people inflicted upon them what no soul hath ever inflicted upon another, and what no infidel hath wrought against a believer or suffered at his hand. Alas, alas! That immortal Being sat upon the darksome dust, the Holy Spirit lamented in the retreats of glory, the pillars of the Throne crumbled in the exalted dominion, the joy of the world was changed into sorrow in the crimson land, and the voice of the Nightingale was silenced in the golden realm. Woe betide them for what their hands have wrought and for what they have committed!Baha - Gems
فاسمع ما غنّت الورقآء فی شأنهم بأحسن نغمات بدیع و اکمل تغرّدات منیع لیکون حسرة علیهم من یومئذ الی یوم الّذی یقوم النّاس لربّ العالمین و کانوا من قبل یستفتحون علی الّذین کفروا فلمّا جآءهم ما عرفوا کفروا به فلعنة الله علی الکاذبین هذا شأنهم و مبلغهم فی حیاة الباطلة و سیردّون الی عذاب السّعیر و لن یجدوا لأنفسهم لا من ولیّ و لا من نصیرHearken then unto that which the Bird of Heaven uttered, in the sweetest and most wondrous accents, and in the most perfect and exalted melodies, concerning them—an utterance that shall fill them with remorse from now unto “the day when mankind shall stand before the Lord of the worlds”: “Although they had before prayed for victory over those who believed not, yet when there came unto them He of Whom they had knowledge, they disbelieved in Him. The curse of God on the infidels!” Such indeed are their condition and attainments in their vain and empty life. Erelong shall they be cast into the fire of affliction and find none to help or succour them.Baha - Gems
و لا یحجبک کلّ ما نزل فی الفرقان و ما سمعت عن آثار شموس العصمة و بدور العظمة فی تحریف الغالین و تبدیل المتحرّفین ما کان مقصودهم من تلک الکلمات الّا فی بعض الموارد المخصوصة المنصوصة و انّی مع عجزی و فقری لو ارید ان اذکر لجنابک ما هو المذکور لأقدر ولکن یعزب عنّا المقصود و نبعد عن هذا الصّراط الممدود و نغرق فی اشارات المحدود و نخرج عمّا هو المحبوب فی ساحة المحمودBe not veiled by aught that hath been revealed in the Qur’án, or by what thou hast learned from the works of those Suns of immaculacy and Moons of majesty, regarding the perversion of the Texts by the fanatical or their alteration by their corruptors. By these statements only certain specific and clearly indicated passages are intended. In spite of My weakness and poverty, I would assuredly be able, should I so desire, to expound these passages unto thine eminence. But this would divert us from our purpose and lead us astray from the outstretched path. It would immerse us in limited allusions and distract us from that which is beloved in the court of the All-Praised.Baha - Gems
و انّک انت یا ایّها المذکور فی هذا الرّقّ المنشور و المستنور فی هذه الظّلمات الدّیجور فیما تجلّی علیک من انوار الطّور فی سینآء الظّهور نزّه نفسک عن کلّ ما عرفت من قبل من اشارات السّوئیّة و الدّلالات الشّرکیّة لتجد رائحة البقآء عن یوسف الوفآء و تکون داخلاً فی مصر العمآء و تجد روائح طیب السّنآء عن هذا اللّوح الدّرّیّ البیضآء فیما رقم فیه القلم من اسرار القدم فی اسمآء ربّه العلیّ الأعلی لتکون من الموقنین فی الواح القدس مکتوباًO thou who art mentioned in this outspread roll and who, amidst the gloomy darkness that now prevaileth, hast been illumined by the splendours of the sacred Mount in the Sinai of divine Revelation! Cleanse thy heart from every blasphemous whispering and evil allusion thou hast heard in the past, that thou mayest inhale the sweet savours of eternity from the Joseph of faithfulness, gain admittance into the celestial Egypt, and perceive the fragrances of enlightenment from this resplendent and luminous Tablet, a Tablet wherein the Pen hath inscribed the ancient mysteries of the names of His Lord, the Exalted, the Most High. Perchance thou mayest be recorded in the holy Tablets among them that are well assured.Baha - Gems
ثمّ اعلم یا ایّها الحاضر بین یدی العبد حین غفلتک عن ذلک لا بدّ لمن یرید ان یقطع الأسفار فی معارج الأسرار بأن یجاهد فی الدّین علی قدر طاقته و قدرته لیظهر له السّبیل فی مناهج الدّلیل و ان یجد نفساً یدّعی امراً من الله و کان فی یده حجّة من مولاه الّتی تعجز عنها العالمین لا مفرّ له الّا بأن یتّبعه فی کلّ ما یأمر و یقول و یحکم ولو یجری علی المآء حکم الأرض او علی الأرض حکم السّمآء او فوق ذلک او تحت ذلک ولو یحکم بالتّغییر او بالتّبدیل لأنّه اطّلع بأسرار الهویّة و رموزات الغیبیّة و احکام الالهیّةO thou who art standing before My Throne and yet remain unaware thereof! Know thou that whoso seeketh to scale the summits of the divine mysteries must needs strive to the utmost of his power and capacity for his Faith, that the pathway of guidance may be made clear unto him. And should he encounter One Who layeth claim to a Cause from God, and Who holdeth from His Lord a testimony beyond the power of men to produce, he must needs follow Him in all that He pleaseth to proclaim, command and ordain, even were He to decree the sea to be land, or to pronounce earth to be heaven, or that the former lieth above the latter or below it, or to ordain any change or transformation, for He, verily, is aware of the celestial mysteries, the unseen subtleties, and the ordinances of God.Baha - Gems
و لو انّ کلّ العباد من امم المختلفة یعملون بما ذکرنا حینئذ لیسهل علیهم امرهم و ما یمنعهم تلک العبارات و الاشارات عن الورود فی غمرات الأسمآء و الصّفات و لو عرفوا ذلک ما کفروا بأنعم الله و ما حاربوا مع النّبیّین و ما جاحدوهم و ما انکروهم و بمثل تلک العبارات تجدون فی القرآن لو انتم فیه تتفکّرونWere the peoples of every nation to observe that which hath been mentioned, the matter would be made simple unto them, and such words and allusions would not withhold them from the Ocean of the names and attributes of God. And had the people known this truth, they would not have denied God’s favours, nor would they have risen against, contended with, and rejected His Prophets. Similar passages are also to be found in the Qur’án, should the matter be carefully examined.Baha - Gems
ثمّ اعلم بأنّ بمثل تلک الکلمات یمحّص الله عباده و یغربلنّهم و یفصّل بین المؤمن و الکافر و المنقطع و المتمسّک و المحسن و المجرم و التّقیّ و الشّقیّ و امثال ذلک کما نطق بذلک ورقآء الهویّة الم أ حسب النّاس ان یترکوا ان یقولوا آمنّا و هم لا یفتنونKnow, moreover, that it is through such words that God proveth His servants and sifteth them, separating the believer from the infidel, the detached from the worldly, the pious from the profligate, the doer of good from the worker of iniquity, and so forth. Thus hath the Dove of holiness proclaimed: “Do men think when they say ‘We believe’ they shall be let alone and not be put to proof?”Baha - Gems
لا بدّ للمسافر الی الله و المهاجر فی سبیله بأن ینقطع عن کلّ من فی السّموات و الأرض و یکفّ نفسه عن کلّ ما سواه لیفتح علی وجهه ابواب العنایة و تهبّ علیه نسمات العطوفة و اذا کتب علی نفسه ما القیناه من جواهر المعانی و البیان لیعرف کلّ الاشارات من تلک الدّلالات و ینزل الله علی قلبه سکینة من عنده و یجعله من السّاکنین و بمثل هذه الکلمات المتشابهات المنزلة فاعرف ما سألت عن هذا العبد الّذی جلس علی نقطة الذّلّة و ما یمشی فی الأرض الّا کمثل غریب الّذی لن یجد لنفسه لا من معین و لا من مؤنس و لا من حبیب و لا من نصیراً و یکون متوکّلاً علی الله و یقول فی کلّ حین انّا لله و انّا الیه راجعونIt behoveth him who is a wayfarer in the path of God and a wanderer in His way to detach himself from all who are in the heavens and on the earth. He must renounce all save God, that perchance the portals of mercy may be unlocked before his face and the breezes of providence may waft over him. And when he hath inscribed upon his soul that which We have vouchsafed unto him of the quintessence of inner meaning and explanation, he will fathom all the secrets of these allusions, and God shall bestow upon his heart a divine tranquillity and cause him to be of them that are at peace with themselves. In like manner wilt thou comprehend the meaning of all the ambiguous verses that have been sent down concerning the question thou didst ask of this Servant Who abideth upon the seat of abasement, Who walketh upon the earth as an exile with none to befriend, comfort, aid, or assist Him, Who hath placed His whole trust in God, and Who proclaimeth at all times: “Verily we are God’s, and to Him shall we return.”Baha - Gems
و انّ ما ذکرنا الکلمات بالمتشابهات هذا لم یکن الّا عند الّذین لن یتعارجوا الی افق الهدایة و ما وصلوا الی مراتب العرفان فی مکامن العنایة والّا عند الّذین‌هم عرفوا مواقع الأمر و شهدوا اسرار الولایة فیما القی الله علی انفسهم کلّ الآیات محکمات عندهم و کلّ الاشارات متقنات لدیهم و انّهم یعرفون اسرار المودعة فی قمص الکلمات بمثل انتم تعرفون من الشّمس الحرارة و من المآء الرّطوبة بل اظهر من ذلک فتعالی الله عمّا کنّا فی ذکر احبّائه فتعالی عمّا هم یذکرونKnow thou that the passages that We have called “ambiguous” appear as such only in the eyes of them that have failed to soar above the horizon of guidance and to reach the heights of knowledge in the retreats of grace. For otherwise, unto them that have recognized the Repositories of divine Revelation and beheld through His inspiration the mysteries of divine authority, all the verses of God are perspicuous and all His allusions are clear. Such men discern the inner mysteries that have been clothed in the garment of words as clearly as ye perceive the heat of the sun or the wetness of water, nay even more distinctly. Immeasurably exalted is God above our praise of His loved ones, and beyond their praise of Him!Baha - Gems
اذاً لمّا وصلنا الی ذلک المقام الأسنی و بلغنا الی ذروة الأحلی فیما یجری من هذا القلم من عنایة الکبری من لدی الله العلیّ الأعلی اردنا بأن نذکر لک بعضاً من مقامات سلوک العبد فی اسفاره الی مبدئه لیکشف علی جنابک کلّ ما اردت و ترید لتکون الحجّة بالغة و النّعمة سابغةNow that We have reached this most excellent theme and attained such lofty heights by virtue of that which hath flowed from this Pen through the incomparable favours of God, the Exalted, the Most High, it is Our wish to disclose unto thee certain stations in the wayfarer’s journey towards his Creator. Perchance all that thine eminence hath desired may be revealed unto thee, that the proof may be made complete and the blessing abundant.Baha - Gems
فاعلم ثمّ اعرف بأنّ السّالک فی اوّل سلوکه الی الله لا بدّ له بأن یدخل فی حدیقة الطّلب (طلب مدینة قدس اوّلیّة فی مسلک عزّ طلبیّة) و فی هذا السّفر ینبغی للسّالک بأن ینقطع عن کلّ ما سوی الله و یغمض عیناه عن کلّ من فی السّموات و الأرض و لم یکن فی قلبه بغض احد من العباد و لا حبّ احد علی قدر الّذی یمنعه عن الوصول الی مکمن الجمال و یقدّس نفسه عن سبحات الجلال و له حقّ بأن لا یفتخر علی احد فی کلّ ما اعطاه الله من زخارف الدّنیا او من علوم الظّاهرة او غیرها و یطلب الحقّ بکمال جدّه و سعیه لیعلّمه الله سبل عنایته و مناهج مکرمته لأنّه خیر معین بعباده و احسن ناصر لأرقّائه قال و قوله الحقّ الّذین جاهدوا فینا لنهدینّهم سبلنا و فی مقام آخر اتّقوا الله یعلّمکم اللهKnow thou of a truth that the seeker must, at the beginning of his quest for God, enter the Garden of Search. In this journey it behoveth the wayfarer to detach himself from all save God and to close his eyes to all that is in the heavens and on the earth. There must not linger in his heart either the hate or the love of any soul, to the extent that they would hinder him from attaining the habitation of the celestial Beauty. He must sanctify his soul from the veils of glory and refrain from boasting of such worldly vanities, outward knowledge, or other gifts as God may have bestowed upon him. He must search after the truth to the utmost of his ability and exertion, that God may guide him in the paths of His favour and the ways of His mercy. For He, verily, is the best of helpers unto His servants. He saith, and He verily speaketh the truth: “Whoso maketh efforts for Us, in Our ways shall We assuredly guide him.” And furthermore: “Fear God and God will give you knowledge.”Baha - Gems
و فی هذا السّفر یشهد السّالک التّبدیلات و التّغییرات و المختلفات و المتقارنات و یشهد عجائب الرّبوبیّة فی اسرار الخلیقة و یطّلع علی سبل الهدایة و طرق الالهیّة هذا مقام الطّالبین و معارج القاصدینIn this journey the seeker becometh witness to a myriad changes and transformations, confluences and divergences. He beholdeth the wonders of Divinity in the mysteries of creation and discovereth the paths of guidance and the ways of His Lord. Such is the station reached by them that search after God, and such are the heights attained by those who hasten unto Him.Baha - Gems
و اذا استرقی عن ذلک المقام یدخل فی مدینة العشق و الجذب (عشق تموّج بحر ناریّة فی مدینة جذب عشقیّة) حینئذ تهبّ اریاح المحبّة و تهیج نسمات الرّوحیّة و یأخذ السّالک فی هذا المقام جذبات الشّوق و نفحات الذّوق بحیث لن یعرف الیمین عن الشّمال و لا البرّ من البحر و لا الصّحاری عن الجبال و فی کلّ حین یحترق بنار الاشتیاق و یوقد من سطوة الفراق فی الآفاق و یرکض فی فاران العشق و حوریب الجذب مرّةً یضحک و مرّةً یبکی و مرّةً یسکن و مرّةً یضطرب و لا یبالی من شیء و لا یمنعه من امر و لا یسدّه من حکم و ینتظر امر مولاه فی مبدئه و منتهاه و ینفق روحه فی کلّ حین و یفدی نفسه فی کلّ آن و یقابل صدره فی مقابلة رماح الأعدآء و یرفع رأسه لسیف القضآء بل یقبّل ایدی من یقتله و ینفق کلّ ما له و علیه لیفدی روحه و نفسه و جسده فی سبیل مولاه ولکن باذن من محبوبه لا بهوآء من نفسه و تجده بارداً فی النّار و یابساً فی المآء و یسکن علی کلّ ارض و یمشی فی کلّ طریق و من یمسّه فی تلک الحالة لیجد حرارة المحبّة منه و انّه یمشی فی رفرف الانقطاع و یرکض فی وادی الامتناع و لم یزل کانت عیناه منتظراً لبدائع رحمة الله و مشاهدة انوار جماله فهنیئاً للواصلین و هذا مقام العاشقین و شأن المجتذبینWhen once the seeker hath ascended unto this station, he will enter the City of Love and Rapture, whereupon the winds of love will blow and the breezes of the spirit will waft. In this station the seeker is so overcome by the ecstasies of yearning and the fragrances of longing that he discerneth not his left from his right, nor doth he distinguish land from sea or desert from mountain. At every moment he burneth with the fire of longing and is consumed by the onslaught of separation in this world. He speedeth through the Paran of love and traverseth the Horeb of rapture. Now he laugheth, now he weepeth sore; now he reposeth in peace, now he trembleth in fear. Nothing can alarm him, naught can thwart his purpose, and no law can restrain him. He standeth ready to obey whatsoever His Lord should please to decree as to his beginning and his end. With every breath he layeth down his life and offereth up his soul. He bareth his breast to meet the darts of the enemy and raiseth his head to greet the sword of destiny; nay rather, he kisseth the hand of his would-be murderer and surrendereth his all. He yieldeth up spirit, soul, and body in the path of his Lord, and yet he doeth so by the leave of his Beloved and not of his own whim and desire. Thou findest him chill in the fire and dry in the sea, abiding in every land and treading every path. Whosoever toucheth him in this state will perceive the heat of his love. He walketh the heights of detachment and traverseth the vale of renunciation. His eyes are ever expectant to witness the wonders of God’s mercy and eager to behold the splendours of His beauty. Blessed indeed are they that have attained unto such a station, for this is the station of the ardent lovers and the enraptured souls.Baha - Gems
و اذا قطع هذا السّفر و استرقی عن هذا المقام الأکبر یدخل فی مدینة التّوحید (توحید اشراق بدع نزهیّة فی مدینة عزّ احدیّة) و حدیقة التّفرید و بساط التّجرید و فی هذا المقام یلقی السّالک کلّ الاشارات و الدّلالات و الحجبات و العبارات و یشهد الأشیآء بعین الّتی تجلّی الله له به بنفسه و یشاهد فی هذا السّفر بأنّ المختلفات کلّها ترجع الی کلمة واحدة و الاشارات تنتهی الی نقطة واحدة کما شهد بذلک قول من رکب علی فلک النّار و مشی فی قطب الأسفار حتّی وصل الی ذروة الأعلی فی جبروت البقآء بأنّ العلم نقطة کثرّها الجاهلون و هذا مقام الّذی ذکر فی الحدیث بأنّی انا هو و هو انا الّا انّه هو هو و انا اناAnd when this stage of the journey is completed and the wayfarer hath soared beyond this lofty station, he entereth the City of Divine Unity, and the garden of oneness, and the court of detachment. In this plane the seeker casteth away all signs, allusions, veils, and words, and beholdeth all things with an eye illumined by the effulgent lights which God Himself hath shed upon him. In his journey he seeth all differences return to a single word and all allusions culminate in a single point. Unto this beareth witness he who sailed upon the ark of fire and followed the inmost path to the pinnacle of glory in the realm of immortality: “Knowledge is one point, which the foolish have multiplied.” This is the station that hath been alluded to in the tradition: “I am He, Himself, and He is I, Myself, except that I am that I am, and He is that He is.”Baha - Gems
فی ذلک المقام لو یقول هیکل الختم بأنّی انا نقطة البدء لیصدق و لو یقول بأنّی انا غیرها لحقّ و لو یقول بأنّی صاحب الملک و الملکوت او ملک الملوک او سلطان الجبروت او محمّد او علیّ او ابنائهم او غیر ذلک لیکون صادقاً من عند الله و حاکماً علی الممکنات و علی کلّ ما سواه اما سمعت ما ورد من قبل بأنّ اوّلنا محمّد و آخرنا محمّد و اوسطنا محمّد و فی مقام آخر بأنّ کلّهم من نور واحدIn this station, were He Who is the Embodiment of the End to say: “Verily, I am the Point of the Beginning”, He would indeed be speaking the truth. And were He to say: “I am other than Him”, this would be equally true. Likewise, were He to proclaim: “Verily, I am the Lord of heaven and earth”, or “the King of kings”, or “the Lord of the realm above”, or Muhammad, or ‘Alí, or their descendants, or aught else, He would indeed be proclaiming the truth of God. He, verily, ruleth over all created things and standeth supreme above all besides Him. Hast thou not heard what hath been said aforetime: “Muhammad is our first, Muhammad our last, Muhammad our all”? And elsewhere: “They all proceed from the same Light”?Baha - Gems
و فی ذلک المقام یثبت حکم التّوحید و آیات التّجرید و تجد بأنّ کلّهم رفعوا رؤوسهم عن جیب قدرة الله و یدخلون فی اکمام رحمة الله من غیر ان تشاهد الفرق بین الأکمام و الجیب و التّغییر و التّبدیل فی هذا المقام شرک صرف و کفر محض لأنّ هذا مقام تجلّی الوحدانیّة و تحکّی الفردانیّة و اشراق انوار فجر الأزلیّة فی مرایا الرّفیعة المنطبعة و انّی فوالله لو اذکر هذا المقام علی قدر الّذی قدّر الله فیه لتنقطع الأرواح عن اجسادها و تنزّلت الجوهریّات من اماکنها و تنصعق کلّ من فی لجج الممکنات و تنعدم کلّ ما یتحرّک فی اراضی الاشاراتIn this station the truth of the unity of God and of the signs of His sanctity is established. Thou shalt indeed see them all rising above the bosom of God’s might and embraced in the arms of His mercy; nor can any distinction be made between His bosom and His arms. To speak of change or transformation in this plane would be sheer blasphemy and utter impiety, for this is the station wherein the light of divine unity shineth forth, and the truth of His oneness is expressed, and the splendours of the everlasting Morn are reflected in lofty and faithful mirrors. By God! Were I to reveal the full measure of that which He hath ordained for this station, the souls of men would depart from their bodies, the inner realities of all things would be shaken in their foundations, they that dwell within the realms of creation would be dumbfounded, and those who move in the lands of allusion would fade into utter nothingness.Baha - Gems
اما سمعت لا تبدیل لخلق الله اما قرأت و لن تجد لسنّته من تبدیل و اما شهدت ما تری فی خلق الرّحمن من تفاوت بلی وربّی من کان من اهل هذه اللّجّة و رکب فی هذه السّفینة لم یشهد التّبدیل فی خلق الله و لا یری التّفاوت فی ارض الله و لمّا لم یکن التّبدیل و التّغییر فی خلق الله فکیف یجری علی مظاهر نفس الله فسبحان الله عمّا کنّا فی وصف مظاهر امره و تعالی عمّا هم یذکرونHast thou not heard: “No change is there in God’s creation”? Hast thou not read: “No change canst thou find in God’s mode of dealing”? Hast thou not borne witness to the truth: “No difference wilt thou see in the creation of the God of Mercy”? Yea, by My Lord! They that dwell within this Ocean, they that ride upon this Ark, witness no change in the creation of God and behold no differences upon His earth. And if God’s creation be not prone to change and alteration, how then could they who are the Manifestations of His own Being be subject to it? Immeasurably exalted is God above all that we may conceive of the Revealers of His Cause, and immensely glorified is He beyond all that they may mention in His regard!Baha - Gems
الله اکبر هذا البحر قد ذخراGreat God! This sea had laid up lustrous pearls in store;Baha - Gems
و هیّج الرّیح موجاً یقذف الدّرراThe wind hath raised a wave that casteth them ashore.Baha - Gems
فاخلع ثیابک و اغرق فیه و دعSo put away thy robe and drown thyself therein,Baha - Gems
عنک السّباحة لیس السّبیح مفتخراAnd cease to boast of skill: it serveth thee no more!Baha - Gems
و انّک انت لو تکون من اهل هذه المدینة فی هذه اللّجّة الأحدیّة لتری کلّ النّبیّین و المرسلین کهیکل واحد و نفس واحدة و نور واحد و روح واحدة بحیث یکون اوّلهم آخرهم و آخرهم اوّلهم و کلّهم قاموا علی امر الله و شرعوا شرائع حکمة الله و کانوا مظاهر نفس الله و معادن قدرة الله و مخازن وحی الله و مشارق شمس الله و مطالع نور الله و بهم ظهرت آیات التّجرید فی حقائق الممکنات و علامات التّفرید فی جوهریّات الموجودات و عناصر التّمجید فی ذاتیّات الأحدیّات و مواقع التّحمید فی ساذجیّات الصّمدیّات و بهم یبدأ الخلق و الیهم یعید کلّ المذکورات کما انّهم فی حقائقهم کانوا انواراً واحدةً و اسراراً واحدةً و کذلک فاشهد فی ظواهرهم لتعرف کلّهم علی هیکل واحد بل تجدهم علی لفظ واحد و کلام واحد و بیان واحدIf thou be of the inmates of this city within the ocean of divine unity, thou wilt view all the Prophets and Messengers of God as one soul and one body, as one light and one spirit, in such wise that the first among them would be last and the last would be first. For they have all arisen to proclaim His Cause and have established the laws of divine wisdom. They are, one and all, the Manifestations of His Self, the Repositories of His might, the Treasuries of His Revelation, the Dawning-Places of His splendour, and the Daysprings of His light. Through them are manifested the signs of sanctity in the realities of all things and the tokens of oneness in the essences of all beings. Through them are revealed the elements of glorification in the heavenly realities and the exponents of praise in the eternal essences. From them hath all creation proceeded and unto them shall return all that hath been mentioned. And since in their inmost Beings they are the same Luminaries and the self-same Mysteries, thou shouldst view their outward conditions in the same light, that thou mayest recognize them all as one Being, nay, find them united in their words, speech, and utterance.Baha - Gems
و انّک فی ذلک المقام لو تطلق اوّلهم باسم آخرهم او بالعکس لحقّ کما نزل حکم ذلک عن مصدر الألوهیّة و منبع الرّبوبیّة قل ادعوا الله او ادعوا الرّحمن ایّا ما تدعوا فله الأسمآء الحسنی لأنّهم مظاهر اسم الله و مطالع صفاته و مواقع قدرته و مجامع سلطنته و انّه جلّ و عزّ بذاته مقدّس عن کلّ الأسمآء و منزّه عن معارج الصّفات و کذلک فانظر آثار قدرة الله فی آفاق ارواحهم و انفس هیاکلهم لیطمئنّ قلبک و تکون من الّذینهم کانوا فی آفاق القرب لسائرینWert thou to consider in this station the last of them to be the first, or conversely, thou wouldst indeed be speaking the truth, as hath been ordained by Him Who is the Wellspring of Divinity and the Source of Lordship: “Say: Call upon God or call upon the All-Merciful: by whichsoever name ye will, invoke him, for He hath most excellent names.” For they are all the Manifestations of the name of God, the Dawning-Places of His attributes, the Repositories of His might, and the Focal Points of His sovereignty, whilst God—magnified be His might and glory—is in His Essence sanctified above all names and exalted beyond even the loftiest attributes. Consider likewise the evidences of divine omnipotence both in their Souls and in their human Temples, that thine heart may be assured and that thou mayest be of them that speed through the realms of His nearness.Baha - Gems
ثمّ اجدّد لک الکلام فی هذا المقام لیکون لک معیناً فی عرفانک بارئک فاعلم بأنّ الله تبارک و تعالی لن یظهر بکینونیّته و لا بذاتیّته لم یزل کان مکنوناً فی قدم ذاته و مخزوناً فی سرمدیّة کینونیّته فلمّا اراد اظهار جماله فی جبروت الأسمآء و ابراز جلاله فی ملکوت الصّفات ظهر الأنبیآء من الغیب الی الشّهود لیمتاز اسمه الظّاهر من اسمه الباطن و یظهر اسمه الأوّل عن اسمه الآخر لیکمل القول بأنّه هو الأوّل و الآخر و الظّاهر و الباطن و هو بکلّ شیء محیط و جعل مظاهر تلک الأسمآء الکبری و هذه الکلمات العلیا فی مظاهر نفسه و مرایا کینونتهI shall restate here My theme, that perchance this may assist thee in recognizing thy Creator. Know thou that God—exalted and glorified be He—doth in no wise manifest His inmost Essence and Reality. From time immemorial He hath been veiled in the eternity of His Essence and concealed in the infinitude of His own Being. And when He purposed to manifest His beauty in the kingdom of names and to reveal His glory in the realm of attributes, He brought forth His Prophets from the invisible plane to the visible, that His name “the Manifest” might be distinguished from “the Hidden” and His name “the Last” might be discerned from “the First”, and that there may be fulfilled the words: “He is the First and the Last; the Seen and the Hidden; and He knoweth all things!” Thus hath He revealed these most excellent names and most exalted words in the Manifestations of His Self and the Mirrors of His Being.Baha - Gems
اذاً ثبت بأنّ کلّ الأسمآء و الصّفات ترجع الی هذه الأنوار المقدّسة المتعالیة و تجد کلّ الأسمآء فی اسمائهم و کلّ الصّفات فی صفاتهم و فی ذلک المقام لو تدعوهم بکلّ الأسمآء لحقّ بمثل وجودهم اذاً فاعرف ما هو المقصود فی هذا البیان ثمّ اکتمها فی سرادق قلبک لتعرف حکم ما سألت و تصل الیه علی قدر ما قدّر الله لک لعلّ تکون من الّذینهم کانوا بمراد الله لمن الفائزینIt is therefore established that all names and attributes return unto these sublime and sanctified Luminaries. Indeed, all names are to be found in their names, and all attributes can be seen in their attributes. Viewed in this light, if thou wert to call them by all the names of God, this would be true, as all these names are one and the same as their own Being. Comprehend then the intent of these words, and guard it within the tabernacle of thy heart, that thou mayest recognize the implications of thine inquiry, fulfil them according to that which God hath ordained for thee, and thus be numbered with those who have attained unto His purpose.Baha - Gems
و کلّ ما سمعت فی ذکر محمّد بن الحسن روح من فی لجج الأرواح فداه حقّ لا ریب فیه و انّا کلّ به مؤمنون ولکن ذکروا ائمّة الدّین بأنّه کان فی مدینة جابلقا و وصفوا هذه المدینة بآثار غریبة و علامات عجیبة و انّک لو ترید ان تفسّر هذه المدینة علی ظاهر الحدیث لن تقدر و لن تجدها ابداً لأنّک لو تفحّص فی اقطار العالم و اطراف البلاد لن تجدها بأوصاف الّتی وصفوها من قبل ولو تسیر فی الأرض بدوام ازلیّة الله و بقآء سلطنته لأنّ الأرض بتمامها لن تسعها و لن تحملها و انّک لو تدلّنی الی هذه المدینة انا ادلّک الی هذه النّفس القدسیّة الّتی عرفوه النّاس بما عندهم لا بما عنده و لمّا انت لن تقدر علی ذلک لا بدّ لک التّأویل فی هذه الأحادیث و الأخبار المرویّة عن هؤلآء الأنوار و لمّا تحتاج الی التّأویل فی هذه الحدیث المرویّة فی ذکر هذه المدینة المذکورة و کذلک تحتاج الی التّفسیر فی هذه النّفس القدمیّة و لمّا عرفت هذا التّأویل لن تحتاج الی التّبدیل و لا غیرهAll that thou hast heard regarding Muhammad the son of Hasan—may the souls of all that are immersed in the oceans of the spirit be offered up for His sake—is true beyond the shadow of a doubt, and we all verily bear allegiance unto Him. But the imáms of the Faith have fixed His abode in the city of Jábulqá, which they have depicted in strange and marvellous signs. To interpret this city according to the literal meaning of the tradition would indeed prove impossible, nor can such a city ever be found. Wert thou to search the uttermost corners of the earth, nay probe its length and breadth for as long as God’s eternity hath lasted and His sovereignty will endure, thou wouldst never find a city such as they have described, for the entirety of the earth could neither contain nor encompass it. If thou wouldst lead Me unto this city, I could assuredly lead thee unto this holy Being, Whom the people have conceived according to what they possess and not to that which pertaineth unto Him! Since this is not in thy power, thou hast no recourse but to interpret symbolically the accounts and traditions that have been reported from these luminous souls. And, as such an interpretation is needed for the traditions pertaining to the aforementioned city, so too is it required for this holy Being. When thou hast understood this interpretation, thou shalt no longer stand in need of “transformation” or aught else.Baha - Gems
ثمّ اعلم بأنّه لمّا کان الأنبیآء کلّهم روح و نفس و اسم و رسم واحد و انّک بهذا العین لتری کلّ الظّهورات اسمهم محمّد و آبائهم حسن و ظهروا من جابلقا قدرة الله و یظهروا من جابلصا رحمة الله و جابلقا لم یکن الّا خزائن البقآء فی جبروت العمآء و مدائن الغیب فی لاهوت العلآء و نشهد بأنّ محمّد بن الحسن کان فی جابلقا و ظهر منها و من یظهره الله یکون فیها الی ان یظهره الله علی مقام سلطنته و انّا بذلک مقرّون و بکلّهم مؤمنون و انّا اختصرنا فی معانی جابلقا فی هذا المقام ولکن تعرف کلّ المعانی فی اسرار هذه الألواح لو تکون من الموقنینKnow then that, inasmuch as all the Prophets are but one and the same soul, spirit, name, and attribute, thou must likewise see them all as bearing the name Muhammad and as being the son of Hasan, as having appeared from the Jábulqá of God’s power and from the Jábulsá of His mercy. For by Jábulqá is meant none other than the treasure-houses of eternity in the all-highest heaven and the cities of the unseen in the supernal realm. We bear witness that Muhammad, the son of Hasan, was indeed in Jábulqá and appeared therefrom. Likewise, He Whom God shall make manifest abideth in that city until such time as God will have established Him upon the seat of His sovereignty. We, verily, acknowledge this truth and bear allegiance unto each and every one of them. We have chosen here to be brief in our elucidation of the meanings of Jábulqá, but if thou be of them that truly believe, thou shalt indeed comprehend all the true meanings of the mysteries enshrined within these Tablets.Baha - Gems
ولکنّ الّذی ظهر فی السّتّین لا تحتاج فی حقّه لا التّبدیل و لا التّأویل لأنّه کان اسمه محمّد و کان من ابنآء ائمّة الدّین اذاً یصدق فی حقّه بأنّه ابن الحسن و هذا معلوم عند جنابک و مشهود لدی حضرتک بل انّه خالق الاسم و مبدعه لنفسه لو انتم بطرف الله تنظرونBut as to Him Who appeared in the year sixty, He standeth in need of neither transformation nor interpretation, for His name was Muhammad, and He was a descendent of the Imáms of the Faith. Thus it can be truly said of Him that He was the son of Hasan, as is undoubtedly clear and evident unto thine eminence. Nay, He it is Who fashioned that name and created it for Himself, were ye to observe with the eye of God.Baha - Gems
حینئذ اردنا ان نترک ما کنّا فی ذکره و اذکر ما جری علی نقطة الفرقان و نکون فیه من الذّاکرین و لتکون علی بصیرة فی کلّ الأمور من لدن عزیز جمیلIt is Our wish at this juncture to digress from Our theme to recount that which befell the Point of the Qur’án, and to extol His remembrance, that perchance thou mayest gain into all things an insight born of Him Who is the Almighty, the Incomparable.Baha - Gems
فاعلم ثمّ فکّر ایّامه حین الّذی اقامه الله علی امره و اظهره علی مقام نفسه کیف هجموا علیه العباد و اعترضوا به و حاججوا معه و کلّما مشی قدّامهم فی المعابر و الأسواق استهزؤوا به و حرّکوا علیه رؤوسهم و سخروا به و فی کلّ حین ارادوا قتله بحیث ضاقت علیه الأرض بأوسعها و حارت فی امره سکّان ملإ الأعلی و تبدّلت ارکان البقآء بالفنآء و بکت علیه عیون اهل العمآء و اصابه من هؤلآء الکفرة الفجرة ما لا یقدر ان یسمعه اولو الوفآءConsider and reflect upon His days, when God raised Him up to promote His Cause and to stand as the representative of His own Self. Witness how He was assailed, denied, and denounced by all; how, when He set foot in the streets and marketplaces, the people derided Him, wagged their heads at Him, and laughed Him to scorn; how at every moment they sought to slay Him. Such were their doings that the earth in all its vastness was straitened for Him, the Concourse on High bewailed His plight, the foundations of existence were reduced to nothingness, and the eyes of the well-favoured denizens of His Kingdom wept sore over Him. Indeed, so grievous were the afflictions which the infidels and the wicked showered upon Him that no faithful soul can bear to hear them.Baha - Gems
و لو انّ هؤلآء الفسقة کانوا ان یفکّروا فی امرهم و یعرفوا نغمات تلک الورقآء علی افنان هذه الشّجرة البیضآء و یرضوا بما نزّل الله علیهم فیما انعمهم به و یجدوا اثمار الشّجرة علی اغصانها لم اعترضوا علیه و انکروه بعد الّذی کلّهم کانوا ان یرفعوا اعناقهم لبلوغهم الیه و یسألوا الله فی کلّ حین بأن یشرّفهم جماله و یرزقهم لقائهIf these wayward souls had indeed paused to reflect upon their conduct, recognized the sweet melodies of that Mystic Dove singing upon the twigs of this snow-white Tree, embraced that which God had revealed unto and bestowed upon them, and discovered the fruits of the Tree of God upon its branches, wherefore then did they reject and denounce Him? Had they not lifted their heads to the heavens to implore His appearance? Had they not besought God at every moment to honour them with His Beauty and sustain them through His presence?Baha - Gems
بلی لمّا ما عرفوا لحن الأحدیّة و اسرار الهویّة و اشارات القدسیّة عمّا ظهر عن لسان الأحمدیّة و ما تفکّروا فی انفسهم و اتّبعوا علمآء الباطل الّذین صدّوا عباد الله عن ادوار القبل و یصدّون النّاس فی اکوار البعد لذا احتجبوا عن مراد الله و ما شربوا عن کوثر الهویّة و صاروا محرومین عن لقآء الله و مظهر کینونته و مطلع ازلیّته و بذلک سلکوا فی مناهج الضّلالة و سبل الغفلة و رجعوا الی مقرّهم فی نار الّتی کانت وقودها انفسهم و کانوا فی کتاب القدس من قلم الله بالکفر مکتوبا و ما وجدوا و لن یجدوا الی حینئذ لأنفسهم لا من حبیب و لا من معیناBut as they failed to recognize the accents of God and the divine mysteries and holy allusions enshrined in that which flowed from the tongue of Muhammad, and as they neglected to examine the matter in their own hearts, and followed instead those priests of error who have hindered the progress of the people in past dispensations and who will continue to do so in future cycles, they were thus veiled from the divine purpose, failed to quaff from the celestial streams, and deprived themselves of the presence of God, the Manifestation of His Essence, and the Dayspring of His eternity. Thus did they wander in the paths of delusion and the ways of heedlessness, and return to their abode in that fire which feedeth on their own souls. These, verily, are numbered with the infidels whose names have been inscribed by the Pen of God in His holy Book. Nor have they ever found, or will ever find, a friend or helper.Baha - Gems
و لو انّ هؤلآء یتمسّکون بنفس عروة الله فی قمیص المحمّدیّة و یقبلون الی الله بتمامهم و یلقون کلّ ما فی ایدیهم من علمائهم لیهدیهم الله بفضله و یعرّفهم معانی القدسیّة فی کلماته الأزلیّة لأنّ الله اجلّ و اعظم من ان یردّ السّائل عن بابه او یخیّب الآمل عن فنائه او یطرد من استجار فی ظلّه او یحرم من تشبّث بذیل رحمته او یبعّد فقیر الّذی نزل فی شریعة غنائه فلمّا هؤلآء ما اقبلوا الی الله بکلّهم و ما تشبّثوا بذیل رحمته المنبسطة فی ظهور شمس الأحدیّة خرجوا عن ظلّ الهدایة و وردوا فی مدینة الضّلالة و بذلک فسدوا و افسدوا العباد و ضلّوا و اضلّوا کلّ من فی البلاد و کانوا من الظّالمین فی کتب السّمآء مسطوراHad these souls but clung steadfastly to the Handle of God manifested in the Person of Muhammad, had they turned wholly unto God and cast aside all that they had learned from their divines, He would assuredly have guided them through His grace and acquainted them with the sacred truths that are enshrined within His imperishable utterances. For far be it from His greatness and His glory that He should turn away a seeker at His door, cast aside from His Threshold one who hath set his hopes on Him, reject one who hath sought the shelter of His shade, deprive one who hath held fast to the hem of His mercy, or condemn to remoteness the poor one who hath found the river of His riches. But as these people failed to turn wholly unto God, and to hold fast to the hem of His all-pervading mercy at the appearance of the Daystar of Truth, they passed out from under the shadow of guidance and entered the city of error. Thus did they become corrupt and corrupt the people. Thus did they err and lead the people into error. And thus were they recorded among the oppressors in the books of heaven.Baha - Gems
و حینئذ لمّا بلغ هذا الخادم الفانی الی هذا المقام العالی فی بیان رموز المعانی اذکر لک علّة اعتراض هؤلآء الغلاظ علی غایة الایجاز لیکون دلیلاً لأولی الألباب من اولی الأبصار و لیکون موهبة من هذا العبد علی المؤمنین جمیعاًNow that this evanescent One hath reached this exalted point in the exposition of the inner mysteries, the reason for the denial of these uncouth souls will be described briefly, that it may serve as a testimony unto them that are endued with understanding and insight, and be a token of My favour unto the concourse of the faithful.Baha - Gems
فاعلم بأنّ نقطة الفرقان و نور السّبحان لمّا جآء بآیات محکمات و براهین ساطعات من الآیات الّتی تعجز عنها کلّ من فی جبروت الموجودات امر الکلّ علی القیام علی هذا الصّراط المرتفعة الممدودة فی کلّ ما جآء به من عند الله و من اقرّ علیه و اعترف بآیات الوحدانیّة فی فؤاده و جمال الأزلیّة فی جماله حکم علیه حکم البعث و الحشر و الحیاة و الجنّة لأنّه بعد ایمانه بالله و مظهر جماله بعث من مرقد غفلته و حشر فی ارض فؤاده و حیّ بحیاة الایمان و الایقان و دخل فی جنّة اللّقآء هل یکن الجنّة اعلی من ذلک او الحشر اعظم من هذا او البعث اکبر من هذا البعث لو یطّلع احد بأسراره لیعرف ما لا عرف احد من العالمینKnow then that when Muhammad, the Point of the Qur’án and the Light of the All-Glorious, came with perspicuous verses and luminous proofs manifested in such signs as are beyond the power of all existence to produce, He bade all men follow this lofty and outstretched Path in accordance with the precepts that He had brought from God. Whoso acknowledged Him, recognized the signs of God in His inmost Being, and saw in His beauty the changeless beauty of God, the decree of “resurrection”, “ingathering”, “life”, and “paradise” was passed upon him. For he who had believed in God and in the Manifestation of His beauty was raised from the grave of heedlessness, gathered together in the sacred ground of the heart, quickened to the life of faith and certitude, and admitted into the paradise of the divine presence. What paradise can be loftier than this, what ingathering mightier, and what resurrection greater? Indeed, should a soul be acquainted with these mysteries, he would grasp that which none other hath fathomed.Baha - Gems
ثمّ اعلم بأنّ هذه الجنّة فی یوم الله اعظم من کلّ الجنان و الطف من حقائق الرّضوان لأنّ الله تبارک و تعالی بعد الّذی ختم مقام النّبوّة فی شأن حبیبه و صفیّه و خیرته من خلقه کما نزل من ملکوت العزّة ولکنّه رسول الله و خاتم النّبیّین وعد العباد بلقائه یوم القیامة لعظمة ظهور البعد کما ظهر بالحقّ و لم یکن جنّة اعظم من ذلک و لا رتبة اکبر من هذا ان انتم فی آیات القرآن تتفکّرون فهنیئاً لمن ایقن بلقائه یوم ظهور جمالهKnow then that the paradise that appeareth in the day of God surpasseth every other paradise and excelleth the realities of Heaven. For when God—blessed and glorified is He—sealed the station of prophethood in the person of Him Who was His Friend, His Chosen One, and His Treasure amongst His creatures, as hath been revealed from the Kingdom of glory: “but He is the Apostle of God and the Seal of the Prophets”, He promised all men that they shall attain unto His own presence in the Day of Resurrection. In this He meant to emphasize the greatness of the Revelation to come, as it hath indeed been manifested through the power of truth. And there is of a certainty no paradise greater than this, nor station higher, should ye reflect upon the verses of the Qur’án. Blessed be he who knoweth of a certainty that he shall attain unto the presence of God on that day when His Beauty shall be made manifest.Baha - Gems
و انّی لو اذکر لک آیات النّازلة فی هذه الرّتبة العالیة لیطول الکلام و تبعد عن المرام ولکن اذکر هذه الآیة و نکتفی بها لتقرّ عیناک و تصل الی ما کنز فیها و خزن بها و هی هذه الله الّذی رفع السّموات بغیر عمد ترونها ثمّ استوی علی العرش و سخّر الشّمس و القمر کلّ یجری لأجل مسمّی یدبّر الأمر یفصّل الآیات لعلّکم بلقآء ربّکم توقنونWere I to recount all the verses that have been revealed in connection with this exalted theme, it would weary the reader and divert Us from Our purpose. The following verse shall therefore suffice Us; may thine eyes be solaced therewith, and mayest thou attain unto that which hath been treasured and concealed therein: “It is God who hath reared the heavens without pillars thou canst behold; then mounted His throne, and imposed laws on the sun and moon: each travelleth to its appointed goal. He ordereth all things. He maketh His signs clear, that ye may have firm faith in the presence of your Lord.”Baha - Gems
اذاً فالتفت یا حبیبی فی ذکر الایقان فی هذه الآیة کأنّ السّموات و الأرض و العرش و الشّمس و القمر کلّهنّ خلقن لایقان العباد لقائه فی ایّامه فوالله یا اخی فانظر عظمة هذا المقام و شأن هؤلآء العباد فی هذه الأیّام کأنّهم حمر مستنفرة فرّت عن طلعة الالهیّة و جمال الهویّة لو تفکّر فیما نزّلناک لتجد ما اردنا فی ذکر هذا البیان و تعرف ما احببنا ان نعلّمک فی هذا الرّضوان لتقرّ عیناک عن النّظر فیها و تلذّ سمعک عن استماع ما قرئ فیها و تحظّ نفسک عن ادراکها و ینوّر قلبک عن عرفانها و تستبشر روحک عن عطر الّذی نفح منها و تصل الی غایة فیض الله و تکون فی رضوان القدس لمن الخالدینPonder then, O My friend, the words “firm faith” that have been mentioned in this verse. It saith that the heavens and the earth, the throne, the sun and the moon, all have been created to the end that His servants may have unswerving faith in His presence in His days. By the righteousness of God! Contemplate, O My brother, the greatness of this station, and behold the condition of the people in these days, fleeing from the Countenance of God and His Beauty “as though they were affrighted asses”. Wert thou to reflect upon that which We have revealed unto thee, thou wouldst undoubtedly grasp Our purpose in this utterance and discover that which We have desired to impart unto thee within this paradise. Perchance thine eyes may rejoice in beholding it, thine ears take delight in hearing that which is recited therein, thy soul be enthralled by recognizing it, thy heart illumined by comprehending it, and thy spirit gladdened by the fragrant breezes that waft therefrom. Haply thou mayest attain unto the pinnacle of divine grace and abide within the Ridván of transcendent holiness.Baha - Gems
و من اعرض عن الله فی حقّه و ادبر و طغی ثمّ کفر و شقی حکم علیه حکم الشّرک و الکفر و الموت و النّار و ایّ شرک اعظم من اقباله الی مظاهر الشّیطان و اتّباعه علمآء النّسیان و اصحاب الطّغیان و ایّ کفر اعلی عن اعراضه عن الله فی یوم الّذی یجدّد فیه الایمان من الله المقتدر المنّان و ایّ موت اذلّ عن فراره عن منبع الحیّ الحیوان و ایّ نار احرّ عن بعده عن جمال الهویّة و جلال الأحدیّة فی یوم التّغابن و الاحسانHe, however, who denied God in His Truth, who turned his back upon Him and rebelled, who disbelieved and made mischief, the verdict of “impiety”, “blasphemy”, “death”, and “fire” was passed upon him. For, what blasphemy is greater than to turn unto the manifestations of Satan, to follow the doctors of oblivion and the people of rebellion? What impiety is more grievous than to deny the Lord on the day when faith itself is renewed and regenerated by God, the Almighty, the Beneficent? What death is more wretched than to flee from the Source of everlasting life? What fire is fiercer on the Day of Reckoning than that of remoteness from the divine Beauty and the celestial Glory?Baha - Gems
و انّ اعراب الجاهلیّة بهذه العبارات و الکلمات اعترضوا علیه و حکموا علیه ما حکموا و قالوا هؤلآء الّذین آمنوا بمحمّد هم کانوا معنا و راودونا فی کلّ لیل و نهار متی ماتوا و بأیّ یوم رجعوا فاسمع ما نزل فیما قالوا ان تعجب فعجب قولهم ائذا کنّا تراباً و عظاماً ائنّا لمبعوثون و فی مقام اخری و لئن قلت انّکم مبعوثون من بعد الموت لیقولنّ الّذین کفروا ان هذا الّا سحر مبین و بذلک استهزؤوا به و سخروا علیه لأنّهم شهدوا فی کتبهم و سمعوا من علمائهم لفظ الموت و الحیاة و فسّروهما بالموت الظّاهریّة و الحیاة العنصریّة فلمّا ما وجدوا ما عرفوا من ظنونهم المجتثّة و عقولهم الافکیّة الخبیثة رفعوا اعلام الاختلاف و رایات الفساد و اشتعلوا نار الحرب ولو اطفأها الله بقدرته کما تشهد الیوم من هؤلآء المشرکین و هؤلآء الفاسقینThese were the very words and utterances used by the pagan Arabs living in the days of Muhammad to dispute with and pronounce judgement against Him. They said: “Those who believed in Muhammad dwelt in our midst and associated with us day and night. When did they die and when were they raised again to life?” Hearken unto that which was revealed in reply: “If ever thou dost marvel, marvellous surely is their saying, ‘What! When we have become dust and mouldering bones, shall we be restored in a new creation?’” And in another passage: “And if thou shouldst say, ‘After death ye shall surely be raised again’, the infidels will certainly exclaim, ‘This is naught but palpable sorcery.’” Thus did they mock and deride Him, for they had read in their Books and heard from their divines the terms “life” and “death”, and understood them as this elemental life and physical death, and hence when they found not that which their vain imaginings and their false and wicked minds had conceived, they hoisted the banners of discord and the standards of sedition and kindled the flame of war. God, however, quenched it through the power of His might, as thou seest again in this day with these infidels and evil-doers.Baha - Gems
و انّی حینئذ لمّا هبّت علیّ رائحة الجذب عن مدینة البقآء و احاطتنی غلبات الشّوق من شطر الاشراق فیما لاحت شمس الآفاق من رکن العراق و اسمعنی نغمات الحجاز فی اسرار الفراق ارید ان اذکر لجنابک بعض ما غنّت الورقآء فی قطب العمآء فی معنی الحیاة و الموت ولو انّ هذا ممتنع لأنّی لو ارید ان افسّر لک کما هو المکتوب فی الواح المحفوظ لن تحمله الأرواح و لن تسعه الأوراق و لن تطیقه الأرواح ولکن اذکر علی ما ینبغی لهذا الزّمان و هذه الأوان لیکون دلیلاً لمن اراد ان یدخل فی رفرف المعانی و یسمع نغمات الرّوحانی من هذا الطّیر المعنویّ الالهی و یکون من الّذینهم انقطعوا الی الله و کانوا الیوم بلقآء الله یستبشرونAt this hour, when the sweet savours of attraction have wafted over Me from the everlasting city, when transports of yearning have seized Me from the land of splendours at the dawning of the Daystar of the worlds above the horizon of ‘Iráq, and the sweet melodies of Hijáz have brought to Mine ears the mysteries of separation, I have purposed to relate unto thine eminence a portion of that which the Mystic Dove hath warbled in the midmost heart of Paradise as to the true meaning of life and death, though the task be impossible. For were I to interpret these words for thee as it hath been inscribed in the Guarded Tablets, all the books and pages of the world could not contain it, nor could the souls of men bear its weight. I shall nonetheless mention that which beseemeth this day and age, that it might serve as a guidance unto whosoever desireth to gain admittance into the retreats of glory in the realms above, to hearken unto the melodies of the spirit intoned by this divine and mystic bird, and to be numbered with those who have severed themselves from all save God and who in this day rejoice in the presence of their Lord.Baha - Gems
فاعرف بأنّ للحیاة مقامین مقام یتعلّق بظاهر البشریّة فی جسد العنصریّة و هذا معلوم عند جنابک و عند کلّ من علی الأرض بمثل الشّمس فی وسط السّمآء و هذه الحیاة تفنی من موت الظّاهریّة و هذا حقّ من عند الله و لا مفرّ لأحد و امّا الحیاة الّتی هی المذکور فی کتب الأنبیآء و الأولیآء لم یکن الّا الحیاة العرفانیّة ای عرفان العبد آیة تجلّی مجلّیه بما تجلّی له به بنفسه و ایقانه بلقآء الله فی مظاهر امره و هذه هی الحیاة الطّیّبة الباقیة الدّائمة الّتی من یحیی به لن یموت ابداً و یکون باقیاً ببقآء ربّه و دائماً بدوام بارئهKnow then that “life” hath a twofold meaning. The first pertaineth to the appearance of man in an elemental body, and is as manifest to thine eminence and to others as the midday sun. This life cometh to an end with physical death, which is a God-ordained and inescapable reality. That life, however, which is mentioned in the Books of the Prophets and the Chosen Ones of God is the life of knowledge; that is to say, the servant’s recognition of the sign of the splendours wherewith He Who is the Source of all splendour hath Himself invested him, and his certitude of attaining unto the presence of God through the Manifestations of His Cause. This is that blessed and everlasting life that perisheth not: whosoever is quickened thereby shall never die, but will endure as long as His Lord and Creator will endure.Baha - Gems
و الحیاة الأوّلیّة الّتی کانت متعلّقة بالجسد العنصریّة ینفد بما نزل من عند الله کلّ نفس ذائقة الموت و الحیاة الثّانویّة الّتی کانت من المعرفة ما تنفد کما نزل من قبل فلنحیینّه حیاة طیّبة و فی مقام اخری فی ذکر الشّهدآء بل احیآء عند ربّهم یرزقون و ما ورد فی الأخبار المؤمن حیّ فی الدّارین و بمثل تلک الکلمات کثیر فی کتب الله و مظاهر عدله و انّا ما اردنا ذکرها للاختصار و اکتفینا بذلک فیما اردنا لکThe first life, which pertaineth to the elemental body, will come to an end, as hath been revealed by God: “Every soul shall taste of death.” But the second life, which ariseth from the knowledge of God, knoweth no death, as hath been revealed aforetime: “Him will We surely quicken to a blessed life.” And in another passage concerning the martyrs: “Nay, they are alive and sustained by their Lord.” And from the Traditions: “He who is a true believer liveth both in this world and in the world to come.” Numerous examples of similar words are to be found in the Books of God and of the Embodiments of His justice. For the sake of brevity, however, We have contented Ourself with the above passages.Baha - Gems
اذاً یا اخی فأعرض عن هواک ثمّ اقبل الی مولاک و لا تتّبع الّذین کان الههم هواهم لتدخل فی قطب الحیاة فی ظلّ النّجاة من مربّی الأسمآء و الصّفات لأنّ الّذینهم الیوم اعرضوا عن ربّهم اموات ولو یمشون علی الأرض و صمّآء ولو یسمعون و عمیآء ولو یشهدون کما صرّح بذلک مالک یوم الدّین و لهم قلوب لا یفقهون بها و لهم اعین لا یبصرون بها الی آخر القول بل انّهم یمشون علی شفا جرف هار او فی شفا حفرة من النّار لم یکن لهم نصیب من هذا البحر المتموّج الذّخّار و کانوا فی زخارف اقوالهم یلعبونO My brother! Forsake thine own desires, turn thy face unto thy Lord, and walk not in the footsteps of those who have taken their corrupt inclinations for their god, that perchance thou mayest find shelter in the heart of existence, beneath the redeeming shadow of Him Who traineth all names and attributes. For they who turn away from their Lord in this day are in truth accounted amongst the dead, though to outward seeming they may walk upon the earth, amongst the deaf, though they may hear, and amongst the blind, though they may see, as hath been clearly stated by Him Who is the Lord of the Day of Reckoning: “Hearts have they with which they understand not, and eyes have they with which they see not.…” They walk the edge of a treacherous bank and tread the brink of a fiery abyss. They partake not of the billows of this surging and treasure-laden Ocean, but disport themselves with their own idle words.Baha - Gems
و حینئذ نلقی علیک فی هذا المقام فی ذکر الحیاة ما نزّل من قبل لیقلّبک عن اشارات النّفس و یخلّصک عن ضیق القفس فی هذا الجوار الخنّس و تکون فی ظلمات الأرض لمن المهتدینIn this connection We will relate unto thee that which was revealed of old concerning “life”, that perchance it may turn thee away from the promptings of self, deliver thee from the narrow confines of thy prison in this gloomy plane, and aid thee to become of them that are guided aright in the darkness of this world.Baha - Gems
قال و قوله الحقّ او من کان میتاً فأحییناه و جعلنا له نوراً یمشی به فی النّاس کمن مثله فی الظّلمات لیس بخارج منها هذه الآیة نزلت فی شأن الحمزة و ابوجهل لمّا آمن الأوّل و کفر الثّانی و بذلک استهزؤوا اکثر العلمآء من علمآء الجاهلیّة و تبلبلوا و تهزّلوا و تصاحوا و قالوا کیف مات الحمزة و کیف رجع الی حیاة الأولی و بمثل ذلک کثیر فی الکتاب لو انتم فی آیات الله تتفرّسونHe saith, and He, verily, speaketh the truth: “Shall the dead whom We have quickened, and for whom We have ordained a light whereby he may walk amongst men, be like him whose likeness is in the darkness, whence he will not come forth?” This verse was revealed with respect to Hamzih and Abú-Jahl, the former of whom was a believer whilst the latter disbelieved. Most of the pagan leaders mocked and derided it, were agitated, and clamoured: “How did Hamzih die? And how was he restored to his former life?” Were ye to examine carefully the verses of God, ye would find many such statements recorded in the Book.Baha - Gems
فیا لیت وجدت قلوباً صافیةً لألقی علیهم رشحاً من ابحر العلم الّذی علّمنی ربّی لیطیرنّ فی الهوآء کما یمشون علی الأرض و یرکضنّ علی المآء کما یرکضون علی التّراب و یأخذوا ارواحهم بأیدیهم و یفدوها فی سبیل بارئهم ولکن ما جآء الاذن علی القضآء فی هذا الرّمز العظمی و لم یزل کان هذا السّرّ مخزوناً فی کنوز القدرة و هذا الرّمز مکنوناً فی خزائن القوّة لئلّا یهلکون العباد انفسهم رجآء لهذا المقام الأعظم فی ممالک القدم و لن یصله الّذین یمشون فی ظلمات الصّیلم المظلمWould that pure and stainless hearts could be found, that I might impart unto them a sprinkling from the oceans of knowledge which My Lord hath bestowed upon Me, so that they may soar in the heavens even as they walk upon the earth and speed over the waters even as they course the land, and that they may take up their souls in their hands and lay them down in the path of their Creator. Howbeit, leave hath not been granted to divulge this mighty secret. Indeed, it hath been from everlasting a mystery enshrined within the treasuries of His power and a secret concealed within the repositories of His might, lest His faithful servants forsake their own lives in the hope of attaining this most great station in the realms of eternity. Nor shall they who wander in this oppressive darkness ever attain unto it.Baha - Gems
و لقد کرّرنا القول یا اخی فی کلّ المقام لیوضح لک باذن الله کلّ الأمور عمّا سطر فی السّطور و لیغنیک عن الّذینهم یخوضون فی انفس الدّیجور و یمشون فی وادی الکبر و الغرور و لتکون فی فردوس الحیّ الحیوان لمن السّائرینO My brother! At every juncture We have restated Our theme, that all that hath been recorded in these verses may, by the leave of God, be made clear unto thee, and that thou mayest become independent of those who are plunged in the darkness of self and who tread the valley of arrogance and pride, and be of them that move within the paradise of everlasting life.Baha - Gems
قل یا اهل الملإ الظّنّ انّ شجرة الحیاة قد غرست فی وسط فردوس الله و یعطی الحیاة عن کلّ الجهات کیف انتم لا تشعرون و لا تعرفون و یؤیّدک فی کلّ ما القیناک من جواهر اسرار الهویّة من هذا النّفس المطمئنّة تغنّی حمامة القدس فی فردوس البقآء و اذکر لک لتلبس قمیص الجدید من زبر الحدید لیحفظک عن رمی الشّبهات فی تلک الاشارات و هی هذه انّ من لم یلد من المآء و الرّوح لن یقدر ان یدخل ملکوت الله لأنّ المولود من الجسد جسد هو و المولود من الرّوح فهو روح فلا تتعجّبنّ من قولی انّه ینبغی لکم ان تولدوا مرّة اخریSay: O people! The Tree of Life hath verily been planted in the heart of the heavenly paradise and bestoweth life in every direction. How can ye fail to perceive and recognize it? It will in truth aid thee to grasp all that this well-assured Soul hath disclosed unto thee of the essence of the divine mysteries. The Dove of holiness warbleth in the heaven of immortality and admonisheth thee to array thyself with a new vesture, wrought of steel to shield thee from the shafts of doubt concealed in the allusions of men, saying: “Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, ye must be born again.”Baha - Gems
اذاً طیّر الی شجر الالهی و خذ من ثمراتها ثمّ القط عمّا سقط عنها و کن لها حافظاً امین و فکّر فیما ذکر واحد من الأنبیآء حین الّذی یبشّر الأرواح بمن یأتی بعده باشارات مقنّعة و رموزات مغطّئة من دون الجهر من القول لتوقن بأن لا یعرف کلماتهم الّا اولو الألباب الی ان قال کانت عینتاه کلهیب النّار و کانت رجلاه کالنّحاس و کان یخرج من فمه سیف ذا فمین حینئذ کیف یفسّر هذه الکلمات و فی الظّاهر لو یجیء احد بتلک العلامات لم یکن بانسان و کیف یستأنس به احد بل لمّا یظهر فی مدینة تفرّون منه اهل مدینة اخری و لا یقربوا به احد ابداً مع انّک لو تفکّر فی هذه العبارات لتجدها علی غایة الفصاحة و نهایة البلاغة بحیث عرجت الی غایة البیان و وصلت الی منتهی مقام التّبیان کأنّ شموس البلاغة منها ظهرت و انجم الفصاحة عنها بزغت و لاحتWing then thy flight unto this divine Tree and partake of its fruits. Gather up that which hath fallen therefrom and guard it faithfully. Meditate then upon the utterance of one of the Prophets as He intimated to the souls of men, through veiled allusions and hidden symbols, the glad-tidings of the One Who was to come after Him, that thou mayest know of a certainty that their words are inscrutable to all save those who are endued with an understanding heart. He saith: “His eyes were as a flame of fire”, and “brass-like were His feet”, and “out of His mouth goeth a two-edged sword”. How could these words be literally interpreted? Were anyone to appear with all these signs, he would assuredly not be human. And how could any soul seek his company? Nay, should he appear in one city, even the inhabitants of the next would flee from him, nor would any soul dare approach him! Yet, shouldst thou reflect upon these statements, thou wouldst find them to be of such surpassing eloquence and clarity as to mark the loftiest heights of utterance and the epitome of wisdom. Methinks it is from them that the suns of eloquence have appeared and the stars of clarity have dawned forth and shone resplendent.Baha - Gems
اذاً فاعرف هؤلآء الحمرآء من امم الماضیة و الّذین یکونون فی تلک الأیّام ینتظرون مجیء تلک الانسان و لو لا تجیء هذه النّفس علی هذه الصّورة المذکورة لن یؤمنوا به ابداً و لمّا ما یجیء هذه ابداً انّهم لن یؤمنوا ابداً هذا مبلغ هؤلآء الکفرة من انفس المشرکة و انّ الّذین ما یعرفون ما هو ابده البدیهیّات و اظهر الظّاهریّات فکیف یعرفون غوامض اصول الالهیّة و جواهر اسرار حکمة الصّمدانیّةBehold, then, the foolish ones of bygone times and those who, in this day, await the advent of such a being! Nor would they ever bear allegiance unto him except that he appear in the aforementioned form. And as such a being will never appear, so too will they never believe. Such indeed is the measure of the understanding of these perverse and ungodly souls! How could those who fail to understand the most evident of the evident and the most manifest of the manifest ever apprehend the abstruse realities of the divine precepts and the essence of the mysteries of His everlasting wisdom?Baha - Gems
و انّی حینئذ افسّر لک هذا الکلام علی سبیل الاختصار لتعرف الأسرار و تکون فیها من العارفین فاعلم ثمّ انصف فیما نلقی الیک لتکون من اهل الانصاف فی هذا المصاف بین یدی الله مذکوراI shall now briefly explain the true meaning of this utterance, that thou mayest discover its hidden mysteries and be of them that perceive. Examine then and judge aright that which We shall reveal unto thee, that haply thou mayest be accounted in the sight of God amongst those who are fair-minded in these matters.Baha - Gems
فاعلم بأنّ من تکلّم بهذا المقال فی میادین الجلال اراد ان یذکر اوصاف من یأتی باضمار و الغاز لئلّا یطّلع علیه اهل المجاز فأمّا قوله کانت عینتاه کلهیب النّار ما اراد الّا حدّة بصر من یأتی و قوّة بصیرته بحیث بعینتاه یحرق کلّ الحجبات و السّبحات و بها یعرف اسرار القدمیّة فی عوالم الملکیّة و یمیّز الّذین ترهق وجوههم قترة من الجحیم عن الّذین تعرف فی وجوههم نضرة النّعیم و لو لم یکن عینتاه من نار الله الموقدة کیف یحرق الحجبات و کلّ ما کان بین ایدی النّاس و یلاحظ آیات الله فی جبروت الأسمآء و ملکوت الأشیآء و یشهد الأشیآء بعین الله النّاظرة و کذلک جعلنا الیوم بصره حدیداً ان انتم بآیات الله موقنا و ایّ نار احرّ من هذه النّار الّتی تجلّی فی طور عینتیه و حرق بها کلّ ما احتجبوا به العباد فی اراضی الایجاد فسبحان الله عمّا ظهر فی الواح السّداد من اسرار المبدإ و المعاد الی یوم الّذی فیه ینادی المناد اذاً انّا کلّ الی الله منقلبونKnow then that He who uttered these words in the realms of glory meant to describe the attributes of the One Who is to come in such veiled and enigmatic terms as to elude the understanding of the people of error. Now, when He saith: “His eyes were as a flame of fire”, He alludeth but to the keenness of sight and acuteness of vision of the Promised One, Who with His eyes burneth away every veil and covering, maketh known the eternal mysteries in the contingent world, and distinguisheth the faces that are obscured with the dust of hell from those that shine with the light of paradise. Were His eyes not made of the blazing fire of God, how could He consume every veil and burn away all that the people possess? How could He behold the signs of God in the Kingdom of His names and in the world of creation? How could He see all things with the all-perceiving eye of God? Thus have we conferred upon Him a penetrating vision in this day. Would that ye believe in the verses of God! For, indeed, what fire is fiercer than this flame that shineth in the Sinai of His eyes, whereby He consumeth all that hath veiled the peoples of the world? Immeasurably exalted shall God remain above all that hath been revealed in His unerring Tablets concerning the mysteries of the beginning and the end until that day when the Crier will cry out, the day whereon we shall all return unto Him.Baha - Gems
و قوله کانت رجلاه کالنّحاس ما اراد بذلک الّا الاستقامة حین الّذی یسمع ندآء الله فاستقم کما امرت لیستقیم علی امر الله و یقیم علی صراط قدرة الله بحیث لو ینکروه کلّ من فی السّموات و الأرض ما تزّل قدماه عن التّبلیغ و ما یفرّ عمّا امره الله فی التّشریع و یکون رجلاه کالجبال الباذخة و القلل الشّامخة و یکون مستحکماً فی طاعة الله و قیّوماً فی اظهار امره و ابراز کلمته و لا یردّه منع مانع و لا یصدّه نهی معرض و لا یندمه انکار کافر و کلّما یشهد من الانکار و البغضآء و الکفر و الفحشآء یزداد فی محبّة الله و یزید الشّوق فی قلبه و یکثر الوله فی فؤاده و یبوح العشق فی صدره هل شهدت فی الأرض نحاساً احکم من ذلک او حدیداً اشدّ من ذلک او جبل اسکن من هذا لأنّه یقوم برجلاه فی مقابلة کلّ من علی الأرض و لا یخاف من احد مع ما انت تعرف فعل العباد فسبحان الله مسکنه و مبعثه و انّه هو المقتدر علی ما یشآء و انّه هو المهیمن القیّومAs to the words “brass-like were His feet”, by this is meant His constancy upon hearing the call of God that commandeth Him: “Be thou steadfast as thou hast been bidden.” He shall so persevere in the Cause of God, and evince such firmness in the path of His might, that even if all the powers of earth and heaven were to deny Him, He would not waver in the proclamation of His Cause, nor flee from His command in the promulgation of His Laws. Nay rather, He will stand as firm as the highest mountains and the loftiest peaks. He will remain immovable in His obedience to God and steadfast in revealing His Cause and proclaiming His Word. No obstacle will hinder Him, nor will the censure of the froward deter Him or the repudiation of the infidels cause Him to waver. All the hatred, the rejection, the iniquity, and the unbelief that He witnesseth serve but to strengthen His love for God, to augment the yearning of His heart, to heighten the exultation of His soul, and to fill His breast with passionate devotion. Hast thou ever seen in this world brass stronger, or blade sharper, or mountain more unyielding than this? He shall verily stand upon His feet to confront all the inhabitants of the earth, and will fear no one, notwithstanding that which, as thou well knowest, the people are wont to commit. Glory be to God, Who hath established Him and called Him forth! Potent is God to do what He pleaseth. He, in truth, is the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.Baha - Gems
و کان یخرج من فمه سیف ذا فمین فاعلم بأنّ السّیف لمّا کان آلة القطع و الفصل و من فم الأنبیآء و الأولیآء یخرج ما یفصل بین المؤمن و الکافر و یقطع بین المحبّ و المحبوب لذا سمّی بهذا و انّه ما اراد بذلک الّا القطع و الفصل مثلاً نقطة الأوّلیّة و الشّمس الأزلیّة فی حین الّذی یرید ان یحشر الخلائق باذن الله و یبعثهم من مراقد نفوسهم و یفصل بینهم لینطق بآیة من عند الله و هذه الآیة تفصل بین الحقّ و الباطل من یومئذ الی یوم القیامة و ایّ سیف احدّ من هذا السّیف الأحدیّة و ایّ صمصام اشحذ من هذا الصّمصام الصّمدیّة الّذی یقطع کلّ النّسبة و بذلک یفصل بین المقبل و المعرض و بین الأب و الابن و الأخ و الأخت و العاشق و المعشوق لأنّ من آمن بما نزّل علیه فهو مؤمن و من اعرض فهو کافر و یظهر الفصل بین هذا المؤمن و هذا الکافر بحیث لا یعاشرا و لا یجتمعا فی الملک ابداً و کذلک فی الأب و الابن و انّ الابن لو یؤمن و الأب ینکر یفصل بینهما و لا یجانسا ابداً بل تشهد بأنّ الابن یقتل الأب و بالعکس و کذلک فاعرف کلّ ما ذکرنا و بیّنّا و فصّلناAnd further He saith: “Out of his mouth goeth a two-edged sword.” Know thou that since the sword is an instrument that divideth and cleaveth asunder, and since there proceedeth from the mouth of the Prophets and the Chosen Ones of God that which separateth the believer from the infidel and the lover from the beloved, this term hath been so employed, and apart from this dividing and separating no other meaning is intended. Thus, when He Who is the Primal Point and the eternal Sun desireth, by the leave of God, to gather together all creation, to raise them up from the graves of their own selves, and to divide them one from another, He shall pronounce but one verse from Him, and this verse will distinguish truth from error from this day unto the Day of Resurrection. What sword is sharper than this heavenly sword, what blade more trenchant than this incorruptible steel that severeth every tie and separateth thereby the believer from the infidel, father from son, brother from sister, and lover from beloved? For whoso believeth in that which hath been revealed unto him is a true believer and whoso turneth away is an infidel, and such an irrevocable separation occurreth between them that they will cease to consort and associate with each other in this world. And so it is between father and son, for should the son believe and the father deny, they will be severed and forever dissociated from each other. Nay rather, thou witnesseth how the son slayeth the father and the father the son. Consider in the same light all that We have explained and related unto thee.Baha - Gems
و انّک لو تشهد بعین الیقین لتشهد بأنّ هذا السّیف الالهی لیفصل بین الأصلاب لو انتم تعلمون و هذه من کلمة الفصل الّتی تظهر فی یوم الفصل و الطّلاق لو کانوا النّاس فی ایّام ربّهم یتذکّرون بل لو تدقّ بصرک و ترقّ قلبک لتشهد بأنّ کلّ السّیوف الظّاهریّة الّتی تقتل الکفّار و تجاهد مع الفجّار فی کلّ دهر و زمان یظهر من هذا السّیف الباطنیّة الالهیّة اذاً فافتح عیناک لتجد کلّ ما اریناک و تبلغ الی ما لا یبلغ الیه احد من العالمین و نقول الحمد لله اذ هو مالک یوم الدّینWert thou to behold all things with the eye of discernment, thou wouldst indeed see that this divine sword doth cleave asunder generations. Would that ye could understand it! All this is by virtue of the word of separation that is manifested on the Day of Judgement and Separation, were the people to take heed in the days of their Lord. Nay, couldst thou but sharpen thy sight and refine thy heart, thou wouldst witness that all the material swords which in every day and age have slain the infidels and waged war against the impious proceed from this divine and invisible sword. Open then thine eyes, that thou mayest behold all that We have revealed to thee and attain unto that which none other hath attained. We verily exclaim: “Praise be to God, He Who is the Lord of the Day of Reckoning!”Baha - Gems
و هؤلآء العباد لمّا ما اخذوا العلم من معدنه و محلّه و عن بحر العذب الفرات السّائغ الّذی یجری باذن الله فی قلوب الصّافیة السّاذجیّة لذا احتجبوا عن مراد الله فی کلماته و اشاراته و کانوا فی سجن انفسهم لساکنینYea, inasmuch as these people have failed to acquire true knowledge from its source and wellspring, and from the ocean of fresh and soft-flowing waters that stream, by the leave of God, through hearts that are pure and stainless, they have been veiled from that which God hath intended by those words and allusions and have remained confined within the prison of their own selves.Baha - Gems
و انّا نشکر الله بما اتانا من فضله و جعلنا موقناً بأمره الّذی لا یقوم معه السّموات و الأرض و مقرّاً به یوم لقائه و بمن یظهره الله فی قیامة الأخری و جعلنا من الموقنین به قبل ظهوره لتکون النّعمة من عنده بالغة علینا و علی العالمینWe render thanks unto God for that which He hath bestowed upon us of His grace. He it is Who hath caused us to be assured of the truth of His Faith—a Faith which the combined forces of earth and heaven are powerless to resist. He it is Who hath enabled us to acknowledge Him in the day of His presence, to testify unto Him Whom God shall make manifest in the latter Resurrection, and to be among them that have believed in Him ere His appearance, that His favour may be made complete unto us and unto all mankind.Baha - Gems
ولکن اشکو الیک یا اخی عن الّذین ینسبون انفسهم الی الله و مظاهر علمه و یرتکبون الفواحش و یأکلون اموال النّاس و یشربون الخمر و یقتلون الأنفس و یسرقون الأموال بینهم و یغتبون بعضهم بعضاً و یفترون علی الله و یکذبون فی اکثر اقوالهم و یرجع النّاس کلّ ذلک الینا و انّهم ما استحیون عن الله و یترکون ما امرهم الله و یرتکبون ما نهوا عنه بعد الّذی ینبغی لأهل الحقّ بأن یظهر آثار الخضوع عن وجوههم و انوار القدس من طلعاتهم و یمشوا فی الأرض بمثل من یمشی بین یدی الله و یکون ممتازاً عن کلّ من علی الأرض بجمیع الحرکات و السّکنات بحیث یشاهدوا آثار القدرة بعیونهم و یذکروا الله بألسنهم و قلوبهم و یمشوا الی اوطان القرب بأرجلهم و یأخذوا احکام الله بأیادیهم و لو یمضون علی وادی الذّهب و معادن الفضّة ما یعتنون بهما و لا یلتفتون الیهماBut hear, O My brother, My plaint against them that claim to be associated with God and with the Manifestations of His knowledge, and yet follow their corrupt inclinations, consume the substance of their neighbour, are given to wine, commit murder, defraud and slander each other, hurl calumnies against God, and are wont to speak falsely. The people attribute all these deeds unto Us, whilst their perpetrators remain shameless before God. They cast aside that which He hath enjoined upon them and commit that which He hath forbidden. Yet it behoveth the people of truth that the signs of humility should shine upon their faces, that the light of sanctity should radiate from their countenances, that they should walk upon the earth as though they were in the presence of God and distinguish themselves in their deeds from all the dwellers of the earth. Such must be their state that their eyes should behold the evidences of His might, their tongues and hearts make mention of His name, their feet be set towards the lands of His nearness, and their hands take fast hold upon His precepts. And were they to pass through a valley of pure gold and mines of precious silver, they should regard them as wholly unworthy of their attention.Baha - Gems
و انّ هؤلآء اعرضوا عن کلّ ذلک و اقبلوا الی ما تهوی به هواهم و انّهم فی وادی الکبر و الغرور لیهیمون و اشهد حینئذ بأنّ الله کان بریء عنهم و نحن برآء و نسأل الله بأن لا یجمعنا و ایّاهم لا فی الدّنیا و لا فی الآخرة اذ انّه هو الحقّ لا اله الّا هو و انّه کان علی کلّ شیء قدیرThese people, however, have turned aside from all this and placed instead their affections upon that which accordeth with their own corrupt inclinations. Thus do they roam in the wilderness of arrogance and pride. I bear witness at this moment that God is wholly quit of them, and likewise are We. We beseech God to suffer Us not to associate with them either in this life or in the life to come. He, verily, is the Eternal Truth. No God is there but Him, and His might is equal to all things.Baha - Gems
اذاً فاشرب یا اخی من هذا المآء الّذی اجریناه فی ابحر تلک الکلمات کأنّ بحور العظمة متموّجات فیها و جواهر الأحدیّة مشعشعات لها و بها و علیها فانّک فاخلع ثیابک عمّا یحجبک عن الدّخول فی هذا البحر اللّجّیّ الحمرآء فقل بسم الله و بالله ثمّ ادخل فیها و لا تخف من احد و توکّل علی الله ربّک و من یتوکّل علی الله فهو حسبه فانّه هو یحفظک و تکون فیه من الآمنینQuaff then, O My brother, from the living waters that We have caused to flow in the oceans of these words. Methinks the seas of grandeur are surging within them, and the gems of divine virtue are shining within and upon them. Divest then thyself of that which debarreth thee from this fathomless crimson sea, and to the cry of “In the name of God and by His grace!” immerse thyself therein. Let the fear of no one dismay thee. Trust in the Lord, thy God, for He is sufficient unto whosoever trusteth in Him. He, verily, shall protect thee, and in Him shalt thou abide in safety.Baha - Gems
ثمّ اعلم بأنّ فی هذه المدینة الألطف الأبهی تجد السّالک خاضعاً لکلّ الوجوه و خاشعاً لکلّ الأشیآء لأنّه لا یشهد شیئاً الّا و قد یری الله فیه و یشهد نوره فیما احاطت انوار الظّهور علی طور الممکنات و فی ذلک المقام حقّ علیه بأن لا یجلس علی صدور المجالس لافتخار نفسه و لا یتقدّم علی نفس لاستکبار نفسه و یشهد نفسه فی کلّ حین بین یدی مولاه و لا یرضی لوجه ما لا یرضی لوجهه و لا یقول لأحد ما لا یقدر ان یسمعه من غیره و لا یحبّ لأحد ما لا یحبّه لنفسه و یحرّک فی الأرض علی خیط الاستوآء فی ملکوت البدآءKnow thou, moreover, that in this most hallowed and resplendent city thou shalt find the wayfarer to be lowly before all men and humble before all things. For naught doth he behold save that he perceiveth God therein. He beholdeth the effulgent glories of God in the lights of His Revelation that have encompassed the Sinai of creation. In this station the wayfarer must not claim the seat of honour in any gathering or walk before others in the desire to vaunt and exalt himself. Rather must he regard himself as standing at all times in the presence of his Lord. He must not wish for anyone that which he doth not wish for himself, nor speak that which he would not bear to hear spoken by another, nor yet desire for any soul that which he would not have desired for himself. It befitteth him, rather, to walk upon the earth with undeviating steps in the kingdom of His new creation.Baha - Gems
ولکن اعلم بأنّ السّالک فی اوائل سلوکه کما ذکرنا من قبل لیری التّبدیل و التّغییر و هذا حقّ لا ریب فیه کما نزل فی وصف تلک الأیّام یوم تبدّل الأرض غیر الأرض و هذا من ایّام الّذی ما شهدت العیون بمثلها فطوبی لمن ادرکها و عرف قدرها و لقد ارسلنا موسی بآیاتنا ان اخرج القوم من الظّلمات الی النّور و ذکّرهم بأیّام الله و هذا من ایّام الله لو انتم تعرفونKnow, however, that the seeker, at the outset of his journey, witnesseth change and transformation, as hath already been mentioned. This is undoubtedly the truth, as hath been revealed concerning those days: “On the day when the earth shall be changed into another earth.” These are indeed days the like of which no mortal eye hath ever seen. Blessed is he that attaineth thereunto and realizeth their full worth. “We had sent Moses with Our signs, saying unto him: ‘Bring forth thy people from darkness into light and remind them of the days of God.’” And these are in truth the days of God, could ye but know it.Baha - Gems
و فی هذا المقام کلّ المتغایرات و المتبدّلات لموجود بین یدیک و من اقرّ بغیر ذلک فقد الحد فی امر الله و نازعه فی سلطانه و حاربه فی حکومته و من یبدّل الأرض و یجعلها غیر الأرض لیقدر ان یبدّل کلّ ما علیها و ما یحرّک علی ظهرها و لا تستعجب عن ذلک کما بدّل الظّلمة بالنّور و النّور بالظّلمة و الجهل بالعلم و الضّلالة بالهدایة و الموت بالحیاة و الحیاة بالموت و فی ذلک المقام یثبت حکم التّبدیل ان تکون من اهل هذا السّبیل فکّر فیه لیظهر لک ما طلبت عن هذا الذّلیل من سرادق هذا الدّلیل لتکون فیه من السّاکنین لأنّه یفعل ما یشآء و یحکم ما یرید و لا یسأل عمّا یفعل و کلّ عن کلّ یسألونIn this station, all changing and varying realities are manifest before thee. Whosoever denieth this truth hath verily turned aside from the Cause of God, rebelled against His rule, and gainsaid His sovereignty. For it is indeed within the power of Him Who changeth the earth into another earth to transform all that dwell and move thereon. Wherefore marvel not at how He turneth darkness into light, light into darkness, ignorance into knowledge, error into guidance, death into life, and life into death. It is in this station that the law of transformation taketh effect. Ponder thereon, if thou be of them that tread this path, that all thou didst ask of this lowly One may be made plain unto thee and that thou mayest abide within the tabernacle of this guidance. For He doeth whatsoever He willeth and ordaineth whatsoever He pleaseth. Nor shall He be asked of His doings, whilst all men will be asked of their every deed.Baha - Gems
ولکن یا اخی لتری فی هذه الرّتبة ای فی اوّل السّلوک کما ذکرنا فی مدینة الطّلب مقامات مختلفة و علامات متفاوتة و کلّها حقّ فی مواقعها و مقاماتها و ینبغی لجنابک فی هذا المقام بأن تشهد کلّ الأشیآء فی اماکنها من دون ان تنزل شیئاً عن صعودها و علوّها او ترفع شیئاً من مقامها و دنوّها مثلاً انّک لو تحلّ اللّاهوت فی النّاسوت هذا شرک محض و لو تصعد النّاسوت الی هوآء اللّاهوت هذا کفر صرف ولکن لو تذکر اللّاهوت فی اللّاهوت و النّاسوت فی النّاسوت لحقّ لا ریب فیه ای انّ جنابک لو تشهد التّبدیل فی عوالم التّوحید هذا ذنب لم یکن فی الملک اکبر من ذلک و ان تشهد التّبدیل فی مقامه و تعرفه علی ما ینبغی لا بأس علیکO My brother! In this stage, which marketh the beginning of the journey, thou shalt behold divers stations and differing signs, even as was mentioned in connection with the City of Search. All these hold true in their respective planes. It behoveth thine eminence in this station to consider each created thing in its own place, neither abasing nor exalting its true rank. For instance, if thou wert to reduce the unseen world to the realm of creation, this would be an act of sheer blasphemy, and the converse would likewise be the essence of impiety. Wert thou, however, to describe the unseen world and the realm of creation within their own stations, this would be the undoubted truth. In other words, wert thou to witness any transformation in the realm of the divine unity, no greater sin could be conceived in all creation, but wert thou to consider transformation in its own place and understand it accordingly, no harm could befall thee.Baha - Gems
و انّی فوربّی کلّ ما القیناک من اسرار البیان و مقامات التّبیان فی العیان کأنّی ما ذکرت حرفاً من بحر علم الله المکنونة و جوهر حکمة الله المخزونة و سنذکر فی حینها اذا شآء الله و اراد و انّه هو ذاکر کلّ شیء فی مقامها و انّا کلّ له ذاکرونBy My Lord! Notwithstanding all that We have revealed unto thee of the mysteries of utterance and the degrees of exposition, methinks I have spoken not a single letter of the ocean of God’s hidden knowledge and the essence of His inscrutable wisdom. God willing, this We shall erelong accomplish in its appointed time. He verily, remembereth all things in their own place, and we, in truth, all yield praise unto Him.Baha - Gems
ثمّ اعلم بأنّ طیر الّتی تطیر فی هوآء الجبروت لن تقدر ان تطیر فی سمآء قدس اللّاهوت و لن تقدر ان تمذق فواکه الّتی خلق الله فیها و لن تقدر ان تشرب انهار الّتی جرت فیها و لو تشرب قطرة منها لتموت فی الحین کما تشهد فی تلک الأیّام عن الّذین ینسبون انفسهم الینا و یفعلون ما یفعلون و یقولون ما یقولون و یدّعون ما یدّعون و کأنّهم فی حجباتهم میّتونKnow thou, moreover, that the bird that taketh flight in the atmosphere of the realm on high will never be able to soar unto the heaven of transcendent holiness, nor taste of the fruits which God hath brought forth therein, nor quaff from the streams which He hath caused to flow in its midst. And were it to partake but a drop thereof, it would perish forthwith. Even as thou dost witness in these days with regard to those who profess allegiance unto Us, and yet perform such deeds, utter such words, and advance such claims as they have. Methinks they lie as dead within their own veils.Baha - Gems
کذلک فاعرف کلّ المقامات و الاشارات و الدّلالات و تعرف کلّ شیء فی مکانه و تجد کلّ امر فی مقامه و لهذا المقام ای مقام مدینة الأحدیّة رجال قد رکبوا علی فلک الهدایة و سافروا فی معارج الأحدیّة و تشهد انوار الجمال عن وجوههم و اسرار الجلال من هیاکلهم و تجد روائح المسک من کلماتهم و تلاحظ آیات السّلطنة فی مشیهم و حرکاتهم و سکونهم و لا یحجبک اعمال الّذینهم ما شربوا من عیون الصّافیة و ما وصلوا الی مدائن القدسیّة و یتّبعون اهوآء انفسهم و یفسدون فی الأرض و یحسبون بأنّهم مهتدون هم الّذین ورد فی شأنهم همج رعاع اتباع کلّ ناعق یمیلون بکلّ ریح و مراتب هذا السّفر و هذا المقام و هذا الوطن معلوم عند جنابک و مشهود عند حضرتک لا یحتاج الی تطویل الکلامComprehend, in like manner, every station, sign, and allusion, that thou mayest perceive all things in their own place and consider all matters in their proper light. For in this station, the City of Divine Unity, are to be found those who have entered within the ark of divine guidance and journeyed through the heights of divine unity. Thou shalt behold the lights of beauty upon their faces and the mysteries of glory in their human temples. Thou shalt perceive the musk-laden fragrance of their words and behold the signs of His sovereignty in all their ways and doings. Nor wilt thou be veiled by the deeds of them that have failed to quaff from the crystal springs or to attain unto the cities of holiness, and who follow their selfish desires and spread disorder in the land, all the while believing themselves to be guided aright. It is indeed of them that it hath been said: “These are the abject and foolish, who follow every clamorous impostor and who bend with every changing wind.” The stages of this journey, station, and abode are clear and manifest to thee and require no further explanation.Baha - Gems
ثمّ اعلم بأنّ کلّ ما شهدت و سمعت بأنّ شمس الحقیقة و النّقطة الأوّلیّة نسب الی نفسه من اسمآء القبل لم یکن ذلک الّا من ضعف العباد و هندسة عوالم الایجاد والّا کلّ الأسمآء و الصّفات یطوفنّ حول ذاته و یدورنّ فی فنآء حرمه بل هو مربّی الأسمآء و مظهر الصّفات و مذوّت الذّوات و معلن الآیات و مطرّز العلامات بل انّ جنابک لو تشهد بعین سرّک لتجد ما دونه مفقود عنده و معدوم فی ساحته کان الله و لم یکن معه من شیء و الآن کان بمثل ما قد کان و لمّا ثبت بأنّه جلّ و عزّ کان و لم یکن معه من شیء کیف یجری حکم التّبدیل و التّغییر و انّک اذاً تفکّر فیما القیناک لتظهر لک شمس الهدایة فی هذا الصّبح الأزلیّة و تکون فیه من الزّاهدینKnow then that all thou hast heard and witnessed that Daystar of Truth, the Primal Point, ascribe to Himself from the designations of former times is only on account of the weakness of men and the scheme of the world of creation. Otherwise, all names and attributes revolve round His Essence and circle about the threshold of His sanctuary. For He it is Who traineth all names, revealeth all attributes, conferreth life upon all beings, proclaimeth the divine verses, and arrayeth the heavenly signs. Nay, shouldst thou gaze with thine inner eye, thou wouldst find that all save Him fade into utter nothingness and are as a thing forgotten in His holy presence. “God was alone; there was none else besides Him. He remaineth now what He hath ever been.” Since it hath been established that God—hallowed and glorified be He!—was alone and there was none besides Him, how can the law of change and transformation apply here? Shouldst thou reflect upon that which We have disclosed unto thee, the daystar of guidance would shine resplendent before thee in this everlasting morn, and thou wouldst be numbered therein with the pious.Baha - Gems
ثمّ اعلم بأن کلّ ما ذکرنا فی ذکر الأسفار لم یکن الّا للأحبار من الأخیار و انّک لو ترکب علی براق المعنوی و تسیر فی حدائق الالهی لتقطع کلّ الأسفار و تطّلع علی الأسرار من قبل ان ترتدّ الیک الأبصارKnow, moreover, that all that We have mentioned concerning these journeys is intended for none but the elect amongst the righteous. And shouldst thou spur on the charger of the spirit and traverse the meads of heaven, thou wouldst complete all these journeys and discover every mystery in less than the twinkling of an eye.Baha - Gems
اذاً یا اخی ان تکون من فارس هذا المیدان فارکض فی ممالک الایقان لتخلّص نفسک عن سجن الشّرک فی هذا الزّمان و تجد رائحة المسکیّة من نفحات هذه الحدیقة و من عطر هذه المدینة تفرّقت نسمات العطریّة فی اقطار العالم و انّک لا تحرم نصیبک و لا تکن من الغافلین فنعم ما قالO My brother! If thou be a champion of this arena, speed within the lands of certitude, that thy soul may be delivered in this day from the bondage of misbelief, and that thou mayest perceive the sweet savours that waft from this garden. Verily, the perfume-laden breezes that carry the fragrance of this city blow over all regions. Forfeit not thy portion thereof and be not of the heedless. How well hath it been said:Baha - Gems
فلو عبقت فی الشّرق انفاس طیبهاHis fragrant breaths diffused in Eastern lands could wellBaha - Gems
و فی الغرب مزکوم لعاد له الشّمّTo sick ones in the West restore their sense of smell!Baha - Gems
و بعد هذا السّفر الالهی و هذا العروج المعنوی یدخل السّالک فی حدیقة الحیرة (حیرة تعارج روح قدسیّة فی وادی نور حیرتیّة) و هذا مقام الّذی لو القی علیک لتبکی و تنوح علی هذا العبد الّذی بقی بین یدی هؤلآء المشرکین و صار متحیّراً فی امره و یکون فی هذه اللّجّة لمن المتحیّرین بحیث فی کلّ یوم یشاورون فی قتلی و فی کلّ ساعة یریدون خروجی عن هذه البلد کما اخرجونی عن البلاد و هذا العبد اکون حاضراً بین یدیهم و انتظر ما قضی الله علینا و حکم بنا و قدّر لأنفسنا و ما اخاف من احد و ما احذر من نفس مع ما احاطتنا البأسآء و الضّرّآء من اهل البغی و البغضآء و اغشت الأحزان فی تلک الأزمانAfter this heavenly journey and mystical ascent the wayfarer will enter within the Garden of Wonderment. Were I to disclose unto thee the reality of this station, thou wouldst lament and bewail the plight of this Servant Who remaineth in the hands of these infidels, Who hath grown perplexed at His plight, and is lost in bewilderment in this fathomless ocean. They conspire each day to put Me to death, and seek at every hour to banish Me from this land, even as they banished Me from another land. Yet this Servant standeth ready before them, awaiting whatsoever the Almighty hath ordained and decreed for Us. Nor do I fear any soul, encompassed as We may be by such trials and tribulations as are inflicted by the wicked and the malicious and surrounded at this hour by a myriad woes and sorrows. Baha - Gems
فطوفان نوح عند نوحی کأدمعی“Noah’s flood is but the measure of the tears I have shed, Baha - Gems
و ایقاد نیران الخلیل کلوعتیand Abraham’s fire an ebullition of My soul.Baha - Gems
و حزنی ما یعقوب بثّ اقلّهJacob’s grief is but a reflection of My sorrows, Baha - Gems
و کلّ بلا ایّوب بعض بلیّتیand Job’s afflictions a fraction of My calamity.”Baha - Gems
و لو اذکر لجنابک بلایا النّازلة و القضایا الواردة لتحزن علی شأن ینقطع عنک کلّ الأذکار و تغفل عن وجودک و عن کلّ ما خلق الله فی الملک و انّا لمّا ما اردنا لجنابک ذلک لذا غطیت اظهار القضآء فی کبد البهآء و احتجبته عمّا یتحرّک فی ارض الانشآء لیکون مکنوناً فی سرادق الغیب الی ان یظهر الله سرّه اذ لا یعزب عن علمه من شیء لا فی السّموات و لا فی الأرض و انّه کان بکلّ شیء رقیبWere I to recount unto thine eminence the dire adversities that have befallen Me, thou wouldst be so grieved as to forsake the mention of all things and to forget thyself and all that the Lord hath created on earth. But as this is not Our wish, I have concealed the revelation of the divine decree in the heart of Bahá and veiled it from the eyes of all that move in the realm of creation, that it may lie hid within the tabernacle of the Unseen until such time as God will have revealed its secret. “Naught in the heavens or on the earth can escape His knowledge, and He, verily, perceiveth all things.”Baha - Gems
و انّا لمّا بعدنا عن ذکر المقصود ترکنا الاشارات و رجعنا الی ما کنّا فیه فی ذکر هذه المدینة الّتی من دخل فیها نجا و من اعرض عنها هلکAs We have digressed from Our theme, let Us leave aside these allusions and return to Our discussion of this city. Verily, whoso entereth therein shall be saved, and whoso turneth aside therefrom will assuredly perish.Baha - Gems
فاعرف یا ایّها المذکور فی هذه الألواح بأنّ من دخل فی هذا السّفر یکون متحیّراً فی آثار قدرة الله و بدائع آیات صنع الله و یأخذه الحیرة من کلّ الجهات و من جمیع الأطراف کما شهد بذلک جوهر البقآء فی ملإ الأعلی فی قوله ربّ زدنی فیک تحیّراً فنعم ما قالO thou who art mentioned in these Tablets! Know thou that he who embarketh upon this journey will marvel at the signs of the power of God and the wondrous evidences of His handiwork. Bewilderment will seize him from every side, even as hath been attested by that Essence of immortality from the Concourse on high: “Increase My wonder and amazement at Thee, O God!” Well hath it been said:Baha - Gems
و ما احترت حتّی اخترت حبّک مذهباًI knew not what amazement was
Until I made Thy love my cause.
Baha - Gems
فوا حیرتی لو لم تکن فیک حیرتیO how amazing would it be
If I were not amazed by Thee!
Baha - Gems
و فی ذلک الوادی تضلّون السّالکون و تهلکون و لن تقدروا ان تصلوا الی مثواهم الله اکبر من عظمة هذا الواد و من وسعة هذه المدینة فی جبروت الایجاد کأنّک لن تجد له من اوّل و لا من آخر فبشری ثمّ بشری لمن کمل فیها سفره و ایّده الله علی طیّ هذه الأرض الطّیّبة فی هذه المدینة الالهیّة الّتی تتحیّر فیها کلّ المقرّبین و المخلصین و نقول الحمد لله ربّ العالمینIn this valley the wayfarers stray and perish ere they attain their final abode. Gracious God! So immense is this valley, so vast this city in the kingdom of creation, that it seemeth to have neither beginning nor end. How great the blessedness of him who completeth his journey therein and who traverseth, through the assistance of God, the hallowed soil of this heavenly city, a city in which the favoured ones of God and the pure in heart are overcome with wonder and awe. And We say: “Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds.”Baha - Gems
و لو یتعارج العبد و یسافر عن هذا الوطن التّرابی و یرید ان یتعارج الی وطن الالهی لیدخل من هذه المدینة الی مدینة الفنآء (فنآء تغرّد محو الهیّة فی حدیقة صعق فنائیّة) لفنائه عن نفسه و بقائه بالله و السّالک فی هذا المقام و هذا الوطن البحت الأعلی و هذا السّفر المحو الکبری لینسی نفسه و روحه و جسده و ذاته و یسبح فی قلزم الفنآء و یکون فی الأرض کمن لم یکن شیئاً مذکورا و لن یشهد احد منه آثار الوجود لاضمحلاله عن ممالک الشّهود و لبلوغه الی مقامات المحوAnd should the servant ascend to even loftier heights, quit this mortal world of dust, and seek to ascend unto the celestial abode, he will then pass from this city into the City of Absolute Nothingness, that is, of dying to self and living in God. In this station, this most exalted habitation, this journey of utter self-effacement, the wayfarer forgetteth his soul, spirit, body, and very being, immerseth himself in the sea of nothingness, and liveth on earth as one unworthy of mention. Nor will one find any sign of his existence, for he hath vanished from the realm of the visible and attained unto the heights of self-abnegation.Baha - Gems
و لو انّا نذکر اسرار هذه المدینة لتفنی ممالک الفؤاد لکثرة شوق اهلها الی هذا المقام السّداد لأنّ هذا المقام مقام تجلّی المعشوق للعاشق الصّادق و ظهور اشراق انوار المحبوب للحبیب الفارغWere We to recount the mysteries of this city, the dominions of the hearts of men would be laid to waste in the intensity of their longing for this mighty station. For this is the station wherein the effulgent glories of the Beloved are revealed to the sincere lover and the resplendent lights of the Friend are cast upon the severed heart that is devoted to Him.Baha - Gems
و هل یمکن للعاشق وجود حین تجلّی المعشوق او للظّلّ بقآء عند ظهور الشّمس او للحبیب دوام عند وجود المحبوب لا فوالّذی نفسی بیده بل السّالک فی هذا المقام لو تفحّص فی شرق الأرض و غربها و برّها و بحرها و سهلها و جبلها ما یجد نفسه و لا نفس غیره لشدّة فنائه فی موجده و لطافة محوه فی بارئهHow can a true lover continue to exist when once the effulgent glories of the Beloved are revealed? How can the shadow endure when once the sun hath shone forth? How can a devoted heart have any being before the existence of the Object of its devotion? Nay, by the One in Whose hand is my soul! In this station, the seeker’s complete surrender and utter effacement before his Creator will be such that, were he to search the East and the West, and traverse land, sea, mountain and plain, he would find no trace of his own self or of any other soul.Baha - Gems
فسبحان الله لو لا خوفی من نمرود الظّلم و حفظی لخلیل العدل لألقی علیک ما یغنیک عن دونک و لأقرأ لک ما یقرّبک الی هذه المدینة حین غفلة عن نفسک و هواک ولکن اصبر حتّی یأتی الله بأمره و انّه هو یجزی الصّابرین بغیر حساب اذاً فانشق رائحة الرّوحانی من قمص المعانی و قل یا اهل لجّة الفنآء ان اسرعوا للدّخول فی مدینة البقآء ان انتم الی معارج البقآء تتعارجون و نقول انّا لله و انّا الیه راجعونGracious God! But for fear of the Nimrod of tyranny and for the protection of the Abraham of justice, I would reveal unto thee that which, wert thou to abandon self and desire, would enable thee to dispense with aught else and to draw nigh unto this city. Be patient, however, until such time as God will have proclaimed His Cause. He, verily, rewardeth beyond measure them that endure with patience. Inhale then the sweet savours of the spirit from the garment of hidden meanings, and say: “O ye that are immersed in the ocean of selflessness! Hasten to enter the City of Immortality, if ye seek to ascend its heights.” And We exclaim: “Verily we are God’s, and to Him shall we return.”Baha - Gems
و من ذلک المقام الأعلی الأعلی و الرّتبة الأعظم الأسنی یدخل فی مدینة البقآء (بقآء تغنّی ورقآء دائمیّة فی وادی قدس بقائیّة) علی البقآء و فی ذلک المقام یشهد السّالک نفسه علی عرش الاستغنآء و کرسیّ الاستعلآء اذاً یظهر له حکم ما ذکر من قبل یوم یغنی الله کلّاً من سعته فهنیئاً لمن وصل الی هذا المقام و شرب من هذا الکأس البیضآء فی هذا الرّکن الحمرآءFrom this most august and exalted station, and from this most sublime and glorious plane, the seeker entereth the City of Immortality, therein to abide forever. In this station he beholdeth himself established upon the throne of independence and the seat of exaltation. Then will he comprehend the meaning of that which hath been revealed of old concerning the day “whereon God shall enrich all through His abundance”. Well is it with them that have attained unto this station and drunk their fill from this snow-white chalice before this Crimson Pillar.Baha - Gems
فانّ السّالک فی هذا السّفر لمّا استغرق فی ابحر البقآء و استفرغ فؤاده عن کلّ ما سواه و استبلغ الی معارج الحیاة لا یری الفنآء لنفسه و لا لغیره ابداً و یشرب عن کأس البقآء و یمشی فی ارض البقآء و یطیر فی هوآء البقآء و یجالس مع هیاکل البقآء و یأکل من نعمة الباقیة الدّائمة من شجرة الدّائمة الأزلیّة و یکون من اهل البقآء فی علی البقآء بالبقآء مذکوراHaving, in this journey, immersed himself in the ocean of immortality, rid his heart from attachment to aught save Him, and attained unto the loftiest heights of everlasting life, the seeker will see no annihilation either for himself or for any other soul. He will quaff from the cup of immortality, tread in its land, soar in its atmosphere, consort with them that are its embodiments, partake of the imperishable and incorruptible fruits of the tree of eternity, and be forever accounted, in the lofty heights of immortality, amongst the denizens of the everlasting realm.Baha - Gems
و کلّ ما یکون فی هذه المدینة لباقیة دائمة لا یفنی و انت لو تدخل باذن الله فی هذه الحدیقة العالیة المتعالیة لتجد شمسها فی قطب الزّوال بحیث لا تکسف و لا تغرب ابداً و کذلک قمرها و افلاکها و انجمها و اشجرها و ابحرها و کلّ ما فیها و بها و انّی فوالله الّذی لا اله الّا هو لو اذکر لک بدائع اوصاف هذه المدینة من یومئذ الی آخر الّذی لا آخر له ما یفرغ حبّ فؤادی لهذه المدینة الطّیّبة الدّائمة ولکن اختم القول لضیق الوقت و تعجیل الطّالب و لئلّا تظهر الأسرار فی الاجهار من دون اذن من الله المقتدر القهّارAll that existeth in this city shall indeed endure and will never perish. Shouldst thou, by the leave of God, enter this sublime and exalted garden, thou wouldst find its sun in its noontide glory, never to set, never to be eclipsed. The same holdeth true of its moon, its firmament, its stars, trees, and oceans, and of all that pertaineth thereunto or existeth therein. By Him besides Whom there is none other God! Were I to recount, from this day unto the end that hath no end, its wondrous attributes, the love that My heart cherisheth for this hallowed and everlasting city would never be exhausted. I shall, however, bring My theme to a close, since time is short and the inquirer impatient, and since these secrets are not to be openly divulged save by the leave of God, the Almighty, the All-Compelling.Baha - Gems
و سینظر الموحّدون فی قیامة الأخری بأنّ من یظهره الله مع هذه المدینة ینزل من سمآء الغیب مع ملائکة المقرّبین العالین فطوبی لمن یحضر بین یدیه و یفوز بلقائه و انّا کلّ بذلک آملون و نقول الحمد لله اذ هو الحقّ و انّا کلّ الیه منقلبونErelong shall the faithful behold, in the day of the latter Resurrection, Him Whom God shall make manifest descending with this city from the heaven of the Unseen, together with a company of His exalted and favoured angels. Great, therefore, is the blessedness of him that attaineth unto His presence and beholdeth His countenance. We all, verily, cherish this hope, and exclaim: “Praise be unto Him, for verily He is the Eternal Truth, and unto Him do we return!”Baha - Gems
ثمّ اعرف بأنّ الواصل الی هذه المقامات و المسافر فی هذه الأسفار لو یناله فی السّبیل من کبر او غرور لیهلک فی الحین و یرجع الی قدم الأوّل من دون ان یعرف ذلک و علامة الواصلین و المشتاقین فی هذه الأسفار ان یخفضوا جناحهم للّذین آمنوا بالله و آیاته و یبخعوا انفسهم للّذین استقربوا الی الله و مظاهر جماله و یخضعوا ذواتهم للّذین استقرّوا علی رفرف امر الله و عظمته لأنّهمKnow, moreover, that should one who hath attained unto these stations and embarked upon these journeys fall prey to pride and vainglory, he would at that very moment come to naught and return to the first step without realizing it. Indeed, they that seek and yearn after Him in these journeys are known by this sign, that they humbly defer to those who have believed in God and in His verses, that they are lowly before those who have drawn nigh unto Him and unto the Manifestations of His Beauty, and that they bow in submission to them that are firmly established upon the lofty heights of the Cause of God and before its majesty.Baha - Gems
لو یتعارجون الی غایة القصوی فی سلوکهم الی الله و وصولهم الیه لن یصلوا الّا الی مقرّ الّذی خلقت فی افئدتهنّ فکیف یقدرنّ ان یتعارجنّ الی مقامات الّتی ما قدّرت لهم و ما خلقت لشأنهم و لو یسافرون من الأزل الی الأبد لن یصلوا الی قطب الوجود و مرکز الموجود الّذی جری عن یمینه بحور العظمة و عن یساره شطوط القدرة و لن یقدر احد ان ینزل بفنائه و کیف الی مقامه و هو کان ساکناً فی فلک النّار و یسری علی بحر النّار فی کرة النّار و یمشی فی هوآء النّار فکیف یقدر من خلق بالأضداد ان یدخل فی النّار او یقرب بها و ان یقربها لیحترق فی الحینFor were they to reach the ultimate object of their quest for God and their attainment unto Him, they would have but reached that abode which hath been raised up within their own hearts. How then could they ever hope to ascend unto such realms as have not been ordained for them or created for their station? Nay, though they journey from everlasting to everlasting, they will never attain unto Him Who is the midmost Heart of existence and the Axis of the entire creation, He on Whose right hand flow the seas of grandeur, on Whose left stream the rivers of might, and Whose court none can ever hope to reach, how much less His very abode! For He dwelleth in the ark of fire, speedeth, in the sphere of fire, through the ocean of fire, and moveth within the atmosphere of fire. How can he who hath been fashioned of contrary elements ever enter or even approach this fire? Were he to do so, he would be instantly consumed.Baha - Gems
ثمّ اعلم بأنّ هذا القطب الأعظم لو یقطع خیط مدده عن کلّ من فی السّموات و الأرض لتنعدم کلّهنّ فسبحان الله کیف یصل التّراب الی ربّ الأرباب فسبحان الله عمّا یظنّون فی انفسهم و تعالی عمّا هم یذکرونKnow, moreover, that should the cord of assistance binding this mighty Pivot to the dwellers of earth and heaven be severed, they would all assuredly perish. Great God! How can the lowly dust ever reach unto Him Who is the Lord of lords? Immeasurably exalted is God above that which they conceive in their hearts, and immensely glorified is He beyond that which they attribute to Him.Baha - Gems
بلی انّ السّالک یتعارج الی مقام الّذی لا غایة له فیما قدّر له و یجد فی قلبه نار الحبّ بحیث یأخذ زمام الاختیار عن هؤلآء الأخیار و فی کلّ حین یزداد فی حبّه مولاه و اقباله الی بارئه بحیث لو کان مولاه فی مشرق القربیّة و هو فی مغرب البعدیّة و کان له ملء السّموات و الأرض من اللّؤلؤ الحمرآء و الذّهب الصّفرآء لینفق و یرکض بعینیه لیصل الی ارض الّتی کان المقصود فیها و لو تجد السّالک بغیر ذلک فاعلم بأنّه کذّاب مفتر انّا لمن یظهره الله فی قیامة الأخری و انّا به لمبعثونYea, the seeker reacheth a station wherein that which hath been ordained for him knoweth no bounds. The fire of love so blazeth in his heart that it seizeth the reins of constraint from his grasp. At every moment his love for his Lord increaseth and draweth him nearer unto his Creator, in such wise that if his Lord be in the east of nearness, and he dwell in the west of remoteness and possess all that earth and heaven contain of rubies and gold, he would forsake it all and rush forth to the land of the Desired One. And shouldst thou find him to be otherwise, know assuredly that such a man is a lying impostor. We, verily, all belong unto Him Whom God shall make manifest in the latter Resurrection, and through Him shall we be raised again to life.Baha - Gems
و فی تلک الأیّام لمّا ما کشفنا الغطآء عن وجه الأمر و ما ظهرنا للعباد ثمرات هذه المقامات الّتی منعنا عن اظهارها لذا تجدهم فی سکران الغفلة والّا لو کشف لکلّ من علی الأرض اقلّ من سمّ الابرة من هذا المقام لتشهد کیف یجتمعون فی فنآء رحمة الله و یرکضون من کلّ الأطراف للبلوغ الی ساحة القرب فی رفرف عزّة الله ولکن اخفینا لما ذکرنا من قبل و لیمتاز المؤمنون عن المنکرین و المقبلون عن المعرضین و اقول لا حول و لا قوّة الّا بالله المهیمن القیّومIn these days, inasmuch as We have lifted not the veils that conceal the countenance of the Cause of God, nor disclosed unto men the fruits of these stations which We have been forbidden to describe, thou beholdest them drunk with heedlessness. Otherwise, were the glory of this station to be revealed unto men to an extent smaller than a needle’s eye, thou wouldst witness them gathering before the threshold of divine mercy and hastening from all sides to the court of nearness in the realms of divine glory. We have concealed it, however, as mentioned before, that those who believe may be distinguished from them that deny, and that those who turn unto God may be discerned from them that turn aside. I verily proclaim: “There is no power nor strength except in God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.”Baha - Gems
و یسترقی السّالک من هذا المقام الی مدینة (غیب تصاعد قدس ازلیّة فی طلعة غیب سرّیّة) الّتی لم یکن لها من اسم و لا رسم و لا ذکر و لا صوت تجری فیها بحور القدم و تدور فی حول القدم و تشرق فیها شمس الغیب عن افق الغیب و لها افلاک من نفسها و اقمار من نورها کلّهنّ یطلعن من بحر الغیب و یدخلن فی بحر الغیب و انّی ما اقدر ان اذکر رشحاً عمّا قدّر فیها و لا یطّلع علی اسرارها احد الّا الله و مظاهر نفسه اذ هو خالقها و مبدعهاFrom this station the wayfarer ascendeth unto a City that hath no name or description, and whereof one heareth neither sound nor mention. Therein flow the oceans of eternity, whilst this city itself revolveth round the seat of eternity. Therein the sun of the Unseen shineth resplendent above the horizon of the Unseen, a sun that hath its own heavens and its own moons, which partake of its light and which rise from and set upon the ocean of the Unseen. Nor can I ever hope to impart even a dewdrop of that which hath been decreed therein, as none is acquainted with its mysteries save God, its Creator and Fashioner, and His Manifestations.Baha - Gems
ثمّ اعلم بأنّا حین الّذی اردنا ان نتعرّض بتلک الکلمات و کتبنا بعضها اردنا بأن نفسّر لجنابک کلّ ما ذکرنا من قبل من کلمات النّبیّین و عبارات المرسلین بنغمات المقرّبین و ربوات المقدّسین ولکن ما وجدنا الفرصة و ما شهدنا المهلة من هذا المسافر الّذی جآء من عندکم و کان عجولاً فی الأمر و راکضاً فی الحکم لذا قد اختصرنا و اکتفینا و ما اتممنا ذکر الأسفار بتمامها و ما ینبغی لها و یلیق بها بل ترکنا ذکر مدائن الکبری و اسفار العظمی و بلغ تعجیل الرّافع الی مقام الّذی ترکنا ذکر السّفرین الأعلیین فی التّسلیم و الرّضاKnow, moreover, that when We undertook to reveal these words and committed some of them to writing, it was Our intention to elucidate for thine eminence, in the sweet accents of the blessed and the well-favoured of God, all that We had previously mentioned of the words of the Prophets and the sayings of the Messengers. Time, however, was lacking, and the traveller who came from thy presence was in great haste and eager to return. Thus have We cut short Our discourse and contented Ourself with this much, without completing the description of these stages in a seemly and befitting manner. Indeed, We have omitted the description of major cities and mighty journeys. Such was the haste of the courier that We even forsook the mention of the two exalted journeys of Resignation and Contentment.Baha - Gems
ولو انّ جنابک لو تفکّر فی هذه الکلمات المختصرات لتعرف کلّ العلوم و تصل الی ذروة المعلوم و تقول یکفی کلّ الوجود من المشهود و المفقودYet, should thine eminence reflect upon these brief statements, thou wouldst assuredly acquire every knowledge, attain unto the Object of all learning, and exclaim: “Sufficient are these words unto all creation both visible and invisible!”Baha - Gems
ولکن لو تجد فی نفسک حرارة المحبّة لتقول هل من مزید و نقول الحمد لله ربّ العالمینEven so, should the fire of love burn within thy soul, thou wouldst ask: “Is there yet any more?” And We say: “Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds!”Baha - Gems
سراپردهٔ یگانگیThe Tabernacle of UnityBaha - Tabernacle
پنج لوح از الواح حضرت بهاءاللهBahá’u’lláh's Responses to Mánikchí Sáhib and Other WritingsBaha - Tabernacle
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لوح مانکچی صاحبTablet to Mánikchí SáhibBaha - Tabernacle
بنام خداوند یکتاIN THE NAME OF THE ONE TRUE GODBaha - Tabernacle
ستایش بینندهٴ پاینده را سزا است که بشبنمی از دریای بخشش خود آسمان هستی را بلند نمود و بستاره‌های دانائی بیاراست و مردمانرا ببارگاه بلند بینش و دانش راه داد و این شبنم که نخستین گفتار کردگار است گاهی بآب زندگانی نامیده میشود چه که مردگان بیابان نادانی را بآب دانائی زنده نماید و هنگامی بروشنائی نخستین و این روشنی که از آفتاب دانش هویدا گشت چون بتابید جنبش نخستین نمودار و آشکار شد و این نمودارها از بخشش دانای یکتا بوده او است داننده و بخشنده و او است پاک و پاکیزه از هر گفته و شنیده بینائی و دانائی گفتار و کردار را دست از دامن شناسائی او کوتاه هستی و آنچه از او هویدا این گفتار را گواهPraise be to the all-perceiving, the ever-abiding Lord Who, from a dewdrop out of the ocean of His grace, hath reared the firmament of existence, adorned it with the stars of knowledge, and admitted man into the lofty court of insight and understanding. This dewdrop, which is the Primal Word of God, is at times called the Water of Life, inasmuch as it quickeneth with the waters of knowledge them that have perished in the wilderness of ignorance. Again it is called the Primal Light, a light born of the Sun of divine knowledge, through whose effulgence the first stirrings of existence were made plain and manifest. Such manifestations are the expressions of the grace of Him Who is the Peerless, the All-Wise. He it is who knoweth and bestoweth all. He it is who transcendeth all that hath been said or heard. His knowledge will remain forever above the grasp of human vision and understanding and beyond the reach of human words and deeds. To the truth of this utterance existence itself and all that hath appeared therefrom bear eloquent testimony.Baha - Tabernacle
پس دانسته شد نخستین بخشش کردگار گفتار است و یابنده و پذیرندهٴ او خرد و او است دانای نخستین در دبستان جهان و او است نمودار یزدان آنچه هویدا از پرتو بینائی او است و هرچه آشکار نمودار دانائی او همهٴ نامها نام او و آغاز و انجام کارها باوIt is clear and evident, therefore, that the first bestowal of God is the Word, and its discoverer and recipient is the power of understanding. This Word is the foremost instructor in the school of existence and the revealer of Him Who is the Almighty. All that is seen is visible only through the light of its wisdom. All that is manifest is but a token of its knowledge. All names are but its name, and the beginning and end of all matters must needs depend upon it.Baha - Tabernacle
نامهٴ شما در زندان باین زندانی روزگار رسید خوشی آورد بر دوستی افزود و یاد روزگار پیشین را تازه نمود سپاس دارای جهان را که دیدار را در خاک تازی روزی نمود دیدیم و گفتیم و شنیدیم امید چنان است که آن دیدار را فراموشی از پی درنیاید و گردش روزگار یاد او را از دل نبرد و از آنچه کشته شد گیاه دوستی بروید و در انجمن روزگار سبز و خرّم و پاینده بماندThy letter hath reached this captive of the world in His prison. It brought joy, strengthened the ties of friendship, and renewed the memory of bygone days. Praise be to the Lord of creation Who granted us the favour of meeting in the Arabian land, wherein we visited and held converse. It is Our hope that our encounter may never be forgotten nor effaced from the heart by the passage of time, but rather that, out of the seeds thus sown, the sweet herbs of friendship may spring forth and remain forever fresh and verdant for all to behold.Baha - Tabernacle
اینکه از نامهای آسمانی پرسش رفته بود رگ جهان در دست پزشک دانا است درد را میبیند و بدانائی درمان میکند هر روز را رازی است و هر سر را آوازی درد امروز را درمانی و فردا را درمان دیگر امروز را نگران باشید و سخن از امروز رانیدAs to thy question concerning the heavenly Scriptures: The All-Knowing Physician hath His finger on the pulse of mankind. He perceiveth the disease, and prescribeth, in His unerring wisdom, the remedy. Every age hath its own problem, and every soul its particular aspiration. The remedy the world needeth in its present-day afflictions can never be the same as that which a subsequent age may require. Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and centre your deliberations on its exigencies and requirements.Baha - Tabernacle
دیده میشود گیتی را دردهای بی‌کران فراگرفته و او را بر بستر ناکامی انداخته مردمانی که از بادهٴ خودبینی سرمست شده‌اند پزشک دانا را از او بازداشته‌اند اینست که خود و همهٴ مردمان را گرفتار نموده‌اند نه درد میدانند نه درمان میشناسند راست را کژ انگاشته‌اند و دوست را دشمن شمرده‌اندWe can well perceive how the whole human race is encompassed with great, with incalculable afflictions. We see it languishing on its bed of sickness, sore-tried and disillusioned. They that are intoxicated by self-conceit have interposed themselves between it and the Divine and infallible Physician. Witness how they have entangled all men, themselves included, in the mesh of their devices. They can neither discover the cause of the disease, nor have they any knowledge of the remedy. They have conceived the straight to be crooked, and have imagined their friend an enemy.Baha - Tabernacle
بشنوید آواز این زندانی را بایستید و بگوئید شاید آنانکه در خوابند بیدار شوند بگو ای مردگان دست بخشش یزدانی آب زندگانی میدهد بشتابید و بنوشید هر که امروز زنده شد هرگز نمیرد و هر که امروز مرد هرگز زندگی نیابدIncline your ears to the sweet melody of this Prisoner. Arise, and lift up your voices, that haply they that are fast asleep may be awakened. Say: O ye who are as dead! The Hand of Divine bounty proffereth unto you the Water of Life. Hasten and drink your fill. Whoso hath been reborn in this Day, shall never die; whoso remaineth dead, shall never live.Baha - Tabernacle
در بارهٴ زبان نوشته بودید تازی و پارسی هر دو نیکو است چه که آنچه از زبان خواسته‌اند پی‌بردن بگفتار گوینده است و این از هر دو میاید و امروز چون آفتاب دانش از آسمان ایران آشکار و هویدا است هر چه این زبانرا ستایش نمائید سزاوار استThou hast written concerning languages. Both Arabic and Persian are laudable. That which is desired of a language is that it convey the intent of the speaker, and either language can serve this purpose. And since in this day the Orb of divine knowledge hath risen in the firmament of Persia, that tongue deserveth every praise.Baha - Tabernacle
ای دوست چون گفتار نخستین در روز پسین بمیان آمد گروهی از مردمان آسمانی آواز آشنا شنیدند و بآن گرویدند و گروهی چون کردار برخی را با گفتار یکی ندیدند از پرتو آفتاب بینائی دور ماندندO friend! When the Primal Word appeared amongst men in these latter days, a number of heavenly souls recognized the voice of the Beloved and bore allegiance unto it, whilst others, finding the deeds of some to be at variance with their words, remained far removed from the spreading rays of the Sun of divine knowledge.Baha - Tabernacle
بگو ای پسران خاک یزدان پاک میفرماید آنچه در این روز پیروز شما را از آلایش پاک نماید و بآسایش رساند همان راه راست و راه من است پاکی از آلایش پاکی از چیزهائیست که زیان آرد و از بزرگی مردمان بکاهد و آن پسندیدن گفتار و کردار خود است اگرچه نیک باشد و آسایش هنگامی دست دهد که هر کسی خود را نیکخواه همهٴ روی زمین نماید آنکه او آگاه این گفتار را گواه که اگر همهٴ مردمان زمین بگفتهٴ آسمانی پی‌میبردند هرگز از دریای بخشش یزدانی بی‌بهره نمیماندند آسمان راستی را روشن‌تر از این ستاره نبوده و نیستSay: O children of dust! He Who is the Spirit of Purity saith: In this glorious Day whatsoever can purge you from defilement and ensure your peace and tranquillity, that indeed is the straight Path, the Path that leadeth unto Me. To be purged from defilement is to be cleansed of that which is injurious to man and detracteth from his high station—among which is to take undue pleasure in one’s own words and deeds, notwithstanding their unworthiness. True peace and tranquillity will only be realized when every soul will have become the well-wisher of all mankind. He Who is the All-Knowing beareth Me witness: were the peoples of the world to grasp the true significance of the words of God, they would never be deprived of their portion of the ocean of His bounty. In the firmament of truth there hath never been, nor will there ever be, a brighter star than this.Baha - Tabernacle
نخستین گفتار دانا آنکه ای پسران خاک از تاریکی بیگانگی بروشنی خورشید یگانگی روی نمائید اینست آن چیزیکه مردمان جهان را بیشتر از همهٔ چیزها بکار آید ای دوست درخت گفتار را خوشتر از این برگی نه و دریای آگاهی را دلکشتر از این گوهر نبوده و نخواهد بودThe first utterance of Him Who is the All-Wise is this: O children of dust! Turn your faces from the darkness of estrangement to the effulgent light of the daystar of unity. This is that which above all else will benefit the peoples of the earth. O friend! Upon the tree of utterance there hath never been, nor shall there ever be, a fairer leaf, and beneath the ocean of knowledge no pearl more wondrous can ever be found.Baha - Tabernacle
ای پسران دانش چشم سر را پلک بآن نازکی از دیدن جهان و آنچه در او است بی‌بهره نماید دیگر پردهٴ آز اگر بر چشم دل فرود آید چه خواهد نمود بگو ای مردمان تاریکی آز و رشک روشنائی جان را بپوشاند چنانکه ابر روشنائی آفتاب را اگر کسی بگوش هوش این گفتار بشنود پر آزادی برآورد و بآسانی در آسمان دانائی پرواز نمایدO children of understanding! If the eyelid, however delicate, can deprive man’s outer eye from beholding the world and all that is therein, consider then what would be wrought if the veil of covetousness were to descend upon his inner eye. Say: O people! The darkness of greed and envy becloudeth the radiance of the soul even as the clouds obstruct the light of the sun. Should anyone hearken unto this utterance with a discerning ear, he will unfurl the wings of detachment and soar effortlessly in the atmosphere of true understanding.Baha - Tabernacle
چون جهان را تاریکی فراگرفت دریای بخشش بجوشش آمد و روشنائی هویدا گشت تا کردارها دیده شود و این همان روشنی است که در نامه‌های آسمانی بآن مژده داده شد اگر کردگار بخواهد دلهای مردمان روزگار را گفتار نیک پاک و پاکیزه کند و خورشید یگانگی بر جانها بتابد و جهان را تازه نمایدAt a time when darkness had encompassed the world, the ocean of divine favour surged and His Light was made manifest, that the doings of men might be laid bare. This, verily, is that Light which hath been foretold in the heavenly scriptures. Should the Almighty so please, the hearts of all men will be purged and purified through His goodly utterance, and the light of unity will shed its radiance upon every soul and revive the whole earth.Baha - Tabernacle
ای مردمان گفتار را کردار باید چه که گواه راستی گفتار کردار است و آن بی این تشنگان را سیراب ننماید و کوران را درهای بینائی نگشاید دانای آسمانی میفرماید گفتار درشت بجای شمشیر دیده میشود و نرم آن بجای شیر کودکان جهان از این بدانائی رسند و برتری جویندO people! Words must be supported by deeds, for deeds are the true test of words. Without the former, the latter can never quench the thirst of the yearning soul, nor unlock the portals of vision before the eyes of the blind. The Lord of celestial wisdom saith: A harsh word is even as a sword thrust; a gentle word as milk. The latter leadeth the children of men unto knowledge and conferreth upon them true distinction.Baha - Tabernacle
زبان خرد میگوید هر که دارای من نباشد دارای هیچ نه از هر چه هست بگذرید و مرا بیابید منم آفتاب بینش و دریای دانش پژمردگانرا تازه نمایم و مردگان را زنده کنم منم آن روشنائی که راه دیده بنمایم و منم شاهباز دست بی‌نیاز پر بستگان را بگشایم و پرواز بیاموزمThe Tongue of Wisdom proclaimeth: He that hath Me not is bereft of all things. Turn ye away from all that is on earth and seek none else but Me. I am the Sun of Wisdom and the Ocean of Knowledge. I cheer the faint and revive the dead. I am the guiding Light that illumineth the way. I am the royal Falcon on the arm of the Almighty. I unfold the drooping wings of every broken bird and start it on its flight.Baha - Tabernacle
دوست یکتا میفرماید راه آزادی باز شده بشتابید و چشمهٴ دانائی جوشیده از او بیاشامید بگو ای دوستان سراپردهٴ یگانگی بلند شد بچشم بیگانگان یکدیگر را مبینید همه بار یک دارید و برگ یک شاخسار براستی میگویم آنچه از نادانی بکاهد و بر دانائی بیفزاید او پسندیدهٴ آفریننده بوده و هست بگو ای مردمان در سایهٴ داد و راستی راه روید و در سراپردهٴ یکتائی درآئیدThe incomparable Friend saith: The path to freedom hath been outstretched; hasten ye thereunto. The wellspring of wisdom is overflowing; quaff ye therefrom. Say: O well-beloved ones! The tabernacle of unity hath been raised; regard ye not one another as strangers. Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch. Verily I say, whatsoever leadeth to the decline of ignorance and the increase of knowledge hath been, and will ever remain, approved in the sight of the Lord of creation. Say: O people! Walk ye neath the shadow of justice and truthfulness and seek ye shelter within the tabernacle of unity.Baha - Tabernacle
بگو ای دارای چشم گذشته آیینهٴ آینده است به‌بینید و آگاه شوید شاید پس از آگاهی دوست را بشناسید و نرنجانید امروز بهترین میوهٴ درخت دانائی چیزی است که مردمان را بکار آید و نگاهداری نمایدSay: O ye that have eyes to see! The past is the mirror of the future. Gaze ye therein and be apprised thereof; perchance ye may be aided thereby to recognize the Friend and may be not the cause of His displeasure. In this day the choicest fruit of the tree of knowledge is that which serveth the welfare of humanity and safeguardeth its interests.Baha - Tabernacle
بگو زبان گواه راستی منست او را بدروغ میالائید و جان گنجینهٴ راز من است او را بدست آز مسپارید امید چنان است در این بامداد که جهان از روشنیهای خورشید دانش روشن است بخواست دوست پی‌بریم و از دریای شناسائی بیاشامیمSay: The tongue hath been created to bear witness to My truth; defile it not with falsehood. The heart is the treasury of My mystery; surrender it not into the hand of covetous desires. We fain would hope that in this resplendent morn, when the effulgent rays of the Sun of divine knowledge have enveloped the whole earth, we may all attain unto the good pleasure of the Friend and drink our fill from the ocean of His recognition.Baha - Tabernacle
ای دوست چون گوش کم‌یاب است چندی است که خامه در کاشانهٴ خود خاموش مانده کار بجائی رسیده که خاموشی از گفتار پیشی گرفته و پسندیده‌تر آمده بگو ایمردمان سخن باندازه گفته میشود تا نورسیدگان بمانند و نورستگان برسند شیر باندازه باید داد تا کودکان جهان بجهان بزرگی درآیند و در بارگاه یگانگی جای گزینندO friend! As hearing ears are scarce to find, the pen hath for some time remained silent in its quarters. In truth, matters have come to such a pass that silence hath taken precedence over utterance and hath come to be regarded as preferable. Say: O people! These words are being uttered in due measure, that the newly born may thrive and the tender shoot flourish. Milk should be given in suitable proportion, that the children of the world may attain to the station of maturity and abide in the court of oneness.Baha - Tabernacle
ای دوست زمین پاک دیدیم تخم دانش کشتیم دیگر تا پرتو آفتاب چه نماید بسوزاند یا برویاند بگو امروز به پیروزی دانای یکتای آفتاب دانائی از پس پردهٴ جان برآمد و همهٴ پرندگان بیابان از بادهٴ دانش مستند و بیاد دوست خورسند نیکو است کسیکه بیابد و بیایدO friend! We came upon a pure soil and sowed therein the seeds of true understanding. Let it now be seen what the rays of the sun will do—whether they will cause these seeds to wither or to grow. Say: Through the ascendancy of God, the All-Knowing, the Incomparable, the Luminary of divine understanding hath, in this day, risen from behind the veil of the spirit, and the birds of every meadow are intoxicated with the wine of knowledge and exhilarated with the remembrance of the Friend. Well is it with them that discover and hasten unto Him!Baha - Tabernacle
2Baha - Tabernacle
پاسخ به پرسشهای مانکچی صاحب از لوحی خطاب به ميرزا ابوالفضلResponses to questions of Mánikchí Sáhib from a Tablet to Mírzá Abu’l-FadlBaha - Tabernacle
اینکه در بارهٔ جناب فرزانه علیه عنایة الله مرقوم داشتید حالت ایشان و ما عنده معلوم و واضح است و آنچه هم ارسال نموده‌اند شاهد و گواه و امّا سؤالات ایشان مصلحت نبود که واحداً بعد واحد ذکر گردد و جواب عنایت شود چه که مغایر و مخالف بود با حکمت و ما عند النّاس ولکن در آنچه از سماء عنایت مخصوص ایشان نازل اجوبه بکمال ایجاز و اختصار که از اعجاز است ذکر شده ایشان گویا درست ملاحظه ننموده‌اند چه که اگر مینمودند شهادت میدادند که حرفی از آن ترک نشده و بکلمهٴ ان هذا الّا بیان محکم مبین ناطق میگشتند سؤالهای ایشان این بودهIn regard to what thou hast written concerning his honour the learned Sáhib, upon him be the grace of God, his state of mind and disposition are clear and evident, as is further attested by that which he hath sent. Now, as to his questions, it was not deemed advisable to refer and reply to each one individually, for the response would have run counter to wisdom and been incompatible with that which is current amongst men. Even so, in that which was revealed in his honour from the heaven of divine favour, answers were provided in a language of marvellous concision and clarity. But it appeareth that he hath failed to consider the matter closely, for otherwise he would have readily admitted that not a single point was omitted, and would have exclaimed: “This is naught but a clear and conclusive utterance!” His questions were the following.Baha - Tabernacle
نخست آنکه شت وخشوران مه‌آبادی با شت زرتشت بیست و هشت تن بودند و همگی آیین و کیش یکدیگر را برافراشتند و از میان برنداشتند و هر تن که پدیدار گشتند بدرستی و راستی پرمان و آیین پیش گواه بودند و سخنی در نابودی آن آشکارا ننمودند و میفرمودند از خدا بما رسیده و ما ببندگان رسانیم چند تن از کیش‌آوران هندو گفته‌اند ما خدائیم و باید آفرید‌گان اندر پرمان ما باشند و هنگامی که آشوب و جدائی در آفریدگان پدید آید بیائیم و آن را از میان برداریم و هر یک پدید آیند گویند من همانم که اندر نخست بودم آیین‌انگیزان واپسین چون داود و ابراهیم و موسی و عیسی میفرمودند وخشوران پیش درستند آن زمان پرمان چنین بود و اکنون چنین است که من میگویم کیش‌آور تازی فرمود در پیدایش من همگی پرمانها نادرست و پرمان پرمان من است از این گروه کدام را میپسندند و بکدام راهبر آن را برتری میدهندFirst: “The Prophets of Mahábád, together with Zoroaster, were twenty-eight in number. Each one of them sought to exalt, rather than abrogate, the faith and religion of the others. Each one that appeared bore witness to the truth and veracity of the former law and religion and breathed no word about abolishing them. Each declared: ‘We are the bearers of a Revelation from God, which We deliver unto His servants.’ Some of the Hindu Prophets, however, have declared: ‘We are God Himself, and it is incumbent upon the entire creation to bear allegiance unto Us. Whensoever conflict and dissension appear amongst men, We arise to quench it.’ Each one that appeared announced: ‘I am the same One that appeared in the beginning.’ The latter Prophets such as David, Abraham, Moses and Jesus confirmed the truth of the Prophets gone before them, but said: ‘Such was the law in the past, but in this day the law is that which I proclaim.’ The Arabian Prophet, however, hath said: ‘Through My appearance every law hath proven to be unsound and no law holdeth but Mine.’ Which of these creeds is acceptable and which of these leaders is to be preferred?”Baha - Tabernacle
اوّلاً آنکه در یک مقام مراتب انبیا از یکدیگر فرق داشته مثلاً در موسی ملاحظه فرمائید صاحب کتاب و احکام بوده و جمعی از انبیا و مرسلین که بعد از آن حضرت مبعوث شدند بر اجرای شریعت او مأمور بودند چه که آن احکام منافی آن زمان نبوده چنانچه در صحف و کتب ملحقه به تورات واضح و مبرهن استIt should first be noted that in one sense the stations of the Prophets of God differ one from another. For instance, consider Moses. He brought forth a Book and established ordinances, whilst a number of the Prophets and Messengers who arose after Him were charged with the promulgation of His laws, insofar as they remained consonant with the needs of the age. The books and chronicles annexed to the Torah bear eloquent testimony to this truth.Baha - Tabernacle
و اینکه ذکر نموده‌ که صاحب فرقان فرموده در پیدایش من همگی پرمانها و آیینها نادرست و پرمان پرمان من است آن معدن و منبع حکمت ربّانیّه چنین کلمه‌ئی نفرموده بلکه تصدیق فرموده آنچه که از سماء مشیّت الهی بر انبیا و مرسلین نازل شده بقوله تعالی الم الله لا اله الّا هو الحیّ القیّوم نزّل علیک الکتاب بالحقّ مصدّقاً لما بین یدیه و انزل التّوراة و الانجیل من قبل هدی للنّاس و انزل الفرقان الی آخر قوله تعالی و فرمود کلّ از نزد خدا آمدند و بخدا راجعند در این مقام کلّ نفس واحده بوده‌اند چه از خود پیامی و کلمه‌ئی و امری نگفته‌اند و ظاهر ننموده‌اند آنچه گفته‌اند از جانب حقّ جلّ جلاله بوده و جمیع ناس را بافق اعلی دعوت فرموده‌اند و بحیات جاودانی بشارت داده‌اند در این صورت بیانات مختلفهٔ جناب صاحب بحروفات متّفقه یعنی بکلمهٴ واحده راجع میشودRegarding the statement ascribed to the Author of the Qur’án: “Through My appearance every law and religion hath proven to be unsound and no law holdeth but Mine”, no such words were ever uttered by that Source and Fount of divine wisdom. Nay rather, He confirmed that which had been sent down before from the empyrean of the Divine Will unto the Prophets and Messengers of God. He saith, exalted be His utterance: “Alif. Lám. Mím. God! There is no God but Him, the Living, the Ever-Abiding. He it is Who hath sent down to Thee the Book through the power of truth, confirming those which preceded it. He revealed aforetime the Torah and the Evangel as a guidance unto men, and He hath now revealed the Qur’án….” He, moreover, hath asserted that all the Prophets have proceeded from God and have returned unto Him. Viewed in this light, they are all as one and the same Being, inasmuch as they have not uttered a word, brought a message, or revealed a cause, of their own accord. Nay, all that they have said hath proceeded from the one true God, exalted be His glory. They have all summoned men unto the Supreme Horizon and imparted the tidings of eternal life. Thus the diverse statements recounted by his honour the Sáhib are to be seen as concordant letters, that is, letters that form a single word.Baha - Tabernacle
و اینکه مرقوم داشته‌اند از این گروه کدام را میپسندند و بکدام راهبران را برتری میدهند در این مقام شمس کلمهٔ مبارکهٔ لا نفرّق بین احد من الرّسل طالع و مشرق است و مقام دیگر مقام و فضّلنا بعضهم علی بعض است چنانچه از قبل ذکر شد آنچه جناب صاحب سؤال نموده‌اند در این کلمهٴ جامعهٔ‌ محکمهٔ علیا مکنون و مستور است قوله تبارک و تعالی اینکه از نامه‌های آسمانی پرسش رفته بود رگ جهان در دست پزشک دانا است درد را می‌بیند و بدانائی درمان میکند هر روز را رازی است و هر سر را آوازی درد امروز را درمانی و فردا را درمان دیگر امروز را نگران باشید و سخن از امروز رانید انتهی هر منصفی گواهی میدهد که این کلمه از مرایای علم الهی محسوب و جمیع آنچه سؤال نموده بکمال ظهور و بروز در او منطبع و آشکار طوبی لمن اوتی بصائر من لدی الله العلیم الحکیمConcerning the question: “Which of these creeds is acceptable and which of these leaders is to be preferred?”, this is the station wherein the following blessed words shine resplendent as the sun: “No distinction do We make between any of the Messengers”, while the verse “Some of the Apostles We have caused to excel the others” pertaineth to the other station of which We have already made mention. Indeed, the answer to all that his honour the Sáhib hath asked lieth enshrined within this all-embracing, this weighty and incomparable utterance, hallowed and exalted be His word: “As to thy question concerning the heavenly Scriptures: The All-Knowing Physician hath His finger on the pulse of mankind. He perceiveth the disease, and prescribeth, in His unerring wisdom, the remedy. Every age hath its own problem, and every soul its particular aspiration. The remedy the world needeth in its present-day afflictions can never be the same as that which a subsequent age may require. Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and centre your deliberations on its exigencies and requirements.” Every fair-minded soul will testify that these words are to be viewed as a mirror of the knowledge of God, wherein all that hath been inquired is clearly and conspicuously reflected. Blessed is he who hath been endowed with seeing eyes by God, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.Baha - Tabernacle
سؤال دیگر صاحب یگانه چهار طایفه‌ در ملک هستند طایفه‌ئی میگویند جمیع عوالم مشهود از ذرّه تا شمس حقّ مطلقند و غیر حقّ مشهود نیست طایفهٴ دیگر میگویند ذات واجب الوجود حقّ است و انبیا واسطهٴ مابین خدا و خلقند که خلق را راه‌نمائی بسوی حقّ نمایند طایفهٔ دیگر می‌گویند کواکب خلق حضرت واجب الوجودند و بقیّهٔ اشیاء تماماً اثر و فوائد آنهایند بشهود می‌آیند و میروند مانند حوضی که پر آب میشود کرمها از او تولید میشود می‌آیند و می‌روند طایفهٔ دیگر میگویند حضرت واجب الوجود طبیعتی خلق فرموده که از اثر و فواید او از ذرّه تا شمس مشهود می‌آیند و می‌روند و اوّل و آخری ندارند چه حسابی و چه کتابی مانند آنکه باران می‌آید گیاه میروید و تمام میشود و سایر چیزها ممثّل بآن پیغمبرها و سلاطین که قانون و نظمی قرار داده‌اند بجهة نظم مملکتی و تدابیر مدنی بوده انبیا بقسمی و سلاطین بطور دیگر سلوک کرده‌اند نبی گفته خدا فرموده که مردم مطیع و منقاد شوند سلاطین با توپ و شمشیر با خلق رفتار کرده‌اند از این چهار طایفه کدام مقبول حقّ استAnother question raised by the distinguished Sáhib is the following: “There are four schools of thought in the world. One school affirmeth that all the visible worlds, from atoms to suns, constitute God Himself and that naught can be seen but Him. Another school claimeth that God is that Essence that must of necessity exist, that His Messengers are the intermediaries between Him and His creatures, and that their mission is to lead humanity unto Him. Yet another school holdeth that the stars were created by the Necessary Being, whilst all other things are their effect and outcome. These things continually appear and disappear, even as the minute creatures that are generated in a pool of water. A further school maintaineth that the Necessary Being hath fashioned Nature through whose effect and agency all things, from atoms to suns, appear and disappear without beginning or end. What need then for an account or reckoning? As the grass groweth with the coming of the rain and vanisheth thereafter, so it is with all things. If the Prophets and the kings have instituted laws and ordinances, the proponents of this school argue, this hath merely been for the sake of preserving the civil order and regulating human society. The Prophets and the kings, however, have acted in different ways: the former have said ‘God hath spoken thus’ that the people might submit and obey, whilst the latter have resorted to the sword and the cannon. Which of these four schools is approved in the sight of God?”Baha - Tabernacle
جواب جمیع این فقرات در بیان اوّل که از لسان رحمن جاری شده بوده لعمر الله اوست حاوی و دارای آنچه ذکر شد چه که میفرماید امروز را نگران باشید و سخن از امروز رانید چه که امروز سلطان ظهور ظاهر و مکلّم طور ناطق هر چه بفرماید او است اساس متین از برای بناهای مداین علم و حکمت عالمیان هر نفسی باو متشبّث شد او در منظر اکبر از اهل بصر مذکورThe answer to all this falleth under the purview of the first utterance that hath streamed forth from the tongue of the All-Merciful. By God! It embraceth and comprehendeth all that hath been mentioned. He saith: “Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and centre your deliberations on its exigencies and requirements”. For in this day He Who is the Lord of Revelation hath appeared and He Who spoke on Sinai is calling aloud. Whatsoever He may ordain is the surest foundation for the mansions reared in the cities of human knowledge and wisdom. Whoso holdeth fast unto it will be reckoned in the eyes of the Almighty among them that are endued with insight.Baha - Tabernacle
این کلمهٴ علیا از قلم اعلی جاری قوله جلّ و عزّ امروز روز بصر است چه که وجه الله از افق ظهور ظاهر و لائح و امروز روز سمع است چه که ندای الهی مرتفع کلّ باید امروز آنچه از مطلع کتب و مشرق وحی و مظهر علم و معدن حکمت ربّانی ظاهر شد بآن تشبّث نمایند و بآن ناطق گردند پس معلوم و محقّق شد که جواب سؤال در ملکوت بیان از مطلع علم رحمن نازل و ظاهر طوبی للعارفینThese sublime words have streamed forth from the Pen of the Most High. He saith, exalted be His glory: “This is the day of vision, for the countenance of God is shining resplendent above the horizon of Manifestation. This is the day of hearing, for the call of God hath been raised. It behoveth everyone in this day to uphold and proclaim that which hath been revealed by Him Who is the Author of all scripture, the Dayspring of revelation, the Fount of knowledge and the Source of divine wisdom.” It is thus clear and evident that the reply to his question hath been revealed in the kingdom of utterance by Him Who is the Exponent of the knowledge of the All-Merciful. Happy are they that understand!Baha - Tabernacle
و این چهار فقره که ذکر شده این بسی واضح و معلوم است که فقرهٔ دویم اقرب بتقوی بوده و هست چه که انبیا و مرسلین وسایط فیض الهی بوده‌اند و آنچه از حقّ بخلق رسیده بواسطهٴ آن هیاکل مقدّسه و جواهر مجرّده و مهابط علم و مظاهر امر بوده و فقرات دیگر را هم میتوان توجیه نمود چه که در مقامی جمیع اشیاء مظاهر اسماء و صفات الهی بوده و هستندAs to the four schools mentioned above, it is clear and evident that the second standeth closer to righteousness. For the Apostles and Messengers of God have ever been the channels of His abounding grace, and whatsoever man hath received from God hath been through the intermediary of those Embodiments of holiness and Essences of detachment, those Repositories of His knowledge and Exponents of His Cause. One can, however, provide a justification for the tenets of the other schools, for in a sense all things have ever been and shall ever remain the manifestations of the names and attributes of God.Baha - Tabernacle
اینکه از سلاطین مرقوم داشته‌اند فی‌الحقیقه ایشان مظاهر اسم عزیز و مشارق اسم قدیر حقّ جلّ جلاله‌اند و جامه‌ئی که موافق آن هیاکل عزیزه است عدل است اگر بطراز آن فائز شوند اهل عالم براحت کبری و نعمت عظمی متنعّم گردندAs to the Sáhib’s reference to the kings, they are indeed the manifestations of the name of God “the Almighty” and the revealers of His name “the All-Powerful”. The vesture that beseemeth their glorious temples is justice. Should they become adorned therewith, mankind will partake of perfect tranquillity and infinite blessings.Baha - Tabernacle
و هر نفسی که فی‌الجمله از رحیق علم الهی آشامید جواب امثال این مسائل را بادلّه‌های واضحهٔ مشهودهٔ آفاقیّه و آیات ظاهرهٔ باهرهٔ انفسیّه بیان مینماید اگرچه الیوم امر دیگر ظاهر و گفتگوی دیگر لایق سؤال و جواب در اوّل تسع عهدش منقضی شد این است که میفرماید قوله جلّ و عزّ لیس الیوم یوم السّؤال اذا سمعت النّدآء من مطلع الکبریآء قل لبّیک یا اله الأسمآء و لبّیک یا فاطر السّمآء اشهد انّک ظهرت و اظهرت ما اردته امراً من عندک انّک انت المقتدر القدیر انتهیWhoso hath quaffed of the wine of divine knowledge will indeed be able to answer such questions with clear and perspicuous proofs from the world without and with manifest and luminous evidences from the world within. A different Cause, however, hath appeared in this day and a different discourse is required. Indeed, with the inception of the year nine the time for questions and answers came to an end. Thus He, hallowed and magnified be His name, saith: “This is not the day for any man to question his Lord. When thou hearest the call of God voiced by Him Who is the Dayspring of grandeur, cry out: ‘Here am I, O Lord of all names! Here am I, O Maker of the heavens! I testify that Thou hast revealed Thyself and hast revealed whatsoever Thou didst desire at Thine Own behest. Thou, in truth, art the Lord of strength and might.’”Baha - Tabernacle
آنچه صاحب یگانه نوشته‌اند جواب کلّ واضح و مشهود است و آنچه از سماء عنایت الهی مخصوص ایشان نازل مقصود آنکه ترنّمات خوش حمامهٴ بقا و زمزمه‌های اهل فردوس اعلی را بشنوند و حلاوت ندا را بیابند و باثر آن مشی نمایندThe answer to all that the distinguished Sáhib hath asked is clear and evident. The intent of that which was sent down in his honour from the heaven of divine providence was that he might give ear to the wondrous melodies of the Dove of Eternity and the gentle murmuring of the inhabitants of the most exalted Paradise, and that he might perceive the sweetness of the call and set foot upon the path.Baha - Tabernacle
یومی از ایّام کلمه‌ئی از لسان مبارک در بارهٴ ایشان شنیده که دلیل بر آنست وقتی موفّق شوند بر امری که ذکرش بطراز خلود فائز شود بعد از ورود عریضهٔ ایشان بساحت امنع اقدس فرمودند یا عبد حاضر اگرچه جناب مانکجی اقوال غیر را نوشته‌اند و سؤال نموده‌اند ولکن از نامه‌اش عرف حبّ استشمام میشود از حقّ بطلب او را به ما یحبّ و یرضی فائز فرماید انّه علی کلّ شیء قدیر انتهی از این بیان حضرت رحمن عرف خوش مرور مینماید انّه لهو العلیم الخبیرOne day the Tongue of Glory uttered a word in regard to the Sáhib indicating that he may erelong be aided to perform a deed that would immortalize his name. When his letter was received in His holy and exalted Court, He said: “O Servant in attendance! Although his honour Mánikchí hath written only to ask concerning the sayings of others, yet from His letter We inhale the sweet savours of affection. Beseech the one true God to graciously aid him to do His will and pleasure. His might, in truth, is equal to all things.” From this utterance of the All-Merciful there wafteth a fragrant breath. He, verily, is the All-Knowing, the All-Informed.Baha - Tabernacle
سؤال دیگر ایشان در قواعد مذهب اسلام فقه و اصول دارند و در مذهب مه‌آبادیان و هندو جز اصول طریقهٔ دیگر نیست معتقدند که جمیع قواعد جزء اصول است حتّی آب آشامیدن و زن گرفتن تمامی امور زندگانی همین طور است استدعا آنکه کدام یک مقبول حقّ جلّ ذکره استAnother inquiry made by him is the following: “The laws of Islam are based on religious principles and jurisprudence, but in the Mahábád and Hindu religions there are only principles, and all laws, even those regarding the drinking of water or giving and taking in marriage, are considered a part of these principles, as are all other matters of human life. Kindly indicate which view is acceptable in the sight of God, exalted be His mention.”Baha - Tabernacle
از برای اصول مراتب و مقاماتست اصل اصول و اسّ اسطقسّات معرفت الله بوده و خواهد بود و ربیع عرفان رحمن این ایّام است آنچه الیوم از مصدر امر و مظهر نفس الهی ظاهر شود اوست اصل و بر کلّ فرض است اطاعت اوReligious principles have various degrees and stations. The root of all principles and the cornerstone of all foundations hath ever been, and shall remain, the recognition of God. And these days are indeed the vernal season of the recognition of the All-Merciful. Whatsoever proceedeth in this day from the Repository of His Cause and the Manifestation of His Self is, in truth, the fundamental principle unto which all must bear allegiance.Baha - Tabernacle
و جواب این سؤال نیز در کلمهٴ مبارکهٔ متقنهٔ عالیه که میفرماید امروز را نگران باشید و سخن از امروز رانید بوده و هست چه که الیوم سیّد ایّام است و هر چه در او از مبدأ امر الهی ظاهر شود حقّ است و اصل اصول امروز بمثابهٔ بحر مشاهده میشود و سایر ایّام بمثابهٔ خلیج و جداول منشعبهٴ از او آنچه الیوم گفته شود و ظاهر گردد او اصل است و امّ البیان و امّ الکتاب اگرچه جمیع ایّام بحقّ جلّ جلاله منسوب است ولکن این ایّام تخصیص یافته و بطراز نسبت مزیّن گشته چه که در کتب اصفیا و بعضی از انبیا بیوم الله معروف است و در یک مقام این یوم و آنچه در او ظاهر میشود از اصول است و سایر ایّام و ما یظهر فیها از فروع محسوب و این فروع اضافی و نسبی است مثلاً رفتن بمساجد بالنّسبه الی معرفة الله از فروع محسوب است چه که ثانی معلّق و منوط باوّل است و اصولی که مابین علمای عصر متداولست قواعدی است که ترتیب داده‌اند و از آن استنباط احکام الهی مینمایند علی رأیهم و مذهبهمThe answer to this question is also embodied in these blessed, these weighty and exalted words: “Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and centre your deliberations on its exigencies and requirements”. For this day is the Lord of all days, and whatsoever hath been revealed therein by the Source of divine Revelation is the truth and the essence of all principles. This day may be likened to a sea and all other days to gulfs and channels that have branched therefrom. That which is uttered and revealed in this day is the foundation, and is accounted as the Mother Book and the Source of all utterance. Although every day is associated with God, magnified be His glory, yet these days have been singled out and adorned with the ornament of intimate association with Him, for they have been extolled in the books of the Chosen Ones of God, as well as of some of His Prophets, as the “Day of God”. In a sense this day and that which appeareth therein are to be regarded as the primary principles, while all other days and whatsoever appeareth in them are to be viewed as the secondary ordinances deduced therefrom, and which as such are subordinate and relative. For instance, attending the mosque is secondary with respect to the recognition of God, for the former is dependent upon and conditioned by the latter. As to the principles current amongst the divines of this age, these are merely a set of rules which they have devised and from which they infer, each according to his own opinions and inclinations, the ordinances of God.Baha - Tabernacle
در مسئلهٔ فور و تراخی ملاحظه فرمائید حقّ جلّ جلاله میفرماید کلوا و اشربوا حال انسان نمیداند اجرای این حکم فوری است و یا اگر تأخیر شود عیبی ندارد بعضی بر آنند بوجود قرینه معلوم میشود یکی از علمای اعلام در نجف اشرف قصد طواف خامس از آل عبا علیهم السّلام نمود مع جمعی از علما در عرض راه اعراب بادیه قصد نهب و غارت نمودند جناب عالم مذکور فوراً آنچه با او بود تسلیم نمود شاگردها عرض کردند سرکار آقا در این مسئله رأی شما بر تراخی بوده چه شد که بفور عمل نمودید فرمودند مؤمن بوجود قرائن و اشاره بنیزه‌های اعراب نمودندConsider for example the question of immediate compliance or postponement. God, exalted be His glory, saith: “Eat and drink….” Now, it is not known whether this ordinance must be complied with immediately or if its execution may be justifiably postponed. Some believe that it may be decided by external circumstances. Once one of the distinguished divines of Najaf set out to visit the Shrine of Imám Husayn, peace be upon Him, accompanied by a number of his pupils. In the course of their journey they were waylaid by a group of Bedouin. The aforementioned divine immediately handed over all his possessions. Whereupon his pupils exclaimed: “Your eminence hath always favoured postponement in such matters. What prompteth you now to act with such haste?” Pointing to the spears of the Bedouin, he replied: “The force of external circumstances, my friends!”Baha - Tabernacle
و در اسلام مؤسّس اصول ابوحنیفه که از ائمّهٴ سنّت و جماعت است بوده و از قبل هم بوده چنانچه ذکر شد ولکن ردّ و قبول الیوم بکلمهٴ الهیّه معلّق و منوط این اختلافات لایق ذکر نه آنچه از قبل بوده لحاظ عنایت بآن متوجّه لیس لنا ان نذکره الّا بالخیر چه که منافات با اصل نداشته و ندارد انّ الخادم یعترف بأنّ لا علم عنده و یشهد بأنّ العلم عند الله المهیمن القیّومThe founder of the principles of Islamic jurisprudence was Abú-Hanífih, who was a prominent leader of the Sunnis. Such principles had existed in former times as well, as hath already been mentioned. In this day, however, the approval or rejection of all things dependeth wholly upon the Word of God. These differences are not worthy of mention. The eye of divine mercy casteth its glance upon all that is past. It behoveth us to mention them only in favourable terms, for they do not contradict that which is essential. This servant testifieth to his ignorance and beareth witness that all knowledge is with God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.Baha - Tabernacle
الیوم آنچه مخالف واقع شود او مردود بوده و هست چه که آفتاب حقیقت از افق سماء علم مشرق و لائح طوبی از برای نفوسی که قلوب را از ماء بیان الهی از جمیع کدورات و اشارات و عبارات مطهّر کرده و بافق اعلی توجّه نموده‌اند اینست فضل اکبر و فیض اعظم هر نفسی بآن فائز شد بکلّ خیر فائز است والّا علم ما سوی الله نفعی نبخشیده و نخواهد بخشیدWhatsoever runneth counter to the Teachings in this day is rejected, for the Sun of Truth is shining resplendent above the horizon of knowledge. Happy are they who, with the waters of divine utterance, have cleansed their hearts from all allusions, whisperings and suggestions, and who have fixed their gaze upon the Dayspring of Glory. This, indeed, is the most gracious favour and the purest bounty. Whosoever hath attained thereunto hath attained unto all good, for otherwise the knowledge of aught else but God hath never proven, nor shall it ever prove, profitable unto men.Baha - Tabernacle
این اصول و فروع هم که ذکر شد این مطالبی است که علمای ادیان علی قدر مراتبهم در او تکلّم نموده‌اند و حال بهتر آنکه باین کلمه تشبّث نمائیم که میفرماید ذرهم فی خوضهم انّه یقول الحقّ و یهدی السّبیل و الأمر لله العزیز الجمیلThat which was mentioned in connection with religious principles and secondary ordinances referreth to the pronouncements which the divines of various religions have made, each according to his own capacity. At present, however, it behoveth us to follow His injunction to “leave them to their vain disputes”. He, verily, speaketh the truth and leadeth the way. The decree is God’s, the Almighty, the All-Bounteous.Baha - Tabernacle
سؤال دیگر ایشان جماعتی قائلند که آنچه بحکم طبیعی و عقل مقبول است در شریعت جایز و لازم است و آنچه حکم طبیعی و عقل قبول نکرد نباید کرد و جماعتی قائلند که آنچه از شرع و شارع مقدّس رسیده بدون دلیل عقل و برهان طبیعی او را باید قبول کرد و تعبّداً باید رفتار نمود جواب و سؤال ندارد مانند هروله در صفا و مروه و سنگ جمره و در وضو مسح پا و سایر اعمال مرقوم شود کدام مقبول استAnother of his questions: “Some maintain that whatsoever is in accordance with the dictates of nature and of the intellect must needs be both permissible and compulsory in the divine law, and conversely that one should refrain from observing that which is incompatible with these standards. Others believe that whatsoever hath been enjoined by the divine law and its blessed Author should be accepted without rational proof or natural evidence and obeyed without question or reservation, such as the march between Safa and Marwah, the stoning of the pillar of Jamrah, the washing of one’s feet during ablutions, and so on. Kindly indicate which of these positions is acceptable.”Baha - Tabernacle
از برای عقول مراتب بوده و هست چنانچه حکما در این مقام ذکر نموده‌اند آنچه که ذکرش خارج از این مقام است لذا از آن صرف نظر شد و این بسی واضح و مبرهن است که عقول ناس در یک درجه نبوده و نیست عقل کامل هادی و مرشد بوده و هست چنانچه این کلمهٴ علیا در جواب این فقره از قلم اعلی نازل قوله جلّ اجلاله زبان خرد میگوید هر که دارای من نباشد دارای هیچ نه از هر چه هست بگذرید و مرا بیابید منم آفتاب بینش و دریای دانش پژمردگان را تازه نمایم و مردگان را زنده کنم منم آن روشنائی که راه دیده بنمایم و منم شاهباز دست بی‌نیاز پر بستگان را بگشایم و پرواز بیاموزم انتهیIntellect hath various degrees. As a discussion of the pronouncements made by the philosophers in this connection would pass beyond the scope of our discourse, we have refrained from mentioning them. It is nonetheless indisputably clear and evident that the minds of men have never been, nor shall they ever be, of equal capacity. The Perfect Intellect alone can provide true guidance and direction. Thus were these sublime words revealed by the Pen of the Most High, exalted be His glory, in response to this question: “The Tongue of Wisdom proclaimeth: He that hath Me not is bereft of all things. Turn ye away from all that is on earth and seek none else but Me. I am the Sun of Wisdom and the Ocean of Knowledge. I cheer the faint and revive the dead. I am the guiding Light that illumineth the way. I am the royal Falcon on the arm of the Almighty. I unfold the drooping wings of every broken bird and start it on its flight.”Baha - Tabernacle
ملاحظه فرمائید بچه واضحی جواب این فقره از ملکوت علم الهی نازل شده طوبی للمتفرّسین و للمتفکّرین و للعارفین مقصود از عقل عقل کلّی الهی است چه بسا ملاحظه میشود بعضی از عقول هادی نیستند که سهل است بل عقالند و ارجل سالکین را از صراط مستقیم منع مینمایند عقل جزوی محاط بوده و خواهد بود انسان باید جستجو نماید و تفحّص کند تا بمبدء راه یابد و او را بشناسد و اگر معرفت مبدء که عقل کلّ طائف اوست حاصل شد آنچه بفرماید البتّه از مقتضیات حکمت بالغه است وجود او بمثابهٔ آفتاب از دونش فرق دارد اصل شناختن اوست و بعد از معرفت او آنچه بفرماید مطاع و مطابق با مقتضیات حکمت الهیّه و از جمیع انبیا از قبل و قبل قبل اوامر و نواهی از هر قسمی بودهConsider how clearly the answer hath been revealed from the heaven of divine knowledge. Blessed are those who ponder it, who reflect upon it, and who apprehend its meaning! By the Intellect mentioned above is meant the universal divine Mind. How often hath it been observed that certain human minds, far from being a source of guidance, have become as fetters upon the feet of the wayfarers and prevented them from treading the straight Path! The lesser intellect being thus circumscribed, one must search after Him Who is the ultimate Source of knowledge and strive to recognize Him. And should one come to acknowledge that Source round Whom every mind doth revolve, then whatsoever He should ordain is the expression of the dictates of a consummate wisdom. His very Being, even as the sun, is distinct from all else beside Him. The whole duty of man is to recognize Him; once this hath been achieved, then whatsoever He may please to ordain is binding and in full accordance with the requirements of divine wisdom. Thus have ordinances and prohibitions of every kind been laid down by the Prophets of the past, even unto the earliest times.Baha - Tabernacle
از بعض اعمال که مشاهده میشود الیوم مقصود ابقای اسم الهی است و مکافات از برای عامل از قلم اعلی مذکور و مسطور اگر نفسی نفسی لله برآرد البتّه مکافات آن ظاهر میشود چنانچه از سماء مشیّت الهی بر سیّد بطحا این آیهٔ کبری نازل قوله تبارک و تعالی ما جعلنا القبلة الّتی کنت علیها الّا لنعلم من یتّبع الرّسول و من ینقلب علی عقبیهCertain deeds that are undertaken in this day are intended to emblazon the name of God, and the Pen of the Most High hath fixed a recompense for those who perform them. Indeed, should any soul breathe but a fleeting breath for the sake of God, his recompense will become manifest, as attested by this mighty verse which was sent down from the empyrean of the Divine Will to the Lord of Mecca, blessed and glorified be He: “We did not appoint that which Thou wouldst have to be the Qiblih, but that We might know him who followeth the Apostle from him who turneth on his heels.”Baha - Tabernacle
اگر نفسی حال در این ظهور امنع اقدس تفکّر نماید و آنچه در آیات نازل شده تدبّر کند شهادت میدهد که حقّ مقدّس از خلق است و علم کلّ شیء نزد او بوده و خواهد بود و هر صاحب انصافی شهادت داده و میدهد که اگر نفسی در این ظهور اعظم توقّف نماید او از اثبات امری از امور یعنی مذهبی از مذاهب خود را عاجز و قاصر مشاهده نماید و آنان که از خلعت انصاف محرومند و باعتساف قائم میگویند آنچه را که لازال اصحاب ضغینه و بغضا گفته‌اند العلم عند الله العلیم الخبیرWere anyone to meditate upon this blessed and transcendent Revelation and to ponder the verses that have been sent down, he would readily bear witness that the one true God is immeasurably exalted above His creatures, and that the knowledge of all things hath ever been and shall ever remain with Him. Every fair-minded soul, moreover, will testify that whosoever faileth to embrace the truth of this most great Revelation will find himself powerless and incapable of establishing the validity of any other cause or creed. And as to those who have deprived themselves of the robe of justice and arisen to promote the cause of iniquity, they shall give voice to that which the exponents of hatred and fanaticism have uttered from time immemorial. The knowledge of all things is with God, the All-Knowing, the All-Informed.Baha - Tabernacle
یومی از ایّام این عبد تلقاء وجه حاضر فرمودند یا عبد حاضر بچه مشغول بودی عرض شد جواب جناب آقا میرزا ابوالفضل را مینوشتم فرمودند بنویس بجناب ابوالفضل علیه بهائی قسمی شده که مردم روزگار باعتساف انس گرفته‌اند و از انصاف در گریز ظهوری که حقّ جلّ جلاله را بکمال بزرگی یاد نموده و گواهی بر آگاهی او داده و بر تقدیس و تنزیه ذاتش عن الأشباه و الأمثال اعتراف نموده گاه او را آفتاب‌پرست و گاهی آتش‌پرست نامیده‌اند چه مظاهر و مطالع بزرگ را که از مقاماتشان غافل و از عنایاتشان محروم بلکه نعوذ بالله بسب و لعن ناطقOne day when this servant was in His presence, I was asked: “O servant in attendance! Wherewith art thou engaged?” “I am penning a reply”, I answered, “to his honour Mírzá Abu’l-Fadl”. I was bidden: “Write to Mírzá Abu’l-Fadl, may My glory be upon him, and say: ‘Matters have come to such a pass that the people of the world have grown accustomed to iniquity and flee from fair-mindedness. A divine Manifestation Who hath extolled and magnified the one true God, exalted be His glory, Who hath borne witness to His knowledge and confessed that His Essence is sanctified above all things and exalted beyond every comparison—such a Manifestation hath been called at various times a worshipper of the sun or a fire-worshipper. How numerous are those sublime Manifestations and Revealers of the Divine of Whose stations the people remain wholly unaware, of Whose grace they are utterly deprived, nay, God forbid, Whom they curse and revile!’Baha - Tabernacle
یکی از پیغمبران بزرگ که او را الیوم جهّال عجم ردّ مینمایند باین کلمهٴ علیا ناطق بوده میفرماید آفتاب جرمی است مدوّر و تیره سزاوار نبوده و نیست که او را اله نامند و یزدان گویند حضرت یزدان کسی است که آگاهی او را ادراک نکند و علوم عالم او را محدود نسازد و چگونگی او را کسی ندانسته و نمیداند و نخواهد دانست ملاحظه نمائید بلسان فصیح بلیغ شهادت داده بر آنچه الیوم حقّ بآن ناطق است مع‌ذلک باسم مؤمن نزد این همج رعاع مذکور نه تا چه رسد بمقامات علیا و در مقام دیگر آن حضرت میفرماید هست از هستی او ظاهر و هویدا و اگر یزدان نباشد هیچیک از آفرینش را هستی نه و بخلعت وجود مزیّن نه اعاذنا الله و ایّاکم من شرّ الّذین انکروا حقّ الله و اولیائه و اعرضوا عن افق شهدت له کتب الله المهیمن القیّوم انتهی‘One of the great Prophets Whom the foolish ones of Persia in this day reject uttered these sublime words: “The sun is but a dense and spherical mass. It deserveth not to be called God or the Almighty. For the almighty Lord is He Whom no human comprehension can ever conceive, Whom no earthly knowledge can circumscribe, and Whose Essence none hath ever been or shall ever be able to fathom”. Consider how eloquently, how solemnly He hath affirmed the very truth that God is proclaiming in this day. And yet He is not even deemed a believer by these abject and foolish ones, let alone seen as possessed of a sublime station! In another connection He said: “All existence hath appeared from His existence, and were it not for God, no creature would have ever existed and been attired with the raiment of being”. May the Lord shield us all from the wickedness of such as have disputed the truth of God and of His loved ones and turned away from that Dayspring whereunto all the Books of God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting, have testified.’”Baha - Tabernacle
باری از آنچه از قبل ذکر شد بوضوح پیوست که هر عقلی میزان نبوده و نیست و عاقل در رتبهٔ اوّلیّه اولیای حقّ جلّ جلاله بوده و هستند الّذین جعلهم الله مخازن علمه و مهابط وحیه و مطالع امره و مشارق حکمته هم الّذین جعلهم الله مقام نفسه فی الأرض بهم یظهر ما اراده الله من اقبل الیهم فقد اقبل الی الله و من اعرض لیس له ذکر عند الله العلیم الحکیمFrom that which hath been mentioned, it is clear that not every intellect can be the criterion of truth. The truly wise are, in the first place, the Chosen Ones of God, magnified be His glory—they Whom He hath singled out to be the Treasuries of His knowledge, the Repositories of His Revelation, the Daysprings of His authority and the Dawning-places of His wisdom, they Whom He hath made His representatives on earth and through Whom He revealeth that which He hath purposed. Whoso turneth unto them hath turned unto God, and whoso turneth away shall not be remembered in the presence of God, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.Baha - Tabernacle
میزان کلّیّه ‌این مقام است که ذکر شد هر نفسی بآن فائز شد یعنی مشرق ظهور را شناخت و ادراک نمود او در کتاب الهی از عقلا مذکور و مسطور و من‌دون آن جاهل اگرچه بزعم خود خود را دارای عقول عالم شمرد حال اگر نفسی خود را بین یدی الله مشاهده نماید و از اعراض و اغراض مطهّر نموده در آنچه از اوّل الی حال در این ظهور اعظم نازل و ظاهر شده تفکّر کند شهادت میدهد که ارواح مجرّده و عقول کامله و نفوس مهذّبه و آذان واعیه و ابصار حدیده و السن طلقه و صدور منشرحه و قلوب منوّره کلّ طائف و خاضع بل ساجدند نزد عرش عظمت الهیThe universal criterion is that which hath just been mentioned. Whosoever attaineth thereunto, that is, who recognizeth and acknowledgeth the Dawning-place of God’s Revelation, will be recorded in the Book of God among them that are endued with understanding. Otherwise he is naught but an ignorant soul, though he believe himself to be possessed of every wisdom. Now, were a person to see himself standing in the presence of God, were he to sanctify his soul from earthly attachments and evil intentions, and reflect upon that which hath been revealed in this most great Revelation from its inception to this day, he would readily testify that every detached soul, every perfect mind, sanctified being, attentive ear, penetrating eye, eloquent tongue, and joyous and radiant heart circleth round and boweth down, nay prostrateth itself in submission, before the mighty throne of God.Baha - Tabernacle
و سؤال دیگر ایشان مظاهر قبل در دورهٔ خود یکی گوشت گاو را حلال و یکی حرام و گوشت خوک را یکی حلال و یکی حرام کذلک مختلف حکم کرده‌اند استدعا آنکه حقّ جلّ ذکره محرّمات مذهبی را مرقوم فرمایندAnother of his questions is this: “Among the Manifestations of the past one hath, in His time, allowed the eating of beef while another hath forbidden it; one hath permitted the eating of pork whereas another hath proscribed it. Thus do their ordinances differ. I entreat the True One, exalted be His name, to graciously specify the appropriate religious prohibitions.”Baha - Tabernacle
بر حسب ظاهر ذکر و تفصیل این مطلب مذکور خارج بود از مقتضیات حکمت چه که خدمت جناب صاحب یگانه نفوس مختلفه مراوده مینمایند و جواب آن بر حسب ظاهر مخالف است با مذهب اسلام لذا بتلویح جواب از سماء مشیّت نازل و ارسال شد در فقرهٴ اوّل که میفرماید رگ جهان در دست پزشک دانا است الی آخر قوله جلّ و عزّ جواب این فقره بوده و هست و میفرماید امروز را نگران باشید و سخن از امروز رانید یعنی ناظر بحکم الله باشید آنچه الیوم بفرماید و بحلّیّت آن حکم نماید او حلال است کلمهٴ صحیحهٔ حقّ آنست باید جمیع بامر حقّ ناظر باشند و به ما یظهر من افق الارادة چه که باسمش علم یفعل ما یشآء مرتفع و رایة یحکم ما یرید منصوب مثلاً اگر حکم فرماید بر اینکه آب حرام است حرام میشود و همچنین بالعکس بر هیچ شیئی از اشیاء هذا حلال و هذا حرام نوشته نشده آنچه ظاهر شده و میشود از کلمهٴ حقّ جلّ جلاله بودهA direct reply and detailed explanation of this matter would have overstepped the bounds of wisdom, inasmuch as people of diverse faiths associate with the distinguished Sáhib and a direct reply would have contravened the laws of Islam. The answer was therefore sent down from the heaven of the Divine Will in an implicit manner. Indeed the statement in the first passage where He saith: “The All-Knowing Physician hath His finger on the pulse of mankind” was, and remaineth, the answer to his question. He further saith: “Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and centre your deliberations on its exigencies and requirements.” That is, fix your gaze upon the commandments of God, for whatsoever He should ordain in this day and pronounce as lawful is indeed lawful and representeth the very truth. It is incumbent upon all to turn their gaze towards the Cause of God and to observe that which hath dawned above the horizon of His Will, since it is through the potency of His name that the banner of “He doeth what He willeth” hath been unfurled and the standard of “He ordaineth what He pleaseth” hath been raised aloft. For instance, were He to pronounce water itself to be unlawful, it would indeed become unlawful, and the converse holdeth equally true. For upon no thing hath it been inscribed “this is lawful” or “this is unlawful”; nay rather, whatsoever hath been or will be revealed is by virtue of the Word of God, exalted be His glory.Baha - Tabernacle
این امور واضح است احتیاج بتفصیل نه و بعضی از احزاب همچه گمان مینمایند که هر حکمی که نزد ایشانست تغییر نمینماید ازلاً بوده و ابداً خواهد بود در فقرهٔ آخر ملاحظه فرمائید قوله تبارک و تعالی سخن باندازه گفته میشود تا نورسیدگان بمانند و نورستگان برسند شیر باندازه باید داد تا کودکان جهان بجهان بزرگی درآیند و در بارگاه یگانگی جای گزینند انتهی مثلاً حزبی بر آنند که خمر لم‌یزل و لایزال حرام بوده و خواهد بود حال اگر بایشان گفته شود میشود وقتی بطراز حلّیّت فائز گردد بر اعراض و اعتراض قیام نماید نفوس عالم معنی یفعل ما یشآء را هنوز ادراک ننموده‌اند و از ادراک عصمت کبری قسمتی نبرده‌اند طفل را در اوّل ایّام شیر باید داد اگر لحم داده شود هلاک گردد و این ظلم صرف است و بغایت از حکمت بعید طوبی للعارفین عصمت کبری چنانچه وقتی از لسان مبارک استماع شد مخصوص است بمظاهر امر و مطالع وحی الهی این فقره باختصار عرض شد چه که فرصت مفقود است و بمثابهٔ عنقا مذکور و غیر موجودThese matters are sufficiently clear and require no further elaboration. Even so, certain groups believe that all the ordinances current amongst them are unalterable, that they have ever been valid, and that they will forever remain so. Consider a further passage, glorified and exalted be He: “These words are being uttered in due measure, that the newly born may thrive and the tender shoot flourish. Milk must be given in suitable proportion, that the children of the world may attain to the station of maturity and abide in the court of oneness.” For instance, some believe that wine hath ever been and shall remain forbidden. Now, were one to inform them that it might one day be made lawful, they would arise in protest and opposition. In truth, the people of the world have yet not grasped the meaning of “He doeth whatsoever He willeth”, nor have they comprehended the significance of Supreme Infallibility. The suckling child must be nourished with milk. If it be given meat it will assuredly perish, and this would be naught but sheer injustice and unwisdom. Blessed are they that understand. Supreme Infallibility, as I once heard from His blessed lips, is reserved exclusively to the Manifestations of the Cause of God and the Exponents of His Revelation. This matter is mentioned but briefly, for time is short and as scarce as the legendary phoenix.Baha - Tabernacle
سؤال دیگر ایشان در مذهب مه‌آبادیان و هندوانست که هر که در مذهب و ملّتی بهر لون و ترکیبی و بهر صفت و حالتی باشد همین قدر که معاشر با شما شد با او مهربانی نمائید و بطور برادری رفتار کنید در مذاهب دیگر اینطور نیست مذاهب غیر را اذیّت و آزار مینمایند و زجر آنها را عبادت خود فرض کرده مال و عیال آنها را مباح دانسته‌اند کدام یک مقبول حقّ استYet another question: “According to the teachings of the Mahábád and Hindu religions, should a person of whatever faith or nation, of whatever colour, appearance, character or condition, be disposed to associate with you, ye should show forth kindness and treat him as a brother. But in other religions this is not so: their followers ill-treat and oppress the adherents of other faiths, consider their persecution as an act of worship, and regard their kindred and their possessions as lawful unto themselves. Which approach is acceptable in the sight of God?”Baha - Tabernacle
کلمهٴ اولی حقّ بوده و خواهد بود تعرّض بنفسی جایز نبوده و نیست اذیّت و آزار عباد نزد حقّ مقبول نه بکرّات این کلمهٔ علیا از قلم اعلی جاری قوله تبارک و تعالی ای عباد دین الله و مذهب الله از برای اتّحاد و اتّفاق ظاهر شده او را سبب و علّت اختلاف و جدال منمائید در الواح متعدّده این فقره نازل و مسطورThe former statement hath ever been and will continue to be true. It is not permissible to contend with anyone, nor is it acceptable in the sight of God to ill-treat or oppress any soul. Time and again have these sublime words streamed from the Pen of the Most High, blessed and exalted be He: “O ye children of men! The fundamental purpose animating the Faith of God and His Religion is to safeguard the interests and promote the unity of the human race, and to foster the spirit of love and fellowship amongst men. Suffer it not to become a source of dissension and discord, of hate and enmity”. This subject hath already been set forth and explained in various Tablets.Baha - Tabernacle
باید شخص مبیّن بکمال رحمت و رأفت و شفقّت کلمه را القا نماید هر نفس اقبال نمود و بقبول فائز شد او از اهل فردوس اعلی در صحیفهٔ حمرا مسطور و اگر قبول ننمود تعرّض بهیچوجه جایز نه در یک مقام میفرماید طوبی لمن اصبح قائماً علی خدمة العالم و همچنین فرموده اهل بها باید فوق اهل عالم طیران نمایند در بارهٔ مذهب ضغینه و بغضا و نزاع و جدال کلّ منع شدهIt behoveth him who expoundeth the Word of God to deliver it with the utmost good-will, kindness, and compassion. As to him that embraceth the truth and is honoured with recognizing Him, his name shall be recorded in the Crimson Book among the inmates of the all-highest Paradise. Should a soul fail, however, to accept the truth, it is in no wise permissible to contend with him. In another connection He saith: “Blessed and happy is he that ariseth to promote the best interests of the peoples and kindreds of the earth.” Likewise He saith: “The people of Bahá should soar high above the peoples of the world.” In matters of religion every form of fanaticism, hatred, dissension and strife is strictly forbidden.Baha - Tabernacle
الیوم از افق عنایت الهی شمسی اشراق نموده و بر جبین او این کلمهٔ علیا از قلم اعلی ثبت انّا خلقناکم للمحبّة و الوفآء لا للضّغینة و البغضآء و همچنین در مقام دیگر بلسان پارسی نازل شده آنچه که اکباد مقرّبین و مخلصین را بگدازد و شئونات مختلفه را بمطلع اتّحاد کشاند و کلّ از انوار توحید منوّر شوند و بافق علم الهی توجّه نمایند قوله تبارک و تعالی دوست یکتا میفرماید راه آزادی باز شده بشتابید و چشمهٔ دانائی جوشیده از او بیاشامید بگو ای دوستان سراپردهٔ یگانگی بلند شد بچشم بیگانگان یکدیگر را مبینید همه بار یک دارید و برگ یک شاخسار انتهیIn this day a Luminary hath dawned above the horizon of divine providence, upon whose brow the Pen of Glory hath inscribed these exalted words: “We have called you into being to show forth love and fidelity, not animosity and hatred”. Likewise, on another occasion, He—exalted and glorified be His name—hath revealed the following words in the Persian tongue, words through which the hearts of the well-favoured and the sincere amongst His servants are consumed, the manifold pursuits of men are harmonized, and mankind is illumined by the light of divine unity and enabled to turn towards the Dayspring of divine knowledge: “The incomparable Friend saith: The path to freedom hath been outstretched; hasten ye thereunto. The wellspring of wisdom is overflowing; quaff ye therefrom. Say: O well-beloved ones! The tabernacle of unity hath been raised; regard ye not one another as strangers. Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch.”Baha - Tabernacle
و مقام عدل که اعطآء کلّ ذی حقّ حقّه است بدو کلمه معلّق و منوط است مجازات و مکافات در این مقام هر نفسی باید بجزای عمل خود برسد چه که راحت و آسایش عالم معلّق و منوط باینست چنانچه فرموده‌اند قوله تعالی خیمهٔ نظم عالم بدو ستون قائم و برپا مجازات و مکافات انتهی باری از برای هر مقام مقالی است و از برای هر هنگام عملی طوبی از برای نفوسی که لله قیام نموده‌اند و لله ناطقند و الی الله راجعJustice, which consisteth in rendering each his due, dependeth upon and is conditioned by two words: reward and punishment. From the standpoint of justice, every soul should receive the reward of his actions, inasmuch as the peace and prosperity of the world depend thereon, even as He saith, exalted be His glory: “The structure of world stability and order hath been reared upon, and will continue to be sustained by, the twin pillars of reward and punishment”. In brief, every circumstance requireth a different utterance and every occasion calleth for a different course of action. Blessed are they that have arisen to serve God, who speak forth wholly for His sake, and who return unto Him.Baha - Tabernacle
سؤال دیگر ایشان در مذهب هندو و زردشت هر که از خارج بخواهد داخل مذهب آنها شود راه نمیدهند و مقبول ندارند در مذهب عیسی هر که بمیل خود بیاید داخل شود راه میدهند ولی اظهار و اصرار ندارند و در مذهب حضرت رسول و موسی اصرار در این کار دارند و تکلیف مینمایند علاوه اگر نکنند دشمن میشوند و مال و عیال آنها را مباح میدانند کدام مقبول حقّ استAnother of his questions: “Hindus and Zoroastrians do not admit or welcome outsiders who wish to join their ranks. Christians welcome those who decide of their own accord to embrace their religion, but make no effort and exert no pressure to this end. Muslims and Jews, however, insist upon it, enjoin it upon others, and, should anyone refuse, grow hostile and regard it as lawful to seize his kindred and possessions. Which approach is acceptable in the sight of God?”Baha - Tabernacle
بنی‌آدم کلّ برادرند و شروط برادری بسیار از جمله آنکه هر نفسی آنچه از برای خود میخواهد باید از برای برادران خود هم بخواهد لذا اگر دوستی بنعمت ظاهریّه و یا باطنیّه و یا مائدهٔ سمائیّه برسد باید بکمال محبّت و مهربانی دوستان خود را آگاه نماید اگر اقبال نمودند حصل المراد والّا من‌دون تعرّض و کلمه‌ئی که سبب حزن فی‌الجمله شود او را بخود واگذارند هذا هو الحقّ و ما بعد الحقّ الّا ما لا ینبغیThe children of men are all brothers, and the prerequisites of brotherhood are manifold. Among them is that one should wish for one’s brother that which one wisheth for oneself. Therefore, it behoveth him who is the recipient of an inward or outward gift or who partaketh of the bread of heaven to inform and invite his friends with the utmost love and kindness. If they respond favourably, his object is attained; otherwise he should leave them to themselves without contending with them or uttering a word that would cause the least sadness. This is the undoubted truth, and aught else is unworthy and unbecoming.Baha - Tabernacle
جناب صاحب یگانه وفّقه الله مرقوم داشته‌اند که ملّت هندو و زردشت هر که بخواهد داخل مذهب ایشان شود راه نمیدهند این مخالف است با ارسال رسل و آنچه در کتب ایشان است چه که هر شخصی من لدی الله ظاهر شود او از برای هدایت عباد و تربیت ایشان فرستاده میشود چگونه میشود طالب و قاصد را از مطلوب و مقصود منع نمایند آتشکده‌های عالم شاهد و گواهند و با سوز و گداز در عصر خود من علی الأرض را ندا مینمودند و بیزدان پاک دعوت میفرمودندThe distinguished Sáhib, may God graciously aid him, hath written that the Hindus and Zoroastrians do not permit or welcome outsiders who wish to join their ranks. This runneth counter to the purpose underlying the advent of the Messengers of God and to that which hath been revealed in their Books. For those Who have appeared at God’s behest have been entrusted with the guidance and education of all people. How could they debar a seeker from the object of his quest, or forbid a wayfarer from the desire of his heart? The fire-temples of the world stand as eloquent testimony to this truth. In their time they summoned, with burning zeal, all the inhabitants of the earth to Him Who is the Spirit of purity.Baha - Tabernacle
و همچنین مرقوم داشته‌اند در مذهب عیسی هر که بمیل خود بیاید داخل شود راه میدهند ولی اظهار و اصرار ندارند این فقره هم مشتبه شده چه که بسیار اصرار داشته و دارند بر تبلیغ قریب به سی‌ملیون مصروف ادارهٔ ملّیّهٔ ایشان است و مبشّرینشان در جمیع دیار منتشر و بکمال جدّ و جهد در تبلیغ دین عیسوی مشغولند اینست که عالم را احاطه نموده‌اند چه مقدار مدارس و کنائس ساخته‌اند لأجل آنکه اطفال بکسب علوم مشغول شوند ولکن مقصود باطنشان اینست که هم تحصیل نمایند و هم در طفولیّت اخبار حضرت مسیح را بشنوند تا در مرایای وجودشان که غباری اخذ ننموده منطبع شود آنچه را که قصد نموده‌اند هیچ مذهبی باصرار ایشان در ترویج مذهب حضرت مسیح دیده نشدهHe hath moreover written that Christians welcome those who decide of their own accord to embrace their religion, but make no effort and exert no pressure to this end. This, however, is a misconception. For the Christians have exerted and continue to exert the utmost effort in teaching their faith. Their church organizations have an expenditure of about thirty million. Their missionaries have scattered far and wide throughout the globe and are assiduously engaged in teaching Christianity. Thus have they compassed the world. How numerous the schools and churches they have founded to instruct children, yet their unavowed aim is that these children, as they acquire an education, may also become acquainted in their early years with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that the unsullied mirrors of their hearts may thus reflect that which their teachers have purposed. Indeed the followers of no other religion are as intent upon the propagation of their faith as the Christians.Baha - Tabernacle
باری آنچه الیوم حقّ است و لدی العرش مقبول آنست که اوّل ذکر شد انسان از برای اصلاح عالم آمده باید لوجه الله بخدمت برادران خود قیام نماید از قبول باید مسرور شود باینکه برادرش بنعمت جاودانی فائز شده والّا از حقّ هدایت او را طلب نماید من‌دون آنکه طرف مقابل از او بغضی و یا کرهی احساس کند الأمر بید الله یفعل ما یشآء و یحکم ما یرید و هو العزیز الحمیدIn brief, what is right and true in this day and acceptable before His Throne is that which was mentioned at the outset. All men have been called into being for the betterment of the world. It behoveth every soul to arise and serve his brethren for the sake of God. Should a brother of his embrace the truth, he should rejoice that the latter hath attained unto everlasting favour. Otherwise he should implore God to guide him without manifesting the least trace of animosity or ill-feeling towards him. The reins of command are in the grasp of God. He doeth what He willeth and ordaineth as He pleaseth. He, verily, is the Almighty, the All-Praised.Baha - Tabernacle
از حقّ جلّ جلاله میطلبیم که بر حکیم علی الاطلاق آگاه شویم و او را بیابیم و بعد از آگاهی و اثبات ما هو علیه دیگر ظنون و اوهام اهل عالم ضرّی باو نرساند و حکیم نبض عالم در ید قدرت اوست شاید وقتی بعض اعضای فاسده را قطع نماید تا سرایت بسایر اعضا ننماید و این عین شفقّت و رحمت است و بر احدی نیست بر او تعرّض نماید چه که اوست دانا و بیناWe beseech the one true God, magnified be His glory, to enable us to recognize Him Whose unerring wisdom pervadeth all things and that we may acknowledge His truth. For once one hath recognized Him and borne witness to His Reality, one will no longer be troubled by the idle fancies and vain imaginings of men. The divine Physician hath the pulse of mankind within His almighty grasp. At one time He may well deem fit to sever certain infected limbs, that the disease may not spread to other parts of the body. This would be the very essence of mercy and compassion, and to none is given the right to object, for He is indeed the All-Knowing, the All-Seeing.Baha - Tabernacle
سؤال دیگر ایشان در مذهب مه‌آبادیان و زردشت میفرماید مذهب و طریقهٔ ما از سایر مذاهب برتر و بهتر است از سایر انبیا و مذهب آنها همه حقّ است مانند نزد سلطان از صدر اعظم مقامات متفرّقه تا سرباز جزو نزد خدا دارند هر که میخواهد در دین خود باشد مزاحم احدی نمیشوند هندو میگوید هر که گوشت‌خور است بهر اسم و هر قسم رنگ بهشت را نخواهد دید مذهب حضرت رسول و عیسی و موسی میگویند هر که دین و مذهب ما را قبول ندارد اصلاً رنگ بهشت را نخواهد دید کدام مقبول حقّ جلّ ذکره استAnother of his questions: “In the Mahábád and Zoroastrian religions it is said: ‘Our faith and religion is superior to every other. The other Prophets and the religions they have instituted are true, but they occupy different stations before God, even as, in the court of a king, there is a gradation of ranks from the prime minister to the common soldier. Whosoever wisheth, let him keep the precepts of his religion.’ Nor do they impose upon any soul. The Hindus claim that whosoever partaketh of meat, for whatever reason or under whatever circumstances, shall never catch a glimpse of Paradise. The followers of Muhammad, Jesus and Moses maintain that a similar fate awaiteth those who fail to bear allegiance to their religions. Which belief is favoured by God, glorified be His mention?”Baha - Tabernacle
اینکه میفرمایند دین و آیین ما برتر و بهتر است از آیین و دین انبیا مقصود انبیای قبل از ایشان است این نفوس مقدّسه در یک مقام متّحدند اوّلهم آخرهم و آخرهم اوّلهم کلّ از جانب خدا آمده‌اند و باو دعوت نموده‌اند و باو راجع شده‌اند کتاب ایقان که فی‌الحقیقه سیّد کتب است و در اوّل این ظهور اعظم از قلم اعلی جاری شد این مراتب در او نازل گشته طوبی لمن شهد و رأی و تفرّس فیه حبّاً لله مالک الوریRegarding their statement that “our faith and religion is superior to every other”, by this is meant such Prophets as have appeared before them. Viewed from one perspective these holy Souls are one: the first among them is the same as the last, and the last is the same as the first. All have proceeded from God, unto Him have they summoned all men, and unto Him have they returned. This theme hath been set forth in the Book of Certitude, which is indeed the cynosure of all books, and which streamed from the Pen of Glory in the early years of this Most Great Revelation. Blessed is he that hath beheld it and pondered its contents for the love of God, the Lord of creation.Baha - Tabernacle
و اینکه مرقوم داشته‌اند که هندو میگوید هر که گوشت‌خور است رنگ بهشت را نخواهد دید این مخالف است با بیان دیگر که میفرمایند همه حقّند چه اگر حقّیّت ثابت شود عدم لقای جنّت معنی ندارد و معلوم نیست که از جنّت چه قصد کرده‌اند و چه ادراک نموده‌اند هر نفسی الیوم برضای حقّ جلّ جلاله فائز شد او از اهل فردوس اعلی و جنّت علیا مذکور و محسوبست و در جمیع عوالم الهی ثمرات او را بیابد لعمر المقصود قلم از ذکر این مقام عاجز است و از وصف این بیان قاصر طوبی لمن فاز بالرّضآء و ویل للغافلین هر یک از انبیا که از جانب حقّ آمده بعد از ثبوت این مقام بر احدی نیست که به لم او بم تکلّم نماید آنچه بفرماید باید کلّ قبول نمایند و اطاعت کنند هذا ما حکم به الله فی کتبه و زبره و الواحهConcerning the remark attributed to the Hindus that whosoever partaketh of meat shall never catch a glimpse of Paradise, this runneth counter to their other assertion that all the Prophets are true. For if their truth be established, then it is absurd to claim that their followers will not ascend unto Paradise. One fain would ask what they intend by Paradise and what they have grasped thereof. In this day whosoever attaineth the good pleasure of the one true God, magnified be His glory, shall be remembered and accounted among the inmates of the all-highest Heaven and the most exalted Paradise, and shall partake of its benefits in all the worlds of God. By Him Who is the Desire of all men! The pen is powerless to portray this station or to expound this theme. How great the blessedness of him who hath attained unto the good-pleasure of God, and woe betide the heedless! Once the validity of a divinely appointed Prophet hath been established, to none is given the right to ask why or wherefore. Rather is it incumbent upon all to accept and obey whatsoever He saith. This is that which God hath decreed in all His Books, Scriptures and Tablets.Baha - Tabernacle
سؤال دیگر ایشان هندوان بدان آواز دارند که خدا خرد را بپیکر آدمی آفریده است نام آن برهمه است و آن بجهان آمده و مایهٔ آبادی شده و ایشان از اولاد اویند زردشتیان گویند خداوند بمیانجی نخستین خرد مردی آفرید مه‌آباد نام اوست و ما از اولاد اوئیم چون پیدایش جهان را از شش گونه بیرون ندانند دو گونهٴ آن این بود که نگاشته آمد و دیگر‌ گونه آفریده شدن از آب و دیگر از خاک و دیگر از آتش و دیگر از خرس و میمون است هندوان و پارسیان گویند چون بود ما از خرد است آفریدگان و مردمان دیگر را بخود راه ندهیم این گفتهٔ ایشان درست است یا نه هر ‌گونه پسندیده دانند بخردانی رهبر باز نمایندA further question that he hath asked: “The Hindus assert that God fashioned the Intellect in the form of a man named Brahma, Who came into this world and was the cause of its progress and development, and that all Hindus are His descendants. The followers of Zoroaster say: ‘God, through the agency of the Primal Intellect, created a man whose name is Mahábád and who is our ancestor.’ They believe the modes of creation to be six in number. Two were mentioned above; the others are creation from water, earth, fire, and from bears and monkeys. The Hindus and Zoroastrians both say that they are begotten of the Intellect, and thus do not admit others into their folds. Are these assertions true or not? That wise Master is requested to indicate that which he deemeth appropriate.”Baha - Tabernacle
جمیع عالم بارادهٔ حقّ جلّ جلاله خلق شده و آدم بدیع از کلمهٴ مطاعهٔ الهیّه بوجود آمده و اوست مطلع و مکمن و معدن و مظهر عقل و از او خلق بوجود آمده اوست واسطهٔ فیض اوّلیّه از اوّل خلق علی ما هو علیه احدی اطّلاع نداشته جز علم حقّ جلّ جلاله که محیط است بر کلّ شیء و قبل وجوده و بعد وجوده و اوّل و آخر خلق محدود نشده و سرّ آن بر احدی پدیدار نگشته لم‌یزل علمش نزد مخازن علم الهی مکنون و مخزون بوده و هستThe entire creation hath been called into being through the Will of God, magnified be His glory, and peerless Adam hath been fashioned through the agency of His all-compelling Word, a Word which is the source, the wellspring, the repository, and the dawning-place of the intellect. From it all creation hath proceeded, and it is the channel of God’s primal grace. None can grasp the reality of the origin of creation save God, exalted be His glory, Whose knowledge embraceth all things both before and after they come into being. Creation hath neither beginning nor end, and none hath ever unravelled its mystery. Its knowledge hath ever been, and shall remain, hidden and preserved with those Who are the Repositories of divine knowledge.Baha - Tabernacle
و حدوث عالم نظر بآنست که مسبوق بعلّت است و قدم ذاتی مخصوص بحقّ جلّ جلاله بوده و هست و این کلمه نظر بآن ذکر شد که از بیان اوّل که گفته شد اوّل و آخر خلق محدود نیست احدی رایحهٴ قدم ادراک نکند قدم حقیقی ذاتی مخصوص بحقّ است و از برای عالم نسبی و اضافی و آنچه از اوّلیّت و آخریّت و یا فوق آن استنباط نموده‌اند از انبیا و اصفیا و سفرای حقّ اخذ کرده‌اندThe world of existence is contingent, inasmuch as it is preceded by a cause, while essential preexistence hath ever been, and shall remain, confined to God, magnified be His glory. This statement is being made lest one be inclined to conclude from the earlier assertion, namely that creation hath no beginning and no end, that it is preexistent. True and essential preexistence is exclusively reserved to God, while the preexistence of the world is secondary and relative. All that hath been inferred about firstness, lastness and such hath in truth been derived from the sayings of the Prophets, Apostles, and Chosen Ones of God.Baha - Tabernacle
و عالم ذرّ هم که مشهور است در بعثت انبیا بوده و مادون آن موهوم و از ظنون و در حین ظهور کلّ خلق در صقع واحدند و بعد بقبول و عدم قبول و صعود و نزول و حرکت و سکون و اقبال و اعراض مختلف میشوند مثلاً حقّ جلّ جلاله بلسان مظهر ظهور میفرماید أ لست بربّکم هر نفسی بقول بلی فائز شد او از اعلی الخلق لدی الحقّ مذکور مقصود آنکه قبل از القای کلمه کلّ در صقع واحد و مقام واحد مشاهده میشوند و بعد از آن اختلاف ظاهر شده و میشود چنانچه مشاهده نموده و مینمائیدAs to the “realm of subtle entities” which is often referred to, it pertaineth to the Revelation of the Prophets, and aught else is mere superstition and idle fancy. At the time of the Revelation all men are equal in rank. By reason, however, of their acceptance or rejection, rise or fall, motion or stillness, recognition or denial, they come to differ thereafter. For instance, the one true God, magnified be His glory, speaking through the intermediary of His Manifestation, doth ask: “Am I not your Lord?” Every soul that answereth “Yea, verily!” is accounted among the most distinguished of all men in the sight of God. Our meaning is that ere the Word of God is delivered, all men are deemed equal in rank and their station is one and the same. It is only thereafter that differences appear, as thou hast no doubt observed.Baha - Tabernacle
از آنچه ذکر شد محقّق و ثابت است که کسی نمیتواند بگوید که ما از عقل خلق شده‌ایم و غیر ما از غیر آن و حقّی که بمثابهٔ آفتاب روشن و واضح است آنکه کلّ بارادة الله خلق شده‌اند و از مبدأ واحد آمده‌اند بدء کلّ از او بوده و رجوع کلّ باو خواهد بود اینست معنی کلمهٴ مبارکهٴ انّا لله و انّا الیه راجعون که در فرقان از قلم رحمن جاری شدهIt is clearly established from that which hath been mentioned that none may ever justifiably claim: “We are begotten of the Intellect, while all others stem from another origin.” The truth that shineth bright and resplendent as the sun is this, that all have been created through the operation of the Divine Will and have proceeded from the same source, that all are from Him and that unto Him they shall all return. This is the meaning of that blessed verse in the Qur’án which hath issued from the Pen of the All-Merciful: “Verily, we are God’s, and to Him shall we return”.Baha - Tabernacle
بر آن جناب واضح و مبرهن است که آنچه ذکر شد جواب کلّ در یک فقره از فقراتی که از قلم اعلی جاری شده بود طوبی از برای نفوسی که مطهّراً عن شؤونات الخلق و مقدّساً عن الظّنون و الأوهام در ریاض علم الهی تفرّج نمایند تا از هر شیء آیات عظمت را مشاهده کنندAs is clear and evident to thee, the answer to all of the questions mentioned above was embodied in but one of the passages revealed by the Pen of the Most High. Blessed are they who, freed from worldly matters and sanctified from idle fancies and vain imaginings, traverse the meads of divine knowledge and discern in all things the tokens of His glory.Baha - Tabernacle
باسم جناب صاحب بسیار چیزها نوشته شده خود ایشان اگر مطّلع شوند و ثمرات آن را بیابند بسیار مسرور میشوند بشأنی که احزان عالم ایشان را محزون ننماید انشآءالله این کلمه را بتمام لسان یعنی بلسان حقیقت ذکر نمایند و عمل فرمایند میفرماید قل الله ثمّ ذرهم فی خوضهم یلعبون و در صدد آن باشند که خلق محجوب را که در زوایای تاریکی و ظلمت مانده‌اند بنور آفتاب کشانند باسم اعظم علمی که حکایت نمینماید مگر از ظهور بگیرند و پیشرو احزاب قبل شوند که شاید تیرگیهای عالم برطرف شود و انوار آفتاب حقیقت عالم را فراگیرد اینست فضل اکبر و مقام اعظم اگر انسان باین مقام فائز نشود بچه دلخوش است و بچه مأنوس و بچه قائم و بچه متحرّک و بیاد که میخوابد و باسم که برمیخیزد ایضاً انّا لله و انّا الیه راجعونNumerous passages have been revealed in the name of his honour the Sáhib. Were he to appreciate their value and avail himself of their fruits, he would experience such joy that all the sorrows of the world would be powerless to afflict him. God grant that he may be enabled to sincerely voice, and to act in accordance with, the following words: “Say: It is God; then leave them to entertain themselves with their cavilings.” May he endeavour to guide those deprived souls who remain secluded in darkness and obscurity towards the light of the Sun. May he seize, through the potency of the Most Great Name, the banner that speaketh of naught save His Revelation and march at the forefront of the people of the former religions, that perchance the darkness of the world may be dispelled and the effulgent rays of the Sun of Truth may shine upon all mankind. This, in truth, is the most perfect bounty and the highest calling. Should man fail to attain unto this sublime station, where then can he find comfort and joy? What will sustain and animate him? With whom will he commune at the hour of repose, and whose name will he invoke when he riseth from slumber? Again: “Verily, we are God’s, and to Him shall we return.”Baha - Tabernacle
سؤال آخر ایشان الواح منزله آنچه زیارت شده اغلب بلسان عربی بوده چون در این زمان دلبر پارسی‌زبان آمد عربی مطرود و متروکست چنانچه اعراب خود هنوز معنی قرآن را نفهمیده و ندانسته‌اند و لسان پارسی در نزد اهل ربع مسکون مرغوب و پسندیده و مطلوبست چنانچه پارسی در مقابل عربی ممتاز است فرس قدیم هم در مقابل آن ممتاز است در نزد هندیان و غیره زیاده بر زیاده مرغوب افتاده بهتر آنکه حقّ جلّ ذکره بعد الأیّام اغلب بلسان پارسی صرف تنطّق فرمایند چون جذب قلوب را بهتر میکند استدعا آنکه جواب عرایض فدوی بلسان پارسی صرف عنایت و مرحمت شودHis last question. “Most of the Tablets that we have seen are in Arabic. However, since the Beloved in this age is of Persian descent, the Arabic tongue should be abandoned and discarded. For to this day the Arabs themselves have not understood the meaning of the Qur’án, whereas the Persian language is highly prized, lauded and admired among the dwellers of the inhabited quarter of the globe. And just as the Persian of the present day is superior to Arabic, so too is Old Persian, which is greatly favoured by the people of India and others. It would therefore be preferable if the words of God, magnified be His mention, were hereafter mainly delivered in pure Persian, since it attracteth the hearts to a greater degree. It is moreover requested that the reply to these questions be graciously written in pure Persian.”Baha - Tabernacle
فی‌الحقیقه لسان پارسی بسیار شیرین و محبوبست و بعد از عرض این فقره در ساحت امنع اقدس الواح بسیار باین لسان نازل و اینکه در ذکر فرقان نوشته‌اند که معنی ظاهر آن را ادراک ننموده‌اند باقلام مختلفه و السن لاتحصی معنی و ترجمهٴ آن را نموده‌اند و آنچه از ادراک آن عاجزند اسرار و بواطن او بوده و هست و آنچه گفته و بگویند باندازه بوده و خواهد بود و علی شأنهم و مراتبهم ذکر شده و خواهد شد و انّه علی ما هو علیه لا یعلمه الّا الله الفرد الواحد العلیمThe Persian tongue is in truth exceedingly sweet and pleasing, and ever since this request was submitted in His most blessed and exalted court, numerous Tablets have been revealed in that language. As to the statement concerning the Qur’án implying that its outward meaning hath not been understood, in reality it hath been interpreted in numerous ways and translated into countless languages. That which men have been unable to grasp are its hidden mysteries and inner meanings. And all that they have said or will say is limited in scope and should be seen as commensurate with their rank and station. For none can fathom its true meaning save God, the One, the Incomparable, the All-Knowing.Baha - Tabernacle
امروز جهانخدا و جهانکدخدا و جهانباری و جهانپناه ظاهر و هویدا جمیع آذان باید مترصّد باشد که باصغاء آنچه از ملکوت اراده ظاهر شود فائز گردد و همچنین جمیع ابصار منتظر که آنچه از آفتاب علم و حکمت اشراق نماید بمشاهدهٔ آن مرزوق آید لعمر المقصود امروز روز چشم و گوش است و امروز روز فؤاد است و امروز روز لسان است طوبی از برای فائزین و طوبی از برای قاصدین و طوبی از برای عارفین امروز روزی است که انسان میتواند کسب مقامات باقیه نماید چه که آنچه از قلم اعلی در بارهٔ هر نفسی جاری شد بطراز قدم مزیّن است ایضاً طوبی للفائزینIn this day He Who is the Lord, the Ruler, the Fashioner, and the Refuge of the world hath appeared. Let every ear be eager to hearken unto that which will be revealed from the kingdom of His will; let every eye be expectant to gaze upon that which will shine forth from the Daystar of knowledge and wisdom. By Him Who is the Desire of the world! This is the day for eyes to see and for ears to hear, for hearts to perceive and for tongues to speak forth. Blessed are they that have attained thereunto; blessed are they that have sought after and recognized it! This is the day whereon every man may accede unto everlasting honour, for whatsoever hath streamed forth from the Pen of Glory in regard to any soul is adorned with the ornament of immortality. Again, blessed are they that have attained thereunto!Baha - Tabernacle
و اینکه صاحب یگانه نوشته‌اند چون در این زمان دلبر پارسی‌زبان آمد عربی مطرود و متروکست در این مقام این کلمهٔ علیا از قلم اعلی جاری و نازل قوله عزّ اجلاله تازی و پارسی هر دو نیکو است چه که آنچه از زبان خواسته‌اند پی‌بردن بگفتار گوینده است و این از هر دو می‌آید و امروز چون آفتاب دانش از آسمان ایران آشکار و هویداست هر چه این زبان را ستایش نمائید سزاوار است انتهیThe distinguished Sáhib hath written: “Since the Beloved in this age is of Persian descent, the Arabic tongue should be abandoned and discarded.” In this connection these sublime words issued from the Pen of the Most High, magnified and exalted be His glory: “Both Arabic and Persian are laudable. That which is desired of a language is that it convey the intent of the speaker, and either language can serve this purpose. And since in this day the Orb of knowledge hath risen in the firmament of Persia, this tongue deserveth every praise.”Baha - Tabernacle
فی‌الحقیقه نور حقیقت از افق بیان الهی مشرق و لائح است احتیاج بذکر این فانی و امثال او نبوده و نیست در حلاوت لسان پارسی شک و شبهه‌ئی نیست ولکن بسط عربی را نداشته و ندارد بسیار چیزها است که در پارسی تعبیر از آن نشده یعنی لفظی که مدلّ بر او باشد وضع نشده ولکن از برای هر شیء در لسان عربی اسماء متعدّده وضع شده هیچ لسانی در ارض بوسعت و بسط عربی نبوده و نیست این کلمه از روی انصاف و حقیقت ذکر شد والّا معلوم است امروز عالم از آفتابی که از افق ایران طالع و لائحست منوّر در این صورت این لسان شیرین را هر چه وصف نمایند سزاوار استThe light of truth is indeed shining resplendent above the horizon of divine utterance, and hence no further elaboration is required from this evanescent soul or from others like unto him. Although there can be no question or doubt as to the sweetness of the Persian tongue, yet it hath not the scope of the Arabic. There are many things which have not been expressed in Persian, that is to say, words referring to such things have not been devised, whilst in Arabic there are several words describing the same thing. Indeed there existeth no language in the world as vast and comprehensive as Arabic. This statement is prompted by truth and fairness; otherwise it is clear that in this day the world is being illumined by the splendours of that Sun which hath dawned above the horizon of Persia, and that the merits of this sweet language can scarcely be overestimated.Baha - Tabernacle
جمیع سؤالات جناب صاحب ذکر شد و جواب ارسال گشت اگر مصلحت باشد و حکمت اقتضا نماید ملاحظه نمایند بأسی نیست و همچنین آقایان آن ارض مثل جناب محبوبی علی قبل اکبر علیه بهآء الله مالک القدر و محبوبی جناب آقا میرزا اسدالله علیه من کلّ بهآء ابهاه ملاحظه فرمایند محبوبستAll the questions of his honour the Sáhib have herewith been mentioned and duly answered. If it be deemed appropriate and advisable, there would be no harm in his perusing these answers himself, and likewise they may be read by the beloved friends in that land, such as Jináb-i-‘Alí-Akbar, upon him be the glory of God, the Supreme Ordainer, and Jináb-i-Áqá Mírzá Asadu’lláh, upon him be the Glory of Glories.Baha - Tabernacle
این خادم از حقّ جلّ جلاله میطلبد عالم انسان را بعدل و انصاف مزیّن فرماید اگرچه انصاف هم از شئونات عدلست و عدل سراجی است که انسان را در ظلمت دنیا راه مینماید و از خطرها حفظ میکند اوست سراج وهّاج حقّ امرای ارض را از نورش منوّر فرماید انّ الخادم یسأل الله بأن یوفّق الکلّ علی ما یحبّ و یرضی انّه لمالک الآخرة و الأولی لا اله الّا هو المقتدر القدیرThis servant beseecheth the one True God—exalted be His glory—to graciously adorn the world of humanity with justice and fair-mindedness, although in truth the latter is but one of the expressions of the former. Verily, justice is a lamp that guideth man aright amidst the darkness of the world and shieldeth him from every danger. It is indeed a shining lamp. God grant that the rulers of the earth may be illumined by its light. This servant further imploreth God to graciously aid all men to do His will and pleasure. He, in truth, is the Lord of this world and of the world to come. No God is there but Him, the Almighty, the Most-Powerful.Baha - Tabernacle
3Baha - Tabernacle
لوح هفت پرسشTablet of the Seven QuestionsBaha - Tabernacle
بنام گویندهٴ داناIN THE NAME OF THE LORD OF UTTERANCE, THE ALL-WISEBaha - Tabernacle
ستایش پاک یزدان را سزاوار که از روشنی آفتاب بخشش جهان را روشن نمود از باء بحر اعظم هویدا و از هاء هویّت بحته اوست توانائی که توانائی مردم روزگار او را از خواست خود بازندارد و لشکرهای پادشاهان از گفتارش منع ننمایدAll praise be to the sanctified Lord Who hath illumined the world through the splendours of the Daystar of His grace. From the letter “B” He hath made the Most Great Ocean to appear, and from the letter “H” He hath caused His inmost Essence to be made manifest. He is that Almighty One Whose purpose the might of men can never hope to frustrate and the flow of Whose utterance the hosts of kings are powerless to halt.Baha - Tabernacle
نامه‌ات رسید دیدیم و ندایت را شنیدیم در نامه لآلی محبّت مکنون و اسرار مودّت مخزون از داور بی‌همال میطلبیم ترا تأیید فرماید بر نصرت امرش و توفیق بخشد تا تشنگان دشت نادانی را بآب زندگانی برسانی اوست بر هر امری قادر و توانا آنچه از دریای دانائی و خورشید بینائی سؤال نمودی باجابت مقرونThy letter was received, and We perused it and heard thy call. Within it were enshrined the precious pearls of love and the hidden mysteries of affection. We beseech the peerless Lord to enable thee to assist His Cause and to lead those who are sore athirst in the wilderness of ignorance to the water of life. His might, in truth, is equal to all things. That which thou didst ask of the Ocean of Knowledge and the Orb of Insight hath met with His acceptance.Baha - Tabernacle
پرسش نخستین نخست پرستش یکتای یزدان را بچه زبان و رو بکدام سو بنمائیم شایسته استThe first question: “In what tongue and towards what direction doth it behove us to worship the one true God?”Baha - Tabernacle
آغاز گفتار پرستش پروردگار است و این پس از شناسائیست چشم پاک باید تا بشناسد و زبان پاک باید تا بستاید امروز روهای اهل دانش و بینش سوی اوست بلکه سویها را جمله رو بر سوی او شیرمرد از خداوند میخواهیم مرد میدان باشی و بتوانائی یزدان برخیزی و بگوئی ای دستوران گوش از برای شنیدن راز بی‌نیاز آمده و چشم از برای دیدار چرا گریزانید دوست یکتا پدیدار میگوید آنچه را که رستگاری در آنست ای دستوران اگر بوی گلزار دانائی را بیابید جز او نخواهید و دانای یکتا را در جامهٴ تازه بشناسید و از گیتی و گیتی‌خواهان چشم بردارید و بیاری برخیزیدThe beginning of all utterance is the worship of God, and this followeth upon His recognition. Sanctified must be the eye if it is to truly recognize Him, and sanctified must be the tongue if it is to befittingly utter His praise. In this day the faces of the people of insight and understanding are turned in His direction; nay every direction inclineth itself towards Him. O lion-hearted one! We beseech God that thou mayest become a champion in this arena, arise with heavenly power and say: “O high priests! Ears have been given you that they may hearken unto the mystery of Him Who is the Self-Dependent, and eyes that they may behold Him. Wherefore flee ye? The Incomparable Friend is manifest. He speaketh that wherein lieth salvation. Were ye, O high priests, to discover the perfume of the rose garden of understanding, ye would seek none other but Him, and would recognize, in His new vesture, the All-Wise and Peerless One, and would turn your eyes from the world and all who seek it, and would arise to help Him.”Baha - Tabernacle
پرسش دوم در کیش و آئین بوده امروز کیش یزدان پدیدار جهان‌دار آمد و راه نمود کیشش نیکوکاری و آئینش بردباری این کیش زندگی پاینده بخشد و این آئین مردمان را بجهان بی‌نیازی رساند این کیش و آئین دارای کیشها و آئینهاست بگیرید و بداریدThe second question concerneth faith and religion. The Faith of God hath in this day been made manifest. He Who is the Lord of the world is come and hath shown the way. His faith is the faith of benevolence and His religion is the religion of forbearance. This faith bestoweth eternal life and this religion enableth mankind to dispense with all else. It verily embraceth all faiths and all religions. Take hold thereof and guard it well.Baha - Tabernacle
پرسش سوم با مردم روزگار که جدا جدا کیشی گرفته‌اند و هر یک کیش و آئین خویش را پیشتر و بهتر از دیگری دانند چگونه رفتار نمائیم که از دست و زبان ایشان در رنج و آزار نباشیمThe third question: “In what manner shall we deal with the people of this age, who have each chosen to follow a different religion and who each regard their own faith and religion as excelling and surpassing all the others, that we may be shielded from the onslaught of their words and deeds?”Baha - Tabernacle
ای شیر مردمان رنج را در راه حضرت یزدان راحت دان هر دردی در راه او درمانیست بزرگ و هر تلخی شیرین و هر پستی بلند اگر مردمان بیابند و بدانند جان رایگان در راه این رنج دهند این رنج مفتاح گنجست اگر در ظاهر منکر است در باطن پسندیده بوده و هست گفتار ترا پذیرفتیم و تصدیق نمودیم چه که مردمان روزگار از روشنائی آفتاب داد محرومند داد را دشمن میدارندO lion-hearted one amongst men! Regard the afflictions endured in the path of God as comfort itself. Every affliction suffered for His sake is a potent remedy, every bitterness is naught but sweetness and every abasement an exaltation. Were men to apprehend and acknowledge this truth, they would readily lay down their lives for such affliction. For it is the key to inestimable treasures, and no matter how outwardly abhorrent, it hath ever been and will continue to be inwardly prized. We accept and affirm what thou hast said, for the people of the world are indeed bereft of the light of the Orb of justice and regard it as their enemy.Baha - Tabernacle
اگر بی‌رنجی طلبی این بیان که از قلم رحمن جاری شده قرائت نما الهی الهی اشهد بفردانیّتک و وحدانیّتک اسألک یا مالک الأسمآء و فاطر السّمآء بنفوذ کلمتک العلیا و اقتدار قلمک الأعلی بأن تنصرنی برایات قدرتک و قوّتک و تحفظنی من شرّ اعدائک الّذین نقضوا عهدک و میثاقک انّک انت المقتدر القدیراین ذکر حصنی است متین و لشکریست مبین حفظ نماید و نجات بخشدIf thou desirest to be freed from affliction, recite thou this prayer which hath been revealed by the Pen of the All-Merciful: “O God, my God! I testify to Thy unity and to Thy oneness. I beseech Thee, O Thou Possessor of names and Fashioner of the heavens, by the pervasive influence of Thine exalted Word and the potency of Thy supreme Pen, to aid me with the ensigns of Thy power and might, and to protect me from the mischief of Thine enemies who have violated Thy Covenant and Thy Testament. Thou art, verily, the Almighty, the Most Powerful.” This invocation is an impregnable stronghold and an indomitable army. It conferreth protection and ensureth deliverance.Baha - Tabernacle
پرسش چهارم در نامه‌های ما مژده داده‌اند شاه بهرام با نشانهای زیاد از برای رهنمائی مردمان میآید الی آخر بیانهThe fourth question: “Our Books have announced that Sháh Bahrám will come, invested with manifold signs, to guide the people aright….”Baha - Tabernacle
ای دوست آنچه در نامه‌ها مژده داده‌اند ظاهر و هویدا گشت نشانها از هر شطری نمودار امروز یزدان ندا مینماید و کل را بمینوی اعظم بشارت میدهد گیتی بانوار ظهورش منوّر ولکن چشم کمیاب از یکتا خداوند بیمانند بخواه بندگان خود را بینائی بخشد بینائی سبب دانائی و علّت نجات بوده و هست دانائی خرد از بینائی بصر است اگر مردمان بچشم خرد بنگرند امروز جهان را بروشنائی تازه روشن بینند بگو خورشید دانائی هویدا و آفتاب بینش پدیدار بختیار آنکه رسید و دید و شناختO friend! Whatsoever hath been announced in the Books hath been revealed and made clear. From every direction the signs have been manifested. The Omnipotent One is calling, in this day, and announcing the appearance of the Supreme Heaven. The world hath been illumined with the splendours of His revelation, yet how few are the eyes that can behold it! Beseech the peerless and incomparable Lord to bestow a penetrating insight upon His servants, for insight leadeth to true knowledge and is conducive to salvation. Indeed, the attainments of man’s understanding are dependent upon his keenness of sight. Were the children of men to gaze with the eye of understanding, they would see the world illumined with a new light in this day. Say: The Daystar of knowledge is manifest and the Luminary of insight hath appeared. Fortunate indeed is the one who hath attained, who hath witnessed, and who hath recognized.Baha - Tabernacle
پرسش پنجم از پل صراط و بهشت و دوزخ بوده پیمبران براستی آمده‌اند و راست گفته‌اند آنچه را پیک یزدان خبر داده پدیدار شده و میشود عالم بمجازات و مکافات برپا بهشت و دوزخ را خرد و دانائی تصدیق نموده و مینماید چه که وجود این دو از برای آن دو لازم در مقام اوّل و رتبهٴ اولی بهشت رضای حقّست هر نفسی برضای او فائز شد او از اهل جنّت علیا مذکور و محسوب و بعد از عروج روح فائز میشود بآنچه که آمه و خامه از ذکرش عاجز است صراط و میزان و همچنین جنّت و نار و آنچه در کتب الهی مذکور و مسطور است نزد اصحاب بصر و مردمان منظر اکبر معلوم و مشهود است حین ظهور و بروز انوار خورشید معانی کل در یک مقام واقف و حقّ نطق میفرماید بآنچه اراده میفرماید هر یک از مردمان که بشنیدن آن فائز شد و قبول نمود او از اهل جنّت مذکور و همچنین از صراط و میزان و آنچه در روز رستخیز ذکر نموده‌اند گذشته و رسیده و یوم ظهور یوم رستخیز اکبر است امید هست که آن جناب از رحیق وحی الهی و سلسبیل عنایت ربّانی بمقام مکاشفه و شهود فائز شوند و آنچه ذکر نموده‌اند ظاهراً و باطناً مشاهده نمایندThe fifth question concerneth the Bridge of Sirát, Paradise, and Hell. The Prophets of God have come in truth and have spoken the truth. Whatsoever the Messenger of God hath announced hath been and will be made manifest. The world is established upon the foundations of reward and punishment. Knowledge and understanding have ever affirmed and will continue to affirm the reality of Paradise and Hell, for reward and punishment require their existence. Paradise signifieth first and foremost the good-pleasure of God. Whosoever attaineth His good-pleasure is reckoned and recorded among the inhabitants of the most exalted paradise and will attain, after the ascension of his soul, that which pen and ink are powerless to describe. For them that are endued with insight and have fixed their gaze upon the Most Sublime Vision, the Bridge, the Balance, Paradise, Hellfire, and all that hath been mentioned and recorded in the Sacred Scriptures are clear and manifest. At the time of the appearance and manifestation of the rays of the Daystar of Truth, all occupy the same station. God then proclaimeth that which He willeth, and whoso heareth His call and acknowledgeth His truth is accounted among the inhabitants of Paradise. Such a soul hath traversed the Bridge, the Balance, and all that hath been recorded regarding the Day of Resurrection, and hath reached his destination. The Day of God’s Revelation is the Day of the most great Resurrection. We cherish the hope that, quaffing from the choice wine of divine inspiration and the pure waters of heavenly grace, thou mayest attain the station of discovery and witnessing, and behold, both outwardly and inwardly, all that which thou hast mentioned.Baha - Tabernacle
پرسش ششم پس از هشتن تن که روان از تن جدا شده بآن سرا شتابد….The sixth question: “After relinquishing the body, that is to say, after the soul hath been separated from the body, it hasteneth to the abode hereafter.…”Baha - Tabernacle
در این مقام چندی قبل از خامهٴ دانش ظاهر شد آنچه که بینایان را کفایت نماید و اهل دانش را فرح اکبر بخشد براستی میگوئیم روان از کردار پسندیده خوشنود میشود و داد و دهش در راه خدا باو میرسدIn reference to this theme there appeared some time past from the Pen of divine knowledge that which sufficeth the men of insight and imparteth the greatest joy to the people of understanding. Verily, We say: The soul is gladdened by goodly deeds and profiteth from the contributions made in the path of God.Baha - Tabernacle
پرسش هفتم از نام و نژاد و نیاکان پاک‌نهاد بوده ابوالفضل گلپایگانی علیه بهائی در این باب از نامه‌های آسمانی نوشته آنچه که آگاهی بخشد و بر بینائی بیفزایدThe seventh question regardeth the name, lineage, and ancestry of the Holy One. Abu’l-Fadl-i-Gulpáygání, upon him be My glory, hath written in this regard, based on the Sacred Scriptures, that which bestoweth knowledge and increaseth understanding.Baha - Tabernacle
آئین یزدان با قوّت و نیرو بوده و هست زود است آنچه از زبان گفته شد در ظاهر دیده شود از خداوند میخواهیم ترا بر یاری نیرو بخشد اوست دانا و توانا اگر آن جناب سورهٴ رئیس و سور ملوک را بیابد و بخواند از آنچه سؤال نموده بی‌نیاز گردد و بخدمت امر الهی قیام نماید قیامی که ظلم عالم و قوّت امم او را از نصرت مالک قدم منع نکندThe Faith of God is endowed with penetrating might and power. Erelong that which hath flowed from Our tongue will outwardly come to pass. We beseech God to bestow upon thee the strength to assist Him. He, verily, is the All-Knowing, the All-Powerful. Wert thou to obtain and peruse the Súriy-i-Ra’ís and the Súriy-i-Mulúk, thou wouldst find thyself able to dispense with thy questions and wouldst arise to serve the Cause of God in such wise that the oppression of the world and the onslaught of its peoples would fail to deter thee from aiding Him Who is the ancient and sovereign Lord of all.Baha - Tabernacle
از حقّ میطلبیم شما را تأیید فرماید بر آنچه سبب بلندی و بقای نامست جهد نمائید شاید بسور مذکوره هم برسید و از لآلی حکمت و بیان که از خزینهٴ قلم رحمن ظاهر شده قسمت برید و نصیب بردارید البهآء علیک و علی کلّ ثابت مستقیم و راسخ امینWe implore God to confirm thee in that which will exalt and immortalize thy name. Make thou an effort, that haply thou mayest obtain the aforementioned Tablets and acquire therefrom a share of the pearls of wisdom and utterance that have issued from the treasury of the Pen of the All-Merciful. The glory of God rest upon thee, upon every steadfast and unwavering heart and upon every constant and faithful soul.Baha - Tabernacle
Two Other TabletsBaha - Tabernacle
– 4 –Baha - Tabernacle
آغاز گفتار ستایش پروردگار استTHE BEGINNING OF ALL UTTERANCE IS THE PRAISE OF GODBaha - Tabernacle
Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان چشمه‌های بخشش یزدانی در جوش است از آن بنوشید تا بیاری دوست یکتا از خاک تیره پاک شوید و بکوی دوست یگانه درآئید از جهان بگذرید و آهنگ شهر جانان نمائیدO servants! The springs of divine bestowal are streaming forth. Quaff ye therefrom, that by the aid of the incomparable Friend ye may be sanctified from this darksome world of dust and enter His abode. Renounce the world and direct your steps toward the city of the Beloved.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان آتش پرده‌سوز برافروختهٴ دست من است او را بآب نادانی میفسرید آسمانها نشانه‌های بزرگی من است بدیدهٴ پاکیزه در او بنگرید و ستاره‌ها گواه راستی منند باین راستی گواهی دهیدO servants! The fire that consumeth all veils hath been kindled by My hand; quench it not with the waters of ignorance. The heavens are the token of My greatness; look upon them with a pure eye. The stars bear witness to My truth; bear ye likewise witness thereto.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان دیدن بدیده بوده و شنیدن بگوش هر که در این روز فیروز آواز سروش را نشنید دارای گوش نبوده و نیست گوش نه گوشی است که بدیده در آن نگرانی چشم نهان باز کن تا آتش یزدان بینی و گوش هوش فرا دار تا گفتار خوش جانان بشنویO servants! Eyes are needed if one is to see, and ears, if one is to hear. Whoso in this blessed Day hath not heard the divine call hath indeed no ear. By this is not meant that bodily ear that is perceived by the eye. Open your inner eye, that ye may behold the celestial Fire, and listen with the ear of inner understanding, that ye may hear the delightsome words of the Beloved.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان اگر درد دوست دارید درمان پدیدار اگر دارای دیدهٴ بیننده‌اید گل روی یار در بازار نمودار آتش دانائی برافروزید و از نادان بگریزید اینست گفتار پروردگار جهانO servants! If your heart acheth for the Beloved, lo, the remedy is come! If ye have eyes to see, behold, the shining countenance of the Friend hath appeared! Kindle ye the fire of knowledge and flee from the ignorant. Such are the words of the Lord of the world.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان تن بی‌روان مرده است و دل بی‌یاد یزدان پژمرده پس بیاد دوست بیامیزید و از دشمن بپرهیزید دشمن شما چیزهای شما است که بخواهش خود آن را یافته‌اید و نگاه داشته‌اید و جان را بآن آلوده‌اید جان برای یاد جانان است آن را پاکیزه دارید زبان برای گواهی یزدان است او را بیاد گمراهان میالائیدO servants! Lifeless is the body that is bereft of a soul, and withered the heart that is devoid of the remembrance of its Lord. Commune with the remembrance of the Friend and shun the enemy. Your enemy is such things as ye have acquired of your own inclination, to which ye have firmly clung, and whereby ye have sullied your souls. The soul hath been created for the remembrance of the Friend; safeguard its purity. The tongue hath been created to bear witness to God; pollute it not with the mention of the wayward.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان براستی میگویم راست‌گو کسی است که راه راست را دیده و آن راه یکی است و خداوند آن را پسندیده و آماده نموده و این راه در میان راهها مانند آفتاب جهانتاب است در میان ستارگان هر که باین راه نرسیده آگاه نه و بیراه بوده اینست سخن یکتا خداوند بی‌مانندO servants! Verily I say, he is to be accounted as truthful who hath beheld the straight Path. That Path is one, and God hath chosen and prepared it. It shineth as resplendent amongst all paths as the sun amongst the stars. Whosoever hath not attained it hath failed to apprehend the truth and hath gone astray. Such are the counsels of the incomparable, the peerless Lord.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان روزگار بنگاه دیوان است خود را از نزدیکی او نگاه دارید دیوان گمراهانند که در خوابگاه فراموشی با کردار تباه آرمیده‌اند خواب آنها خوشتر از بیداری است و مردن آنها دلکشتر از زندگیO servants! This nether world is the abode of demons: Guard yourselves from approaching them. By demons is meant those wayward souls who, with the burden of their evil deeds, slumber in the chambers of oblivion. Their sleep is preferable to their wakefulness, and their death is better than their life.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان نه هر تن دارای روان است و نه هر کالبد دارای جان امروز دارای روان تنی است که بجان آهنگ کوی جانان نموده انجام هر آغاز امروز است خود را کور مکنید دوست یکتا نزدیک است خود را دور منمائیدO servants! Not every mortal frame hath a spirit or is imbued with life. In this day he is endowed with spirit who with all his heart seeketh the abode of the Beloved. The end of all beginnings is to be found in this Day: Turn ye not a blind eye unto it. The matchless Friend is nigh: Stray not far from Him.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان تنهای شما مانند نهالهای باغستان است و از بی آبی نزدیک بخشکی است پس بآب آسمانی که از ابر بخشش یزدانی روان است تازه نمائید گفتار را کردار باید هر که گفتار یار را پذیرفت مرد کردار او است وگرنه مردار بهتر از او استO servants! Ye are even as saplings in a garden, which are near to perishing for want of water. Wherefore, revive your souls with the heavenly water that is raining down from the clouds of divine bounty. Words must be followed by deeds. Whoso accepteth the words of the Friend is in truth a man of deeds; otherwise a dead carcass is verily of greater worth.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان سخن دوست شیرین است کو کسی که بیابد و کجا است گوشی که بشنود نیکو است کسی که امروز با دوست پیوندد و از هر چه جز او است در رهش بگذرد و چشم پوشد تا جهان تازه بیند و بمینوی پاینده راه یابدO servants! Pleasant is the utterance of the Friend: Where is the soul who will taste its sweetness, and where is the ear that will hearken unto it? Well is it with him who, in this day, communeth with the Friend and in His path renounceth and forsaketh all save Him, that he may behold a new world and gain admittance to the everlasting paradise.Baha - Tabernacle
پروردگار جهان میفرماید ای بندگان از خواهشهای خود بگذرید و آنچه من خواسته‌ام آن را بخواهید راه بی راه‌نما نروید و گفتار هر راه‌نما را نپذیرید بسیاری از راه‌نمایان گمراهانند و راه راست را نیافته‌اند راه‌نما کسی است که از بند روزگار آزاد است و هیچ چیز او را از گفتار راست بازنداردThe Lord of the world saith: O servants! Forsake your own desires and seek that which I have desired for you. Walk ye not without one to guide you on the way, and accept ye not the words of every guide. How numerous the guides who have gone astray and failed to discover the straight Path! He alone is a guide who is free from the bondage of this world and whom nothing whatsoever can deter from speaking the truth.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان راستی پیشه کنید و از بیچارگان رو برمگردانید و نزد بزرگان مرا یاد نمائید و مترسیدO servants! Follow the path of truthfulness and turn not away from the needy. Make mention of Me before the great ones of the earth and fear not.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان از کردار بد پاک باشید و بگفتار پروردگار رفتار کنید اینست سخن خداوند یکتاO servants! Be pure in your deeds, and conduct yourselves in accordance with the words of God. Such are the counsels of the incomparable Lord.Baha - Tabernacle
– 5 –Baha - Tabernacle
سر هر داستان نام یزدان استTHE BEGINNING OF EVERY ACCOUNT IS THE NAME OF GODBaha - Tabernacle
ای دوستان یزدان آواز یکتا خداوند بی‌نیاز را بگوش جان بشنوید تا شما را از بند گرفتاریها و تیرگی تاریکیها آزاد فرماید و بروشنائی پاینده رساند صعود و نزول حرکت و سکون از خواست پروردگار ماکان و مایکون پدید آمده سبب صعود خفّت و علّت خفّت حرارت است خداوند چنین قرار فرموده و سبب سکون ثقل و گرانی و علّت آن برودت است خداوند چنین قرار فرمودهO friends of God! Incline your inner ears to the voice of the peerless and self-subsisting Lord, that He may deliver you from the bonds of entanglement and the depths of darkness and enable you to attain the eternal light. Ascent and descent, stillness and motion, have come into being through the will of the Lord of all that hath been and shall be. The cause of ascent is lightness, and the cause of lightness is heat. Thus hath it been decreed by God. The cause of stillness is weight and density, which in turn are caused by cold. Thus hath it been decreed by God.Baha - Tabernacle
و چون حرارت را که مایهٴ حرکت و صعود و سبب وصول بمقصود بود اختیار نمود لذا آتش حقیقی را بید معنوی برافروخت و بعالم فرستاد تا آن آتش الهیّه کلّ را بحرارت محبّت رحمانیّه بمنزل دوست یگانه کشاند و صعود دهد اینست سرّ کتاب شما که از قبل فرستاده شد و تا اکنون از دیده و دل مکنون و پوشیده بود اکنون آن آتش آغاز بروشنی تازه و گرمی بی‌اندازه هویدا است این آتش یزدان بخودی خود بی مایه و دود روشن و پدیدار تا جذب رطوبات و برودات زائده که مایهٴ سستی و افسردگی و سرمایهٴ گرانی و پژمردگی است نماید و همهٴ امکان را بمقام قرب رحمن کشاند هر که نزدیک شد برافروخت و رسید و هر که دوری جست بازماندAnd since He hath ordained heat to be the source of motion and ascent and the cause of attainment to the desired goal, He hath therefore kindled with the mystic hand that Fire that dieth not and sent it forth into the world, that this divine Fire might, by the heat of the love of God, guide and attract all mankind to the abode of the incomparable Friend. This is the mystery enshrined in your Book that was sent down aforetime, a mystery which hath until now remained concealed from the eyes and hearts of men. That primal Fire hath in this Day appeared with a new radiance and with immeasurable heat. This divine Fire burneth of itself, with neither fuel nor fume, that it might draw away such excess moisture and cold as are the cause of torpor and weariness, of lethargy and despondency, and lead the entire creation to the court of the presence of the All-Merciful. Whoso hath approached this Fire hath been set aflame and attained the desired goal, and whoso hath removed himself therefrom hath remained deprived.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندهٴ یزدان از بیگانگان بیگانه شو تا یگانه را بشناسی بیگانگان مردمانی هستند که شما را از یگانه دور مینمایند امروز روز فرمان و دستوری دستوران نیست در کتاب شما گفتاری است که معنی آن اینست دستوران در آن روز مردمان را دور مینمایند و از نزدیکی بازمیدارند دستور کسی است که روشنائی را دید و بکوی دوست دوید او است دستور نیکوکار و مایهٴ روشنائی روزگارO servant of God! Turn thou away from the stranger, that thou mayest recognize the Friend. He indeed is a stranger who leadeth you away from the Friend. This is not the day whereon the high priests can command and exercise their authority. In your Book it is stated that the high priests will, on that day, lead men far astray, and will prevent them from drawing nigh unto Him. He indeed is a high priest who hath seen the light and hastened unto the way leading to the Beloved. Such a man is a benevolent priest and a source of illumination to the whole world.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندهٔ یزدان هر دستور که تو را از این نار که حقیقت نور و سرّ ظهور است دور مینماید او دشمن تو است بگفتار اغیار از یار دور ممان و از سخن دشمن از دوست مگذرO servant of God! Any priest who leadeth thee away from this Fire, which is the reality of the Light and the mystery of divine Revelation, is indeed thine enemy. Suffer not the words of the foe to hold thee back from the Friend or the insinuations of the enemy to cause thee to forsake the Beloved.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندهٴ یزدان روز کردار آمد وقت گفتار نیست پیک پروردگار آشکار هنگام انتظار نه چشم جان بگشا تا روی دوست بینی گوش هوش فرا دار تا زمزمهٴ سروش ایزدی بشنویO servant of God! The day of deeds hath come: Now is not the time for words. The Messenger of God hath appeared: Now is not the hour for hesitation. Open thou thine inner eye that thou mayest behold the face of the Beloved, and hearken thou with thine inner ear that thou mayest hear the sweet murmur of His celestial voice.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندهٴ یزدان پیراهن بخشش دوخته و آماده بگیر و بپوش و از مردمان دل بردار و چشم بپوش ای خردمند اگر پند خداوند بشنوی از بند بندگان آزاد شوی و خود را برتر از دیگران بینیO servant of God! The robe of divine bestowal hath been sewn and readied. Take hold of it and attire thyself therewith. Renounce and forsake the people of the world. O wise one! Shouldst thou heed the counsel of thy Lord, thou wouldst be released from the bondage of His servants and behold thyself exalted above all men.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندهٴ یزدان شبنمی از دریاهای بخشش یزدان فرستادیم اگر بنوشند و زمزمه‌ئی از آوازهای خوش جانان آوردیم اگر بگوش جان بشنوند بپرهای شادمانی در هوای محبّت یزدانی پرواز کن مردمان را مرده انگار و بزندگان بیامیز هر یک از مردمان جهان که بوی خوش جانان را در این بامداد نیافت از مردگان محسوب بی‌نیاز بآواز بلند میفرماید جهان خوش آمده غمگین مباشید راز نهان پدیدار شده اندوهگین مشوید اگر به پیروزی این روز پی‌بری از جهان و آنچه در او است بگذری و بکوی یزدان شتابیO servant of God! We have bestowed a dewdrop from the ocean of divine grace; would that men might drink therefrom! We have brought a trace of the sweet melodies of the Beloved; would that men might hearken with their inner ear! Soar upon the wings of joy in the atmosphere of the love of God. Regard the people of the world as dead and seek the fellowship of the living. Whoso hath not breathed the sweet fragrance of the Beloved at this dawntide is indeed accounted among the dead. He Who is the All-Sufficing proclaimeth aloud: “The realm of joy hath been ushered in; be not sorrowful! The hidden mystery hath been made manifest; be not disheartened!” Wert thou to apprehend the surpassing greatness of this Day, thou wouldst renounce the world and all that dwell therein and hasten unto the way that leadeth to the Lord.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندگان یزدان بیروزی را از این پیروزی آگاهی نه و افسرده را از این آتش افروخته گرمی نهO servants of God! Deprived souls are heedless of this triumphant Day, and chilled hearts have no share of the heat of this blazing Fire.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندهٴ یزدان آن شجر که بدست بخشش کشتیم با ثمر آشکار و آن مژده که در کتاب دادیم اکنون با اثر هویداO servant of God! The Tree which We had planted with the Hand of Providence hath borne its destined fruit, and the glad-tidings We had imparted in the Book have appeared in full effect.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندهٔ یزدان هنگامی در خوابگاه بر تو تجلّی نمودیم بآن آگاه نشدی اکنون بیاد آر تا بیابی و بدل سوی دوست بی‌منزل شتابیO servant of God! We revealed Ourself to thee once in thy sleep, but thou didst remain unaware. Remember now, that thou mayest perceive and hasten with heart and soul to the placeless Friend.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندهٴ یزدان بگو ای دستوران دست قدرت از ورای سحاب پیدا بدیدهٴ تازه بینید و آثار عظمت و بزرگی بی ‌حجاب هویدا بچشم پاک بنگریدO servant of God! Say: O high priests! The Hand of Omnipotence is stretched forth from behind the clouds; behold ye it with new eyes. The tokens of His majesty and greatness are unveiled; gaze ye on them with pure eyes.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندهٴ یزدان آفتاب جهان جاودانی از مشرق ارادهٴ رحمانی در اشراق و دریاهای بخشش یزدانی در امواج بی‌بهره کسی که ندید و مرده مردی که نیافت چشم از دنیا بربند و بروی دوست یکتا بگشا و باو پیوندO servant of God! The Daystar of the everlasting realm is shining resplendent above the horizon of His will and the Oceans of divine bounty are surging. Bereft indeed is the one who hath failed to behold them, and lifeless the one who hath not attained thereunto. Close thine eyes to this nether world, open them to the countenance of the incomparable Friend, and commune intimately with His Spirit.Baha - Tabernacle
ای بندهٴ یزدان بی آلایش جان بستایش پروردگار زبان بگشا زیرا از کلک گهربار تو را یاد نمود اگر پی باین بخشش بری خود را پاینده بینی ای بندهٴ یزدان بگو خداوند میفرماید صاحب محنت صحّت نخواست بر نخواهد خواست و آن دارای نشان رستگاری نخواهد یافتO servant of God! With a pure heart unloose thy tongue in the praise of thy Lord for having made mention of thee through His gem-scattering pen. Couldst thou but realize the greatness of this bestowal, thou wouldst find thyself invested with everlasting life.Baha - Tabernacle
هفت وادی و چهار وادیThe Seven Valleys and the Four ValleysBaha - Seven Valleys
اثرحضرت بهاءاللهBahá’u’lláhBaha - Seven Valleys
ذکر الأسرار فی معارج الأسفار لمن یرید ان یسافر الی الله المقتدر الغفّار(blank)Baha - Seven Valleys
بسم الله الرّحمن الرّحیمIn the Name of God, the Clement, the Merciful.Baha - Seven Valleys
الحمد لله الّذی اظهر الوجود من العدم و رقم علی لوح الانسان من اسرار القدم و علّمه من البیان ما لا یعلم و جعله کتاباً مبیناً لمن آمن و استسلم و اشهده خلق کلّ شیء فی هذا الزّمان المظلم الصّیلم و انطقه فی قطب البقآء علی اللّحن البدیع فی الهیکل المکرّم لیشهد الکلّ فی نفسه بنفسه فی مقام تجلّی ربّه بأنّه لا اله الّا هو و لیصل الکلّ بذلک الی ذروة الحقایق حتّی لا یشاهد احد شیئاً الّا و قد یری الله فیه ای رؤیة تجلّیه المودعة فی حقایق الأشیآء والّا انّه تعالی منزّه من ان یشهد او یری لا تدرکه الأبصار و هو یدرک الأبصار و هو اللّطیف الخبیرPraise be to God Who hath made being to come forth from nothingness; graven upon the tablet of man the secrets of preexistence; taught him from the mysteries of divine utterance that which he knew not; made him a Luminous Book unto those who believed and surrendered themselves; caused him to witness the creation of all things in this black and ruinous age, and to speak forth from the apex of eternity with a wondrous voice in the Excellent Temple: to the end that every man may testify, in himself, by himself, in the station of the Manifestation of his Lord, that verily there is no God save Him, and that every man may thereby win his way to the summit of realities, until none shall contemplate anything whatsoever but that he shall see God therein.Baha - Seven Valleys
و اصلّی و اسلّم علی اوّل بحر تشعّب من بحر الهویّة و اوّل صبح لاح عن افق الأحدیّة و اوّل شمس اشرقت فی سمآء الأزلیّة و اوّل نار اوقدت من مصباح القدمیّة فی مشکوة الواحدیّة الّذی کان احمد فی ملکوت العالین و محمّداً فی ملإ المقرّبین و محموداً فی جبروت المخلصین و ایّا ما تدعو فله الأسمآء فی قلوب العارفین و علی آله و صحبه تسلیماً کثیراً دائماً ابداًAnd I praise and glorify the first sea which hath branched from the ocean of the Divine Essence, and the first morn which hath glowed from the Horizon of Oneness, and the first sun which hath risen in the Heaven of Eternity, and the first fire which was lit from the Lamp of Preexistence in the lantern of singleness: He who was Ahmad in the kingdom of the exalted ones, and Muhammad amongst the concourse of the near ones, and Mahmúd in the realm of the sincere ones. “…by whichsoever (name) ye will, invoke Him: He hath most excellent names” in the hearts of those who know. And upon His household and companions be abundant and abiding and eternal peace!Baha - Seven Valleys
و بعد قد سمعت ما غنّت ورقآء العرفان علی افنان سدرة فؤادک و عرفت ما غرّدت حمامة الایقان علی اغصان شجرة قلبک کأنّی وجدت رایحة الطّیب عن قمیص حبّک و ادرکت تمام لقائک فی ملاحظة کتابک و لمّا بلغت اشاراتک فی فنائک فی الله و بقائک به و حبّک احبّآء الله و مظاهر اسمائه و مطالع صفاته لذا اذکر لک اشارات قدسیّة شعشعانیّة من مراتب الجلال لتجذبک الی ساحة القدس و القرب و الجمال و توصلک الی مقام لا تری فی الوجود الّا طلعة حضرة محبوبک و لن تری الخلق الّا کیوم لم یکن احد مذکوراًFurther, we have harkened to what the nightingale of knowledge sang on the boughs of the tree of thy being, and learned what the dove of certitude cried on the branches of the bower of thy heart. Methinks I verily inhaled the pure fragrances of the garment of thy love, and attained thy very meeting from perusing thy letter. And since I noted thy mention of thy death in God, and thy life through Him, and thy love for the beloved of God and the Manifestations of His Names and the Dawning-Points of His Attributes—I therefore reveal unto thee sacred and resplendent tokens from the planes of glory, to attract thee into the court of holiness and nearness and beauty, and draw thee to a station wherein thou shalt see nothing in creation save the Face of thy Beloved One, the Honored, and behold all created things only as in the day wherein none hath a mention.Baha - Seven Valleys
و هی ما غنّ بلبل الأحدیّة فی الرّیاض الغوثیّة قوله و تظهر علی لوح قلبک رقوم لطایف اسرار اتّقوا الله یعلّمکم الله و یتذکّر طایر روحک حظایر القدم و یطیر فی فضآء فاسلکی سبل ربّک ذللاً بجناح الشّوق و تجتنی من اثمار الأنس فی بساتین کلی من کلّ الثّمرات انتهیOf this hath the nightingale of oneness sung in the garden of Ghawthíyyih. He saith: “And there shall appear upon the tablet of thine heart a writing of the subtle mysteries of ‘Fear God and God will give you knowledge’; and the bird of thy soul shall recall the holy sanctuaries of preexistence and soar on the wings of longing in the heaven of ‘walk the beaten paths of thy Lord,’ and gather the fruits of communion in the gardens of ‘Then feed on every kind of fruit.’”Baha - Seven Valleys
وعمری یا حبیب لو تذوق هذه الثّمرات من خضر هذه السّنبلات الّتی نبتت فی اراضی المعرفة عند تجلّی انوار الذّات فی مرایا الأسمآء و الصّفات لیأخذ الشّوق زمام الصّبر و الاصطبار عن کفّک و یهتزّ روحک من بوارق الأنوار و تجذبک من الوطن التّرابی الی الوطن الأصلیّ الالهی فی قطب المعانی و تصعدک الی مقام تطیر فی الهوآء کما تمشی علی التّراب و ترکض علی المآء کما ترکض علی الأرض فهنیئاً لی و لک و لمن سما الی سمآء العرفان و صبا قلبه بما هبّ علی ریاض سرّه صبا الایقان من سبأ الرّحمنBy My life, O friend, wert thou to taste of these fruits, from the green garden of these blossoms which grow in the lands of knowledge, beside the orient lights of the Essence in the mirrors of names and attributes—yearning would seize the reins of patience and reserve from out thy hand, and make thy soul to shake with the flashing light, and draw thee from the earthly homeland to the first, heavenly abode in the Center of Realities, and lift thee to a plane wherein thou wouldst soar in the air even as thou walkest upon the earth, and move over the water as thou runnest on the land. Wherefore, may it rejoice Me, and thee, and whosoever mounteth into the heaven of knowledge, and whose heart is refreshed by this, that the wind of certitude hath blown over the garden of his being, from the Sheba of the All-Merciful.Baha - Seven Valleys
و السّلام علی من اتّبع الهدیPeace be upon him who followeth the Right Path!Baha - Seven Valleys
بعد مراتب سیر سالکان را از مسکن خاکی بوطن الهی هفت رتبه معیّن نموده‌اند چنانچه بعضی هفت وادی و بعضی هفت شهر ذکر کرده‌اند و گفته‌اند که سالک تا از نفس هجرت ننماید و این اسفار را طیّ نکند ببحر قرب و وصال وارد نشود و از خمر بیمثال نچشد اوّل وادی طلب است And further: The stages that mark the wayfarer’s journey from the abode of dust to the heavenly homeland are said to be seven. Some have called these Seven Valleys, and others, Seven Cities. And they say that until the wayfarer taketh leave of self, and traverseth these stages, he shall never reach to the ocean of nearness and union, nor drink of the peerless wine. The first is the Valley of Search.Baha - Seven Valleys
مرکب این وادی صبر است که مسافر در این سفر بی صبر بجائی نرسد و بمقصود واصل نشود و باید هرگز افسرده نگردد اگر صدهزار سال سعی کند و جمال دوست نبیند پژمرده نشود زیرا مجاهدین کعبهٴ فینا ببشارت لنهدینّهم سبلنا مسرورند و کمر خدمت در طلب بغایت محکم بسته‌اند و در هر آن از مکان غفلت بامکان طلب سفر کنند هیچ بندی ایشان را منع ننماید و هیچ پندی صدّ نکندThe steed of this Valley is patience; without patience the wayfarer on this journey will reach nowhere and attain no goal. Nor should he ever be downhearted; if he strive for a hundred thousand years and yet fail to behold the beauty of the Friend, he should not falter. For those who seek the Ka‘bih of “for Us” rejoice in the tidings: “In Our ways will We guide them.” In their search, they have stoutly girded up the loins of service, and seek at every moment to journey from the plane of heedlessness into the realm of being. No bond shall hold them back, and no counsel shall deter them.Baha - Seven Valleys
و شرط است این عباد را که دل را که منبع خزینهٴ الهیّه است از هر نقشی پاک کنند و از تقلید که از اثر آباء و اجداد است اعراض نمایند و ابواب دوستی و دشمنی را با کلّ اهل ارض مسدود کنندIt is incumbent on these servants that they cleanse the heart—which is the wellspring of divine treasures—from every marking, and that they turn away from imitation, which is following the traces of their forefathers and sires, and shut the door of friendliness and enmity upon all the people of the earth.Baha - Seven Valleys
و طالب در این سفر بمقامی رسد که همهٴ موجودات را در طلب دوست سرگشته بیند چه یعقوبها بیند که در طلب یوسف آواره مانده‌اند عالمی حبیب بیند که در طلب محبوب دوانند و جهانی عاشق ملاحظه کند که در پی معشوق روان و در هر آنی امری مشاهده کند و در هر ساعتی بر سرّی مطّلع گردد زیرا که دل از هر دو جهان برداشته و عزم کعبهٴ جانان نموده و در هر قدمی اعانت غیبی او را شامل شود و جوش طلبش زیاده گرددIn this journey the seeker reacheth a stage wherein he seeth all created things wandering distracted in search of the Friend. How many a Jacob will he see, hunting after his Joseph; he will behold many a lover, hasting to seek the Beloved, he will witness a world of desiring ones searching after the One Desired. At every moment he findeth a weighty matter, in every hour he becometh aware of a mystery; for he hath taken his heart away from both worlds, and set out for the Ka‘bih of the Beloved. At every step, aid from the Invisible Realm will attend him and the heat of his search will grow.Baha - Seven Valleys
طلب را باید از مجنون عشق اندازه گرفت حکایت کنند که روزی مجنون را دیدند خاک می‌بیخت و اشک میریخت گفتند چه میکنی گفت لیلی را میجویم گفتند وای بر تو لیلی از روح پاک و تو از خاک طلب می‌کنی گفت همه جا در طلبش میکوشم شاید در جائی بجویمOne must judge of search by the standard of the Majnún of Love. It is related that one day they came upon Majnún sifting the dust, and his tears flowing down. They said, “What doest thou?” He said, “I seek for Laylí.” They cried, “Alas for thee! Laylí is of pure spirit, and thou seekest her in the dust!” He said, “I seek her everywhere; haply somewhere I shall find her.”Baha - Seven Valleys
بلی در تراب ربّ الأرباب جستن اگرچه نزد عاقل قبیح است لکن بر کمال جدّ و طلب دلیل است من طلب شیئاً و جدّ وجدYea, although to the wise it be shameful to seek the Lord of Lords in the dust, yet this betokeneth intense ardor in searching. “Whoso seeketh out a thing with zeal shall find it.”Baha - Seven Valleys
طالب صادق جز وصال مطلوب چیزی نجوید و حبیب را جز وصال محبوب مقصودی نباشد و این طلب طالب را حاصل نشود مگر بنثار آنچه هست یعنی آنچه دیده و شنیده و فهمیده همه را بنفی لا منفی سازد تا بشهرستان جان که مدینهٴ الّا است واصل شود همّتی باید تا در طلبش کوشیم و جهدی باید تا از شهد وصلش نوشیم اگر از این جام نوش کشیم عالمی فراموش کنیمThe true seeker hunteth naught but the object of his quest, and the lover hath no desire save union with his beloved. Nor shall the seeker reach his goal unless he sacrifice all things. That is, whatever he hath seen, and heard, and understood, all must he set at naught, that he may enter the realm of the spirit, which is the City of God. Labor is needed, if we are to seek Him; ardor is needed, if we are to drink of the honey of reunion with Him; and if we taste of this cup, we shall cast away the world.Baha - Seven Valleys
و سالک در این سفر بر هر خاکی جالس شود و در هر بلادی ساکن گردد از هر وجهی طلب جمال دوست کند و در هر دیار طلب یار نماید با هر جمعی مجتمع شود و با هر سری همسری نماید که شاید در سری سرّ محبوب بیند و یا از صورتی جمال محبوب مشاهده کندOn this journey the traveler abideth in every land and dwelleth in every region. In every face, he seeketh the beauty of the Friend; in every country he looketh for the Beloved. He joineth every company, and seeketh fellowship with every soul, that haply in some mind he may uncover the secret of the Friend, or in some face he may behold the beauty of the Loved One.Baha - Seven Valleys
و اگر در این سفر باعانت باری از یار بی‌نشان نشان یافت و بوی یوسف گم‌گشته از بشیر احدیّه شنید فوراً بوادی عشق قدم گذارد و از نار عشق بگدازد در این شهر آسمان جذب بلند شود و آفتاب جهانتاب شوق طالع گردد و نار عشق برافروزد و چون نار عشق برافروخت خرمن عقل بکلّی بسوختAnd if, by the help of God, he findeth on this journey a trace of the traceless Friend, and inhaleth the fragrance of the long-lost Joseph from the heavenly messenger, he shall straightway step into the Valley of Love and be dissolved in the fire of love. In this city the heaven of ecstasy is upraised and the world-illuming sun of yearning shineth, and the fire of love is ablaze; and when the fire of love is ablaze, it burneth to ashes the harvest of reason.Baha - Seven Valleys
در این وقت سالک از خود و غیر خود بی‌خبر است نه جهل و علم داند نه شکّ و یقین نه صبح هدایت شناسد و نه شام ضلالت از کفر و ایمان هر دو در گریز و سمّ قاتلش دلپذیر اینست که عطّار گفتهNow is the traveler unaware of himself, and of aught besides himself. He seeth neither ignorance nor knowledge, neither doubt nor certitude; he knoweth not the morn of guidance from the night of error. He fleeth both from unbelief and faith, and deadly poison is a balm to him. Wherefore ‘Attár saith:Baha - Seven Valleys
کفر کافر را و دین دین‌دار راFor the infidel, error—for the faithful, faith;Baha - Seven Valleys
ذرّهٴ دردت دل عطّار راFor ‘Attár’s heart, an atom of Thy pain.Baha - Seven Valleys
مرکب این وادی درد است و اگر درد نباشد هرگز این سفر تمام نشود و عاشق در این رتبه جز معشوق خیالی ندارد و جز محبوب پناهی نجوید و در هر آن صد جان رایگان در ره جانان دهد و در هر قدمی هزار سر در پای دوست اندازدThe steed of this Valley is pain; and if there be no pain this journey will never end. In this station the lover hath no thought save the Beloved, and seeketh no refuge save the Friend. At every moment he offereth a hundred lives in the path of the Loved One, at every step he throweth a thousand heads at the feet of the Beloved.Baha - Seven Valleys
ای برادر من تا بمصر عشق درنیائی بیوسف جمال دوست واصل نشوی و تا چون یعقوب از چشم ظاهری نگذری چشم باطن نگشائی و تا بنار عشق نیفروزی بیار شوق نیامیزیO My Brother! Until th